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Hype: Clear Cast — A $38 ‘New Invention’ That Eliminates Cable/Satellite Bills Forever?

Phillip Dampier December 19, 2011 Consumer News, Editorial & Site News, Video 160 Comments

An ad in the Syracuse Post-Standard announces a new invention -- a variation on the bow tie antenna design originally designed in the 1950s.

Last Thursday, Syracuse newspaper readers were treated to news of an impressive breakthrough that promises to deliver salvation from high cable and satellite TV bills forever.

Clear Cast, a “razor thin” indoor digital HDTV antenna lets you watch television… for free.

The product is shown being packaged up for shipping while an impatient-looking FedEx driver tries to coordinate the apparent extraordinary demand for a downright revolutionary development in television engineering.

Local residents called the newspaper and other local news outlets to try and learn more about the curious new device.

Stop the Cap! can now report the revolution can be postponed.

In fact, the published account  about the “new invention” was actually a paid advertisement-designed-to-look-like-a-news-story.  Clear Cast is effectively a variation on the traditional indoor UHF bow tie antenna your local Radio Shack used to sell for $1.49.  The major difference is that it is designed to be attached to a window with accompanying suction cups.  That is a valid approach to improving reception, but whether it is worth the asking price of $38 is another matter.

As consumers seek alternatives to higher cable and satellite TV bills, overhyped ad copy promising freedom from high bills cannot be far behind.  Repackaging basic antennas that were part of our lives from the 1950s-on can go too far when leaving some residents with the impression they are getting more than a basic television antenna.

In fact, over-the-air viewing can be easily accomplished in strong signal areas with the cheapest antenna, as long as it is designed for both VHF and UHF reception.  Many VHF stations with channel numbers from 2-13 quietly relocated to the UHF dial, but still advertise their original channel numbers.  If your television is not equipped with a UHF antenna, reception may be difficult.

For the benefit of those under the age of 40: most televisions used to come equipped with both antenna designs — two elongated antenna rods some used to call “rabbit ears” and an accompanying round loop antenna, or often a bow tie design that clipped to one of the two longer aerials.  The long straight antennas are designed for VHF signals, the bow tie or loop design accommodated improved UHF reception.

Over the last decade, marketing has attempted to revolutionize what remains basic, sober, antenna design — with an accompanying “revolutionary” price tag.  When satellite television was first introduced, some manufacturers redesigned set top aerials to look like a satellite dish and then pitched them as “saving you the high price of satellite TV because it is not satellite!”  In today’s HD-ready era, marketers have done it again.

Will Clear Cast work?  Undoubtedly, but probably not much better than any other traditional bow tie design that costs $35 less.

If you are cutting cable’s cord and want to rely on over-the-air television, our best advice is to start with something inexpensive and upgrade only when necessary.  In urban and suburban areas, an effective indoor antenna can cost less than $5.  Try repositioning it until you find the best spot to receive the most channels with the least signal reception errors.  Directional indoor antennas can offer mild signal improvement, especially in areas where adjacent signals from nearby cities create reception problems.  Because the American digital broadcast standard is frankly less robust than the European counterpart, those in more distant suburbs or rural areas will really need to invest in a rooftop antenna to enjoy consistent reception.  A potential compromise would be to mount an outdoor antenna in the attic.

Avoid “futuristic” designs and powered indoor antennas and read consumer reviews carefully.  We’ve found most indoor antennas priced above $35 to be more hype than performance-per-dollar.  If you need an outdoor antenna, check your local Yellow Pages for antenna specialists who understand local reception conditions and can recommend high quality, long lasting antennas that will work for the stations you want to receive.

[flv width=”480″ height=”290″]http://www.phillipdampier.com/video/WSYR Syracuse Newspaper ad for free TV The Real Deal 12-15-11.mp4[/flv]

WSYR in Syracuse investigates the ‘revolutionary’ new indoor TV antenna that is so popular, only residents in certain zip codes can order it.  (2 minutes)

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  1. Larry says:

    When I cut the cable cord, the retention specialist for Time Warner tried to convince me to stay by telling me that, with the digital conversion, TVs could no longer receive programming over the air. I laughed, and told him I could pick up programming with an old wire hanger. He told me I was wrong, and wouldn’t be able to get programming without cable. The first thing I did after hanging up, as a former cable subscriber, was to attach an old wire hanger to the antenna input on our HDTV. The second thing I did, was to see what channels just an old RCA cable could pick up. With a combination of the old wire hanger and the RCA cable, I was able to pick up more stations than bare-bones basic cable.

    I wonder how many people fell for this retention specialist’s lies.

    • Chris says:

      @larry I’ve had a few good lols at Time Warner’s expense. I too cut my cable cord about 2 years ago. I decided to go with a combination of a few services to get my content and avoid the HUGE cable bill for stuff I mostly dont care for. I decided to use a $30 antenna in my attic, run it to a Media center capable PC built more like a server. I can record up to 4 shows at once in HD and stream it all to 4 Xbox 360s in my house (i’m a gamer so thats a win win). I also use Netflix and occasionally pay for Hulu Plus if theres a few things I’m interested in seeing at the time. Heck, I even throw in the occasional Blockbuster in store rental pass for $15 a month for new blurays. All in all i come out over $75 cheaper a month.

      When I did consider using Time Warner again I called them asking about a Cablecard so I could still use my Media center set up which is leaps and bounds ahead of Time Warner’s awful cable boxes. I had to be transfered to 3 different reps just to get a price on a Cablecard rental. They asked me what it was for and I explained, half way through they say “No you cant watch TV on your computer, you need our $10/month DVRs”. I tried to correct the rep who insisted that it wouldnt work. I explained that I already do all of this just without Time Warner. The funny thing was I never called them to ask if I COULD do it, I just explained what I wanted to do so they’d stop talking about those cable boxes. After about 10 minutes of being on hold back and forth I gave up and forgot the whole idea. I figure if the people on the phone dont get it the technician coming by would freak out when I took him to my closet and said “heres where I want my ONE cable line for my whole house”. I was also reminded why I stopped calling suppot and help lines, I generally know more than the people…or scripts they read.

      • SmilingAvenger says:

        Great post Chris! I also cut my cable when I got married in 2007. I mounted a Channel Master antenna on the roof and plugged it into the cable jack on the side of my house. There are 2 TV towers here in Las Vegas and the antenna picked up 15 channels clearly, all in HD! The other 30 channels were not so clear due to the antenna being positioned to pick up the tower it was pointed to.
        EVERYONE – when it sounds too good to be true, it is. If you want to cut the cable bill, buy this antenna https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0024R4B5C/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?ie=UTF8&m=ATVPDKIKX0DER
        and mount the antenna on your roof with the cable going to the cable in box outside your house. If you need help, go on Craigslist and find a handyman and negotiate the setup. It is very basic and shouldn’t cost much more than the antenna on amazon (which by the way is on sale right now!). If you live in a windy area, mount the antenna in your attic. If you want more channels and options than a roof mounted antenna can provide, then get this book: Build your Own Free to Air Satellite TV System. https://www.amazon.com/Build-Your-Free–Satellite-System/dp/0071775153/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1329154129&sr=8-2
        Yes, its true. Satellites are broadcasting free TV (for now) and if you have the patience and about $500 you can build your own satellite and watch TV from around the world. The last option I recommend for free service is a software called Digital TV for PC 2. I use it on a Windows 7 laptop and its great.
        I’d like to hear comments on what Chris posted on, the PC digital video recorder (DVR). What are the key elements to setting that up?

        • Big O says:

          To Smiling Avenger Just saw the ad for the clear cast box.I wasn’t born yesterday and started to look up reviews. Read your statment and found that you seem to know what your talking about.I have been intrested in dumping cablevision for free TV but my problem is that I am over ninty miles from the broadcast antennas. Have read about antennas that can receive or reach broadcasts over one hundred miles. I am so blind to think that these work as advertised either. So without any more long windedtalk, do you have any sugestions for me to free my self from cablevision. I am in Long Island NY and being held captive.

      • jon says:

        ur writing is confusing do you have or use clear cast yes or no and do you get good channels??

    • Kool Kim says:

      Hello to all you smart people. I was telling my father about it and sent him a copy of the add.
      I was wondering why there was no web site in the add. So I did some investigating and boy was I ever so happy I did. its just amazing how many people are getting ripped off expecially in this economy hard times. Thank you so much to all you people, and my father thanks you too. My father used to tell me the same thing, if it sounds too good, it is. Ive learned another thing from this, my father isnt to good to be true.Thanks again people. I read a lot about the old fashion attennas work just as well, can somebody tell me if I go to the attenna, is there any possible way We can get the speed channel (nascar) and the nickleodian channel or if there is a way I can get it without having cable? Thanks again, Sincerely, Kool Kim

      • Keania says:

        @ Kool Kim, My name is Ke-ania, Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Brilliant Built Technologies. All products purchased are backed up by are 30 day money back guarantee less shipping (9.95). Depending on the area in which you live will determine the local broadcasting that you will be able to receive. Also we do have a website at http://www.clear-cast.com. Customer Service at 1-866-825-4416 (Monday through Friday 8:30AM – 9:00PM EST) is also available to assist you with any concerns or questions that you may have. Thank you

        • Gene says:

          I am an old retired Navy Electronics Technician (Master Chief/E-9) and just wanted to throw in my 2 cents worth. I live about 2 miles outside of my nearest local city and used to have very poor reception for many of our local stations. When the big switch was made to HDTV none of my powered antennas helped, in fact they actually made reception worse. When I turned the amps off, reception got better. Believe it of not I can pick up most of my local stations with a straightened out paper clip inserted into the coax connection and get just as good a signal as many of the fancy antennas sold today. Learned this one in my RV. Try it – it may work for you, but the price is not high enough to make a lot of people believe. After all, expensive must be better, right?

  2. Shawn says:

    I recently ordered the Clear-Cast antenna and should be getting it within a week or two. I learned about this product from our local city newspaper. The gentleman in the video above obviously didn’t read anything about this new antenna as it is not the same technology as the old traditional “wire hanger antennas”. According to everything I have read about this product and was told by talking to a support rep this antenna allows users to pickup digital signals for tv viewing something that you can’t do with a normal tv antenna. I highly doubt this is a scam because of the following reasons:

    1. They offer great 1-800 customer service support as I have already contacted them 3 times with questions about the product and my order.

    2. They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Most people will probably purchase this product with a credit card and if in fact this is a scam people will either return it or dispute the charge on their CC wasting Clear-Cast a lot of time and money.

    3. I don’t believe that we will get movie station digital tv channels such as HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, or the Movie Channel, but the other channels that are digital cable channels are most likely going to work and be free. Again it also depends on where you live.

    Its obvious that the gentleman they interviewed as an expert, clearly hasn’t read or doesn’t know anything about this product to give a valid argument on whether it will work or not. What it boils down to is to buy it and try it for yourself or ask someone who has bought it and tried it, to see if it works.

    • Loons In June! says:

      I have a bridge for sale if you are interested.

    • James R Curry says:

      Hi Shawn,

      Unfortunately, you can indeed pick up digital TV signals with a traditional antenna – in fact, there are no longer any over-the-air analogue broadcasts left in most regions within the United States. The issue is one of whether your TV supports digital broadcasts. If not, you’ll need a set-top digital decoder, which the FCC were handing out for free a couple of years back.

      Digital cable stations are simply not broadcast over the air. Over-the-air broadcasting requires spectrum to be purchased from the FCC, and had a company purchased the spectrum required to broadcast 953 cable stations over-the-air, it would have been big news. I rather suspect that the “953 channels” claim is an abstruse reference to 953 broadcast stations across the United States. Naturally, you won’t be able to pick up those which are outside your local area.

      With a sufficiently large antenna, you may be able to pick up some local low power stations that you couldn’t see before, though I find the idea that the tiny Clear Cast antenna contains some sort of advanced technology that can pick these up to be unlikely.

      • Loons In June! says:

        “Digital cable stations are simply not broadcast over the air.”

        Very true. That’s why they are called Cable stations.

        • kc says:

          Actualy, cable providers receive a signal, from a head end, with a giant sattelite. You can do the same, purchase sattelite lol Seems over the air enough to me.
          Could also argue that signal leakage is rampid in certain areas, thats also over the air.

      • Jody says:

        Actually the ad doesn’t say 953 channels. It says 953 TV shows. What exactly does that mean? 2.61 shows per day? It also say that people living in large metropolitan areas may get up to 53 channels, while people in outling areas will get less. Sounds like a lot of mumbo-jumbo. I just bought my son an antenna at Big Lots. They have a simple one for $3 & a better version for $10. He hooked up & said it works great!

        • jorge says:

          read the ad a little closer folks, doesn’t say 953 channels, it SAYS 953 tv shows. so if you can be up 24/7 watching tv and you even average 24 shows in 24 hours well you can do the math. and the ad in my paper states, UP TO 53 channels in a Metropolitan area. if it sounds to go to be true it usually is. Radio shack antenna a better buy and know results.

      • Jack J says:

        Read the ad a little more thouroughly.
        It does not say you can get 953 channels. It says you can recieve approximatly 53 channels in your local area if in a metropolitan area.
        The statement for 953 is up to that amount of shows in a year.
        I’m not defending Clear-Cast, just what the ad says.

        • nolan says:

          ad says you may get 53 channels ? but 12 is a long way from 53 ! since i can get at least 31 channels with a rca flat antenna for $14.95 from wal-mart and only 12 with clear cast.

      • WagTheDog says:

        Read the ad more carefully, folks … it says 953 “shows,” not 953 “channels” or “stations” … and it says it NINE TIMES. Just another part of the scam.

        • That is one of those meaningless claims intended to wow you with inflated numbers that suggest the product will give you endless choice and a comparable experience to cable.

          Obviously, over the air television will bring most people about ten-fifteen choices these days, including a few that run nothing but religion, home shopping, and music videos.

          If you don’t watch cable networks, why pay for them. But even if this thing got channels from the nearest big cities on all sides, that means 2-3 channels showing the same things from ABC, CBS, and NBC.

          When I was growing up, local stations used to run off-network shows, movies, and interesting things during the afternoon and overnight you could record on a VCR and watch anytime. These days, local stations run infomercials, cheaply produced talk and court shows, and have mostly given up paying to show movies of any kind.

          I think products like this are aimed at people who can remember when you could catch a Saturday horror movie, an all-night movie festival and syndicated shows you’d actually watch. All of those have really gone to cable networks these days and local stations are programmed like ATMs. They don’t spend the money and the FCC doesn’t make them.

          I’ve actually spent more time watching MeTV (a digital sub-channel) that shows series from the 50s-80s than I’ve watched the local station that hosts the extra channel. Reality TV and other cheap junk on the networks just does not appeal to me.

      • Ingrid says:

        They are claiming 953 TV “Shows”!!! NOT channels – shows.

        Maybe in large metro areas you can receive 53 channels, maybe….

        Shows – not channels

    • avis says:

      how do i call can i get the number

    • Linda says:

      Just curious if you received your clear cast and if it worked or not… I’m in NJ and just noticed the ad in the paper… thank you.

      • Scott says:

        The issue isn’t whether it works, it’s that it’s an overpriced scam of a product. You can buy any antenna from Walmart for $5-10 after tax and get the same reception or better than the $38-45 clearcast antenna.

        They’re just preying on people easily mislead by their deceptive and overhyped marketing claims.

        • Rick says:

          I bought regular antenna. It stinks. I have this new clear cast and
          I pick up 68 Digital channels that look great. I also pick up 12 High Definition channels that work great for my HD T.V. I called Cox Cable and told them to cancel. when she said ok im finished you are no longer a customer I told her where she can put the cable line. Felt good.

          • gman says:

            What area do you live in that you get these claimed results?

            Do you work for Clear Cast?

            • We have no vested interest in Clear Cast either way, tested their antenna ourselves, and have no doubt Rick might have been able to achieve those results, because as a basic antenna Clear Cast does work.

              However, other antennas work the same or better at a fraction of the price.

              What makes Clear Cast slightly different is that it is designed to be attached to/near a window, whereas most other antennas sit on top of the TV set away from windows. If you take your existing antenna and place it near a window, you will get improved reception in a number of cases.

              Antenna technology has not really changed since the 1950s, no matter what hype Clear Cast writes into its ad copy. The same rules apply whether you use a coat hanger, aluminum foil, an indoor antenna or an outdoor one:

              1) Get an antenna designed for both VHF and UHF reception. Many digital stations advertising channel numbers between 2-13 actually transmit on UHF channels higher up the dial, but keep their old channel numbers on screen for marketing purposes.

              2) Get the antenna near a window facing the transmitter, or better yet outdoors as high up as possible, away from obstructions that can block the signal. External roof top antennas will always deliver better results except in strong signal areas, where overloading can create reception problems.

              3) Try different antenna positions to maximize reception. Sometimes the strangest places can turn out to be the best. Experiment.

          • mark says:

            the Clear Cast does not work any better than a very cheap antenna from radio shack.. YOU DO NOT GET DIGITAL CABLE CHANNELS… just your local over the air type channels you would pick up with any old antenna… so, if you were thinking HBO forget it… it is very misleading and do not waste your money.

            • Keania says:

              @Mark, My name is Ke-ania, Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Brilliant Built Technologies. The ad states that “Clear-cast advanced design will NOT receive cable or satellite channels and is engineered to pull in channels being broadcast for free to eliminate cable and satellite bills.” So you WILL be able to receive over-the-air digital and HDTV signals that the cable and satellite companies are charging a fortune for each month. All product is backed by are 30 day money back guarantee less shipping. Hope I was able to provide some clarity. If you need further assistance feel free to call me at 330-966-9000 ext. 8961, I will be more than happy to assistance you. Thank you

              • Scott says:

                @Keania, calling $5-25/mo for re-transmission of local broadcast channels a “fortune” is as much an exaggeration as your misleading advertising that’s tricked many consumers into purchasing a standard TV antenna with the idea its capable of replacing $100/mo cable or satellite TV service.

                If you were at all sincere about providing a quality product and customer service you wouldn’t be engaging in such shady advertising practices.

                • Keania says:

                  @Scott, when a person is going through hard times saving 5 dollars here or maybe to eliminate a bill all together, this can be helpful for some, of course every ones situation is not the same. Neither I nor the ad states that customers will be provided with Cable and satellite channels. But you can receive local broadcastings. And sometimes these channels are just enough for a person. If you would like to speak further please feel free to call me at 330-966-9000 ext. 8961 EST time.

                  Thank you

                  • I am certain local channels are enough for some people, but let’s be real here. If the ad copy said, “this product will not receive cable or satellite channels but will help you bring in reception of local over-the-air television signals,” this article would never have been published and there would not be 140+ comments and counting.

                    By the very nature of the comments received, it’s clear a lot of people were mislead by the marketing of this product. I personally view everything with a skeptical “prove it to me” eye and can effectively filter out a lot of marketing speak, but a lot of others clearly cannot.

                    As I have written here, this product will pull in local broadcast signals. It may even get those 953 PROGRAMS advertised, but no better than something I can buy locally for about a tenth of the price.

                    You can’t save consumers money on their television viewing if instead of paying the local cable company $50+, they are spending that on a television antenna that is as revolutionary as Me TV’s “That Girl.”

    • B ill says:

      Read the ad CAREFULLY, It doesn’t say 953 Channels it states 953 PROGRAMS. Any digital TV or analog TV with a converter box can receive the same number of PROGRAMS when attached to an antenna. NOT a SCAM but very misleading.

    • Keania says:

      Good Afternoon, My name is Ke-ania I am the Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Brilliant Built Technologies. I want to thank you for providing some basic but truthful information regarding are product. We strive to provide Outstanding Customer Service.

      Once again thank you so much

    • Jay R says:

      The “Ad” plainly states that you cannot… CAN NOT receive cable or satellite transmissions. Only those local channels that give a strong enough signal. And I guess they have recorded stuff. Their explanation is vague to say the least. Don’t waste your money.

      • The ad copy was clearly designed to be misleading to consumers, based on the enormous number of complaints and misimpressions about 953 channels vs. programs. That marketing claim is meaningless anyway, since people don’t buy antennas to watch programs, but rather to pick up channels that allow them to watch those programs.

        It would be like marketing this to say you can use the antenna 24/7, 365 days a year. No limits!

        If this company was trying to deliver truthful and clear information, it would not mislead consumers into thinking this is a true replacement for cable or satellite TV. It is not. It’s just an over the air antenna capable of receiving broadcast TV stations. You don’t see Winegard or Channel Master, two very reputable antenna brands, advertising their products this way.

      • Keania says:

        @Jay R, Hello if you ever need more clarification regarding the Clear-cast ad, feel free to contact Customer Service at 1-888-825-4416 and they will be able to answer any questions or concerns that you may have regarding the product.

    • Audie says:

      The clear cast paper advertisement was meant to deceive people. By the way it was written, it was clearly a cloudy way of presentation. It is also priced different in other areas. I live in NC and was given a price of 56.95. I am sure it gets higher in different areas. The same results would be achieved with a much cheaper antenna. Also, if you don’t take the time to ask the customer service agent a lot of questions, you won’t know other details, like having a TV older than 5 years. The bottom line, for the money, you can do much better with other antennas.

      The theory of going through your credit card to dispute unsatisfied customer would not apply here since they did not state an actual solid lie. You also have to pay to ship it back. It is like how President Clinton had his version of sexual relationship. Amazing how words can be played with. Lesson here is to always do your homework and research everything.

      • Keania says:

        @Audie, Customer service is available from Mon-Wed: 8:30am – 9:00pm, Thurs: 9:00am – 9:00pm and Fri: 8:30am – 9:00pm If you every need clarification on an advertisement. When you contact customer service they are going to be able to go over any questions or concerns that a customer may have. We do understand that every ones situations will differ. The pricing for the antenna is the same in all areas as long as you have an advertisement. Of course like with most things they will be shipping and handling charge as well as tax in most areas but this is information that customer service will be able to go over with any customer.

        There is no need to dispute any charge that you have agreed to, if the product is backed by the 30 day money back guarantee. Give customer service a call and they will be more than happy to assist you, or you are able to contact me @ (330)966-9000 ext. 8961 my name is Ke-ania, Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Brilliant Built Technologies.

        Thank you

  3. Max Reid says:

    I think there is a big typo in the article. Radio Shack sells the cheapest antenna for $9.99 and not $1.49 as suggested.

    While the other antenna’s sold uses co-axial cable, this 1 from clear-cast uses HDMI cable for HD telecast, so $38 should be worth. We need more inventions like this in every field, so that the cable, dish companies play fair.

    • James R Curry says:

      Do you have a source for this HDMI information?

      If it uses an HDMI connection, then the tuner/decoder must be integrated — HDMI is not a transfer medium for pure over-the-air signals that haven’t been decoded. All the information I saw regarding Clear Cast suggested you’d need a digital TV or set-top box to use the device; having an HDMI out would contradict this.

      Also – if you already have a TV with a digital tuner or a set-top decoder then buying an antenna with in-built HDMI output will do nothing to improve quality. Your TV decodes the same digital signals, as long as the signal is good enough, and will produce the exact same picture.

      • Kart says:

        Thank you for presenting facts…not opinions! Folks here who question any of the techies on here need to, NOT call Clear Cast or your cable provider’s tech support because I used to sell and install cable, so I know firsthand they want to try and sell against anything that dips into their potential revs. If you’re not convinced by the knowledgeable advice here and/or on the FCC’s website about digital broadcast and researching what exactly HDMI is, then go to Fry’s Electronics and talk to someone in their video dept…I didn’t say Best Buy…I said Fry’s! Best Buy has too much turnover and ego-maniacal kids that will tell you s*** they think they know, but don’t.

  4. jkhilgeman says:

    Our paper does not say 953 channels but says” 953 crystal clear over -the -air digital TV shows”… It continues in another area to say that “Residents living in large metroolitan areas may get up to 53 crystal clear channels, while people in outlying areas will get less. That means even in rural areas that pull in just NBC, ABC, CBS, FoOX and PBS broadcasts, there are up to 953 shows each year to watch for free”. Our bill is over $200.0 per month, so anything would help to drop the bill.

  5. Eric says:

    The very top of the newspaper page clearly says, “ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT.”

    If one can see that in the image on this webpage, people actually holding the newspaper should have been able to see it more clearly.

    I hold companies who try to scam people by deceiving them in low regard, but it is quite obvious that wasn’t a news story, and the newspaper readers should have recognized it as such.

  6. Eric says:

    Also, “Clear Cast” is “Brilliant Built Technology,” apparently a dba of “Universal Media Syndicate,” who are the same people who bring you those “Amish fireplaces.”

    Amish fireplaces and high tech antennas, quite the product line.

  7. marcos de los santos says:

    l wiil like to get more information about it to see if this tool work or not ,because is going to be a good idea for the family and our pocket.

  8. Thanks to one of my readers who shared their soon-to-be returned “Clear Cast,” I was able to get my hands on an actual unit and decided to test it against this cheapy: https://www.meritline.com/newsearch.aspx?SearchTerm=mygica+a30+tv ($6.99 now, but it frequently sells for as little as $4), and an “RCA Basic Indoor Antenna” I picked up at Sears for $9 (Amazon sells it too).

    In brief, if you live in a suburban or urban area where adjacent city signals are not a problem (I live in Brighton, a suburb of Rochester, N.Y.), any of these antennas are going to work about the same. I got decent reception using my Meritline antenna when I followed “Clear Cast’s” idea of securing it to an uninsulated window. The key is picking a window that faces the transmitter site of the station(s) you want to receive.

    I can actually get the Syracuse Fox UHF outlet (60 miles away) reasonably well using the RCA unit, if I carefully position the antenna. Clear Cast was designed more to stay put, so I was out of luck using it for this purpose.

    None of these indoor antennas really worked at picking up solid signals from adjacent cities. You simply need an outdoor antenna for that to work successfully. Even if you get an occasional signal from an indoor antenna, the picture freezing and sputtering will drive you crazy. You might get away with mounting a traditional antenna in the attic if you don’t want one on your roof.

    Clear Cast is way overpriced for what it delivers. It’s not the only one, though. Local BJ’s Wholesale Clubs have also pitched a ridiculously overpriced hunk of junk for “HD reception” made by another manufacturer. Looks futuristic but doesn’t work any better than a short piece of lamp cord fashioned into a small loop.

    Antenna design really has not changed much in 50 years. Here is a good credible site to explore: http://www.antennaweb.org/aw/info.aspx?page=FAQ

    I suggest you start out with something basic. The best antennas allow you to orient them in different directions towards the signal you want. For UHF, try a set top loop-style antenna that can be rotated (Wal-Mart probably has one). You might also find playing around with some aluminum foil attached behind the antenna or even to it can make some difference. Experiment… a lot, until you find the ideal position for your antenna. If you are thinking of spending $38 on Clear Cast, remember it will probably cost you at least $5 to mail it back if you find it not worth keeping.

    For the absolute best results, seriously consider a traditional outdoor or attic antenna. Channel Master and Winegard are quality manufacturers with a long history. They sell online and UPS can deliver it straight to your home already assembled in many cases. Hire an installer if you are absolutely not certain of your rooftop skills.

    A lot of external antennas designed for UHF look like flat, square screens instead of the old style “arrow” design, which was more for VHF reception. Since a number of stations now transmit on UHF, pay attention to whether your antenna supports it (channels above 14). In Rochester, our locals are on 10 and 13 (VHF) and everything else is on UHF. In Syracuse, they are all on UHF now, so UHF is critical:

    Call Sign/Network/Old Channel Number/Real Channel Number

    WCNY-TV PBS 24 25
    WNYS-TV MYTV 43 44
    WSPX-TV ION-TV 56 15
    WSTM-TV NBC 3 24
    WSYR-TV ABC 9 17
    WSYT-TV FOX 68 19
    WTVH-TV CBS 5 47

  9. John says:

    I cut my cable about 11 years ago. Its not needed with the internet. I now pay for internet and watch tv on netflix and other channels most of you know. like history, discovery, Weather, ABC, NBC, BBC, What ever there all online and you can watch shows with less than half the commercialism. Stupid cable company’s kill me

  10. Theresa Reid says:

    I just got my Clear Cast today I was able to get only 4 channels. It WILL be going back.

    • Before you box that sucker back up, did you try a different window? Put the television on the weakest channel you can sort of get and then try moving the thing around and finding the “sweet spot” where it does the best. If that position works for you, it might help.

      The USPS might not be the cheapest way to return this thing. I assume it weighs only around a pound. Use the rate calculators at UPS and FedEx for one pound shipments, because they include tracking and insurance, and you can drop the boxes off at the UPS Store or one of FedEx’s many drop off spots.

      USPS Priority Mail is the best bet for returning things through the post office. I recommend using the box the antenna came in, and use the USPS website to print the label, because you’ll get a slight discount and free tracking. Don’t bother with one of those flat-rate boxes they give away at the post office. The flat rate shipping amount is probably much more than what you’ll pay using the box the antenna came in.

      Don’t bother paying extra for insurance either.

  11. nolan says:

    antenna did not work, i have a outside antenna with a digital converter box that pulled in 31 channels.and clear cast only got 12, also have 2nd tv with rca digital flat antenna from wal-mart for 14.95 its a inside antenna with digital converter box also,still works better than clear cast and they did not refund all my money plus shipping as promised, i got back $43.00 out of $62.00, got extra 2yr warranty that cost $5.00 plus cost almost $10.00 to ship it back. so i am out about $20.00. should have known better ha! ha!

    • Why are they not refunding your full purchase price? I’d contest the lack of a full refund with your credit card company. They’ll reverse the charges and let Clearcast argue with Mr. Visa, Mastercard, or Discover. Credit card companies usually side with their customers. I wouldn’t let $20 stay out of my wallet and sit in theirs.

      You can often submit the protest right online. Log into your credit card website, check a statement, and see if you can click on the Clearcast transaction and file a chargeback from there. Otherwise, use the contact link on the website and follow whatever procedures are in place to file the protest.

      If possible, try and find a copy of the ad that promises a full refund, plus shipping. You’ll almost certainly eat the cost of shipping the thing back, though.

      And are you serious, they are actually selling an extended warranty with this thing? They want every penny they can get!

      • Smith6612 says:

        Extended warranties on antennas makes me laugh. What can go wrong with them, to be honest? Maybe a broken cable or center prong? Easily fixed for less than the cost of a warranty.

  12. Smith6612 says:

    I always avoid the hype about super antennas. They don’t do much besides induce more noise which really puts you back at square one anyways with digital service. Maybe if Analog were still around, Super antennas would work a lot better.

    People around here who use TV service, stick an outdoor antenna in the attic. Works just as well as having it on the roof with only the weakest of the stations perhaps not coming in as strong as they could. Either way, as long as your attic is not a faraday cage you shouldn’t notice the difference 🙂 Those in this area who live in older homes and have Cable but wish to go back to antenna? No problem. Disconnect from the cable drop, run new RG6 (to replace old, perhaps dead RG59 cable) to the antenna, and you’re set.

    • Most of the problems I see with digital TV reception isn’t signal overload, it is multipath — when signals bounce off nearby buildings, hills, or other fixed objects, creating interference that appears as signal errors. You can get a perfectly reasonable signal and still get lousy pictures because the error correction isn’t robust enough to keep the picture from freezing, sputtering, or raining digital noise.

      A basic unamplified UHF antenna for most in distant suburbs will do the trick. For those in rural areas, some sort of amplifier may be required. Getting the antenna as high as possible will also be essential, and those in very hilly areas may have the same kind of trouble they always did getting good television reception.

  13. marilyn says:

    Omg, I wish I would of known this. It was on the newspaper and my neighbor reccommended it. I ordered 4, they should come in this week. Had I known and done my research first instead of getting super excited, I could’ve saved money. 217.0 for 4 boxes. Stupid me. But I havnt even tested it. Yeah, I’m a ditz.. ugh. Thanks for the info, now to break it to everyone of my facebook friends I posted it too.=(

    • Maybe you can refuse the delivery with the mailman and not have to pay a fortune to send them back if you’ve changed your mind.

      The premise of the product sounds good, but there just aren’t the kinds of miracle breakthroughs some ad copy would leave you to believe.

      • Gene says:

        i am glad you was not around to knock the adam bomb or we might all be speaking japernese
        or we may not have beat the soviates to the moon if tecnoligy did notr exist.

        • Bart says:

          Adam bomb? I’m not surprised at your illiteracy. How else can one explain how you conflate overpriced, junky Chinese-made television antennas with the great American minds that put men and machines on the moon?

          You’re embarrassing yourself.

  14. Mandy says:

    Oh my Gosh! I am so glad I came across this web site! This ADVERTISEMENT just ran in our paper this morning (Charlotte NC). First of all, some how my husband and I both missed the fact that it is indeed a paid advertisement due to the fact that they cleverly placed those words in smaller print at the top. Now that its been pointed out here, I cant believe I over looked it. If you miss those words and read the full page it realy dose seem like a news story and not an ad. They were very strategic with there wording. They also give you a sense of urgency by saying you have to call by the deadline. That causes a bit of panic and causes fairly intellegent people to forget their sensibilities. Also Its kinda funny, The picture above and the picture in my paper (just printed today) are the same! Only our bold print under the pic says North Carolinians Get Free TV, causing the reader to think The ppl in the picture are actually workers in Charlotte. I can’t believe I almost fell for this! Must have still been half asleep this am 🙂 Thanks again for all the great info. Not only did it save me from wasting time and money but I have also gained a wealth of info on how I can actually save money on my cable bill !

    • In Charlotte, it’s Time Warner Cable vs. AT&T U-verse. The best way to deal with the cable company is to call them and tell them they charge too much, tell them you want to cancel service accordingly two weeks from today, and they’ll start negotiating with you fast. If U-verse is available in your neighborhood in Charlotte, tell Time Warner Cable you’ll stay if they at least match the introductory offer AT&T pitches (should be around $79-99 for a triple play phone, cable, and broadband package). If you don’t want the phone, $79 is closer to the better deal.

      Don’t accept the first offer the retention person pitches (or let them tell you to drop channels and services). You can always tell them you’ll think about it. Often, a scheduled disconnect will prompt them to start calling you with better deals. If you change your mind, you can still rescind the disconnect request with no harm done.

      You should be able to get a better deal for at least 12 months, if you decide to stay with cable.

      • warrem says:

        just cancelled my cable and they offered a 12 dollar discount but not enough, terrible programming and uverse is not available here and don’t think it will be for years. I got antennae at walmart and using converter box. Reception is good but only get local on-air stations. Shoot, 3 of them are PBS which I don’t like to support since they are mostly liberal or high brow shows. I am satisfied with reception but wish I could get more stations.

  15. danny says:

    just ran in our morning paper today (Fort Wayne Journal Gazette) February 1,.2012

  16. Paula says:

    Thanks for the info. I decided to research before sitting on ‘hold’ with Brillant Technologies to buy the Clear-cast. Glad I did.

    I thought about cutting the cable when I first moved to Charlotte like my brother in Chicago did. But my folks said Charlotte wouldn’t be a good market for that because they don’t have any major stations close by.

    Either way, I’ll keep hoping for something cheaper!! Thanks.

  17. Wanda says:

    I am so glad I decided to go online before wasting my time with this product. I hate my cable bill and so I was willing to take a chance on this thing. I am happy that I came to my senses and decided to see what others thought first. I live in Charlotte to and have decideded to wait and complain to TWC about my increasing cable first. I am not falling for this.

    Thanks to everyone, especially Phillip, for your helpful comments.

  18. JJ says:

    I purchased this product thinking it might be nicer because of the size and cost. Most antenna’s at the common electronic stores are almost the same price. Received it today, did what they said and it worked no better than a Radio Shack rabbit ear special. Save you time and money. Terrible product. Will return it today and see if they refund my money! This was mounted in a 4×6 foot window with no obstructions; no film or screens were on the window so don’t get sold on that excuse.

  19. David Young says:

    David says:

    Just received the two clearcast antennas I purchased today. When placing my order, the sales rep. said a two year warranty was only $5.00. I got the extended warrenty totaling $10.00 for two antennas without questioning the necessity of it.

    The bottom line is that I couldn’t get any reception. I called my credit card company. They said I should get a full refund of $101.11. Also to call Brilliantbuilt Technologies and let them know I was returning their product and needed to get all my money back.

    I did this and was informed that when they receive the clear cast product; they will refund all but $9.95 for shipping and handling.

    I said that I paid the $9.95 for shipping and handling charges. I was informed that it was their policy to charge $9.95 and they would refund the balance less the $9.95.

    My credit card company pulled up their policy and said it was stated in their policy that they keep $9.95 (that I paid) for shipping charges.

  20. Michelle says:

    Thanks for the article… this ad just ran in Pittsburgh yesterday.

    Will make sure to forward to others!

    Many Thanks!

  21. Bill Bishop says:

    Please note that these are the same clowns who sell the Heat Surge (you can bag all the glitz and get a thermostatically controlled 1500 watt heater at Target or Frys for $50 or less), the Cool Surge (Basically an ice pack in front of a fan for over $200), and the World Reserve Monetary Exchage (All those scammy “free safe” ads). Beware of them. If their ad masquerades as a news story and they are in Canton, OH it is the same outfit.

    • Paul says:

      Very interesting and sure glad I went on-line to look up this company. The ad just appeared in the Dallas area Feb 10, 2012, and glad to know it’s a scam, as are the Heat Surge and other ads from the Canton Ohio company. Thanks for the warning and heads-up. I will be on the look-out for similar ads that I’ve seen many times before, and see what I can do to get the attorney generals involved in the different states. Probably not much since these are indeed actual products, but it’s just the way they try to lure people in – making it look like a news story, only to find out it’s really just an advertisement to get you to pay more for something that you could get for less, elsewhere.

      Sure glad the internet is around 🙂

  22. J. Brown says:


    • Allen Grimes says:

      I purchased this product and to my surprise, i never recieved this product. and the refund process and the level of customer service has been unacceptable. I have talked with at least 11 reps, and 4 supervisors. to speak with an overseer in management has been a real journey from hell. Just based on the customer service has been enough to kill my excitement about the product that I never recieved. I will keep on this matter. It may have not happen to every customer, but it has happened. the way I have to fight and track down the product and/or information, they owe me $82.95.

      • Your next call should be to your credit card company to request a chargeback because you never received the product. That will take about five minutes and your headaches end. A provisional credit will be issued on your statement and then after the credit card company endures what you have, the credit will be permanent. Don’t waste any more time calling the antenna company.

  23. Loons In June! says:


    Maybe you could invent something that does!

    Then you could buy a spell checker and a keyboard that is not stuck with Caps lock on.

  24. Allen Grimes says:

    Phillip, What kind of exxperience does it take for repeated customer service.? If you are in anyway associated with this company, Investigate this claim. It didnt take 11 customer reps and 4 supervisors to swipe my cc? Just 1 in 1 day! Cmon man really? Someone owes accountable or which I received none. Yeah right!

    • Allen (and everyone):

      We are in no way associated with this company or its products.

      We actually get a ton of complaints about this product and various cable companies from people who write us thinking we are the companies we report on. We’re not. I hope we can at least give you advice to get your money back though. 🙂

  25. Justin Michael says:

    $38? In Indiana it Advertises for $47 plus S&H.

    • Indiana TV signals are obviously more expensive to capture inside the amazing, revolutionary space “developed by NASA” age antenna. 🙂

      Maybe I am just cynical, but when I see stuff like this product and its marketing campaign, the hype alone makes me suspicious. I am gratified more than 20,000 people have made it to this website just to read our review of this product. It restores my faith in people to check things out before shelling out hard-earned money.

    • J.Brown says:

      $47 here in Southeastern PA also.

  26. Sonia McAlister says:

    Just thought I’d mention this closely resembles the Amish Heater that also got a full page ad in our Newspaper. Of course, we should blame the newspaper for printing this rubbage but of course they’re just trying to make a buck. The reason these people make money is because some people will buy the product just to see if it’s true and the rest of us, know better. It’s a shame that these people just take advantage of others for a buck. My Dad was willing to buy the product until I told him that it was a gimme, nothing is as good as it is if they take out a full page ad to make you buy something that they believe will actually work. Come on people, wake up your brains and really read the ad!!

    • justin says:

      i have the amish heater and it is awesome. saves me 200 a month in heating bills. the clearcast…..sound like rubbish

  27. Carol says:

    We just got the ad today in Anchorage it sounds pretty good if you don’t read it carefully – I am running off digital converter boxes and indoor bat-wing antenna. They work about as well as my outdoor antenna did before Analog went away. I patiently waited for the phone seller to several times excuse himself to get his computer to work, but the last time he left he didn’t come back and I finally just got a dial tone. I hadn’t given them any billing information yet so feel lucky I got disconnected. When all else fails do some research and I found this website. Thanks for saving me some money.

  28. mary says:

    Ad just hit Denver Post this morning, 2/20/12. I am going with a cheapie Radio Shack antenna to see if I have the access to broadcasts. I am just too old to be climbing on the roof setting up an antenna like the 1950s and too financially challenged to be paying $175 cable bills. Thanks for the sold experiences and advice. Anybody had any experience with the new wireless streaming hookups now being sold for TV?

    • I use a Roku box here with my Wireless N router (“N” is faster than “G”) and it works great. I use it to stream Netflix and Hulu to my plasma TV with no trouble at all, and Roku is getting cheaper and smaller all the time. You do have to spend a little extra to get the wireless N technology built in, but it is well worth it to go that route.

      There is another product called PlayOn that, for a small monthly or annual fee, will let you store movies and TV shows in a folder that can be remotely streamed through Roku or even a smartphone or remote computer. It also works well for me.

      Many modern TVs are starting to build in these kinds of technologies inside the set, and remember many newer DVD players also include some capability to stream Netflix and other providers.

      I’ve been watching a lot of old TV series I haven’t seen in years, thanks to Netflix. Shows like Mission Impossible, including the 1st season which did not include Peter Graves. In fact, I knew I recognized the voice of Season 1’s head of the “impossible missions force” team but could not place the face until I realized I was watching a very much younger Adam “Law and Order” Schiff. 🙂

      I have a much better time with stuff like this than channel surfing through one lousy reality show after another broadcast/cable networks shovel our way.

      • doyix says:

        thanks Phil..you’re a buck-saver! I’m so close to take the bite..

      • Scott says:

        I’d have to give a Thumbs down to the built-in players in most TV’s and DVD/Blu-Ray players. Often they’re too slow and laggy, or even buggy.

        I’ve also tried the PlayON software and found it too much trouble, plus the whole point is to try to get away from having a computer on all the time or hooked up to your TV.

        The dedicated boxes like Roku, Boxee, (Sony) GoogleTV, even Sony PS3 and Xbox have all turned out to be great cord cutting devices IMO after trying many of them.

  29. Carl says:

    Ad came out in Decatur, Il for $47. Seemed too good to be true and I thank all of you on this site for saving me the grief of trying it and finding out it was no better than the antenna I already have.
    Thanks Again

  30. mary says:

    Yup, Clear Cast was also $47 here in Colorado ad. The further west it goes the higher the price? Thanks for the Roku info. I really appreciate this site. You all saved me money, time and a lot of frustration. Many Thanks.

    • It’s because they are “aged” for quality. 🙂

      My guess is they are trying to figure out what the market will tolerate.

      Six months from now, these will be in the “As Seen on TV” section at CVS for $12.99.

  31. Dawn says:

    I found it in a little weekly paper that I don’t even subscribe too on February 22, 2012 here in San Antonio. They state in the AD that if you don’t respond within that 48 hr window you will be turned away and have to wait for the next time it happens to appear in the paper. I called tonight, 2/26/2012 and gave them the code that supposedly will get you the best deal and she couldn’t locate it. So she asked when I received the paper and I told her 4 days ago. She still was going to give it too me. Didn’t turn me away. ;o)
    I then proceeded to give her all the info she asked for and when it came time for the amount for 4 receivers it was close to $300 dollars. I was like no way!. So I asked her how much one was and she told me $68.00 plus $9.95 S&H. I told her we will have to think about it and call back since we still have 9 months left on our satellite contract. Wasn’t going to pay for 2 things at once. Then after I got of the phone I immediately got on line and found this. Thank you so much for the great info! I guess we should heed the old saying…if it sounds to good to be true…then it probably is! I am just sick of people taking advantage of people just for a buck. And Thank God for the internet and reviews like these.

  32. Ron Gibson says:

    Newspapers such as asbury park press should not accept this ad similar to heat surge or cool surge these are all boiler room type operations,though I fully understand that newspapers are desperate for revenue to survive I believe,they should be held accountable via BBB as well as local,State and Federal authorities.

    • Edward says:

      I agree with u on this one…

      I was in a Dr’s Office waiting room

      The paper that i saw the add in was USA today…

      If i was a subscriber to this paper, i would have complained that day and canceled that subscription for that rag…

      The media outlets that are willingly will print these kinds of adds need to be accountable…

      Instead of just taking anyone’s money for a full page add and screwing over there subscribers

      And no i did not buy the 99.99% pure Gold coins on the next page with 1 micron of gold covering them just because gold is going up either


  33. Zipper in FL says:

    The ad ran in Sarasota Florida papers on Monday February 27th.

    Price is $47 – how are these people posting here being charged $68+$9.95 P+H ?

    It’s so obviously related to the “Amish Fireplaces” I laughed out loud!

  34. Gary says:

    Ad ran in Philadelphia Friday March 2nd. $47. I called to find out the shipping charge. $10.
    First, they ask what you’re paying for cable. Then how many sets.
    They want to sell you digital converters too, probably with additional shipping charges.
    I told them I got a box with the FCC coupon already. Say no more.
    I’ll keep FIOS.

  35. Gary says:

    Guess what I found for sale for $19.95 at the Converter Box Coupon website?


    A Flat HDTV Antenna made by Think Wireless that looks exactly like the Clear-Cast.

  36. Gary says:

    Oops.. Out of stock and only Clear-Cast sells them now.

  37. For Time Warner Cable customers looking for lower prices, be sure and check out our piece on how to save hundreds a year with a better deal. We’re saving $700 in 2012, and it took just about five minutes of time and effort:


  38. John says:

    This ad just ran in my local paper today in Memphis Tn. I noticed along with the fedex trucks in the pic there are three security guards or cops walking around the assembly line. Lol Are they about to shut the company down? The picture is kind of odd.

  39. K says:

    This add was in The Tennessean too, but they want us to pay $47!! Caveat emptor! (Let the buyer beware!)

  40. Jodi says:

    Phillip, thank you for a very informative article. I also learned a lot by reading your responses to the comments. Thought this ad sounded too good to be true and am glad I found your site before spending any money. We have a very rural get-away place in southwest Texas and would love to be able to get TV reception there. Right now we are limited to DVDs. Sounds like a roof-top antenna is our best bet. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge!

  41. Annie says:

    Let’s just start an “A La Carte Cable Channel Movement” – pay for what you want, not for what everyone in the US wants.

  42. rob baker says:

    This thing is a scam, I get 20 chanels with some old 1970 rabbit ears and with the clear cast thing I get 0 not even 1, its going to sent back…

  43. rickey says:

    does it work in denver area of pennsylvania

  44. Michelle S. says:

    Thank God I found this website! I was just about to order this clear cast for my daughter. I think I will hit up radio shack or walmart instead. Thanks, everyone, for saving me a bundle of cash!

  45. John says:

    I would buy an attic antenna for 55-60 before I would pay $47 for clearcast. I have Directv along with an attic antenna, and I get around 30 or so channels just with the attic antenna.

    Now with regular non tuning rabbit ears on the kitchen TV, I only get maybe 15 channels. I live 30 miles outside Memphis,TN where the broadcast are coming from.

  46. Abbie says:

    Just saw this ad in today local paper and of course, the zip codes listed were local. What a surprise! Even though I recoginized it as the same layout and format as the fireplace ad, I still read the darn thing and thought to myself………I’d love to cut my cable. Having just received my monthly bill and noticed that everything has goine up again, I want to find a way to leave my cable company. Back a few weeks, they were offering a free DVR box to all new accounts. I called and tried to negotiate, threatening to leave but they didn’t budge. I may just cut the cord this summer when the family goes on vacation, then hook back up a month later since this is the amount oftime required between closing out an old account and opening a new account. Thanks for all the info on this website.

    • Ernie says:

      I read this ad yesterday it had one word that said “advertisement” $47 + shipping.
      On the Zip code box that lists the states, this box was not availabe in California.
      I wondered why and decided to look it up and ran across this web site.
      Also I noticed that all the 953 digital shows available are the same ones I get now,
      with my outdoor antiquated 30 year old VHS/UHF antenna.
      In Los Angeles area I get a total of around 72 channels some which are music only.
      In order for me to get a crisp picture, I do need an external UHF antenna
      this antenna has to clear my house by ten feet and because of the various locations of the transmission stations, I probalby need a rotating antenna.
      But I am not a tv freak. as I only watch 8 hours of tv per week.
      I guess its all about where you live, and how much TV you watch

    • Abbie, who is your cable provider?

    • Keania says:

      @Abbie, my name is Ke-ania, Executive Assistant to the Vice President to Brilliant Built Technologies. I wanted to provide some clarity to let you know that depending on the area in which you leave will determine the local broadcasting shows that you will be able to receive. Of course you will not be able to receive premium channels provided by your current provider. But the Clear-cast is to eliminate expense cable bills. All product is backed by our 30 day money back guarantee less shipping ($9.95) if for any reason you are not satisfied with the Clear-cast.

  47. jt says:

    This thing was priced at $38 just a few months ago?? Well it’s now being offered for $47 in ad in today’s Philadelphia Metro.

    Forget it. I remember when DTV conversion took place in 2009. I purchased a $35 amplified antenna from Radio Shack that was crap so I returned it, and bought an el cheapo $10 from Big Lots! and that performed much better.

  48. Julie/ CHICAGO IL says:

    CUT THE CABLE!! i used to have basic cable for $13. a month! figured if i tried to put an antenna on my roof i would probably fall!! for 10 years i actually received expanded cable by mistake. (their mistake) Jan 2012, i got notice of a rate hike to $17. a month, and most channels will be lost unless i upgrade to a $70. package!! rofl:: thats not happening, i need to eat!! lols:: so i went online and started searching and found several websites and CUT MY CABLE! got an old antenna and i have 40 stations!! clear as a bell!! YAY!! i will post a website that can show you how to do a quick test on your tv to see what channels you might get with a basic antenna:: http://www.disablemycable.com/quick_test.html this website gives instructions how to rig a quick test with a homemade antenna, i did it and i got channels with my coaxial cable to my tv and the other end touching a plug from a power cord!! called cable and said bye bye!!! just do it!!

  49. Bob Dodson says:

    Why not California and Massachusetts are we orphans??? Sounds like a conspiracy to
    me or is it California greed again. What is our hope of getting a device like this in our
    state? Would appreciate an answer to this question if it is possible.
    What law makes it impossible for California to enjoy another freedom??

    • nolan says:

      reply to bob d: you do not want a device like this in california. it does not work, its just a scam to get your hard earned money. beware!

  50. Bob Dodson says:

    practices of California on items sold in the state. California is requiring all out of state shipments be taxed entering the State of California, to be collected by those sellers” This
    is highly illegal, as those sellers who do not have a warehouse in California , the said
    state is placing a burden upon those sellers, and asking them to collect the tax and send it
    to California. We smart buyers will have it purchased by our friends and relatives who do not
    live in California, then they can send it to us w/o taxes being added.

  51. Joe Kargan says:

    Today, March 28, 2012, they have an ad in The Times newspaper serving North Lake County Indiana

    It says:

    “Who Gets Free TV: Listed below are the Munster area zip codes that get Free TV with Clear-Cast (1): If you live in one of these areas immediately call 1-888 – (Deleted number).

    Free TV Claim Code: LG332
    The Free TV Hotlines at (Phone # deleted) and (Phone # deleted) are open for the next 48 hours beginning at precisely 8:30am this morning. If you miss the deadline you’ll be turned away from this offer and forced to wait for future announcements in this publications or others, if any. So if lines are busy keep trying, all calls will be answered.

    Only callers who beat the order deadline and provide the operator with the valid Free TV Claim Code listed above and live in one of the Munster area zip codes that get Free TV will be permitted to get this Clear-Cast for just $47 and shipping that pulls in up to 953 crystal clear digital TV shows each year for Free with no monthly bills.”

    The number 1 in the first paragraph refers to an explanation at the bottom of the page which disclaims the b.s. in the ad, but I’m sure very few people will read this part of the ad.

    I remember the Amish stove ads. I took a look in Walmart and saw I could get the same infra red type stove with the same heat rating for about $400 less than these bums were charging.

    One more comment: For those of you who read “Channels” instead “Shows”, I did the same. My wife made me say “Shows” 100 times afterwards – after a couple of slaps to the back of the head.

  52. I live high up on a hill in Pittsburgh get 54 channels no problem with bow tie antenna and even more when I hook it to old VHF antenna I have in attic .
    This so called tuner is nothing but crap you can go on internet and see several cheap made antennas you can easily make that work better than any you can buy.

    The problem is people who are still using old analog sets the digital adapters available
    are crap as well you need a new digital TV with built in digital Tuner and will get TV signal just fine
    over the air. saw so many of those converters old tv got nothing hooked up a new digital tv and signal was just fine.

  53. tony says:

    I just got scamed

    • Keania says:

      @Tony, my name is Ke-ania, Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Brilliant Built Technologies. If you have placed an order you are able to cancel the order or return the order once the product is delivered to your home you have a 30 day money back guarantee less shipping ($9.95). You are able to contact Customer Service at 1-888-825-4416. If you need further assistance you can call me direct at 330-966-9000 ext. 2580 and I will be more than happy to help you.

  54. Doyle Geiselman says:

    I can’t imagbine the time wasted on all of these comments even though they were helpful.

  55. Greg says:

    Just saw this in our newspaper here in Sioux City, Ia

    Thanks for the heads up. I thought it was too good to be true.

  56. Mary says:

    It works well for me. I wasn’t expecting 100 channels only the locals ones in the surrounding cities. I live in a small central MA city (no TV stations to speak of) but which is about 45-60 miles from 3-4 larger cities with TV stations. Due to my laziness 1st night set it up with antenna heading north to NH, it registered 18 stations and 13 came in well. Next day moved everything around in the living room so my ‘oldish’ TV now faced toward an east window, it registered 22 stations found and 19 came in well. To pay $50 month for 100 stations with nothing to watch or $0 for about 20 to watch seems more than fair 🙂 Stations were cbs, nbc, abc, fox, pbs, ion, 2 were movie stations 1 kind of like TMC called THIS the other may have been one of the ION stations, there was a CW music channel, a religious channel… Overall it’s a good selection when no monthly bill is involved and if you have kids. 3-4 I got were aimed at kids at various ages. Trying to remember the local stations around here it came up with I think all told: 2,4,5,7-1,7-2,25,38,44-1,44-2,44-3,44-4,48,56-1,56-2,62-1,62-2,62-3,68-1,68-2 plus a few Spanish speaking stations.

    • Keania says:

      @Mary, my name is Ke-ania, Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Brilliant Built Technologies. I would like to thank you for providing your positive experience with your Clear-cast antenna. We are aware that it will not work for everyone. But I am glad to hear that you enjoy your product. Customer Testimonials are appreciated and acknowledged and we THANK YOU.

  57. Baxter says:

    saddly here in my town their is no way to recieve more than 20 channels, we are surrounded by mountains, on top of that the broadcasters are almost 50-100 miles away, texas is very spread out… might give it a try but more than likely wont get alot of channels, we had such a prob with our old attena we where happy to get cable in 05, but that was before they decided to gouge people more and more

    • Keania says:

      @Baxter, With the Clear-cast antenna you are backed by the 30 day money back guarantee less shipping ($9.95). Feel free to call Customer Service at 1-888-825-4416, if you have any questions, regarding your order once placed.

      • Steve says:

        OMG really, minus the overinflated price for shipping which you make money off of anyway? Costs you maybe a dollar to ship since its in bulk and metered and you’re charging $9.95 which is probably two-three times the price of the antenna. Studies show that most people don’t take the time to send stuff back. Packaging, time in the post office, money. If the product were great, it would be a 100% money back guarantee including shipping minus return shipping where you won’t make a dime OR you’d drop the shipping cost and put it in the price of the “superior” product. Wow.

        • Keania says:

          @Steve, you are stating studies show that most people don’t take the time to send products back. When the option of a 30 day money back guarantee less shipping ($9.95) is available and is also agreed upon by the customer at the time of purchase. And the customer doesn’t utilize this option then what more can any company do. Customer service is always available to assist with any questions that a customer may have.

    • Steve says:

      @Baxter, sorry to hear that. I’m thinking about Satellite or just going all internet to get out from under the tyranny of these mega corporations.

  58. Bob Smith says:

    This is such a scam, just like those dreadful plugin Amish fireplaces. It’s a crime to ask so much for a simple device produced for so little in near-slave labor conditions overseas. Utterly loaded statistics on its claimed reception, or how many shows it gets you. Bunk.

    Now mind you, the worst offense is that a large newspaper such as the Chicago Tribune accepted cash to promote such utterly obvious scammer landfill trash. The ad is a plain waste of ink, paper and electricity, although some folks earned a wage doing this (what politicians love to spin upon) those same folks could be earning wages on charity or missing children ads.

    Shame, shame, shame. Did you find a similar ad in your local paper? Complain and/or cancel your subscription. This is a scam. Simple.

    Hope this helps some of you.

  59. Robyn says:

    I felt like a victim after I ordered this product when what I thought was a news article in USA Today was actually an advertisement. I live in an apartment where cable and antenna are the only options. I already owned an amplified antenna that had to constantly be adjusted and often times just pissed me off. I got the Clear Cast antenna in the mail today so I decided I’d give it a whirl before sending it back because it was a piece of junk. I connected it, did a channel search an voila, I got all the channels I got before PERFECTLY CLEAR!!!!! I’m a believer. They have a good product, it’s too bad they make themselves look like a scam because for me, their product ROCKS! Cable is soooo expensive, I’ve used amplified antennas of all sorts for years. This flimsy piece of “junk” blows them all out of the water. There is no adjusting at all. It just works.

    • Keania says:

      @Robyn, Hello I am so glad that you are enjoying your Clear-cast antenna. And I am so glad that you took out time to share your positive info with others. Thank You

  60. mary says:

    NO …. It didn’t work for me I return it …… and you have to pay to return the item.

    • Greg says:

      Hey Keania…You are a terrible person. Advertising that you can get rid of cable and dish providers by purchasing your product is false advertising and you should be ashamed of yourself for preying on people that are gullible enough to believe your false statements.
      Turds like you should be locked up.

  61. mary says:

    showed up in western KY today. Saved my parents from falling pry.. so thank you for the website.

  62. Keania says:

    @Greg, I apologize that you feel that way towards me, but this is not for personal attacks this is about the Clear-cast antenna that will help to eliminate cable and satellite BILLS. If you are satisfied with your current carrier then the Clear-cast may not be for you, and that is understandable. We are aware that the product may not be for everyone. But we do appreciate you taking the time to show interest in our product.

  63. Steve says:

    Got one of the advertisements in the mail. No where on it does it list the price which implies that it’s free to me. I guess the thing that sticks out the most is that you have to reply by May 23 to get Free TV Channels. If that alone isn’t enough to raise an eyebrow, i’m not sure what is. Also, the ad insists on continuously using the term “pull in” which implies that this is more than just a simple receiver. Again, my eyebrow is now so contorted I believe its on my ceiling. Lastly, I am being asked to call the Nebraska free tv hotline; an 866 number. I noticed that there is no 402 or 308 number provided either. Since there are only two zip codes currently in my state, I’m a little curious why they would go to the expense of using a toll free number vs a local free call…. unless…. they’re not in NEBRASKA! AHHHHH! I know I wrote lastly, but honestly lastly, their add states” clear cast isn’t cable or satellite and it pulls in up to”, notice up to, “53 free over the air broadcast channels and 953 free tv shows each year.” That’s a whopping 17.9811 shows per channel per year! Only in America would people be allowed to get away with crap like this. I’d love to see these scammers brought to the light of day. If you’re with me send me all the cash you have to 6929 Mercy Road Omaha NE 68106…. sorry, had to do that!

    • Keania says:

      @Steve, If you feel you need clarification about the Clear-cast Antenna advertisement. I would be more than happy to assist you with any questions that you may have. Please feel free to call me at 330-966-9000 ext. 2580. Thank you

  64. joseph brandolini says:

    this device is total piece of s*** didn’t even get a signal and i am across the river from philadelphia~you kidding not one f’ing signal~will be returning for full refund i have newspaper saying not happy full refund nothing saying less shipping~

  65. joseph brandolini says:

    it sucks total waste of my money and will be returing it~

  66. joseph brandolini says:

    not one thing only got no signal~how great~what a scam and crap they sell~

  67. JoeyMan says:

    This is garbage. All marketing hype. This garbage does not work.

  68. Brad says:

    I just received an ad in the mail for this “revolution” promising I could get it for $47 if I was one of the first people to call in. I don’t have a digital TV, but I do have a couple digital converters that do pick up local, digital broadcasts with a cheap antenna.

  69. Joe says:

    Funny, today’s local paper in NJ has the same EXACT photo but, the FedEx logos have been replaced with USPS 🙂

    • Scott says:

      I wouldn’t be surprised if FedEx’s lawyers have contacted them threatening to sue if they didn’t remove their trademarked logo from the Clear Cast advertising.

      That’s a serious no-no to be trading off another companies brand and customer trust that’s been built up for years without any permission.

      I seriously doubt they even ship via FedEx/UPS, it’s was always cheaper to do the mailing through USPS for a couple dollars per package and pocket the remainder as profit for shipments like this when I ran a high-volume e-commerce site.

  70. sheila says:

    As any one sent their’s back for a refund yet, or have called them about getting a refund.

  71. LeRoy says:

    Nowdays you need to hire an attorney to make a forty dollar investment.

  72. Vee Dubber says:

    Instead of all of us wasting time watching TV & surfing the web, we should be more involved in politics. I’m ticked at ALL of us!! We sat by and let Congress (who has better things to do than telling us how we should watch TV) shove digital TV (which has NEVER worked properly) down our throats. Analog TV worked FINE (for 50 YEARS!), and it was FREE! Now we either have to buy a box to connect to our TV’s, buy a new TV with a digital receiver built into it, or pay outrageous cable/satellite/FIOS fees. And how many of them profited from helping to make Comcast, Verizon, DirecTV, Dish Network, Time-Warner, and the banking industry rich(er)?

    Meanwhile, our salaries don’t go up ANY, they keep shipping manufacturing jobs out of the country, and making it easier for us to get & use credit cards so we can perpetually stay in debt. WHAT’S WRONG WITH US!!!??? Why are we letting these idiots get away with this $!!1T. And they ARE idiots! I used to think you had to be smart to be an elected official, but this last election REALLY opened my eyes. There are a bunch of FOOLS running this country and WE ARE allowing it!!

    We all need to keep a closer watch on these ice-holes. How much MORE evidence do we need to see that they do NOT have OUR best interests in mind. It’s all about padding their pockets with OUR money, and sharing it within their circle of friends. Bernie Madoff should have more company in jail. Eighty-five percent of them are POLITICIANS (and party affiliation is not an issue)!

    • Thomas in SC says:

      You can stay in your analog world if you prefer. Analog music sources such as the LP and phono cartridge do offer advantages such as one’s ability to correct misplaying problems, while if a CD does not play your music listening is pretty much toast.

      But digital offers more detail and definition than does analog, and I doubt 99%+ of people will be willing to return to non-HD TV and I also doubt that analog TV broadcasts can render HD TV.

      I have no problem following politics and congress…… Why do you? And your “complaints” are 10 years too late.

  73. That Guy says:

    Has anyone noticed, besides the fact that there are some papers showing USPS trucks, others showing FED EX trucks, the people working are being watched by armed guards? Really? Photo shop the trucks but you show us the armed guards out in the open watching the “workers” every move? How arrogant NWO!

  74. Ed Kramer says:

    The USA Today add says “$49 – 50% off”. I got directions online to make an antenna out of coat hangers that rotates to maximize reception. Works great!

  75. misty rummell says:

    Do not buy its junk my brother wasted 63 dollars on this sure you can return it within 30 days of purchase but they dont refund alk your money and you have to pay to send it back what a scam shame on you

  76. Georgia Gillean says:

    I need a remote for my clear cast converter as I lost mine

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