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Spectrum Raising Price & Speed Of Legacy ‘Everyday Low Price’ Internet

Phillip Dampier September 26, 2019 Broadband Speed, Charter Spectrum, Consumer News, Public Policy & Gov't 5 Comments

Time Warner Cable used to sell $14.99/mo slow speed internet. Spectrum agreed to grandfather the program for existing enrolled customers.

Charter Spectrum is raising both the speed and price of its legacy Everyday Low Price Internet package (ELP), formerly sold by Time Warner Cable.

Customers grandfathered on an existing Time Warner Cable ELP plan will see the following changes, reported by several of our readers, likely already in effect in some areas:

  • NY/NJ Customers: Speeds increased from 3/1 Mbps to 20/2 Mbps. Price increasing from $14.99/mo to $19.99/mo.
  • Other States: Speed increase to 20/2 Mbps. Customers will be notified of a $3 rate hike, bringing the new price to $27.99/mo.

A modem rental fee may also apply in most states, unless you use your own cable modem. Outside of New York and New Jersey, most legacy ELP customers have already experienced several gradual rate increases on this plan, which was originally sold nationwide for $14.99/mo. The first rate increase took most customers to $19.99/mo, followed by a rate increase last fall to $24.99/mo. Now Charter Spectrum has notified customers of another $3/mo rate hike, bringing the monthly rate to $27.99.

Stop the Cap! fought for and won a special concession for New York State residents as a consequence of the approval of the Time Warner Cable-Charter Communications merger. We requested the New York State Public Service Commission make the continued availability of price fixed ELP service a condition of the 2016 merger approval. The PSC agreed with us and made continued availability of the $14.99 service for at least three years part of the deal. That deal condition recently expired and Charter Spectrum is ready to raise the price of the service in New York and New Jersey, but also dramatically boost its download speed. New York and New Jersey residents will continue getting a substantial discount off the price Charter Spectrum charges elsewhere, at least for now.

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Eddie B
Eddie B

I haven’t received next month’s bill yet, but I figured there’d be yet another price increase this year for ELP. Ugh. I keep ELP around as a cheap backup for AT&T and noticed web pages loading considerably quicker with ELP when AT&T went down for a couple weeks ago. When I checked my speeds, I noticed it was 20/2, which was a nice surprise (located in NC). At least they’re giving a little something this time with the price increase. I’m just waiting for the day that they completely get rid of ELP and force everyone onto the much higher… Read more »


I’m also on the ELP plan here in NC. Sadly the only other provider for me is CenturyLink. All they offer is 6Mbps at $45/month exuding any taxes and fees. If they do force us on a Spectrum plan I’ll be playing the annual create a new account under someone else’s name that lives in the house game to keep promo pricing.

R Ritz
R Ritz

I wish Spectrum had ELP here in Wyoming. The lowest they offer is 120/12 at $66 per month. I really don’t need that much speed and would be happy with 20/2 at $19.99 per month.


Just received notice about the price increase. Sullivan County, NY (Liberty System). It’s not just the cost of Internet that is increasing (for me).

ELP (was 3/1, now 20/2), price increase from $14.99 to $19.99
Broadcast TV Surcharge, increasing by $1.51 (was $11.99, now $13.50)
DTA (was $5.99, now $7.99)


I also received notification that the price will be increasing for elp starting in Nov. ….14.99 to 19.99 with speeds up to 20 mbps. I would be more than happy to stick with old speed and save the $5 per month rather than be forced into faster speed that I just don’t need. Have many friends paying $200/mo to Spectrum…..they are crazy. Purchased a couple of used cable modems on ebay…one for a backup rather than pay spectrum.

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