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Misleading Antenna Scams Are Back

Phillip Dampier July 10, 2018 Consumer News 99 Comments

A typical flat/mud flap style antenna.

Proliferating in online ads, newspapers, and sometimes on television, “revolutionary” new antennas are being advertised claiming to replace cable television while getting most (if not all) of the same channels over the air for free.

These misleading scams have been around for several years. We covered one well-funded ad campaign for “Clear Cast” back in 2011. That particular over-the-air antenna was sold through newspaper ads designed to mimic a newspaper story, with bold headlines like “New Invention … Gets Rid of Cable and Satellite TV Bills.” Those who spent upwards of $50 received a slightly dressed-up bow-tie antenna barely suitable to receive UHF TV stations and worked about as well as a similar antenna selling for $1.49.

With the first wave of misleading ads well behind us, marketers have had to work overtime to reinvent the wheel and convince people to spend $40-50 for what usually cost the company under $5 to manufacture.

Now, instead of the “Clear Cast” antenna, there is the “ClearView HDTV Antenna,” marketed by a company named True Signal. It’s hardly alone. The Octa Air, The Fox, and many others are nearly-identical “mud flap”-style antennas, with a tiny “antenna” embedded inside. The concept marginally works when the owner attaches it to a window, which gives it more signal to work with than an antenna placed in the corner of a room.

The ad copy on the manufacturer’s website is usually over the top but is nothing compared to some of the advertiser-sponsored editorials — “advertorials” published by bloggers, third party advertisers, and fly-by-night websites that exist primarily to cash in on sales commissions. More than a few of those stretch marketing claims into the stratosphere.

Goodsavingstips.com is designed to look like an online combination of a high-tech website and Consumer Reports. In fact, it is a website that reviews products, but has a financial incentive to write glowing reviews to encourage you to buy whatever they write about.

Goodsavingstips stretches the truth about the ClearView antenna more than a salt water taffy machine on the Atlantic City Boardwalk:

If you could stop paying for cable or satellite TV and still get all of your favorite TV channels in HD for FREE, would you do it? Millions of Americans are doing just that, thanks to a brand new rule in 2018 that allows certain regions access to free TV.

Thankfully, if you live in an area where this new rule went into effect, you no longer need to give your hard earned money away to the big cable companies. As a result, Americans are now cutting the cord on their cable companies in record numbers, saving them thousands of dollars.

Up until 2018, cable companies were allowed to “scramble” their channels so that the general public could not access them without paying for their service. However, that all changed starting in 2018, with the government ruling that TV signals are public property and “belong to the people”. Ever since this rule went into effect, the big cable companies are panicing [sic] because many Americans will no longer need to pay for cable or satellite tv to get their favorite channels in HD. As long as you live in a publicly broadcasted [sic] area, it is now possible to watch all of your favorite channels for free with a TV antenna.

Boastful claims about the TrueSignal antenna.

Several antenna companies market their antennas using similar language. There is, in fact, no 2018 “new rule” suddenly mandating your access to free TV. You have been able to watch free TV for decades. Notice the ad copy does not directly state you can receive cable and satellite channels over the air. It only states you can watch “all your favorite channels,” which in this case better be local TV stations and not networks like USA, TNT, CNN, etc. Consumers did not need a new rule to cut the cable TV cord. They just needed competition.

A map invites consumers to see if “free TV” is available in their state. Unsurprisingly, it is in all 50 states.

The rules regarding scrambling have only toughened against consumers over the last few years, not improved. Cable operators are now permitted to encrypt their entire TV lineup, even those channels customers used to watch using a built-in QAM tuner. The encryption allows cable companies to disconnect service from the office instead of dispatching a truck to physically disconnect the line going to your home or apartment.

However, not all TV antenna’s will work. In an attempt to block the public from picking up their TV signals, the cable companies are broadcasting their signals at very low frequencies since most antenna’s will not be able to pick them up. The trick is to get an antenna that can reliably pick up these low frequency signals, and up until now, there hasn’t been an antenna advanced enough to pick these signals up reliably. (There are other antenna’s out on the market, but they fail miserably in comparison to this one).

This is plainly false. Cable companies do not “broadcast” signals over the air. They send them through cables, hence the name “cable” television. Most cable systems also encrypt their digital lineups and no television antenna alone will decrypt them. If we were charitable, we could hazard a guess the reviewer is trying to suggest there are low-power television stations out there which need a better antenna to receive clearly, but these stations are independent of cable operators, don’t transmit on “very low frequencies,” and have been around for years.

Developed by a NASA engineer using military technology, the ClearView HDTV Antenna was just released this year so that it could specifically pick up these signals reliably and has been hailed as the only “super” HDTV antenna. It uses a discrete mud flap modern design which makes it the most reliable and technologically advanced antenna to hit the market today. It can pick up signals out to 60 miles with no problem (as well as the low frequency signals) to enable you to receive free crystal-clear HD channels.

Phillip Dampier: Debunking mode.

Misleading. In fact, the original design for the so-called “mud flap” antenna came from a Raleigh, N.C. based company Mohu. The company began as a small military contractor and the original intent of the antenna was not to receive free cable television. Mohu’s founder, David Buff, was working under a military contract to research new ways to counteract improvised explosive devices (IEDs) that were used against our armed forces in Iraq and parts of Afghanistan. He devised a low/no-profile antenna that closely resembled a mud flap attached to armored military vehicles that would jam the remote wireless signals used by insurgents to detonate roadside bombs. The military chose a different approach. So if the people selling these antennas were honest, they would have to say, “Developed by a military contractor but rejected by the military itself….”

Buff would later expand Mohu as a consumer antenna company, but suggests his proprietary design isn’t the result of the ‘space age’ antenna, but rather the signal amplifier attached to it. But that is hardly groundbreaking if an antenna cannot receive enough signal to amplify.

The “reviewer” promoting the ClearView antenna (who will earn a percentage from every sale that results from a click on his website) was amazed with the results:

What happened next was astonishing…

We turned the TV on and found ourselves staring back at an incredibly clear channel in HD. We kept flipping through channels and to our amazement, every channel was crystal clear. Best of all, we received almost all of the most popular channels you would get with cable.

All in all, we were able to access 68 channels in 1080 HD. It was as if we were getting free cable or satellite TV.

Now, before you cancel your cable or satellite subscription, it is important to note that there were a few channels that we could not get with the antenna. But in the end, we were able to receive about 85% of the same channels and more importantly, they were the most popular channels that people actually watch.

The verdict:If you want to save thousands of dollars and stop paying for cable or satellite tv, and don’t mind losing out on a few random channels you probably won’t even watch….

Up and coming technology: A wireless over the air antenna that receives signals from the best place in the house and then sends channels over an in-home Wi-Fi network.

We were not surprised it was deemed astonishing, considering the companies selling these antennas routinely buy sponsored space to promote their products on independent websites or compensate reviewers with a substantial commission if their reviews result in product sales. (Stop the Cap! does not accept sponsored posts or commissions to peddle products.)

The ClearView antenna did not do well for Amazon customers.

What the reviewer experienced was… over the air television, received through an antenna. Because most television stations now broadcast a digital signal, it is not surprising every channel would appear “crystal clear” because the alternative is typically no signal at all. The article continues to mislead readers, however, when it suggests buyers would “receive almost all of the most popular channels you would get with cable.” In fact, antenna users will only receive free, over the air local stations. Getting 68 over the air digital TV channels (and subchannels) is common only in the largest cities with multitudes of over the air stations. Many of those channels target ethnic minorities with foreign language programming, religious programming or home shopping. In most medium and smaller cities, expect 20-25 channels.

Right until the end, the reviewer was prepared to mislead his readers. The disclaimer itself fails to be completely forthcoming as well, telling prospective buyers there were only “a few” channels not receivable with the antenna. That could refer to over the air stations too weak to receive, but the surrounding context invites readers to believe those few channels are cable television networks. Telling people they will receive about 85% of the “same channels” (whatever that means) and “most channels that people actually watch” is true only if you exclude all cable television networks from that list.

The worst part of this is after spending $40 on the ClearView HDTV antenna, a whopping 52% of reviewers on Amazon.com gave it just one star. One reviewer compared it with a bent coat hanger serving as an improvised antenna and the coat hanger won. Most claimed it completely failed their expectations.

These antennas are made and marketed to a gullible public that has either forgotten about the basic principles of television antenna design or were too young to have ever used one. Many of the “high-tech” antennas we see sold these days are designed to work with UHF channels only, an important issue if one or more local stations still occupies VHF channels 2-13.

A more traditional RCA set-top antenna style common from the early 1970s – today. They work reasonably well and are inexpensive. The two vertical telescoping antennas are for VHF reception and the loop is tuned to receive UHF channels. You need an antenna capable of receiving both bands if you have stations on channels 2-13.

Indoor antennas are only suitable in you live relatively close to the transmitter. In most cases, residents of a city or inner ring suburb can usually get by with two telescoping rod antennas (“rabbit ears”) and a UHF antenna shaped into a small loop or bow tie design. Traditional set-top antennas often incorporate both. The telescoping antennas can be raised or lowered and rotate in various directions until you find the best reception. A UHF antenna usually can be turned to the right or left until best reception is achieved. These antennas are perfectly suitable and cost $20 or less. There are more modern antenna designs, some flat plastic or rubber sheets, others look like miniature replicas of an outdoor antenna mounted on the roof. In most cases, the design itself is what is “revolutionary.” None of these antennas perform miracles, but many are adequate. The key is finding the right direction to point them in or keeping them as close to a window as possible. You may need to find a different window, or change the height or positioning of the antenna to get the best reception.

If your reception remains poor, you need a roof or attic-mounted antenna, (remotely rotatable preferred over fixed-mounted). These antennas are mounted higher in a home, giving a less obstructed view to the transmitter tower, and capable of collecting weak signals that would be non-existent indoors. The biggest cost involved with these is often not the antenna but the installation. A high quality roof-mounted antenna will outperform any indoor antenna and will likely receive some stations from adjacent cities.

A relatively recent development is the “wireless antenna” which receives signals from an antenna placed in an area of the home which gets the best reception and transmits received TV channels over an in-home Wi-Fi network, making long antenna cable runs unnecessary. Unfortunately, reviews of many of these products are mixed and hint the technology has to undergo further development to make it less frustrating.

For now, cord-cutters with reception challenges may find the best solution is to subscribe to one of the streaming providers like DirecTV Now, YouTube TV, Hulu, etc. Be sure to verify which stations are available to you from each service before subscribing as they vary widely in each market.

If investing in a TV antenna, start small and inexpensive and consider trying out antennas available in local stores like Walmart, which can be more easily returned if they are unsuitable. If buying online, stick with a retailer like Amazon.com where independent reviews can help give you some insight into each antenna. Just be careful about overly glowing reviews. Fake/compensated reviews are a significant problem on online retailer websites, especially for unknown or unusual products or brands trying to break through in the market.

Currently there are 99 comments on this Article:

  1. Victor Bosnich says:

    Have been trying to return this junk and get my refund of $100+ for months, finally had chat with technician, told him situation, he sent me to next person to resolve the situation. Here is the next scam that came from him, they want me to pay$5.00 to talk with them and give them a credit card and then there will be a monthly fee. I was stupid once, but I am not about to give them my credit card so I can talk with them.

  2. Diana Krlly says:

    Please tell me who I need to contact yo file a complaint against this company and how to get my money back— they have scammed me for $123.81 and now say they are only giving me back $24! Their stuff is trash, the orders are not fillled with what you order, items are missing, the product does not do what it says, the product is not the product in the picture you order from! Bait and switch, scamming, and theft of money— who do I contact?

  3. Mel Toadvine says:

    Your articles are correct. Nobody can advertise an antenna that will pick up cable and satellite channels because it is absolutely impossible. These antennas being promoted will only pick up free over the air channels!

    But a lot of people are being scammed and don’t check out the product on the Internet and read reviews from those who bought the “antenna.” People should complain to the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) about the outlandish prices of cable and satellite. Call your congressman and U.S. senators’ offices and complain about the outrageous rates and the false advertising of the so-called antennas that do not pick up cable or satellite channels.

  4. KC says:

    Decided to try the relatively new LiveWave antenna that is supposed to use the electric wiring in you house to receive TV signals. After waiting over 3 weeks for delivery, I plugged in the “antenna” as directed in the instructions. Picked up exactly ZERO channels. Epic FAIL! I have requested a return/refund but have received no response from the company. DO NOT BUY! SCAM!

    • Jean Byers says:

      I also purchased the live wave antennas on Jan 22 2019 and I have yet to receive the antennas. They just took my money. Guess I need to contact my credit card company and contest the purchase. Thanks for your input. JEAN BYERS

      • Nanci says:

        I also was suckered into buying 3 of this company’s antennas and never received anything from them but emails giving me false dates for when they were supposed to be shipped I guess it is time to call my credit card company and try to get my money back.

    • LC Fults Jr says:

      I have did the same thing with the Livewave spend 48 dollars for nothing got zero channels also and they will not answer any email for a return so what are we supposed to do maybe some lawyer get a hold of this and take them to court I would think they get a lot of customers

      • Michael Geschwind says:

        I like gadgets and fell for the livewire. Ordered it Feb 1st and have yet to receive it. Which does not matter because by the way it sounds it does not work. GREAT. If any lawyer is doing a class action suit I am in!

        • LouAnn Ware says:

          Me too I’m into for that class action suit I ordered live with livewave antenna on February 2nd of 19 and still have not seen it so if there’s a class action suit I’m in

          • Ira Shaffer says:

            I order 3 and a amplifier February 1st. Never received it. $127.00 they said 4 days ago it was shipped. They emailed me my order for 1 livewave and amplifier. I’m in too. Let me know how to get into that class action plz.

  5. lon wing says:

    This is a very good reporting. I hope every cable cutter reads it before they purchase an antenna .I am on the board of directors of a local UHF Translator, Selective TV in Alexandria Minnesota. We provide over 50 over the air channels to an area that is otherwise an over the air television dead zone as we are too far from any metro locations to receive signal. Selective TV is a non profit organization that went on the air in 1979 having been organized an funded by local citizens. The idea was and still is that if you use the service you will voluntarily contribute to keep it on the air, insuring a low cost alternative to pay TV. There are UHF translators all over the country serving over the air TV dead zones. They are organized, operated, and funded in a variety of ways but they all have one thing in common, the service they provide is not free, I’ll say it again, the service they provide is not free.
    Every article I have ever read about cable cutting, and I’ve read a pile of them, are very liberal with the use of the term “free tv”. Not one of those articles has mentioned UHF translators, the service they provide, the challenges of staying on the air, coping with FCC mandated changes, and meeting expenses. If you live in or near a metro area free tv is indeed free, but if you live outside of those areas and are served by a UHF translator you need to understand that without your UHF translator you would not have access to over the air television. Further, you need to understand that without financial support your UHF translator might just disappear. Including a paragraph about UHF translators in every article about cord cutting would go a long way to insure that over the air television remains an option for the hundreds of thousands that live in the dead zones.

  6. John Paul Little says:

    I second the LiveWave scam. Tried to call two different phone numbers to return the product. No answer on either.

    Antenna brought in 0 channels. None, not even a fuzzy local channel of any kind.

    • Don Day says:

      If you are a dedicated cable cutter; it is best to buy an antenna at Walmart for $19.00 for local channels and subscribe to Sling, Netflix, etc. for everything else.

  7. LEE DUTRA says:

    Tried a couple of these “miracle” antennas to no avail. I decided to make my own antenna and for about $5.00 made one that works better than all of them and as well as very expensive roof top iterations. Just check online for homemade TV antennas, there are several that work well. Depends on the room you have to accommodate them. Friends were amazed, so I made some for them as well.

  8. Jean Byers says:

    I was just scammed by live wave antennas. They took my money and never sent my 3 antennas. A lot of money for nothing. It supposedly uses the wires in the house to access the signal. Made sense but did not get anything. Please advise people of the SCAM thanks

    • Scott says:

      Thank you I was just deciding to buy that live wave device I called the phone number to get some information just out of curiosity I set the phone down to wait to get a customer service three hours later I hung up I felt that it was A line of bull

  9. Debbie S Hibst says:

    Comcast/Xfinity is the only option provided by the apartment complex I live in. I have many channels available, but some I would like are only available for premium subscription. I can not afford that, would I be able to use this with Xfinity and get the channels not available to me without the upcharge with this device?? Thanks

    • Lon Wing says:

      If you are asking if you can pick up over the air channels with an antenna it depends on where you live. If you are asking if you can use this device to get free premium channels the answer is no.

    • Aaron Christian says:

      Hey email [email protected] . I get my TV service from them. $40/month. They offer a 3 day free trial so you try before you buy! Good luck! Hope that helps!

    • Ben Robbins says:

      The FCC states that no town city landlord or home owners association can prohibit you from having an outdoor antenna. My landlord tried to keep me from having an outdoor antenna but I showed him the FCC rule about antennas and he allowed me to have an outdoor antenna. You will find it on FCC.GOV under tv antennas

  10. Wayne Lewis Wood says:

    sling tv is direct tv

  11. Stephanie Greene says:

    Thank you very much for your article. It is very helpful and straightforward!

  12. c. nicholls says:

    Looked into to Live wave , as seems like their are more dishonest companies on the web than honest ones. I went to their website to read about a guarantee or refund policy……First red flag.. they are in the Netherlands. So FCC laws & consumer protection we have in the U.S. don’t apply. Red flag #2 line 23 says items “sold as is “” no returns or refunds” then line 24 sets out their return policy ( you mean the return policy that doesn’t ex hist ??) HUH ??? Red flag #3 looked for a phone number for customer service called a number listed says” no one available push 2 to return to the Que to wait” when I did this it said” no one was available” Red flag #4 Very telling that no where on the site or on the phone recording does this company list the days & hours they are open ! Red flag #5 . Also tried to click on their link to send an email……..Yes you guessed it you can’t email them either ! It really takes very little looking to discover if a company is fairly legit….. the really dishonest ones like this are easily sported . I suggest using pay pal if doing business with a foreign company as they are world wide & even if a company will not respond , Pay Pal will refund you themselves.

    • LC Fults Jr says:

      Not true I had a run in with Livewave I never went thru with the purchase but it show up on my PayPal account anyway I file a complaint with PayPal in their resolution center guess what they went in their favor now I am screw out of 49.00 dollars and can’t reopen it .so now I don’t deal with PayPal it happen tome twice with them I guess the couple of bucks they get from sell means a lot too them to do the honest thing

  13. sue says:

    Thanks all for the live wave reports, you saved me my money.

  14. Kenneth Miller says:

    Ain’t kidding. Saved me a load of money. It pays to read. Thank all of you for your honesty and reporting.

  15. PA Petry says:

    Just watched a video promoting the “Lightwave” antenna that plugs into a electrical outlet for a “whole house antenna.” The video talks about a woman who cares for veterans is heartbroken because she cannot afford her cable TV bills and the poor vets will have to go without. Oh, the tragedy! It shows lonely old guys staring out windows. An older woman with tears streaming down her cheek. And then it talks about an altruistic doctor who comes up with an invention to save the poor woman and the veterans with new technology! You guessed it: the Lightwave antenna.

  16. Doubtful Dan says:

    This Livewave thing had me wondering from the start. You look at an antenna on the roof and it is bare metal. No plastic or rubber around it. You say that’s silly that would stop the reception. Very good. So, we take this marvel of new technology and plug it into a live 120 volt outlet (This in itself did not encourage my trust in their planning.) So you plug it in to an insulated wire that is in the wall or under your floor or in your attic then goes outside. But at no time is it bare wire. So how does the signal get in to that wire and get pushed to you tv. So getting back to 120 volts being plugged into the antenna, that little spot that could catch fire if you looked at it cross eyed. I will pass. Okay in all fairness the voltage can be knocked down with step downs relays and and things I know nothing about. But my point is valid something brakes isn’t there a chance you suddenly have 120 volts coming in where it should never see that kind of power. I’m pretty sure they are not going to buy me a new TV.

  17. richard says:

    i cmae to this site to verify LIVE WAVE antennas. i caught them in a lie right off the bat. in the short video that appeared in my facebook account . it says that the technology was developed by a group of MIT STUDENTS and Jeff Bezos of Amagon decided to fund them. Then when i dug into the information a little bit more , it claims that 3 engineers in tokyo japan developed the technology . They can not even get their own story straight . Thank you all who commented here about the LIVE WAVE antenna not working.. if is sounds too good to be true, it usually isn’t Thank you all again.

  18. Bill says:

    Another scam that goes after people that want to believe that if it’s too good to be true, it is. In the end, there are real products you can use to get your signal for OTA.

  19. BEVERLY FLOYD says:

    I live in the Virginia Mountains. I got an antenna from Walmart and another from Amazon. Both have electrical “amplifiers”. I was thrilled to get 16 over-the-air channels on my HDTV. I think they are worth it, but if you expect CNN or HBO you will be disappointed.

  20. John says:

    The ad I saw said the technology was “invented” by an Army Veteran! Add that to the pile of “inventors”!

    • Kerry says:

      The ad on Facebook that I viewed said it was engineered by NASA and that a family ask how it was created and since it was supposedly invented with tax payers money they had to tell how it was made so the family took the idea had it patented and it became Live Wave What a crock so glad I didn’t waste my money

  21. Joe says:

    Livewave is a scam I got 0 channels

  22. David Turone says:

    Great work, very informative. I was a contractor for many years and really know how things work. If, like you said, people would stop and think a little bit they would realize why it’s called “cable TV”!

  23. Ralph says:

    Wow. Also came here to verify the plug 🔌 antenna. Video I saw was “invented by an electrical engineer…”. Wow, these guys can’t even settle on one BS story line. They have to come up with multiple! Great reporting. I’ll stick to my attic amplified antenna. It gets me about 18 HDTV channels. Enough for my short attention span.

  24. Michael Calvert says:

    Glad I looked. Felt foolish after realizing the obvious impossibilities involved with Livewave. As soon as I read about cable companies not broadcasting any signal, I was like, “Well, no sh:t, Sherlock. I already knew that.”

    I’m sure Ajit Pai and Jeff Whitaker will be all over this scam. Right.

  25. keith says:

    just use an IPTV, onestep is great. only drawback is no local channels

  26. Terry says:

    Those “turn your whole house into a TV antenna” devices have been around since the 1960’s, if not before. They are just a couple of small capacitors between the coaxial cable or twinlead from the TV and the AC line. The AC power lines in most homes have VERY high levels of radio frequency noise from all the devices plugged into your walls (and your neighbor’s, too). Not a good place to attempt to get a weak TV or radio signal. And yes, if one of those capacitors fails, your TV will have 120 volts or more connected to the relatively fragile weak signal input to your TV. Expect lotsa smoke!

    I’m waiting for the one advertising that they use FLUX capacitors for the strongest signals ever!

    Take your money to Walmart and get a cheap bow tie or loop antenna, or build one of the 4- element broadside UHF antennas from the simple plans you can find on the Internet. Search for “how to make an hdtv antenna”. Probably less than $10 worth of parts. Put it in a window facing the mountain where all the local TV stations are located. No, you won’t get HGTV or Comedy Central.

    Yes, I’m an electrical engineer, but I’ve never worked for NASA or the military! 😉

  27. Tim says:

    I’m a former government signal intercept specialist. Being about 20 miles from Chicago, I bought a nice old-style rooftop antenna and bolted it to my chimney. Then I ran a coax down into an antenna amplifier, then to the TV’s. At last count, we’re getting about 80 nice clear digital channels from Chicago, Joliet and Gary off the air. No cable channels, but I really don’t care about that anyway, not having cable for the 25 years I’ve owned my house.

    I reported the LiveWave ad Facebook put on my home feed to Facebook as a scam. There’s absolutely no way it could work as they promise.

  28. Michaĺ says:

    Anyone try to hook up with the email in the Livewave ad for updated terms of service or general questions?? What I hot on every link provided!!

    Webpage not available

    The webpage at mailto:[email protected]?ffdomain=funnel.lc-track.com&s1=Destro-SinlaoMedia-LiveWave&_ga=2.85821337.1246740356.1549944660-27146984.1549944660 could not be loaded because:


    • Michaĺ says:

      So glad I found this site this is the same add I have seen now in the past week from 3 different companies. All the pricing and bonus buy 2 get one free show up exactly the same on each.

  29. Gary says:

    The LiveWave promotion invites me to enter my zip code to find out if I qualify, and to see how many channels are available in my area. (Amazingly 😉 I qualify, and the display shows me logos for 23 networks/channels– some broadcast, some cable, e.g. Hallmark, CNN, History, HBO– and “657 More” as if their antenna will receive all those. I suppose all those channels might be available to cable subscribers in my area. No reviewers, however, claim that upon plugging in their new antenna, they received any channel they desired from the several hundred that might be out there. I am still waiting to see if anyone says they can get the Science Channel, Smithsonian, National Geographic, Hallmark– any of the less popular channels I’d like to watch for their educational or less violent entertainment value.

  30. leesa says:

    I am using ROKU on my TV only pay for i ternet service no cable service will buyin g one of the antennas at Walmart I am reading about on these replies, help me get news channels or any local channels? I watch SLING and NETFLIX on my ROKU but do not have news chnnels to watch Thank you in advance for any advice

  31. Jon Ripley says:

    Notes: Any antenna will only receive local channels. A directional UHF antenna on your roof (about $50, not including the mast (pole)) might reach out 60 miles. Mine does. That’s about as good as it gets.

    As far as the clearwave antenna that plugs in the wall, I see from the pictures that the power leads are dummy’s, only intended for holding it securely in the socket. The neutral line is metal. That must be what they are using for the whole house antenna. I don’t see how the antenna knows to use the whole house, why not the whole electrical grid back to the power plant? How does it tell?

    I owned something similar 20 years ago, and I found it only used the wires from one plug to the next. Every time you plugged it in a different electrical outlet, it performed differently. It wasn’t using the whole house, it was using the 10 feet between outlets. It didn’t work good, and I threw it out.

  32. Mark says:

    I ordered LiveWave yesterday and used PayPal/AMEX. I read through theses comments and decided to cancel my order. I called the number listed on my order confirmation “United States (toll-free): +1 855 282 8073 ” and spoke to a person who cancelled my order after offering me a 30% discount to change my mind. I had bought 3 for $73.75. I have already got notification from PayPal of the refund at the full amount $73.75.
    Thanks for all the comments and reviews. Glad I got mine canceled and refunded.

  33. jeff k says:

    So glad I looked at reviews FIRST! I was 5 minutes away from buying the 3 for $73.75 deal. WOW, I started the day calling COX to find out how much it would be if I got rid of the TV portion of my bundle. Then I asked them about the Livewave deal. He just said to do my research first. He was right! I hope some day this type of technology will be around and actually WORK!

  34. this technology is fake and will never work. it can’t be advanced upon because it is “fake” tech. hey want to see how i discovered we are surrounded by spaceships that are cloaked, nothing hollywood has ever done tops this stuff. http://www.facebook.com/alienworldsincolor .. oh and say hello if you decide to take a look. nothing like this has never before conceived. these ships are as big as several miles and have roadways, buildings and technology in these ships silently cruising by. .

  35. Dennis Clark says:

    Assuming you are in range, spend $20.00 from Walmart for the local channels and subscribe to SlingTV for the rest for $25/00 month. You can add cloud DVR for $5.00 and additional channel packages for $5.00. I pay $35.00 a month and love it! My DirecTV was $100.00 month.

    • Tcojc Warsaw says:

      I also was about to order the Live wave, but I thought that I should look at the reviews first, So glad that I did. I have a antenna I purchased from Walmart for 12.99 I can get 10 channels perfect. That is enough for me.

  36. Larry says:

    LiveWave antenna is a scam. I fell for this one. Tried it on two tv’s and got NO channels. One an older set, but the other is a new Samsung Smart TV. The set did an extensive search and found nothing.

  37. Lucien Vaillancourt says:

    Livewave worked for me. I had a bar type antenna that I placed on top of my TV which worked pretty good. With the bar, I did find that some of the channels were intermittent and pixelated. I saw the ad for the Livewave antenna and thought I would give it a try. I received it and set it up. After searching for channels I picked up all (about 20) of the available local OTA channels. The picture clarity of the digital channels is great. Crystal clear! If you are expecting to get cable channels I can tell you that no antenna is going to fo that. I would say that you can expect to get the major networks (ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX) in most viewing areas. I see that most of the comments on this forum were negative. If I had read this first I may not have purchased the Livewave. I will only say that Livewave works for me. I never tried to contact the company so I can’t speak to the quality of their customer service.

    • Cris says:

      I was gonna give this a shot. I did not order the amplifier and live 35 miles from one tower and 40 from the one opposite. Do you live close to your towers ? My order is on hold and they have responded daily to my emails except for the 18th which was a holiday.

  38. Richard Stachowski says:

    As soon as I saw a picture of it being in the TV service buiseness for 50 years it looked to me like it iconsisted of some 50 cent capacitors to block out the 60 cycle on your line and pass what ever signal your ac line will pick up. it.s worth about 3 dollars from what I see.

  39. claude heck says:

    live wave is a fraud , got one ordered got 4 and an hdtv amplifer , intotal 4 ants and one amp. not coustomer service and pay pal said nothing they could do, well there was one thing paypal did. let the charges stand , after a dispute , pay pal said from my order history they think i did order 4 and the amp. i told them well just j keep thinking i will pay the bill and see what that gets you , so if thinking works against me then it will work for me , so keep thinking !

  40. I am sorry to hear these scams are back. If you were ripped off and either not sent the product or did not get a refund after returning it, you can file a chargeback request with your debit or credit card’s issuing bank. Sometimes this is shown on your online statement as “don’t recognize the charge?” or “this charge is not mine.” Under that menu you should get some information about how to file a protest over the charge. You will be asked to explain the charge, which you can simply say reflects a charge for an item you did not receive or one you returned and did not get credited back.

    You should NOT pay the charge while it is in protest with a credit card. When you send your next payment in to the credit card company, after filing the chargeback request, deduct the amount in contention from your monthly payment so you don’t have a zero balance. The charge will be temporarily removed pending an investigation, which usually goes in your favor, and then the removal becomes permanent. You should not be charged interest.

    Paypal also has a similar protest charge option, albeit not as generous as your credit or debit card.

    Antenna technology has not really changed much in 50 years. A signal is a signal. But many of us have long forgotten about antenna technology after cable TV arrived. In general, urban and suburban viewers can get full power stations with a set top antenna which you may have to rotate. Make sure it includes UHF reception, because most TV stations these days are on the UHF dial. A basic antenna is all you need. Amplifiers on a set top antenna can be counterproductive in urban areas because they can also amplify interference. Start simple and upgrade only if you need to.

    If you are in a marginal reception area, you will need either an attic mounted, or preferably outdoor mounted antenna. I highly recommend checking your local phone book for a professional TV antenna installer who can SAFELY and professionally mount your outdoor antenna without risking life or limb and being certain it is properly grounded and correctly installed to protect your roof from leaks. They will also know what kind of antenna you need for the stations you want to watch. Many of you will want a rotatable antenna to watch stations from different nearby cities. They will calibrate the antenna and mark a card or dial so you know where to rotate the antenna for each city or station.

    Keep in mind many of the streaming services like DirecTV Now, YouTube TV and Hulu Live now also include local TV channels. Free trials are available for all of them.

  41. Wow… these LiveWave guys are lazy. I grabbed a screen capture in case they fix it, but if you visit: https://www.getlivewaveantenna.com/en/terms.html and scroll down to Section 15, you will see they apparently created their warranty section by cutting and pasting an online shoe store’s terms and conditions:

    “This Warranty does not cover damage caused by normal wear and tear, improper care, misuse, accident, neglect, exposure to any substance or an environment that degrades the product, or the natural breakdown of materials over time. Normal sole wear of the products is not considered to be a defect in material and workmanship. Weather and water damage are also not covered. Wear and fit issues, except as a result of a production issue, are not considered to be manufacturer’s defects and are not covered. This Warranty does not cover, and we shall have no obligation or liability with respect to, improper or inadequate fit once footwear product has been worn or used.”

    What a con job,

  42. And one other point… their “office” at 300 Delaware Avenue, Suite 210-A Wilmington, DE 19801 is nothing more than a maildrop.


    If you take a look at: https://www.mindinsole.com you will see some remarkably similar attributes, including the same preload screen, same maildrop address, and apparently the same language LiveWave used in its warranty was used for these “massaging insoles.”

  43. Milo P. Gurd says:

    I checked the office address in Wilmington on Google and found that the antenna company and the insole company are both part of Swell eComm Enterprises LLC. Google that company and check out the BBB info!!

  44. R Park says:

    I would always read online reviews before I bought anything that cost more then 10 dollars! There will never be an antenna that will get You cable channels, unless they are over the air ones! Not unless it has a box that is hacked to the brim! and no inside antenna is going to get You anymore over the air channels then the old UHF loop, and rabbit VHF ears, it’s not gonna happen! Yes with a plugin amplifier, like others mentioned You might pull in more over the air signals, and even boost the ones You already get, but that amplifier is not a antenna! now is it? I remember years ago when over the air channels hit the air! These people trying to sell their new dandy digital antennas, they said that the old analog TV antennas would not work for the new digital channels, well I’m here today to tell You they lied! As a matter of fact the best over the air antennas is the best You can get to bring in over the air TV! I am talking about a roof top antenna! and to go one better, hook up an amplifier to that old analog roof antenna, and watch those channels roll in! To get even more channels get an antenna rotor, to turn that antenna! Because even the slightest adjustment of that antenna, can bring in several more channels! Digital signals are not as strong as the analog ones were, and on the weaker channels You need to be almost dead on the TV stations transmitter! to get those channels. Your digital over the air TV box, or the ones that is built into Your HDTV’s digital tuner, most has a signal meter on manual tuning to see which frequency has a signal You can use it to see where the weak channels are at, once You find them press scan on Your over the air box or HDTV tuner! Hope this helps! Regards!

  45. R Park says:

    Me again! I forgot to mention something! I own a Roku! it has tons of free shows! Here is just a few of it’s APPS! This is for those who cut the cord, but still has internet! LOL! Roku has it’s own App channel, full of movies and older TV shows! It’s called what else? The Roku Channel! Then there is a App channel called Pluto TV! it’s app platform looks just like the ones cable companies use, no you won’t see TBS,TNT,USA,HBO or ESPN, but let me tell You, what they do have is pretty great! They have like 10 or so movie channels! You can always find something great to watch! They have sports, and classic TV shows! They even have their own Dog the Bounty Hunter channel! LOL! They also have Tons of Audio Music channels From classic rock to classic country, even rap and pop! It’s not cable, but the next best thing! You get even more channels if You login to their website they tell You how to add more channels on their Roku App! Or You can watch Pluto TvV and Tubi TV, online! Next There is TUBI TV! It has tons of great movies and TV shows! All these channels are free! and yes they all have commercials! Because daddy has to buy baby a brand new pair of shoes! LOL!

  46. Roger L Tanis says:

    Thank you for the reports on live wave, I just saved and a friend of mine just saved a lot of money because we were going to buy 6 of these. Thank you very much

    • Don says:

      LiveWave double billed me then told me I’d receive an e-mail when my product shipped. The email and product never came.

      Thankfully my credit card company cancelled the billing.

      LiveWire’s customer service e-mail and phone NEVER REPLIED OR ANSWERED!

      SCAM !!!

  47. Tom Chandler says:

    If you receive a product that doesn’t work as advertised and the seller won’t respond positively to your complaint, simply file a chargeback complaint with the credit card company.
    Consumer credit card purchases are protected by law in the USA.. DO this within a month after receiving,, there are time limits unless it has proven to be a scam.
    Many credit card chargebacks can be filed online through your credit card account – just takes a few minutes – find the original transaction and file a dispute..in most cases, the credit card company will credit your account in a couple days and the law puts the onus on the seller to respond – they will likely just submit a proof of delivery through tracking so your dispute needs to be clear that the claim is a result of the product not working as advertised.. Be prepared to return the item

  48. Nick Cellino says:

    Yes, companies that promote the Elite HD antenna are misleading the public by suggesting that viewers can watch all their favorite channels. These over the air antennas can not pick up cable or satellite channels. Some ads even show mages of HBO, TNT, etc. which is clearly false advertising.

    However, It must be stressed that there are many excellent indoor antennas that pull in hundreds of channels with crystal clear HD quality, better than cable. One such antenna is the the Winegard FlatWave Amped HDTV Indoor Antenna – FL5500A that costs about $60.00.

    I installed one for a friend in Los Angeles who lives in apartment building that’s surrounded by hills and high rise structures. I really didn’t expect it to work well in that location but I was shocked by the results. The antenna pulled in 180 channels and the picture quality on all was superb. Now, instead of watching network sports on his cable system, he watches them through his antenna because the picture is sharper.


      Yes you are right there are many good ones. But it’s the bad ones and misleading ones we are after, like live wire. I’m butt hurt because I am usually very careful and let my guard down this time. Maybe things will work out, but I am not counting on it.

  49. Pure junk. Do not waste your money. Zero channels. Rabbit ears pulled in more stations. What a scam.

  50. Tony Richards says:

    I use a cheap Mohu for over a year now and have no issues. About 27 channels, all clear, most 1080 and closed caption too.

  51. Keith says:

    The livewave “antenna” is a total scam, too!

  52. Spinoza Dsilva says:

    What a rip off glad I saw this b4 I purchased that live wave junk.

  53. Gene Sky says:

    Gene Sky , [email protected]

    Here is a list of Honest Tv Antenna Sellers.

    http://www.channelmaster.com , I rate Channel Master as Number 1 with the Truth. Channel Master has been around for many years.

    http://www.antennasdirect.com , AntennasDirect has Quality Products , however tends to overstate situations.
    As an example , the antenna helps power reception through trees , <– a true statement , however that is what Tv antennas do any way.

    http://www.winegard.com , Winegard has Quality Products. Winegard has been around for many years and in recent times tends not say much one way or the other about their Tv antennas. Just the minimum of facts.

    Here is Truth
    Many humans of this time period on this planet are looking for the easy way out with out giving any thought about any situation.

    Here is Truth
    Many humans of this time period on this planet are so obsessed with thinking that BS is the truth and the shear weight of all those humans forces even honest humans to fugue on the truth.

    This is what I evaluate is happening with the humans of this time period on this planet , the great masses of humans are becoming dumber and dumber and dumber. I am 70 years old , I am evaluating the humans for a long time.

  54. Gene Sky says:

    Gene Sky , [email protected]

    Many Humans do not know what Broadband Internet Providers are available at a reception location.

    Here is a Honest information service.


  55. gordon says:

    Go to youtube and a good old country boys shows how to make you own antennas hes the best. .https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hrRiBomPih8

  56. Elias Markham says:

    I purchased the livewave antenna after seeing the ad on Facebook. It said that shipping would take two to three weeks. So I contacted them after 2 weeks. They told me they would give me an update the following week with my tracking information. They never gave me the update. But after emailing them a second time they said they needed to confirm my address to make sure that it was shipped correctly. They then said I would be provided tracking information as soon as it was shipped. Two more weeks passed by and I still never received any more updates or tracking info. It’s been over a month now, and I’m tired of waiting so thankfully having used PayPal to make the payment, I filed a dispute and should expect my money back shortly. PayPal has great consumer protection for things like this. Since I never received the product my refund should be approved. I feel like I was suckered into believing something that is too good to be true. You know how that saying goes. Anyways, if you haven’t bought it yet, don’t. I finally got around to reading some real reviews. Cuz there’s plenty of fake ones out there. I’m glad I’m getting my money back. Livewave antenna seems to be just another rip-off. Another scam to get your 50 bucks.

  57. I NEVER Even recieved Mine! I want my bucks bac

  58. NO response to any of my calls to the suposed customer service agents. I was had and NoW I am In fighting mode

  59. Reginald Woods says:

    Don’t purchase livewave its a scam piece of plastic say it using your house wiring it only using the ground wire and that depends on how your house ground is wired don’t buy unless you can talk to the electrician or company who wired your house.

  60. Cynthia Dodge says:

    I purchased “Live Wave” – A plug-in that claimed to get you 100’s of channels… Not only does this NOT exist, I lost over $60 and they were about to take more out of my account when I caught on – Needless to say, I never recovered my money, but they didn’t get anymore out of my account either. I found they have a few addresses in Delaware USA and when they take funds out of your account it shows a Great Britain phone number where my money was routed to! BIG SCAM that left me feeling my money may have gone to a Radical ISIS group in England. Is this just another way their funding war on countries? Scary !!!!

  61. Daniel Baxter says:

    I’m more the pest to these scammers because along with writing about it here i am also reporting these ads to relevant authorities. I live in a second (top) floor apt. I tried one of these $20 RCA flat panel antennas and get maybe 3 channels. I also live far from any major cities. I ended up buying an $80 exterior antenna, put it on a 10″ piece of conduit and strapped it to the railing on my balcony. 20 channels and for as little as i watch tv its great. I would urge everyone scammed to report these businesses and their practices. Spend some time and as little funds as possible. Returns are great for products that do not provide you with good results. I agree with many here and thankful for this reporting. I buy local as often as i can especially pay a few extra dollars for independent business owners. All in agreement but I avoid walmart like the plague!! But that’s a whole different moth to the flame scam on society. Good luck people.

  62. Eddie says:

    Intuitive inventions offers a new antenna does this work as advertised?

  63. John Lodge says:


    Don’t bother with all of those Antenna “DEALS” most of them are total JUNK. Secondly there is no such thing as a “DIGITAL” antenna, most antennas labelled “DIGITAL” only receive UHF. In Rochester and most Markets you need a Combination VHF/UHF antenna. Unless you live within 5-10 miles of a Televisions’ Actually transmitter, Indoor antennas are seldom a good solution.

    There are two website’s I would recommend, antennaweb.org/ or http://www.tvfool.com/ both sites will generate a report based on your address showing you what is available to your location OTA, along with where to point an antenna as well as the antenna strength needed to receive the OTA signals of your choice.

  64. Jane Grenon says:

    I ordered my live wave antenna on Jan 24 and just received it today on March 22. I had gotten through to customer service 2 weeks ago and they said it would be here in 2 days. I was so happy when it arrived today and immediately set about setting it up. First I had to move furniture to try and get reception. All set up and reception was awful no matter where I aimed the antenna. The 2 channels I wanted to watch most, ion tv and History channel were no where to be found. Decided to move furniture again, closer to window, still not many channels. Also picture breaks all up and freezes. Voices get scrambled. I’m 78 yrs and still make bad decisions. Reading all the comments here I guess I’m stuck with it.

  65. Mike says:

    Have you tested “Live Wave” antennas.
    It plugs into a electrical wall outlet, then uses your house wiring as an antenna.

  66. Laura says:

    Thank you for taking time to inform us so throughly! What about LiveWire?

  67. Kenneth Thomas says:

    My home is surrounded by trees, so even satellite signal did not get through. What a.antenna can you use

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