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Updated! How to Score a Better Deal From Time Warner Cable and Save Over $700 a Year: 2015 Edition

Phillip Dampier March 2, 2015 Competition, Consumer News, Editorial & Site News 167 Comments

April 18, 2016: This article is retained for archival purposes and is now out of date. Please click here to read the 2016 Guide.

September 29, 2015: Time Warner Cable has apparently changed how they handle customers looking for a better deal. Social media representatives on Twitter and Facebook are no longer authorized to help customers with customer retention plans. Therefore, you will need to negotiate by phone with a customer retention specialist. While less convenient than using social media to negotiate, we will walk you through the steps and let you know what to expect when you call, so you can cut through the nonsense and be confident of securing the best deal for you and your family.

Courtesy: Jacobson

Courtesy: Jacobson

Step One: Read the article below. Most of the information in it is still valid and will be important in the negotiating process. Since this article was first written in March 2015, we have also learned it can be difficult to negotiate a better retention deal if you already have one. But once you receive a rate adjustment letter letting you know your current promotion is expiring, you can reject their “special offer” to extend the promotion at a higher rate and may even win an extension of the promotion you started with.

Step Two: Instead of using social media, you will call 1-800-892-4357 and say “cancel service” when the automated system asks what you are calling about. From there, your call will be forwarded to a customer retention call center.

Step Three: You will be asked why you are canceling service. You want to emphasize “it costs too much” and you have “found a better deal” elsewhere. You should expect the representative to start negotiations by attempting to downgrade your current service to save money. Do not play this game. Politely tell the representative you are not interested in a reduction in your services because you can get the same or better from the competition… at a lower price. Keep reminding them your concern is over the cost of the service, nothing else. Don’t get sidetracked talking about service problems or poor customer service. Address those issues at the end of the call.

call-centerNext, the representative is likely to first pitch a minor promotional offer with minimal savings. If you read the article below, you already know what you want is a deal comparable to what new customers receive. The key phrase to use is, “is this the best you can do for me?” Remind them that the phone company is ready to sign you up with a new customer promotion very similar to what Time Warner Cable offers their new customers. You want something closer to that. They will remind you their website promotions typically do not include equipment, which is why their offer will usually be higher than what is on the website. You can let them know you understand that, but the competitor’s deal is still cheaper. Up the urgency by letting them know you have already scheduled an installation with their competitor, but your spouse convinced you to give Time Warner one last chance to save your business. If they can find you a good deal, you will stay with Time Warner.

In the end, these days expect a good deal to be at or less than $100 for a double play package and at or less than $130 for a triple play package, after all taxes and fees. These prices assume you subscribe to cable television, have upgraded Turbo, Extreme, or Ultimate speed Internet, have one DVR box in the home with no premium movie channels, and you own your own cable modem. The variability in cost usually has to do with the Internet speed you choose and how much equipment you have in your home. The less of both, the cheaper the price. If your offer is in this ballpark, it’s probably a good one.

Equipment is usually extra.

Equipment is usually extra.

The customer retention representatives have a list of valid promotions they can pitch current customers, but it is important to remember they usually cannot customize a specific deal to precisely fit your existing service. Do not insist on this — you will limit your potential savings. If you are friendly and willing to be flexible, there may be a great double-play or triple-play deal that upgrades your broadband service or includes a phone line, whether you need the service or not, for a very attractive price. Remember that you can also negotiate for a faster Internet plan, a better DVR, or discounted movie channels, if those things interest you. If your number and theirs is pretty close, you can also propose a one-time credit to split the difference and seal the deal. Time Warner is likely to be more amenable offering you a better deal that also upgrades your service. 

Broadband-only customers have the least negotiating power and you should expect to pay no less than the prevailing new customer rate, which may or may not be extended when the promotion expires. Your best option if an extension is not available is to flip to Earthlink on Time Warner Cable, which offers identical quality service (no Time Warner e-mail address, however) at promotional prices usually the same or lower than what Time Warner offers its customers. The switch can be done over the phone. When the Earthlink promotion expires, you qualify to return to Time Warner broadband at the new customer price.

If you find you are dealing with a difficult or intransigent representative, thank them for their time, hang up and call back in a few hours and try again. Expect to spend about 30 minutes before calling reviewing your current bill, cross-matching it with the closest new customer promotion on Time Warner’s website, and reviewing what the phone company is currently selling that most closely matches your existing service. Expect the call to Time Warner will take up to 30 minutes, including hold time. The dreaded negotiation over price should take less than 10 minutes. The rest of the time will be spent looking up your account and reviewing what kinds of offers are available to you. Have your bill and the new customer offers from TWC and the phone company in front of you while you talk, so you can refer back to them if necessary. You never have to commit to a deal immediately. If you want to think about it, ask for the representative to note your account with the offer he or she made and ask their name so you can refer back to that conversation when you call back. 

The original article follows below…

In 2012, Stop the Cap! helped thousands of readers slash their Time Warner cable bills by more than $50 a month with less than 10 minutes of effort. This year, it will take you longer to read this article than it will to get a better deal from Time Warner Cable.

Many of our readers have contacted us to let us know their promotional rate has expired and have sought help scoring more savings from Time Warner Cable. This year, we decided to enlist the help of Stop the Cap! volunteers who are also Time Warner Cable customers to see what kind of savings we could negotiate from the cable company that dominates much of the northeast, Texas, southern California, and parts of the midwest. We’re happy to report even greater savings (more than $700 annually for some) are there for the asking. Even better, it took some of us less than five minutes to win a better deal and by using social media, we never had to argue with anyone — great news if you don’t like negotiating on the phone.

When your Time Warner Cable promotion expires, expect to receive a letter like this in the mail, gradually increasing your rates.

When your Time Warner Cable promotion expires, expect to receive a letter like this in the mail, gradually increasing your rates.

Our volunteers for this effort came from Rochester, N.Y. (myself), Greensboro, N.C.,  Flower Mound, Tex., Los Angeles, Calif., and Portland, Maine. Two of us are triple play customers with 50/5Mbps broadband, Preferred TV (the 200+ channel package), and Time Warner home phone service. Two others are double play customers with Preferred TV and 30/5Mbps service, and our volunteer in Portland is a broadband-only customer.

We used three methods to contact Time Warner to discuss our current bills:

  • Calling Time Warner Cable’s office and asking for a lower rate or to cancel service;
  • Tweeting a message to Time Warner threatening to change providers;
  • Posting a complaint about our cable bill on the company’s Facebook page.

Dealing with customer churn – the rate of customers coming and going – is always a concern at cable companies. New customer promotions are costly and often include a cash rebate. It is much less expensive for Time Warner to lower the bills of current customers than trying to win back wayward ex-customers with promotions later on. The company maintains several specialized customer retention call centers around the country that pay employees around $14 an hour + a bonus for each customer they keep. Employees are trained to deal with hostile callers and pleas for lower bills by escalating unresolved service problems to technical specialists, issuing service credits, and cutting rates.

bill shockBut telephone retention specialists also have an incentive to cut back on your package before they cut the price. Just as we found three years ago, the two volunteers that phoned for a better deal were significantly less happy with the outcome than those who relied on social media.

“Their ‘review’ of my package quickly turned into an interrogation about whether I needed this movie channel or that Internet speed,” said Stop the Cap! volunteer Denise, who insisted on a better deal or her next phone call would be to sign up for service from Verizon. “Before they talk price, they want you to cut back on services.”

Cerise, a broadband-only customer in Portland had the same experience.

“I wanted a better deal than the $60 I am paying them for 15Mbps Internet-only service and they wanted to cut my speed to 6Mbps before we would even talk price,” Cerise said. “They knew my only other choice was DSL from FairPoint.”

My experience with Twitter was even easier than it was three years ago. Time Warner acceded to my request for a better deal in a message left on my voicemail: a rate cut of $63 a month with no change in service. I never had to speak with anyone and the new rate has already been applied to my account.

Sam, a triple play customer in Los Angeles took a phone call from Time Warner after his wife blasted the company on its Facebook page about a “new special promotional rate” that was “neither special or promotional” in her eyes.

“Their letter in the mail makes it sound like they are doing you a favor, but it’s really just the dead-end road back to paying normal prices.”

Time Warner Cable promotions run typically 12 or 24 months, after which the company mails a letter inviting you to experience a new “promotional rate” reset to a higher price, but not one that will usually deliver bill shock. A year after that less generous promotion expires, in most cases rates reset to regular pricing.

How to Negotiate

Because our experiences consistently found that interacting with Time Warner’s social media team is more effective at winning the best possible deal, we again strongly recommend you do not call Time Warner looking for a better deal. Instead, engage them through Twitter or Facebook. But before that happens, get organized:

1. Visit Time Warner Cable’s current plans and promotions web page. Your goal is to note the current promotions available and find the package that most closely resembles the services you have now. You can get a current copy of your Time Warner bill from the My Services section of Time Warner’s website.

Second, visit the competition. Check your phone company for any promotional offers for services like U-verse or FiOS, or satellite television promotions many telephone companies bundle with DSL. Familiarize yourself with the packages you would consider signing up for and jot down the prices.

Are you overpaying for premium movie channels? If you are paying more than this, you are.

Are you overpaying for premium movie channels? If you are paying more than this, you are.

Third, be flexible. The best promotional deals go to those who sign up for Time Warner Cable’s triple play packages. If you are a double play customer, adding phone service may actually cost you less on certain promotions than the best double play offers, even if you never use the phone line. If you have landline service from the phone company, Time Warner’s triple play offers will certainly save you in the long run, because unlimited long distance and local calling can often be added for as little as $10 a month. You can also consider switching to Ooma, a top-rated landline provider that works over your broadband connection and costs as little as $5 a month.

Fourth, ask about free or discounted upgrades to your existing service. Time Warner Cable has several attractive promotions for services that many customers dismiss as too expensive. Whole House DVR lets you watch DVR recordings on other televisions in the home. Some promotions add this feature for just a few dollars extra a month — less than maintaining two DVRs in the home. Also consider a broadband speed upgrade to 30/5 or 50/5Mbps. Attractive promotions are usually available for these as well.

Fifth, be willing to drop premium movie channels before you start negotiations. Time Warner raised the price of add-on HBO to $16.99 in January and other premium channels typically cost around $13 a month each. You are better off dropping them before negotiating for a better deal. After your new deal is in place, you can visit Time Warner’s website and add back the premiums you want at new promotional prices:

  • A 12-month premium promotional package combining HBO, Cinemax, Starz, and Showtime runs $29.99 a month and can be ordered online;
  • HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, and Starz can be had a-la-carte for $9.99 a month each for one year (The Movie Channel is inexplicably not included and costs $15.99/mo — you won’t miss it) and you may also qualify for a $50 rebate by adding Starz before March 31, 2015.

Finally, unless you live in a Time Warner Cable Maxx city (New York, Los Angeles, Austin, Kansas City, etc.), it usually doesn’t pay to negotiate over modem rental fees. Time Warner has waived modem fees in certain cases in Los Angeles, but we recommend you invest in buying your own modem and be rid of the modem rental fee  for good. If you are not in a Maxx market, we still recommend the Motorola SB6141, which will work at speeds up to 100Mbps on Time Warner’s network. If Maxx is coming to your area and you want even faster speeds, we recommend the ARRIS/Motorola SB6183 ($130+). It is approved to work at 300Mbps speeds in Maxx-upgraded areas.

Now you are ready to reach out!


Sign up for a Twitter account.


Once registered and logged in, click the button that appears like a quill pen at the upper right corner of your screen and a new window will appear where you can compose a message of 140 characters or less. You will address your message to @TWC_Help (note the underscore – you can cut and paste that address into your message or use Twitter’s search function – type in TWC and you should be able to find and select it there). Here is a sample Tweet we came up with, but you can compose your own, of course:


After clicking the Tweet button, your message will be read by Time Warner’s social media team. Sometime later, you will receive a response asking for your contact information and account number. This should be sent in a private “Direct Message,” not as an open Tweet:


Click the three dots and find the option Share via Direct Message. Click it, add TWC_Help as a recipient and click Next. A conversation window will appear with their message and a space for your private response. Include your Account Number and PIN from your Time Warner Cable bill and a callback number, as shown below.

direct message


Time Warner should call you back within the next three days. If you do not receive a reply to your Tweet, send another one during regular business hours. They may have missed your first message.

facebook_logoYou can also try Facebook to lodge your rate protest.

Visit the Time Warner Cable Facebook page and find the box (as shown highlighted below) where you can write a public message on the page.

As with Twitter, you want to get straight to the point and tell Time Warner you are paying too much for cable service and have a better offer from a competitor. Let them know you are willing to consider their counter-offer, if it arrives soon.

They are likely to respond asking for your account information, including the account number and PIN as shown on your monthly bill. Again, send this information privately using the Facebook Messenger. Include your best contact number.

twc facebook

Here is where your write your public complaint about your cable bill and ask for a better deal. You should keep this short and to the point, and do not post your account information here. Wait for their reply and respond in a private message.


Our Results

Was $175. Now $112.

Was $175. Now $112.

Myself – Rochester, N.Y.: Full package of every cable television channel on offer, no premiums, Whole-House DVR with five cable boxes, 50/5Mbps broadband, Unlimited Home Phone: $112/mo, down from a fading promotional price now resetting to $175 (had been gradually increasing from $110 since 2014)

Tania, Greensboro, N.C.: Double play of all cable television channels, no premiums, DVR and one traditional set-top box with 30/5Mbps broadband: Was paying $156. Offered $99 with free upgrade to 50/5Mbps and Whole House DVR; offered and declined Unlimited Home Phone for extra $10/month. This promotion essentially matched AT&T U-verse introductory pricing for comparable services with slower broadband.

Denise, Flower Mound, Tex.: Started by calling Time Warner to cancel over $175 cable bill covering all cable channels, one premium, DVR with extra set-top boxes, 50/5Mbps broadband. Representative wanted her to cancel HBO and drop Internet speed to a lower 15Mbps tier to bring price to $125 range. She threatened to call Verizon, representative told her to ‘go ahead.’ On the second attempt Denise used Twitter and representative phoned back the next day with a message her bill was instantly cut to $120 and she will receive a one time $30 inconvenience credit for the rudeness she experienced over the phone. She keeps HBO and all of her other services and was offered to call back to discuss free Whole House DVR service.

Sam, Los Angeles: Used Facebook to contact Time Warner Cable about his $215 cable bill. Sam appreciated the fact TWC Maxx had arrived in Los Angeles and boosted his broadband speed to around 200Mbps, but didn’t appreciate the $25 a month rate reset that occurred this month as his promotional rate ended. Sam has a full cable television package, three premium movie channels, fast Internet, and Home Phone Unlimited. He also has two DVR boxes, two standard cable boxes, and rented his cable modem. Sam told Time Warner he would rather spend his money with Netflix, Amazon, and Sling’s $20 cable television over the Internet package and he was prepared to cut the cord. Time Warner cut his bill instead. He’s temporarily dropping all of his premium movie channels to score a promotion of $129 a month, drop the second DVR in favor of Whole House DVR service, and he is buying his own modem. He will add back his premiums on the aforementioned $30 a month promotion, which also gives him Starz and a $50 rebate.

Cerise, Portland, Me.: Our broadband-only volunteer, Cerise had the most trouble securing a better deal. Time Warner Cable initially wouldn’t budge beyond offering the same rate new customers get for one year: $34.99/mo + modem rental fee for 15/1Mbps service. Stop the Cap! intervened before Cerise considered her alternative – 6Mbps DSL from FairPoint Communications. After we pointed out Earthlink was selling identical broadband service on Time Warner’s network for $29.95 a month for six months, Time Warner’s “no” turned into “yes” and they agreed to match that price. If they don’t match that price again next year, Cerise can make a phone call and jump ship to Earthlink for their $29.95 promotion and then jump back to Time Warner six months after that. Cerise is also buying her own modem.

Let us know about how your negotiations went in the comment section below.

Currently there are 167 comments on this Article:

  1. Fred H says:

    I posted the below to my Facebook page just last weekend (before this updated post came out – I’ll be updating the link after I finish this comment):
    Did the bi-annual social media “dance” with Time Warner this week over what we pay for our “Triple-Play” package.
    Back in 2013 I followed the instructions here: http://stopthecap.com/…/getting-a-better-deal-from-time-wa…/ and through Twitter and a couple followup phone calls we ended up saving well over $300/yr for 12 months. The takeaway from the website – DO NOT CALL FIRST – use social media.

    Last year TW raised our bill approx $5/month, so I figured it wasn’t worth the effort to fight it for $60 over the year.

    Last week we got a letter saying our promotion was over and they would be raising our monthly rate $26/mo ($312/yr) – but on the bright side “we’d still be saving money over their regular retail rate!”.

    Last Saturday I Tweeted TWC_help asking for some relief (seeing as I’m now on a retiree’s fixed income – I retired in January). In a couple hours they Tweeted back asking for our account info – then said they’d forwarded the info to local support and we should expect a phone call in 2-3 business days. Not sure if it made any difference but I replied saying I had little faith in local support – they would want me to reduce service first – but I’d take the call to see.

    Wednesday at 4PM I got a voicemail saying they looked at our account and booked us in a new 12 month promotion that is approx. $4/month ($45/yr) less than we’re currently paying, and a whopping $360 less for the year than we would have paid if I did nothing and let the rate increase take effect.

    Still about $35 more than the $89.99 NEW customer 12 month rate – but not bad.

    So – if your rate is going up and you’d like to see if you can do better – start Tweeting!

    Bottom line – we’re paying just about what we were in 2013 and last year I upped our Internet from 15/1 to 20/2

  2. Chet Lemon says:

    They have done nothing but ignore me on social media.

    • Chet, have you followed our method and still got ignored? Did you try Tweeting them during regular business hours?

      If your account is current and you are not now on a promotion, they should respond.

      If you want more assistance, you can use our contact form on Stop the Cap! and I will see what I can do for you.

    • Gene says:

      They have not done anything for us either. We went though all of this and they said they can’t give any discounts to a long time customer ( they are counting the four dollars off as a discount!)
      What makes us mad is the promotional rates they run constantly on TV – and with so many people dropping cable, you would think they would want to keep a good customer. We live in a rural area and can get the dish networks, but we don’t want to be charged double after the promotion is off.

      • Greg says:

        I’m the same way. I’ve sent them a tweet twich now with nothing back. I just put something on Facebook so I’ll see how that goes.

        • Annoyed says:

          I’ve posted several comments to their FB page and gotten nothing but crickets. I’ve posted within 4 minutes of when TWC staff most recently posted — nothing. Posts immediately above and below mine get replies but mine are ignored.

          I’m in a Google fiber city. I Can. Not. Wait. until they come knocking on my door! I’m so ready to be done with TWC.

  3. David O'Brien says:

    I just got done Facebooking and Tweeting. Got replies to both and I was informed that our rate was going from $114.98 to $128.98 per month ($139.03 with taxes and fees). Currently we are on a double play with Starter TV, Variety Pass and Standard TV and Extreme Internet (30 Mbps down) and currently on their own website, TWC has a Triple Play with Preferred TV (Whole House DVR Service,EPIX and STARZ,FREE Installation & Phone Activation, Ultimate Internet (50Mbps down), and home phone for $109.99 a month for 12 months. Was also informed: “there are no further discounts that can be applied. The price has been reduced by 35% per month, at this time”….Essentially got the same replies from both Facebooking and Tweeting. So, do I need to discontinue service and sign up again to get the better deal? Any suggestions would be helpful and we could save around $240 for a year. It all adds up!

    • Your deal is similar to mine three years ago with some variations. For $112, I had the entire basic cable lineup, phone, Whole House DVR and 30/5Mbps with one DVR and one regular cable box, plus three DTAs (for older analog sets). I have no premiums or Variety Pass though. Epix is $5 a month for a year on promo and Starz is $9.95 a month on some promos, free on others. I had both channels free for awhile and literally never watched a single thing on either.

      What happened is your promo expired and they are gradually boosting your rates in that letter you got. Anyone who has a promo resetting to a higher rate via that letter in the mail does qualify for a new promo. The people you communicated with either misunderstood or were not too creative. When someone tells you that you don’t qualify for a better deal, the next person you speak with will often say you do.

      Different regions of the country may have different promotions. Yours sounds good because you are getting those premiums thrown in.

      The website deals are a good starting point to negotiate, but they have gotchas. They often don’t include equipment charges and also have junk fees — Broadcast TV and Sports surcharges that most retention promo deals do not.

  4. David O'Brien says:

    An update: Went to the local TWC store and spoke with a nice lady who set me up with a triple play offer for a year at basically the same price I had been paying. Success! !

    • Gloria Roberts says:

      I found out going to the local center is the only way to go. The center has “real” employees, unlike the scrubs at the call centers who lie and cheat. The local center employees are embarrassed over the call center complaints they receive. I also found out that their billing system automatically throws random charges on your bill, like $30, one-time fee.

      They raised my friend’s bill to $250, slow internet and no movie channels. The local center reduced it to $130. No hassle, no effort and real nice people. When I have problems on my bill and my outrageous promo is over, I will go to the local service center. No more dealing with these clowns on the phone. It’s worth the 10 minute drive.

      • framistat says:

        This doesn’t always work. The Webster, NY office was helpful back in mid 2014 and continued my promo rate for basic internet @ 24.99 for a year. However this year at the same office they told me I was on a two-year contract, that they don’t do two-year contracts anymore, and that my rate was good until 2016. Wrong. Just got the letter raising my rate 40% to 34.99. Time to try Facebook.

        • It probably isn’t a “contract” but an agreement. If you were promised a two year commitment, they should be giving it to you. Probably the promo you were on expired in their system and they quietly shifted you to something else that is now coming to an end and you have their step-rate hike letter in your hand now. Your past bills may show an expiration date for your old promo.

          $34.99 is their current promo rate for Standard 15/1Mbps Internet. The Basic Internet (6Mbps) promo rate is currently $29.99 in Rochester — both good for 12 months.

          They raised the promo packages by $5 in 2014 and I have rarely seen $24.99 – 6Mbps/$29.99 – 15Mbps promos any longer.

          If you can convince them to honor the $24.99 for the next 12 months, they may give you a lump sum credit of $60 if their systems don’t have a $24.99 promo available right now. You should be willing to take it if offered.

          In the alternative, your other options are:

          $29.99/mo for Time Warner Cable Basic 6Mbps Internet (12 months)
          $29.99/mo for Earthlink 15/1Mbps Internet (6 months – Uses TWC)
          $34.99/mo for Time Warner Cable Standard 15/1Mbps Internet (12 months)

          Earthlink Signup: http://www.earthlink.net/ — After registering there, you usually call TWC and they will disconnect your TWC Internet and connect Earthlink over the phone (it is totally transparent and requires no modem changes or service call and you are billed by TWC. You do lose any TWC e-mail address you have though). When you call TWC to cancel, they may try and match Earthlink’s deal for $29.99 for six months to a year. You might want to take it if they offer you a year. When the Earthlink deal expires, you switch to TWC as a new broadband customer.

        • Gloria Robertsa says:

          Apparently the Buffalo, NY office has a friendlier staff. The gentleman that handled my friend’s account said when mine is up i can go to any of the persons in the office and they will do the same for me. I also spoke to a former Time Warner employee who told me the local office employees have much more power to give deals than the phone employees.

  5. R Lee says:

    I started a $89.99 ($20 discount per month) double play (preferred cable TV and Standard internet) promotion 2 ½ years ago in my new house in San Antonio. At each anniversary, the price was bumped up a little until I still had a $5 discount on my account. Tweeted twchelp, and they were not able to help since I still had a discount on my account. I told them I’d like to go back to my original $89.99 promo. They said they’d refer my request to my local office. I also mentioned looking into ATT/Directv for less. Didn’t hear anything from the local office, but a couple days ago, I checked my twc account and they applied the current $89.99 promo price to my account. I’d call that a success, saving $15 + tax per month.

  6. Charles Dennett says:

    Just got my letter about the expiring promotional rate. I’m trying to do my homework. I’m in the Rochester, NY area (same as Phil). Two years ago I followed Phil’s advice. I had (and still have) what is now called Preferred TV with Standard Internet (15/1) along with one DVR set top box. Two years ago my total bill (sorry, don’t have a breakdown) was $147.92. Then after following Phil’s advice my bill was lowered to a total of $103.79. A year ago it was raised so the total was 119.79. Of that, the cost of the TV+Internet was $99.99. Add in the Guide (that’s another beef!) and DVR and the monthly charge was $116.21. Taxes not included in that price. Now, the letter I just received says the rate is going from $116.21 to $133.19. Subtracting out the Guide and DVR costs, that should put the TV and Internet at $116.97.

    So, I went to TWC’s site to see if I could find current prices. All I found for Preferred TV plus 15/1 Internet is a promotional price of $89.99. Could not find anything that listed current non promotional prices. Googled around a bit and about all I found was people complaining that they could not get current non promotional process out of TWC. The reps on the phone just would not say what they are. If the current non promotional prices are on the website, where are they hidden? Should I even try calling to see if they will tell me what the current prices are? Like I said, just trying to do my homework here.

    Thanks for any advice,

    • You will never get rates out of Time Warner Cable by phone. They are published in a small leaflet that is enclosed in your bill at least once a year (another reason why I want my bills mailed to me — electronic bill recipients usually don’t get these brochures). Practically nobody pays the published rates however. I usually recommend people negotiate based on the promo rates you see on the website.

      Your double play package should run you around $90 a month on a retention plan. That may even include a speed boost to 30/5Mbps, which is a known promotion for residents in this city.

      My package is 50/5, Unlimited Home Phone, and Preferred TV with whole house DVR (1 DVR, 1 standard set top box) and it costs me around $110 and change. I pay zero for guides, broadcast TV surcharges, sports surcharges, etc.

      Use my method shown above and TWC should call you and perhaps even leave a message on your voicemail with a new rate. If you don’t like their offer, they will leave a number and call them back. Then ask them to run down the available promotions in the price range you want. You may need to actually add services you don’t really care about to qualify for certain promotions. Do not let them take services away — you shouldn’t have to do that.

      I’d appreciate if others would post their own deals here so we can at least get some idea about price ranges for promotions. Right now, I have limited info on double play deals.

      • Charles Dennett says:

        I will post here with what happens. I’m going to be gone for a few days so I’ll do this next week hopefully. Right now I do not have a charge on my most recent bill for any sports fee or broadcast TV fee. Besides the TV/Internet charge, there is the Guide (3.27 – I fail to understand why they charge for the on screen guide other than the fact that they can), DVR (12.95) and then 0.08 for the TWC Regulatory Recovery Fee and 4.21 Franchise Fee. That’s it. Now other added on fees. If they want to lower my rate and boost my Internet speeds and include HBO or some other option while they’re at it, I probably won’t mind.


        • Charles Dennett says:

          Found the retail rates for various service areas. These are PDFs of the bill inserts we all get:


          There are 3 labeled Rochester. Unfortunately, they do not contain any package rates. They are under Support -> Account & Billing -> Topics -> Retail Rates.

        • Charles Dennett says:

          I have a question or 2. Just got my first bill without the previous promotional price. Preferred TV with standard Internet is now 109.99, I assume that’s the going non-promotional rate? I have just one TV with a DVR box. I now see a charge of $12.95 for “DVR Service” and another $6.98 charge for “Equipment Charges – 1 DVR Converter” (I own my own cable modem so luckily they are not charging me for that.) Are the two DVR charge legit? I’m not sure I understand why there isn’t a single DVR charge.

          Now to see what I can do to get this lowered.

  7. John says:

    I tried everything in this guide to no avail. TWC refused to lower my price.

    Oh well, I’m having the service disconnected. What good’s the threat if I don’t follow through with it? Guess I’ll have to give AT&T or Verizon a try 🙁

    • Angel says:

      It helps if you call back a few times, talking to different people yields different results. I had to talk to 3 different people before I finally landed at a service rep who actually wanted to retain me as a customer for a price I was willing to accept. I managed to keep all my TWC triple play services, got 10mbps extra internet speed, modem/DVR fees and free HBO included in the price for almost 40$ less than I was paying after my initial promo expired. As a matter of fact, I’m not paying 4$ less than the original promo I bought last year.

    • Angel says:

      it should read “I’m NOW paying 4$ less than the original promo I bought last year”. and you actually have to get to the cancellation department, the people there have more leeway to offer better rates, the standard account service reps will often tell you ‘sure, go ahead and cancel’.

  8. Steve says:

    Albany, NY area. Triple play, 15/1 Mbps internet, no premium channels, one DVR box and two regular boxes. Used the Twitter method for the 3rd year in a row and was contacted via phone within one hour of my direct message to TWC. Was offered the same services for $12 less per month. Total bill (including fees) will go from $132/month to $120/month.

  9. Jennifer says:

    I just wasted two weeks talking to TWC (Rochester NY). I talked to 4 people in 2 hours. I thought I got a great deal for the double play (129.99) per month. I got my bill yester day. I was charged 90.00 for a one time charge for the tech to come out. Nobody told me about this. The instead of seeing 129.99 before taxes, I seen 169.00. The equipment rentals weren’t included in that price. I was outraged. Called TWC and ranted, got 70 off the bill. This weekend I’m taking the boxes and reducing to standard TV.
    Was I wrong to think the package include the equipment charges?

    • Did you follow our recommended procedure or did you call 756-5000 and negotiate with them yourself?

      If you did the former, a senior customer service specialist should have called with a new rate that is all-inclusive with no additional equipment charges, etc. If you called the local TWC office yourself, you were probably sent to a national retentions call center where the deals offered are often much worse.

      A double play offer of $129 is not a good deal if you are not getting premium channels and have more or less standard Internet. New customers pay around $90 for deals like that. Many of the deals you see on the front page of their website include only one box.

      A tech visit for $90 also seems ridiculous unless you had them wiring new outlets. If you are renting a cable modem from them, you are throwing away money. Buy your own. We recommend the SB6141 which Amazon sells for around $90 here: http://goo.gl/PcRgNP or you can search around eBay and find it for even less there.

      If you have not used our recommended procedure, now is the time to start. Tweet or Facebook them stating your “deal” is no deal at all, but a satellite provider sure sounds like a much better option and doesn’t come with sneaky equipment fees. If they don’t fix things fast, you are canceling.

      You will want to talk to the rep who calls and let them know $40/mo in equipment fees you were unaware of is no deal for you. Tell them your neighbor up the street is paying around $112 a month for TV (the full package), phone, and Internet (50/5Mbps) with a whole house DVR and one extra standard set top box. So why are you paying about $15 more for less service?

      That is the deal I am getting in Brighton right now, so if I can get it, you can get something close to it. I have no premium channels, however, so if you do the price rises between $9-12 per premium channel. If you like premiums, ask if you can get a discount package on those as well.

  10. waynefab says:

    When my 12 month triple play promotion was about to end, I called TWC to get a new, reduced cost deal. I was told that I had to wait until my promotion ended because deals change every month. Of course I listened and waited, only to get that form letter telling me out of the goodness of their heart, TWC was going to extend my deal (at an increased rate). My second call was no better given that this agent (sales person) told me that deals change every day and that by reducing my services, I would be paying even more.

    After a Google search, I found and read How to Score a Better Deal From Time Warner Cable. I was hooked when I saw the same form letter that I had received. Unfortunately, my results were not as good as some others. After a Facebook message was sent indicating my displeasure and willingness to jump ship to the aggressive Satellite providers, I was told that since I “ALLOWED” my promotion to run into the extension, there was nothing they could do to lower my rate. They did agree however that buying a modem was a good idea.

    FIOS is not available in my area and I am so far from DSL that the speed would make any kind of streaming impossible.

    So, it is off to buy a modem and once activated, try again to get some type of savings. It’s a crime when you hear the ads luring new customers with $89.99 per month triple play extreme speed.

  11. vasisht says:

    TWC raised my rates on Ultimate 50/5 from $64.99/month to $75.99 a month without notice. Tweeted – no dice. Called, no dice. Called again and mentioned Greenlight, that got a call back from a “supervisor” to drop me back to the “new customer rate” of $64.99.

    Today, I realized I’m paying $10/month for 20 Mbps of speed I don’t need/use. So I called to see about getting promotional pricing for Extreme 30/5. I need the 5 Mbps since I VPN back home for a variety of things, and the 2 in the 20/2 package doesn’t always work right. Talked to the web chat guy who said nope can’t give you the $54.99/month promo rate because that’s only for new customers – try the phone CSRs they could do that, but he offered me $59.99/month. I said no thanks and called the number. Spoke to a very nice woman who said if I wanted the $54.99 rate I had to go through the website. I asked politely where I should go because the website rep says call, and you say go online. She talked to a supervisor and magically my rate became $54.99/month.

    Point is: ask to speak to a supervisor if you’re not getting anywhere fast. The Regular CSRs don’t seem to have the ability to do anything.

  12. Alstein says:

    I just did it myself

    Ended up going from 89 with digital cable and 15/1 to 98 with basic cable and 30/5

    They really tried to get me to take the full rate 3 times, then offered the tiniest of discounts. I kept telling them that wasn’t acceptable- to get anything I had to agree to some form of downgrade (and I got the upgrade to make up for it)

    I might end up having to cancel next year.

  13. William Caldwell says:

    Thank you all for your work and in the creation of this post! Great information I wish I had a year ago when I cancelled. I have since became a customer again but with standard internet only- currently use DirecTV.

    Wife and I were looking at our bills and saw that we were paying roughly $180 total per month. We want to combine services- and bills- so I have been in negotiations with TWC for 2 days now. I am wanting to gain the following but can’t get past the prices.

    Preferred tv with WH- enhanced DVR
    – connect a total of 4 tv’s
    – HBO
    – Sports Pass
    – whatever Internet speed
    – won’t use home phone but have tried packages with it to see if cheaper

    Best I can get to is about $160 per month before taxes which will probably put me at around the same price I am currently paying.

    Question: Do you have any tricks to use when upgrading/adding services to reduce this cost? So far I have only taken one CSR to the end number, told him that’s too high. Basically was told well that’s what we can do and that’s it.

    I have a young child and to get the channels he likes watching we have to go with the preferred plan. Also, after having the ability to record 4 shows at once I can’t go back to a normal dvr with only a 2 show option.

    Thanks for all you do,

  14. Bernie B says:

    Used the twitter method and was able to secure a reduction of $12.50 a month and got a speed up on internet from 5 up 50 down to 10 up 100 down. I like twc and wanted to stay with them.

  15. Nancy says:


    As background – last Sept., I negotiated a package that includes Preferred TV, five Premiums, Whole House DVR, Extreme internet and phone. At the time, the rep said there was no expiration for the package.

    Last week, I received a note from TWC. ALL it states is that my rates are changing due to a “billing error,” which I assume means an increase. It DOES NOT go into specifics as to which services are affected and how much they are increasing. Seems to me TWC should be a little more forthcoming with that info…

    I’m not sure what to do. Is my best option to first call them to find out how much the increase will be, and go from there?


    • If you negotiated for a special deal, there is always an expiration date, usually 12 or 24 months after the promo starts. You will get a letter in the mail a month or two before it expires offering you another deal, at a higher price.

      I am surprised they did not specify what rates were changing in the letter you received. That is no doubt prompting a lot of calls from annoyed subscribers. I’d call TWC and ask them what the error is exactly so you can plan a strategy. My first guess is they omitted some franchise fee or their annoying Broadcast TV and Sports Programming surcharges.

  16. Scott says:

    My promo ended and my bill went from approximately $130 to $158 and now $171 — This is for the Triple play + whole house DVR + turbo internet 30/3. I asked for a reduction as this is outside of my familes budget. Was very polite, basically saying we could not justify $171 for the service we are getting. The best offer that they gave me was $159, which is still too high for what I am getting.

    I am supposed to get a second callback in a few days, but I doubt it will go anywhere. I am shopping for alternatives. My area of NC is scheduled for both Google Fiber and UVerse GigaPower soon. I am waiting with baited breath.

    It is apparently getting more difficult to negotiate a decent price; they just dump in the high pay bin, and throw you a 10 or 20 dollar bone.

    • Scott says:

      I did get a second callback from TWC, and the woman I spoke with was pleasant and a bit more helpful then the first. I manage to lock in my Triple play with voicemail and extreme internet + WH dvr and one additional box, for 141. Better then the 171 I was paying. All in all, a bit of a savings — not the 110 they are advertising to new customers, but not too bad either.

      • TWC messed up my bill but committed to their original $110ish offer and I have even more services than you do. I have 50/5, home phone, and the deluxe basic cable package with whole house DVR and one additional box. That deal is supposedly $130 today. It seems TWC deep discounted during the last quarter, but I guarantee they will do it again this quarter. I know there are some regional differences in retention pricing and NY State is one of the more aggressively priced service areas. The west and midwest, not so much.

  17. Adam says:

    Our bill went from $92/month for Triple Play (15/1 internet, standard cable, and nationwide phone service) to $128/month after our 2 year promotional period ended. Tried the Twitter method, was ignored for several days. Also tried Facebook with no response. Kept trying Twitter and eventually got someone to respond to me. After reviewing my account they said there were “no more discounts” for our account because we were still on a promotional rate, even though it was higher than before. I told them about a comparable package from Frontier for $96/month, still no dice. Then I asked them to refer me to someone who could assist in canceling our services (this was a bluff as we would not want to go through the hassle of switching to Frontier). They had a local agent call me, and they left a voice message repeating the previous statement of “no more discounts available.” I guess we’ll just wait til next year when they jack up our bill some more and try again unless you have any other suggestions.

    • Where are you located? I was on a rate step-up promotion (where they send you a letter congratulating themselves for offering you a new higher promo rate) and it didn’t stop me from getting a better deal.

      What could be happening is your step up rate is still lower than their current promo offers in your area. You mentioned Frontier, which is also Rochester’s local telco. Their promo offers for western NY seemed to jump in price in April and are frequently in the $130 range for triple play.

      What you might want to try in the interim is calling them back and asking about what package promos are available in the current price range of $130ish. If you are going to be stuck with $128 a month, you might as well inquire about free service upgrades, especially faster Internet, whole house DVR and perhaps some premiums thrown in for awhile.

      As I wrote before, it isn’t uncommon to find lower promo pricing for more deluxe packages than for those with fewer services. Let the rep know you are flexible and want the most bang for your buck. When the next rate step-up letter arrives, it should put you in a stronger position to grab a lower priced deal.

      These things can change quarterly, so tracking responses people are getting is useful to know.

      • Adam says:

        We are located in the Raleigh-Durham area in NC. Frontier is the only competitor for TWC for bundled services around here, but their internet speeds are slower and they have an inferior TV offering (DISH network) which would be very expensive for the channels we would want and also jumps significantly in price after 12 months. So not a viable option for our purposes.

        I appreciate the rationale behind your suggested strategy of asking for more bells and whistles, but we only have 1 TV, we aren’t interested in premium channels and our current 15 mbps internet is plenty fast for Netflix. I’m concerned that if I ask for faster internet now they’ll jack up our rate even higher next year and then we’ll be stuck if they won’t reduce our rate at that time.

  18. Michael says:

    Well… that didn’t work as planned. I used the Twitter method and Time Warner responded immediately. I told them I found a better rate and wanted to cancel. They asked when I wanted my service disconnected. I told them I found a better rate from Earthlink for 20 mbps internet. Cancel my service on 6/7/15.

    They said “OK great. You are all set for disconnection of services on 6/7/15.”

    Haha… I guess I’ll be switching to Earthlink.

    • Broadband customers can bounce back and forth easily between Earthlink and TWC on new customer promo deals. Since TWC provides service for both and enrolling is just a simple change in your account profile, they usually don’t bother fighting for your business since you are billed by TWC and maintain an account relationship with them anyway. The only difference in service now is no more Time Warner email address. Most people don’t care.

      When your promo with Earthlink expires, just bounce back to TWC on their latest new customer promo. No modem change or service call is required. They manage it right over the phone.

      • Michael says:

        Thanks for the info, Phillip. I’ll be sure to update if any new events unfold.

        As it stands now, I’ll be going from TWC Standard internet (15 mpbs) at $57.99/mo to Earthlink Internet -MAX (20 mbps) at $39.95/mo for 6 months.

  19. Bill says:

    I wanted to drop my telephone service through Time Warner and they told me I would have to pay more if I wanted the internet and TV but not the phone. I complained through their Facebook page and got a response that they’d contact me. Got a call from the Customer Retention Department and solved my problems by cutting somewhere around $20 from my existing bill if I used only the internet and TV.

  20. amber says:

    We have triple play and its going from 117 to 158. I went the twitter route and got this reply “I’m sorry, I do not have a better promotion to offer you. ^SH”. Guess I’ll be making a dreaded phone call this evening.

  21. Elizabeth says:

    Left msg on both Facebook and twitter.
    No Response on Facebook.
    Att actually contacted me and asked if they could help me when I mentioned Uverse rates being cheaper and THEN TWC contacted me via twitter.
    They basically told me that my rates already had a discount and they can’t help.me. “sorry for the misunderstanding about rates but the specials you are referring to are for new customers only” and when I mentioned the fact we had to.upgrade Internet twice and still it is not better and that our HD Box froze for minutes..”.In regards to the service issues, looking at the cableTV box, it’s been online for 51 days & so far isn’t showing…”
    I said I’d have to go get a new Hd Box from the Twc location…”good if that doesn’t fix the issue let us know”

    So no luck in Eastern NC

  22. Jeff says:

    I was on a promotional rate of $112 after taxes for digital cable, one HD DVR, 20/2 turbo, HBO + Showtime. My rate went up to $151. I called to request a better deal and was informed that they would do $135 plus taxes. I said this was unacceptable, and they said they have no other offers. I scheduled a cancellation, and received no follow-up call for days.

    I used the method listed here, contacting TWC via Facebook. They asked for my account number, looked up my service and said that it seems I’m already getting a heavily discounted rate. I said I did not want to pay the increased rate. I was told there was nothing they would do to accommodate me to keep me as a customer.

    I have FiOS in my area and TWC did not seem to care that I was going to leave for their competitor. Is it worth it to wait a couple of days until June to see if they have a different promotional offer? Is there someone in particular I should request on the phone to inquire if they’re really going to let me go? I’ve already had two CSRs tell me they don’t want to reduce my bill anymore. I’d be satisfied to continue paying the $112/mo including taxes.

  23. Jody says:

    I tried Facebook and Twitter and No Response from TWC but I didn’t get quick response from ATT&T and Directtv. I live on NC AND MY BILL IS AROUND $141 a month for hd, dvr and roadrunner. This is for just one room I have analog in my bedroom.

  24. Kel says:

    What is the latest best deal? We currently have phone & internet and are paying $72 and I wanted to add tv but the best deal I’m offered during chat is $146.

    • Are you getting letters in the mail every few weeks from TWC offering you a deal on adding TV service? These are usually common and often reflect a good starting point for negotiations. The last triple play deal I saw in March ran about $130 a month for 50/5, nationwide phone, and TV with whole house DVR, excluding Smithsonian, RFD, and Fox Movie.

      • Kel says:

        I haven’t seen anything lately. I saw on the website the $118 deal but when I try to check it, the offer is unavailable in my area.

  25. Deanna Esmaeel says:

    I live in Los Angeles and have internet only, I have been on a promotion for 6 months at 40.98 a month (but it has been slowly creeping up for some reason and is now about 45.00 a month. My daughter wanted her own modem and I went in to the office in my area and was told 1) the extra modem will cost 8.00 per month only AND 2) I could renew my promotion at the same price when the old promo expired, or July 1. SURPRISE! they installed the new modem and then told my daughter that now it would cost 55.00 plus 8.00 TIMES TWO!!! How do I get them to keep their word and not price gouge me? I have the name of the person I dealt with.

    • Loons in June says:

      Unfortunately a separate modem is a separate service and if you rent two modems that would be 2x$8.
      Shame about the confusion, but their is no gouging going on.

  26. Just tried it through Twitter and got told there is nothing they can offer. $176 a month and the service is sub par at best. Cable box freezes constantly, 50 mbps internet is more like 5 mbps.

  27. Kris M says:

    TWC screwed me when I tried to add TV and Tivo. I was paying $49.95 for standard internet only. I went into their portal and ordered the cablecard, TV service, and upgraded my internet to turbo. When I placed the order my monthly price on the order page was $63/mo. Of course TWC can’t let me get a decent deal so the phone calls started “please contact us about your order”. When I got on the phone with them they said my order through their system was invalid and they would not bundle it so now I have to pay $110/mo for both TV and standard Internet!!! I’m thinking of contacting them before I file an FCC complaint against them. They didn’t give me the cablecard rights that the FCC mandates onto them.

  28. Frank says:

    Do they give you the run-around about your phone service when you buy your own modem? When I was installed two years ago, they told me that my modem “wouldn’t work” because I also had phone service, and I have seen subsequently that they routinely tell people this, or tell them that their rate is dependent on renting their modem. How did you get around it?

    • You will end up keeping your existing modem for phone service only (at no charge) and your own purchased modem will supply Internet access only. It’s another reason why modem fees are ridiculous.

      In many areas, Time Warner installed a modem that handled both phone and Internet service, which is why they are telling you buying your own modem won’t work for both. They won’t provision voice telephone service on customer owned equipment in a lot of places last time I checked.

      Your service rate is not dependent on renting a modem or buying one. Only the modem rental fee is.

  29. Fred says:

    I bought my own modem over a year ago now. I had (and still have) TWC phone service. They let me keep their modem to continue using it for phone only. I had to buy a splitter to split the cable signal to both modems. Their modem only goes to the phone wiring, my modem goes to the computer network. There were no hassles whatsoever getting the new modem provisioned – 10 minutes on the phone.

  30. Dan says:

    Following the twitter method, I just received this response, which was not helpful:

    Thank you. After reviewing your account, I see the prior discount promos have expired & new ones have been placed on the account in their place. With the prior discounts no longer being offered, we’ve placed the next, best, available discounts on your account. Your prior balance on the account, before the old promos expired, was $111.98. With the new ones, your new balance = $133.08, which is a difference of $21.10. All services on your account show an active discount on them, there’s unfortunately nothing more that can be applied. The latest discounts will be in place till 5/26/16. If you wish to lower your bill further, changes to your requested services will need to be made to allow that to happen. ^JW

    • This is likely because Time Warner management has curtailed some of their most aggressive promos this year, so the ones you can get now cost a little more than the ones you could get last year.

      There is a brand new promo I’ve seen this week offering $89.99 for a triple play package including equipment (although I do not know what equipment) and I think a discount on a premium movie channel. That could form the basis of a new promo package. I suspect you are on a faster Internet tier than Standard so the price would be $89.99 plus an upgrade charge for faster Internet and whatever other equipment or services you’d need not included in that promo (check the TWC website).

      Also, Time Warner no longer waives their nuisance fees on promos, so expect to pay a Sports and Broadcast TV surcharge no matter what promo deal you have, which may also account for some of the $21.10 difference. My bill is not too far away from yours because of the two surcharges and the increase I managed to get credited back because they committed to a lower promo rate that expired before it was applied to my account. They gave me a lump sum credit for the difference, but going forward I’m at around the $130 range for 50/5Mbps, phone, and the usual big TV package with whole house DVR and one extra set top.

  31. David teyes says:

    I just got the Time Warner 12 months promotion package, tv, phone and Internet for $89.99.This inc. Epix. We do not watch Epix. Can I change to HBO,, or pay $ 9.99 for 12 months

  32. Eva says:

    Thanks for this website. You helped me save a lot of money. Thanks again.

  33. Angel says:

    I called TWC and they reduced my bill by $20 a month and they added DVR, STARZ, bonus channels, and upgraded my internet speed! Thanks for the help!! 🙂

  34. Nimesh says:

    In New York City guys. I am on a Triple play with 50Mbps Internet + HBO + Single DVR for about $143. Pretty good deal except we don’t use the Home Phone at all and figured the TV requirements could be satisfied with HD Antenna for a monthly fee of $0 and Hulu Plus for $8 a month. So I rang them up to remove TV + Phone and bring me to a Internet only package. To keep the same internet speed I am on they quoted $72. The introductory rate for the same speed is $34.99.

    So I wrote on the Facebook wall and got a response pretty quickly. I am expecting a call from the retention team now and will post on how it goes.

  35. Roy says:

    I’m a Dish subscriber. As best as I could tell, your Dish page covered only corporate issues. Do you have a page that discusses how to score deals from Dish? For the most part, I have found their reps range from unhelpful to user-hostile.

    This site is wonderful! The posts are helpful, well thought out and not smart-alecky. Keep up the good work.

  36. Matt says:

    In Hawaii, meaning there is no real competition. Had the (15/1) plan, and the Standard HD TV all after taxes $142. They were also charging me for the HD Entertainment Pak which was $6.95 a month. Interesting the first local rep I spoke to immediately took off the HD charge for 24 months. I was then transferred over to the real representatives.

    I spoke to a woman, and told her that the (100/5) plan and the current TV package we have that is being advertised on their website would actually be cheaper (at just under $100 before taxes) then what I was currently paying. She kept insisting that those two options were only for new customers. I said what if I drop all my services, leave and come back. She replied saying that I’d have to wait 30 days. I stated I would have no problem with that option. After hearing all of that she came back off hold and said she’d be willing to offer the same HD TV Pak and (20/2) for $98.95 before taxes. But on the TWC website it gave me an option to upgrade to (100/5) for $10 more per month. So I told the rep, listen if you tack on that upgraded internet we have a deal. She agreed and now I am paying $108.95 before taxes before their modem charge of $8.

    In the end we kept all the same TV Packages and upgraded our internet to the max, all while lowering our monthly bill.

    Going to call back later to haggle down the $108.95 to around $100 because that what the offer is on their website.

    Also I am 16, doing all of this for my parents. 🙂

  37. Peg Kirby says:

    Nothings works in Lincoln Nebraska. Our City Council will not let a competition in. I pay $140/month for channels 2-62 (and 7 are black out), a mandatory $3.50 a month for a golf channel I don’t watch and internet at minimum speed. That is no digital, extended channels or home phone. But TWC can advertise this wonderful package for $79/month. When you use your tactics they say fine and boom shut you off on phone. So not all TWC prices are equal, they go by regions. Now I have to pay for boxes too due to the Comcast merger that never happened.

  38. Dylan says:

    I’m a new Time Warner customer in CA. Just moved out of a Comcast region… hated that service. I’ve been using methods similar to this on my own for years, wish I had known about this website though. Any suggestions about negotiation tactics as a new customer or should I just take the introductory rate and not worry until prices jump a year from now? I’m wanting to get 10mb or better internet and standard TV (70+), website says $81 pre tax, including use of my own modem… is this really the cheapest I can expect? Is it worth it to push for free HD Box? This is a Great website btw.

  39. Sam says:

    I have to say you did not get a good rep. I currently work in the retention department and my job isn’t to slash services. It is to gain knowledge of what you want to do with our services in the future and what you are currently doing now with our services. What would make the next year more enjoyable so to speak.

  40. Denise says:

    I moved 1 year ago to another location and I am a triple play; includes internet 300/20 which I had the standard before which wasn’t fast enough to use with Netflix in my bedroom. Experienced a lot of down time and slow speeds since moved and I am on my 3rd modem. I dumped the TV service because they were removing local channels then jacked my bill up so stinking high. The deal wasn;t enough to keep me anymore so I went with Dish and I am thrilled. I saved almost $300 per year with Dish. No going back to TWC for the TV part.

    I also have the phone and recently added a security system. I have been with TWC for years, and each year always experienced a huge price raise and always called to either keep the price the same with a new promo. I went from $144.96 per month to $162.96, that is $216.00 more per year. I didn’t do the tweet as I didn’t see this website until after I spoke with them.

    I was able to keep everything the same and it was reduced to $139.08 per month +tax, saved $5.88 per month. I was told I still had to pay the higher price and that this new promo would be applied or credited on next month’s bill. I am still not very happy about it because the internet speed is not reliable however I work from home and can;t have the snail speed either. I already know the standard simply doesn’t work 15/1 mps.

    I think I will give the tweet part a try as I don;t have nor want a facebook page. Crazy how much we pay for this stuff now. Yes they tried to sway me back to the TV, but had them for 10 years or more in the past and in the end I still get more with Dish at only $120 per month, as to when I was paying for TWC standard TV, DVR, Internet was 2 up from the bottom speed, standard Modem, phone, in 2014 my bill was $189.00 per month, minus CBS, and a host of other channels they took away without adding anything else.

    TWC current promos aren’t very good, as I see you get less speed for a higher price then what I am paying now. They are not even offering the 300/20 speed anymore. AT&T offers $29.95 for only 3Mps, for 1 year. You get 6Mps with TWC for the same price.

    $59 Bundle Offer: For new residential U-verse customers. Price after bill credit for U-basic TV with HBO and Internet Power (45Mbps) however you pay a $99 instal fee. 250GB of data per month. An additional $10 charge per 50GB of data usage in excess of data plan applies. The kicker; Actual customer speeds may vary and are not guaranteed. Not that TWC guarantees either but they give a higher bottom speed.

    TWC bundle includes standard 200 channels +HBO, EPIX, home WiFi, DVR, $89.99 then you get a $300 Gift card, internet speed is only 30/5 mps, phone unlimited national, For me not very good concerning the internet speed.

    Speed test concluded I have 355/24. It all depends on what makes you happy right?

  41. Dan Dauer says:

    I have DirecTV, and I just moved my phone service to Ooma. My goal was to get my internet access to less than $50.00 a month as this is the only service that I would receive from TWC.

    I followed the directions here and I posted my request on FB. I was contacted nearly immediately, and I provided my contact information. (see copy below)

    I am an internet only customer and the TWC rep, Tim K., told me that he couldn’t do anything for me. I asked for a less expensive package on the TWC page and he told me that pricing was only for new customers.

    thank you for looking into this.
    I have already moved my phone service to OOMA, I am hoping to stay with Time Warner for High speed internet access.
    I am a very happy DirectTV customer so I don’t want to move. I just need internet access.
    My info is the following, thanks again for looking into this.

    I apologize for any poor experience. I’m seeing that the account is currently benefiting from a maximum discount of $20 per month. – Tim K

    me: right, I am going to cancel my phone service, I would be happy if my internet pricing didn’t change at all. How do I make that happen?

    I’m seeing that phone service has already been removed from the account. – Tim K
    me: Ok, can you tell me what my new monthly is with Internet only?

    Monthly rate is $75.99. – Tim K

    Me: that’s my whole point in contacting you, that’s way too much. I can get 50/5 for $34.99 a month on your website. can you set me up with that service?

    I apologize, that can only be applied to new accounts. I’m seeing that does not include the upgrade to Ultimate 100. – Tim K

    Me: Tim, then you made it clear that TWC can’t help me and that I will now cancel my internet access in addition to just canceling my Phone service.

    The account is currently benefiting from all available discounts. I apologize, but nothing further can be applied. – Tim K
    Me: ok, can you cancel my service through FB?

    Service cannot be canceled via Facebook. It would need to be canceled with an agent on the phone or in person by returning the modem to the local office. – Tim K

  42. Steve says:

    My TWC promotional rate ended on July 24… and my monthly rate… TV and internet… went from $141 to $155. I sent two tweets to @TWC_Help (and got no response) mentioning that TWC and ATT were charging new customers $89 for the same service. So I posted a Facebook message on the TWC Facebook page and the following exchange took place:

    If you have concerns about the service fees Steve, I can review your account to see if anything can be done. Please Private Message us the name, full address & phone # linked to the account. Also, if you have a preferred callback #, please list that as well… thanks. — Jay
    Steven Nesbit… 6912 Valley Haven Drive, Charlotte, NC, 28211… 704/366-5515.

    Thank you Steve. After reviewing your account, I see the prior discount promos you were on have expired & are no longer available to you. You’ve now been placed on the next, best, available promos per the services requested. As a result, your old monthly rate of $141.96/month has changed to $155.26/month, this is a difference of $13.30. All available discounts are in use on your account, nothing more can be provided. If you need to lower your cost further, changes to your requested services will need to be made. — Jay
    Wednesday 11:56am

    Jay… Thanks for checking and your speedy reply. I was hoping that for a long time TWC customer you would be able to offer a better rate. Since ATT does offer a better one ($89 for the same service) for new (switching) customers, I at least need to look into switching to them (or Google Fiber when it comes to our neighborhood).

    So I expressed my disappointment of this at @TWC_HELP… which ATT apparently trolls for unhappy TWC customers… and was invited on Twitter to contact by ATT to see about switching to them. Will probably call ATT on Monday.

  43. Joyce Weiner says:

    I’m a long time TWC customer in Brooklyn. Every year when I receive my rate hike, I’ve followed your instructions and sent a tweet to @TWC_HELP. They’ve always responded and offered a new promo price.

    Today I tried the same thing. Had a conversation with a rep, who said they didn’t have anything available at this time. I asked about ALL of their promos advertised online and on TV. No response… So, I asked if they would cancel my account. They responded with: a local rep would contact me AND if I still wanted to cancel, I should return equipment to their office.

    A rep called about an hour later to say they could offer me the same bundle for another year, since I’m a long time customer. But, the bundle is now $25 more than last year! So, how is that the same price?

    Their response this year seemed different. Maybe more customers are using social media so they’re not as inclined to make a deal.

    Looking for alternatives, like SlingTV. TWC has a monopoly in this neighborhood. My building will not allow a dish and Fios has not arrived yet.

    • There have been some price hikes in the last year on retention promotions, mostly thanks to programming-related increases, which have made it difficult to secure the same (or a lower) rate as last year. But $25 seems excessive. You might try negotiating a one-time credit to split the difference — there is leeway in negotiating one-time promotional credits to seal a deal with a difficult customer, so you could get the $25 knocked down to say $12.50 effectively if the rep will play ball.

      Other options are to explore different packages:

      You are in a TWC Maxx city, so if you are subscribed to a faster Internet tier, you might consider downgrading to Standard service, which is now 50/5Mbps which may be plenty enough speed. Bundles with that speed might offer a better deal as well.

      Also consider asking them to go over all of their packages and promos at the dollar level you are paying right now. You might find one that actually adds value with extra services without a significant price change (whole home DVR, faster Internet, better DVR, etc.) or something that drops channels you don’t watch anyway.

      If you don’t own your own cable modem, consider buying one and that will knock $8 off the bill each month as well.

      I sense no major shift away from promo deals, but some of these prices have been around for 2-3 years and with cable TV programming rates going up like crazy, they appear not to be sustainable anymore.

      New customer deals might also be an option if you can put the service in a spouse’s name. But consider those deals carefully because they sometimes don’t include equipment or have hidden extra fees. But try their website and build a package and see how it prices out.

      Verizon FiOS is supposed to be available city wide, but we all know it isn’t. When they do reach your building, you will find aggressive new customer pricing, but Verizon has gotten very stingy about renewing promo deals. So now most people either get a good retention deal from TWC or they bounce back and forth as “new customers” of Verizon and TWC every year or so.

      • Joyce Weiner says:

        Thanks for your advice, Phillip. Oddly enough, I logged into my TWC account this morning and they had knocked $10 off the bill. But, I’d still like to do better.

        I’ll try calling retention to see if we can come to a compromise. I also thought about opening a new account in my husband’s name but then I assumed we’d pay installation charges, so there might not be any savings.

        I’ll write again if anything changes. Thanks!

      • Joyce Weiner says:

        After getting the cold shoulder Monday on Twitter and calling TWC, I fortified myself this morning and called the Retention Dept. at TWC. It was an EXTREMELY pleasant call. Lasted about 30 mins. but definitely worth it! From the start, Chelsea examined my old bill and started hacking away at the new charges. Then, she handed it over to another rep, who continued to trim away. The result is approximately $5 more for the same exact service – Double Play Plus, 1 DVR, 1 reg. box, HBO, SHO, Ultimate 100 internet – $119 + taxes.

        I’ve always found social media to produce results but this year it was different. Their customer service reps proved to be more on the ball than their social media reps. Or, maybe it was the time of day, day of the week, who knows?

        • Or just the enthusiasm and interest of the employee you dealt with. I’m glad you managed to get a more reasonable offer.

          I ditched HBO and Showtime last year because I realized I almost never watched either. The current crop of endless comic book hero movies and CGI violence bore me to death, along with violence/special effects as a substitute for a good storyline. I have not missed either. But as long as you get a good price, I can see the value for some. Just watch out when the promo prices on the premium channels expire, which may happen before your deal ends.

  44. Sarah says:

    Tried the method on Twitter and Facebook with no reply. Any other suggestions?

    • As you may have seen in an earlier message, Joyce got good results calling TWC and connecting with customer retentions after threatening to cancel. I suggest striking while the iron is hot and giving that a shot. Maybe some of the Twitter reps are out on vacation.

      • Joyce Weiner says:

        Just a correction to Phillip’s last post. I did not take a harsh tone this time around and threaten to cancel. I did the opposite. I was as nice as I could be and they were, too. I told them my bill jumped xx and being a long time customer with BOTH residential and business class service, my budget did not allow for that increase and that I’d hoped they could find me a reasonable package. And, that’s when they began to give me credits, like $5 for being a good customer!

        Who knew?

        • Sorry if I misrepresented you, Joyce. To clarify: customers typically have to threaten to cancel to be transferred to the Customer Retentions department.

          I always advocate being polite, persistent, and persuasive and never taking a harsh tone or being rude to a CSR. I have found it much more useful to empower them to help me by saying things like, “is there anything you can do for me here?” because most people instinctively want to be helpful, especially to those people who are nice to them.

          As I said before, I am glad you got a good deal and it wasn’t a bad experience.

          • Joyce Weiner says:

            No problem, Phillip. In the past, I did threaten to cancel, but this time around, it didn’t seem to work. So, that’s when I switched course and luckily found two receptive CSRs.

            I really appreciate your advice and feedback. It’s saved me a lot of money over the years!

  45. Lesley says:

    Tried Twitter as well. TWC is quick to let their customers jump ship and head over to any other provider. I had asked for the previous promo pricing, sans Starz & Epics, and they wouldn’t budge.

    • See my response to Sarah above. One idea I’d suggest if you try and call this time around is to not insist on exactly the same promotion because if it expired, they take the path of least resistance and tell you it’s not available and get rid of you.

      Ask them to look at the services you have now and have them check it against their promo offers available right now and see if they can find a match. As a point of reference, premium movie channels can be added back later anytime at promotional pricing from TWC’s website so just don’t bother with them now.

      Let me know if that works better.

  46. Catherine says:

    I tried the Twitter method despite having Internet-only service (and zero desire to get phone or TV), and lo and behold, it worked! My promo rate of $49.99 had expired and my bill had shot up to $57.99. On the third tweet (in which I put something in front of the company’s handle so it would show up to more users, unlike reply tweets, which start with the handle), I got a response. (All were during business hours.) And then I got a call the same day, with the rep quickly and cheerfully offering the new-customer rate of Extreme Internet for $34.99 with no attempt to upsell me on extra services. (I should note that the day before, after my first two tweets, I had tried calling, and the rep said she did not have any offers she could extend me other than triple-play deals.) Very pleased with this turn of events! Thanks for the heads up!

    • Scott says:

      Catherine –

      What did you put in front of the companies handle so more people would see it? I’d be curious – I don’t really use Twitter.

      Thanks –

  47. Sam says:

    Well I used twitter and facebook and when I finally got a response, I was told I would receive a call. NOTHING. So I called with my assigned ticket#. I was told that since my current promotion is extended and new rate for Extreme Internet is $49.99. If I wanted to lower it, it would have to be a double service promo, cable + extreme internet or phone + extreme internet for $44.99.

    I just want to get another promotion for Extreme Internet at $34.99.

    • My guess is that promo expired. I now see $34.99 standard Internet promo pricing all the time, but haven’t seen that price for faster Extreme service. I wonder if you got this price back when standard Internet promos were priced at $29.99. It went up by $5 about two years ago.

      The $10 add-on price for television is very low… I wonder if that is broadcast basic. The $10 add on price for phone is what they’ve offered for months.

  48. Apryl says:

    I moved in June and my bill went from 64.99 per month to 77.99 per month after my 12 month promotional rate ended.

    I called and was transferred twice, but finally spoke with someone in customer solutions. He offered me a rate of 49.99 for Extreme Internet (same service I was using) plus $8/month for modem rental. In total, I will be paying less than my new customer promotional rate because I called.

    It was a huge time suck and challenging to deal with difficult customer service associates, but I was able to lower my bill.

  49. Kris Carver says:

    Hi there!

    Found this article today and thought maybe someone could answer some questions for me.

    Portland, ME here.

    My mom recently moved and she called TWC and got set up on her own. She got the triple play bundle with two extra set top boxes. Recently when I visited I tried setting up the twc tv app on her Samsung smart tv, but it said the account had locked access or she wasn’t subscribed to the app. However the app worked fine on her iPad. Also she is supposed to have DVR as they told her when first selling her on it, but when I went to use her DVR (yes it was a DVR box) it said she wasn’t set up for DVR services.

    She got her service installed mid July. Today I was on her account to try and figure out if there was a setting for DVR setup and noticed her bill for July and August is already at $375!! When she side up they quoted her the 89.99 promo price for the triple play. Am I missing something that makes this so outrageously expensive or is this how much standard cable is costing now?

    I’ve tweeted TWC today and hopefully I’ll hear back. Otherwise I’m going to have to call them for her. She hasn’t the slightest idea of what speed she needs for Internet and will easily let them up sell her to higher tier tv packages.

    She also doesn’t watch much more than local channels and a select couple cable networks. And doesn’t need ultimate Internet or home phone. Are there other bundles that may be better suited for her?

    So I guess my questions are:

    A month into service should the bill be this high?

    Is there in fact a user setting somewhere to enable the app to work on a smart tv/activating the DVR? Thanks again!

      1. Smart TV TWC TV app set up instructions are here: https://www.timewarnercable.com/en/support/faqs/faqs-tv/twctvapp/how-do-i-install-the-twc-tv-app-on-smart-hub.html

      Each app is independently written and may interact with TWC differently.

      1. It sounds like someone may have messed up your mom’s account. TWC bills one month in advance and if there was an installation charge, that could account for part of a high bill, because the first bill will include charges pro-rated for the partial month she had service plus the following month’s charges in full, but you should be able to review her invoices my logging into the My Services section of TWC’s website here: https://tridentity.timewarnercable.com?originalResourceUri=aHR0cHM6Ly9teXNlcnZpY2VzLnRpbWV3YXJuZXJjYWJsZS5jb20vbGFuZGluZy9pbmRleA%3D%3D

      Because of the complexity of your issue, I recommend sending a private “Direct Message” to @TWC_Help on Twitter.

      Start here: https://twitter.com/TWC_Help?lang=en

      In the upper rightish corner, click the Follow button to follow TWC_Help. Just to the left will be a round gear icon. Click that and a drop down box will appear. Select Send a Direct Message and you will be able to type a lengthy private message to TWC.

      Send them your mom’s name and address + account number + phone number. If you are authorized to speak to TWC on her behalf, you can include your phone number as well. Otherwise you will need you mom on the line when you speak to TWC.

      Let them know you think someone may have made a mistake setting up her account and want to go over the charges step by step.

      1. The offer that offers the best value at the moment is the $89.95 triple play deal:

      Preferred TV

      Includes one HD Box (but the DVR and DVR service is extra)
      EPIX® with the EPIX® app
      Watch TV on your schedule with Start Over® and 19,000+ On Demand titles
      Watch TV online or on your favorite devices with the TWC TV® app

      Note: This TV service includes one standard HD set top box, but price does not include taxes or other fees. Adding the DVR adds $10 a month.

      Extreme Internet

      Download speeds up to 30Mbps and upload speeds up to 5Mbps
      Home WiFi Service Included
      Access to 400,000+ TWC WiFi® Hotspots nationwide
      Free Internet Security and Parental Controls software

      Note: Internet service does not include equipment, which means unless she buys her own cable modem, there is a $8 monthly modem rental fee, which in this case is their modem and wireless gateway/router (buy your own modem — our recommendation is the Motorola 6141 which is $90 new from Staples/Best Buy/Walmart, among others or around $68 refurbished from eBay) (http://www.ebay.com/itm/ARRIS-SURFboard-SB6141-DOCSIS-3-0-Cable-Modem-Certified-Refurbished-/371411637976?hash=item5679dbd6d8). You can also buy a 3-yr warranty from Squaretrade for $11 on refurb modems sold on eBay — you’ll see a small checkbox under the price)

      Phone w/Voicemail (If she’ll never use it, it may still make sense to have it for the bundle price — just don’t bother hooking it up)

      Includes unlimited calling to the U.S., Canada, Mexico, China, Hong Kong, India and U.S. territories
      Extend your Home Phone service onto your smartphone with the Phone 2 Go app
      Many popular free calling features, such as Caller ID and Call Waiting
      Manage your Home Phone features with VoiceZone®
      Access your messages even when you’re not home with Voicemail
      Monthly fee includes equipment
      Allows access to call other countries for additional per-minute fees
      Keep your same phone number or get a new one

      I played around with various new customer offers and found they cost more than the $89.99 promo noted above, either because they don’t include any equipment or they bundle even faster Internet speeds your mom does not need.

      Here is the order I ended up with that most closely matches what you described:

      Monthly Charges

      Package Price per Month for 12 Months $89.99
      Preferred TV Included EPIX Included

      Enhanced DVR Box $10.00 per Month

      Extreme Internet Included
      Wireless Gateway with Free Home WiFi $8.00 per Month

      Home Phone National Included
      Voicemail Included

      Total Monthly Charges $107.99
      One-Time Charges $0.00

      The price drops by $8 if you buy your own modem. Their modem offers Wi-Fi in the home. If you don’t have a router already, you can find a serviceable one like this (http://www.amazon.com/TP-LINK-TL-WR841N-Wireless-Router-300Mpbs/dp/B001FWYGJS/ref=lp_300189_1_1?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1439832040&sr=1-1) from Amazon.com for around $20.

      If Charter successfully buys Time Warner Cable, they currently do not charge modem fees so that rental charge would presumably will go away sometime next year. I still tell people to buy their own modem.

  50. Teresa Yang says:

    I want to avoid rising price. Can switching to Earthlink for half year and then back to time warner cable for half year keep me a “new customer” and therefore avoid the rising rate? If I jumped to EarthLink for half year and back to TWC, would TWC count me as a new customer and give me promotional rate?

    • You can bounce back and forth between Earthlink and Time Warner Cable and enroll under a new customer promotion each time, over and over and over. You may find if you tell Time Warner you are switching to Earthlink because of their better price, they might just renew your current promo rate for another whole year without having to go to Earthlink after all. But this doesn’t always happen.

      Earthlink and TWC service is indistinguishable from each other performance-wise. The only thing you don’t get with Earthlink is a Time Warner e-mail address. Most people use Gmail or Yahoo! for their email and stopped using ISP-provided email 5-10 years ago. I highly recommend people moving away from ISP-provided email so you can freely change providers without going through e-mail address change headaches each time.

      • Teresa Yang says:

        So TWC gave me 45.99 instead of 49.99 after I negotiated with the agent (my new customer promotional rate was 39.99 for 20 mbps internet). Earthlink gives me 39.59/mon for the first 6 months but tax is not included.
        Would TWC give me new customer promotion if I came back and ordered the same package (lets say the 20mbps internet) I had had before I left for Earthlink?

        • $45.99 is still too high for me. I’d proceed to Earthlink. As far as I know, there is no tax on Internet service no matter where you buy it, so if TWC isn’t charging you tax, Earthlink will not either. TWC will bill you directly for Earthlink service.

          After the six months are up (set a calendar reminder a week or two before the six months are up), you will call TWC and say you want to sign up for their Internet as a new customer and you will get the new customer price in effect at that point.

          • Teresa Yang says:

            In the letter from TWC, it states “you have a $39.99 per month, which includes your promotion and any additional services and equipment you have ordered. Your promotion is ending soon.” and from now on, “you will have $49.99 per month (not including taxes, equipment, broadcast, and other surcharges).” Doesn’t that mean in my second year, I need to pay monthly $49.99 + whatever taxes that apply? Earthlink said I don’t need to cancel my service from TWC unless their installer inform me to do so. Does that still make me a new customer to TWC after I come back from Earthlink?

            • The “taxes” referred to in the letter apply to cable television and phone service, not broadband.

              The letter means, in your case, you will pay $49.99 a month starting in year two.

              Changing to Earthlink involved a few mouse clicks at Time Warner. No installer visit or modem change is required. It’s all done over the phone at takes less than 5 minutes.

              Once you are an Earthlink customer, Time Warner no longer considers you one of their broadband customers, which makes you eligible to return later as a “new Time Warner Cable broadband customer.”

              • Teresa Yang says:

                Thank you very much! I just double checked with TWC and researched some document on New York state sales tax, which states that internet fee is exempted from tax. So I guess I don’t need to worry about tax. I switched to Earthlink and the installation process only included a phone call with Earthlink, which then redirected me to TWC’s installation line. TWC agent told me to unplug my modem and replug it after 15min, which should do me right to transform line to Earthlink.

                Now I am connecting to the Internet again. However, I am so not sure if I am right now using the internet signal under TWC or Earthlink’s name ( I know they are sharing broadband but nothing really happened except I unplugged and replugged…). Is there a way to figure out who I am with? I am worried that bills would come from TWC and Earthlink at the same time because I did not call TWC to cancel my service (TWC installer said I don’t need to call for cancellation) .One thing that worries me is a line from the Earthlink contract “any existing Time Warner Cable Internet customers may not be eligible for introductory promotional pricing with EarthLink powered by Time Warner Cable.” I chatted with Earthlink agent and she said $39.95 is my price. I didn’t go through the online order process. Everything is processed through Live chat.

  51. Ab21 says:

    I followed your tips and after a few DMS via Twitter looks like I’ll be getting over $500 credit back! Thank you!

  52. Nicole says:

    During business hours, I left a message on the time warner Facebook page saying I was disappointed with the company because my bill went up with the annual review, new customers were being offered 49.99 a month and it wasn’t fair, prices should be the same for everyone. I also stated I was looking into Netflix and Dish network right now. They commented and asked me to give them my account details via private message, then told me that when I was a new customer, I would have enjoyed their new customer rates at that time, and that my new rate was still a savings of 33$ per month over the regular retail price. I asked if there was anything that could be done about the price before I switch to satellite, and she said someone would look over my account and contact me within 3 business days. I got a call 2 days later on a Saturday and they offered me the same rate I’ve been getting, 110 for internet and cable with one cable box + their modem rental. Had I not done this, I’d be paying them 133$ or switching to crappy satellite. Thanks for the advice on your page

  53. Diane says:

    I have found that you don’t even need to post anything on Facebook or Twitter. Just private message the info on Facebook. I did that and received a voicemail saying “Thanks for posting on social media”, which I did not… and news that my bill was now about where it was a year ago. Easy peasy.

  54. Sharon says:

    So what would be the method if I currently have cable only with TW but am willing to switch phone/DSL? Also, are there any current gift card offers to add on to the deal?

  55. AC says:

    I have basic internet with them. I followed instructions for both twitter and Facebook and no response. That of course is what I suspected would happen.

  56. Sharon says:

    I currently only have cable, this was their Twitter reply to me

    “After review of the account I see that services are currently discounted at the rate of $92.18.
    You are saving $25 off of the full retail rate. At this time we do not have any other promotions available. ^SS

    so I wanted them to know that I am open to a bundle, so I replied:

    “Bummer. AT&T has been bombarding me with bundle offers, gift cards, free premiums, etc.”

    No reply. Any suggestions?

  57. Tom says:

    Tom in Rochester NY area here.

    I had a two year deal for 15 up 1 down internet for $29.99 that ended September ’14. They took it up to $34.99 at that time and I didn’t make a stink. Now they want $44.99 starting September ’15. I tweeted @TWC_Help twice (both during business hours) and no response either time.

    Think I should I call or visit the local service center? Or just switch to Earthlink (current promo for 15 up 1 down is $29.95 for six months, then $41.95)?

  58. Martha F says:

    This advice is fantastic. I got a call from TW saying my bill would increase from 143/mo to 179/mo. I asked if there was any discounts/promotions I could get and they told me no. I went to FB messenger and requested promotions and/or discounts and again was told there were none available. I said I was switching to Verizon/Fios. They said to wait and someone from Sales would be in contact with me. Within hours I received a phone call and lo and behold two discounts materialized suddenly and I am now going to be paying 88./mo for the next year. I would say I spent a total of 15 minutes of my time and I am saving over 1,000 for the year.

  59. Luigy says:

    This is scummy and messed up, my friend works in twc retention and they get hammerd when they give up money. When u guys do this just because you dont wanna pay for services that you enjoy but dont see the value off. Your taking money from hard working people on the other line of the service. Not only that they dont get paid 14$an hour they get paid 11 an hour and commision but commision is based on this how much money u give away. Some people are lucky to come out of there earning 1000 a month. Most other companies offer contracts and when u brake contracts leave u with a hole in your pocket of 300-400 dollars. I know its just cable but this is why our world is the way it is. Every one wants everything for nothing.

    • Peg Kirby says:

      Nothing in Lincoln NE works as there is zero competition. They are horrible rude people. Their base prices are almost twice of those markets with competition.

      So you ideas are worthless, no one I know of here gets any deals.

    • Jimbo says:

      Not really, it’s capitalism. And at least in my area they start at $12/hr plus night differential and get $2.50 in raises over the next two years. Not to mention the perks and benefits including free cable, Internet, phone, and security. Also from my understanding it is not commission but performance pay( ie does the customer have to call back for the same issue would go against you). Either way a good job that as long as you are good to customers can provide decent pay and benefits.

  60. nolan says:

    What if the promotion they claim you are currently on is some token 10-20 off leaving you with $230 before taxes and fees, and was automatically started as they claim after our original affordable promotion expired? This sounds like a trick they’ve started so they can claim you are “benefiting” from a promotion already. We want to downgrade and pay a lot less. So far we have got no replies after following your advice.

  61. Dan says:

    I Currently have no Premium channels, and 15 mb internat and am paying $179 a month. I followed this advice and got connected with a Technical person who said to “reboot my modem to get faster speeds”. I said I feel like its way to expensive and he said should I cancel your service? Is there any way to escalate via Twitter or get directly to Customer Retention?

  62. Scott says:

    Okay – in the past I’ve negotiated what I considered a fair price for my services. We have little to no competition in our area so hence my “fair price” comment. We have Dish and DirecTv and Frontier DSL.

    I have been paying $145 for:
    Preferred TV with Home Phone National
    Includes: Starter TV, Standard TV, Variety Pass, Home Phone National, Voicemail
    Time Warner Cable Promotion Includes: DVR Service
    Time Warner Cable Promotion Includes: HD Set-Top Box
    The Guide
    1 The Guide @ 3.27
    HD-DVR Set-Top Box
    Standard Internet
    Ultimate Internet Upgrade
    Add’l Outlet Service (no idea what this is)

    I own my own modem, so no modem fees.

    My bill just jumped to $197 via a letter stating it was going to go up on 9/18. I tweeted and the response I got was that I was already getting a mason $106.xx in discounts. I said I won’t be after 9/18 and he said yes, you are getting more than that currently. We chatted back and forth and no love what so ever.

    I called the number on the letter a first attempt was dropped to $177.xx. I asked her what the process was to just keep Internet and I could subscribe to Hulu (we already do – but my point was I could TV from there because she knows we don’t watch live TV, we watch the PVR) and she said before I give you that information,let me talk to my supervisor to see if he has a package because I have been a customer who pays there bill on time, etc etc etc. Came back with$157.xx. I push some more and no dice. And, not that I really care, they took away STARZ.

    Then I Facebook direct messaged and was told the discounts that were applied tonight we’re better than what they could have gotten me down to.

    I was at $110 in 2013 ramping up slowly. Our ultimate internet is only 50mbps service because that’s all they offer.

    Should I just lick my wounds or are my feelings justified that I am still over paying.

    Any other ideas or help is extremely welcome! Appreciated. -Scott

  63. Jim B says:

    Currently very frustrated with TWC. Tried Twitter was told could only drop $4 bucks. Called to cancel all services and was offered $300 gift card after 90 days if I stayed. Was ok with that figuring that more than offsets the increase from promo rate to current rate. Today I got the postcard with the registration info for the reward card (because nothing is easy with these guys) and upon registering find out I’m only getting $150. Called had to be transferred and was told they had down only $150. When I called a week ago I confirmed 3 times that it was $300. They either lied to me or are incompetent. After they told me it was only 150 they shipped it off to a billing specialist who has essentially reopened the promo and sent it back to retention to be fixed. This person tells me someone should call but if they don’t by next week I should call back. If I have to call a third time they better have a freebie to give me. This whole process has been a joke. Should have just cancelled.

    • James says:

      PLEASE READ!!!
      All who plan on becoming potential TWC customers.
      The “Promotional” or “Retention” gift cards TWC has both previously and currently offer, of any dollar amount ($150,$200,$300, etc.), does not exist. PLEASE, to all who read, do not fall for this bait. Their intention is to make a package sound or look appealing to entice many to sign up for a “promotional Visa gift card”. The following needs to take place, and after you diligently follow their requirements and stipulations, you still will not see what was advertised or promised to you (no joke!), as far as the gift card is:

      1.) You obviously need to cancel services with your current provider and send “proof of cancelation” from your current provider to TWC.
      2.) Wait for your redemption code either by mail, or email. Keep a close eye out for it, as you only have 30 days to register your “redemption code”, then keep your account in good standing with TWC for 90 days to receive your visa gift card.
      But regardless, you will not see it. The redemption code registered, goes through a third party (TRISTAR), who also lies by giving you the same BS claim TWC will give you. BOTH, will tell you that “You are ineligible because you changed your services or promotion during the 90 waiting period”, I done no such thing. I kept my end of the requirement and am still 6 months later, trying to get my $300 gift card + $100 “inconvenience credit” for not receiving the card. I am 6 moths into this process and still fighting to get what was promised but more so advertised.
      3.) In this step, well…., you can want your gift card in one hand (empty handed), and receive BS on the other.
      4.) At your discretion, call and call and keep calling to no avail get no where. You will still get the same BS story and receive nothing. All They will do is keep sending you to their “ESCALATIONS” team for review, don’t count on a return phone call. If you keep calling, they will only generate a ticket # after ticket #, for the same process and results. They will also try to credit your account for $300 (which, goes back to TWC wallet) so no loss on their part but also not much of a gain on your end but 3 months of no charges. I would rather have the $300 visa gift card “to spend how I like”, not give it back to them, which is what they want for their own gain or nothing lost for them.
      5.) I wish all who go after the “Gift card promotion” the best of luck as I have had none, and not to make it personal. But now, TWC has an obligation to fulfill to me in the form of $300, not a credit, before I report them to the FTC and BBB for resolution.

  64. Chris says:

    Alright just spent my Saturday talking with them. First I spent about an hour on their live chat talking to five or so people (got sent to different “departments”) trying to get them to give me the $89.99 promo rate listed on their website. Push came to shove they said I had to call, which I did.

    We currently pay $158/m for Started TV, Standard TV, HD pass, Variety pass, DVR Service, 1 DVR box.

    First representative gave me the run around; tried lowering my service and all the typical things. I didn’t bite and I plainly stated several times I wanted my bill lowered and to increase the services or I am canceling period. Was put on hold a lot and somehow my call got dropped. So, I called back.

    After a discussion with the second gentlemen I was offered the same TV services we have with an upgrade to Extreme internet and home phone service for $122/m + one time $20 fee to set up the phone.
    So a couple hours dealing with them will save us $36/m.
    It still is not the deal Phillip got and I am in a Rochester suburb; Fairport NY.

    My intention was to cancel if they would not give me the $89.99 promotional rate and just resub after the 30 days went by but my wife wasn’t on board with that.

    • The deal I got was much earlier this year and they’ve raised prices on promotions since that time. It now runs between $125-135 Prices will probably drop somewhat again by the time Thanksgiving gets here.

      You don’t have to wait to resubscribe by the way. If you were to cancel service in your name and start a new account in your wife’s maiden name, there should be no waiting period required to do so. It is a hassle though.

      The $89.99 promo rate may not always include equipment like set top boxes, so getting an out the door price of around $120 if you have a DVR for example is still a reasonably good deal.

  65. Valerie says:

    Hi – I have tried calling 3 different times to get TW to lower my bill after it went from $119.97 to $154 after a few promo prices expired. No one gives a damn if I cancel after being a customer for 11 years. I don’t know if it’s b/c they know they have no competition in my area (and I’m not allowed to have a satellite dish).

    If I do cancel and wait the 30 days to sign up again, will I have to pay any kind of activation charge? They had told me that a rep had to come to my apt complex to shut the service off, will I have to pay a service charge for them to come back to turn it on again?

  66. Kristen says:

    I posted to TWC Facebook regarding my promo expiring, raised rates and the fact that Fioptics is now available for $50 less etc… All I got in response was an 800# to call and when I replied that I could not call at this time, Frank told me that I can return my equipment at any retail store to cancel. Guess I have to cancel or spend hours on the phone to save few $

    • Valerie says:

      Why don’t they care that people are canceling anymore? It’s almost like they want everyone to cancel….. does it have anything to do with the merger with Charter?

      • Jose says:

        It is possible that the pending merger with Charter are causing internal company procedures to change. Now to negotiate a new promotion, they send calls over to their Customer Relations department. The company is definitely playing hard ball with letting those who cancel go.

  67. Jose says:

    Heads up, very recently the Social Media Team at Time Warner Cable no longer has the ability to put people on new promotions for active accounts. They make you call in your promotions inquiries via a 1 800 number they provide. I tried calling in for a new promotion and they are getting very stingy over pricing.

    • The social media team never really had the authority to directly sell promotions. They forward the requests to a regional/division manager to deal with.

      From looking at TWC’s Facebook page, they are now pushing people to call 1-800-892-4357, which is the national TWC number. From there, you will end up at a TWC Retention call center.

      Your arguments to them are still going to be the same. They will start by trying to cut down your services. Tell them to stop trying, you want the same or better service for a lower price or you are canceling service. They will give you a minor promotional offer first most of the time. Ask them if that is really the best they can do (usually the first offer isn’t their best). If they stammer, ask them if they would like some time to research their promotions and call you back. Tell them that gives you time to go and find some boxes and rubber bands as you prepare to disconnect your cable equipment to take to the local Time Warner store tomorrow to cancel your service. Let them know you are scheduling an install appointment with the new provider later today, so time is of the essence.

      Your target rate should approximate the new customer price for service. Don’t fixate on services or a single dollar amount. Sometimes a few dollars either way can get you a much better package, even if it includes something like phone service you don’t want or need. TWC has fixed promotions. The key is to fit you into the best one that works for you.

  68. Frugal1SBM says:

    I received the annual letter that my 20/2 Internet only package promotion was elapsing and I would begin being billed $52.99 instead of the current $42.99 a month which includes an equipment charge for modem of $8 and wifi charge of $5.

    I went to a TWC center to return my combo modem/router intending to drop down to their modem and use my own router. I decided to drop their modem as well and go buy one at Best Buy. They countered with a monthly package of $39.99 after removing equipment charges. This is not any better than they already notified me. I went to the TWC center in Amherst, NY.

    I will get the new equipment set up and then try again through the Facebook connection, I am nearing retirement and since my husband entered assisted living with dementia my income has been severely impacted. Cutting the cable by adding a TV antenna, Netflix streaming only, Ooma phone service and negotiating rates each year has been one of my spending approaches in order to not raid my retirement savings.

    I am in a work from home program with my employer so cutting my only internet provider is an empty threat. I did check to see if Earthlink is offered to me and it is. However I was informed I would have to have a 30 day lapse between TWC and Earthlink since they are a TWC affiliate and will not honor the new customer rate. Verizon has not come to my zip code yet. Earthlink is advertising $29.99 for 20/2 service in my zip code.

    Any suggestions?

    • Frugal1SBM says:

      This is what I have posted on the Time Warner Facebook page following your instructions above. During the day today Earthwatch has amended their Website making the package I am looking at $39.95 instead of $29.95. However in doing a comparison I noticed TWC has an $8 fee added to their $44.99 pkg which makes it $52.99 / mo. Earthwatch does not.

      Facebook posting:
      I was informed my 20/2 Internet service is going up 23% at a time when real income and interest rate inflation are under 1%. The increase is extreme. I am searching out alternatives and have replaced the TWC equipment and will return it this week. I have found another vendor who can offer me a better rate with no add-on fees. Can you do better?

      • That $8 is probably the modem rental fee, which I believe also now applies to Earthlink customers. All can avoid it by buying your own cable modem. We continue to recommend the Motorola (now Arris) 6141.

        • Frugal1SBM says:

          I bought the Motorola SB6121 at Best Buy’s suggestion. I can exchange with in the first 30 days. What is the benefit to the 6141?

          After working with Tech support to get switched I see my account charge has dropped to $37.72 for the next period, I assume there is some prorating which is why it is not the $39.99 discussed with TWC center customer service. There has been no response from the Facebook posting. Do you think this is likely the best I can do?

          • The 6141 supports more bonded channels, and faster speeds. You are effectively future-proofing your modem from obsolescence for at least 4-5 years with the 6141. I suspect the 6121 will not be as lucky after 2-4 years. Time Warner approves the 6121 only at speeds of 50Mbps or below. Since Charter’s entry level speed is 60Mbps, if the merger with TWC is approved, your modem may be useless within 30 months.

            TWC bills 30 days in advance and pro-rates. For TWC Standard Service, I’d keep an eye out for a $34.99 promo and demand that when it re-appears. Lately they have been pushing $39 promos in a lot of areas. Anything that saves you money is a good deal. The challenge is to find a better one, so keep your eyes on TWC’s website.

    • Valerie says:

      Being trapped by outrageous rates is happening b/c there is no competition. All these huge companies have monopolies in a certain area so consumers have nowhere else to go. In my case, it’s Time Warner – right now they are the only cable provider in my area.

      Maybe if we all filed complaints with the FCC about that (they’re the ones that are supposed to regulate things like that, aren’t they?), it would make the cable / internet providers nervous enough to at least offer us better deals when we contact them.

      I had read that even though the FCC doesn’t handle individual complaints, it does keep track of them, and getting enough of them could trigger an investigation. They then contact the providers, who don’t like getting complaints forwarded to them from the FCC….

      • Greg says:

        Time Warner Cable’s acquisition by Charter Communications is pending before the FCC and various state regulators. Your thoughts can be added to the record in these proceedings. Negative comments do not help their case to be purchased.

  69. The original article has been updated to reflect recent policy changes at Time Warner Cable. You will now be negotiating for a better deal by phone, but we’ve got your back.

    • Greg says:

      Darn. I just started the back and forth on Twitter with TWC_help before I saw this update from this morning. His first reply to me was to call a phone number. His second reply was to the same phone number. Waiting on his 3rd reply when I told him to have a person call me with an offer. I will report back. But, since I have no wired broadband choice but TWC and I’m sure they know that from their database, it will be interesting to see how far I get. BTW – I’m a double play customer.

  70. Bill says:

    I’m always late to the party:

    TWC Help ‏@TWC_Help 24m24 minutes ago

    @StablemanE My apologies W E, we do not handle these types of issues via this channel. Please call 1-800-892-4357. ^JW

  71. TWC_SoCal_Customer says:

    Just wanted to relay my experience from calling TWC today.

    Background: I had tried the Twitter route last week and got the response to call 1-800-892-4357. My current plan:

    Extreme Double (Preferred TV w/ Variety Pass and Extreme Internet 50 Mbps down/5 Mbps up) for ~$132

    So I called TWC, after getting to the customer retention department, the customer representative started asking questions about my usage (what channels I like to watch, what do I use the internet for, etc.). She then came up with the following offer (good for one year):

    Preferred TV (same channel lineup)
    200 Mbps down/20 Mbps up

    for ~$116 (after all taxes and fees, supposedly)

    Since I was looking to get the bill reduced below $100 again and wasn’t really looking to upgrade, I asked if I could get an estimate for a bundle with lower speed internet, but she would not, repeatedly saying that this was the only offer she could present. I told her I’d think it over and call back. So after calling back, I got the same questions about usage by the second representative. This time I was offered the opportunity to get my current plan (Extreme Double) for the original promotional out-the-door price of ~$115. Since it was only a $1 difference, I opted for the upgraded package with extra urgency to remember to call back to cancel/renegotiate before all those updated services revert to full price.

    My takeaways:

    – It seems that the customer reps have some kind of form that they fill out based on your usage answers that spits out a bundle offer.
    – Their strategy seems to be to get you hooked on higher levels of service
    – Getting them to change that bundle offer or put one together a-la-carte is like pulling teeth.
    – If you’re looking for a “down-graded” offer, you’ll want to tailor you answers accordingly (e.g. say you only watch local/basic channels/only e-mail and browse the internet)

    Hope that helps some of you.

  72. Glenn says:

    I just signed up for TW internet service. A few things:
    1) Check the internet price first. It was lower than the price the operator quoted me.
    2) DON’T pay the installation fee. They will waive it for you. If not, at least have them match the online price, which is ~$15 compared to ~$40.

    Does anyone know what a good speed is for home use? I live alone and use the internet for streaming TV and general web browsing.


    • Frugal1SBM says:

      I have their 20 Mgp / 2 Mgp Internet plan and recently switched to my own hardware to drop their monthly equipment charges and taxes. I have tried to drop down to the lower speeds and it caused issues with working from home through a VPN connection.

      We run several laptops and stream Netflix through a Mohu channel box that hooks my antenna and internet through one controller to the TV (like a Roku, but Mohu supports antenna).

      To get this you have the Basic plan and upgrade with Turbo speed step up. The new rate is suppose to be $39.99 next month. I can’t confirm it yet as I received some credits for returning equipment this month. I am watching to see if they offer some incentive lower in the holiday period. I

  73. Valerie says:

    Just wanted to add my experience to the mix…… my promotional rates expired in August and my bill increased by $35 a month to $154 for 50 mpbs internet and Preferred TV with DVR.
    I had called and spoken to about 4 different reps over the course of a month who didn’t care at all if I cancelled, and then saw this site and the comments about using Twitter and Facebook.

    I’m not on Twitter, and hate Facebook, so I tried giving them a negative review on Yelp. I got a response saying I should message them on Facebook (can’t avoid FB!), so I trotted over there and in addition to messaging them, posted my very negative experiences with the customer service and pricing.

    I was then given a number to call for their ‘customer advocate team’. We were now into October. But I did get a very nice rep who finally offered me the same package I currently have (instead of telling me to downgrade services) at the previous promotional rate of $119 after taxes.
    I took it. But just the thought of having to battle all over again next year when the rate expires again is exhausting!

    Also, while all this was going on, I noticed that I now have less recording space on my DVR after one of their ‘re-initializations’. I asked about it, and was told it wasn’t on purpose but that a tech would need to come to my home to look at the unit. A reboot didn’t set it back. But to be honest, I’m so worn out from dealing with them that I’m putting off on having a tech come out for now…..
    It shouldn’t be so hard to get a fair rate!

    • FredH says:

      @Valerie – Do you know by how much your DVR space was reduced? I have read in different forums (not sure which now it was a while ago) that TWC has increased the buffer they use for pausing and going back on live shows. A long time ago I think it used to be an hour….then a few years ago they changed it to something like 15 minutes, and I think they have now lengthened it to 30 minutes (or something like that).

      They use the DVR hard drive to store that buffer, so if they have reserved space for a larger buffer, your space available for recordings will be reduced. However, I wouldn’t think it would go down by much, maybe 1 or 2% of total space at most.

      If you lost more than that – there’s something else going on with your box.

      • Valerie says:

        Thanks – there must be something going on with my box…. 🙂 I only had about 50 hours or so of recording time in the first place, but now it’s down to about 35.
        Sigh….. always something with them (TWC).

  74. Mike D. says:

    I called Time Warner today to ask when our yearly promotion expires (next month) since we would most likely be changing to Direct TV before the end of the period. Of course they forwarded me to the Retention department. I repeatedly mentioned that this was a matter of the cost for fixed income customers, but all I could negotiate after being pleasant but firm was the Standard TV package (no premiums) and Extreme Internet for $141.41 per month (including taxes and fees). (We have an enhanced DVR and one extra box).

    This seems like a very high price to us considering what other people are experiencing. TW was not budging at from that price at all and seemed unconcerned that we would probably cancel. Too, it seems to me that we we should have at least gotten some consideration for being perfect customers for almost 20 years.

    • Jose says:

      My suggestions are to go to the TWC website to price out what you want as if you were a new customer. Whatever the price comes out to be, that can be a starting point in the negotiations. In addition, if that one rep did not help you to your satisfaction, give twc a call again so you can speak to a different agent. If you absolutely have to, cancel them and go to direct tv. I can bet that after that, they will give you a bigger discount (do as a last resort).

  75. JCS says:

    This might work if you get someone new on the phone or something, but now they won’t budge on your bill. You can threaten to cancel and leave and all they’ll say is “Okay, sorry to see you go, we already have billions of dollars, bye bye now”.

  76. Hussainx says:

    Is it just me or does anyone else feel that TWC have NO actual pricing structure or are basically lying on their website. Here’s my story:

    I tweeted TWC back in May (24th?) and got a call back from Rick who gave me the currrent promotional offer for new customers. Basically I have the full Triple Play (Preferred TV, 300Mbps and Home Phone) plus I’m leasing all my equipment (I know I should buy a modem but can’t seem to decide which – I need the best speed) plus some extras and IntelligentHome Security and paying about $260 all together (used to be under $230). Anyways Rick upgraded me to 300Mbps for free and reduced my bill to “about $210 included Taxes and fees.”

    My household basically streams maybe 90% of the TV we watch so I’ve been toying with cancelling the TV package for ages but was happy to take the $50 discount until I finalize doing some upgrades to make streaming more seemless (i.e universal remote and specific Roku/Apple TV commands etc.). To my surprise my next bill came and there was no change as I discussed with Rick. I went into a TWC store and told them the story and they said I wasnt eligible to get a new promotion until September because I have to wait 3 months after my existing promotion (if thats what they can call it) expires to get a new one. I thought, thats BS but ok I’ll wait a few more months. Was travelling in Sept/Oct and so ended up calling today.

    Called the 888 number above and was told because I have Intelligenthome I have to call a different number because they can’t touch bundles with IH. Called 855 892 4444 and said I’m paying too much. The guy asked me some questions during and said there is not a much better deal he can give me. I asked him ok what would it cost me per month if I just wanted Internet and Security (no TV and no homephone). Now the website shows 300Mbps internet only for $64.99 for new customers down from $69.99 after 12 months. I also know I’m paying $33.99 for IH security vs $39.99 for “non tripleplay customers”. So 69.99 + 39.99 = $109.98 plus taxes and fees etc.

    This is what shocked me; The rep says that if I unbundle I will pay 39.99 for IH (agreed) and $57.99 for basic internet (Wait, WHAT!), the 300Mbps “upgrade” will be an additional $50 (??) so I’m looking at $147.98 plus taxes and fees. Does that make sense to anyone? I’m genuinely asking. I asked the rep and he’s like “we don’t control the pricing on the website and that might include some allowances what we can’t use” or words to that effect.

    Very hard to be smiling thru this but I then said I called back in May and told him the story above. He said let me look into that and I was on hold for about 20 mins after which he basically said the offer I got in May was for 200Mbps and not including taxes (while I specifically have a spread sheet with the breakdown from May because I asked how much every bit of the new bill would be). Effectively he said he will recreate the same bundle as in May and ungrade to 300Mbps which would cost me just over $240 including taxes and fees. At this point I felt like I was being taken for a sales ride so I said thank you and will try my luck at the TWC store or call again tomorrow.

    But yeah, if anyone has any idea what 300Mbps internet and Intelligent home only costs in Los Angeles, or can give me a logical explaination for the vastly different price of internet for new customers vs existing “unbundler’s” I’d really appreciate some insight. Sorry bout the long post but thought I’d share.

    • Valerie says:

      Hey – I’m not in your area, so can’t help with pricing, but just wanted to suggest you post a bad review of TWC on your local Yelp site and on Facebook. That’s what I did out of frustration after getting no help for over two months, and finally was directed to a number to someone who at least gave me a better deal, if not a great one.

      At that point I was so worn down that I was grateful to get what I did – maybe that’s their evil plan, lol.

  77. Alexandria says:

    TWC new game is to pretend they can’t hear
    you when call and hang up. Garrett hung up on me, Ibeanne hung up on me… I calling again..

  78. Osakis says:

    I would really like to have some reliable DSL, we are suppose to get 1.5mps and we are lucky to get that. I ran a speed testto see just how much speed we have and it was .23-39, not good for streaming video. We are with century link and they have no intention of increasing our band width, they say this is all we will ever get. What really is fustrating is our neighbor has arvig and gets upwards of 25mps but since we are in cenrtury link area, they won’t give us service. I love living in the country but when it comes to internet access we are unable to get the service we need. I have been scouring the internet looking for something better, but not much luck. I refuse to believe we have no choices and will not give up hope. Once I do that I let them win and that is not an option for me.

  79. B G says:

    I’m so glad I found this page! I was just bumped up from my introductory $34.99/mo rate for 15/1mbps to $44.99 after 12 months. Called in using the tips from this page and was offered $44.99 for the 30/5mbps plan. Double the speed I had for only $10 more! I probably could have been more recalcitrant and received my original rate and speed, but I’m happy.

  80. Sebastian says:

    I had a victory against TWC from a surprising avenue: A chat on my TWC account!

    Currently: Set-top box, Standard/Variety channels, 50/5 Mbps Internet. My bill went from $128 a year ago up to $150, then this month up to $185, and that was the last straw.:)

    On my TWC account site I engaged with a representative on chat, explained my situation (loyal, long-time customer with excellent on-time bill pay, low-maintenance customer, etc.) along with my issue that I was being overcharged outrageously and what the Hell?

    First representative gave me the runaround (buy your own modem, cut back your level of service, etc.), so I asked to chat with his supervisor.

    Explained my situation again, but this time played the Google Fiber card: “Google Fiber is coming to my area. They’re offering all the same digital channels as you are and instead of throttling my Internet speed at 50/5 mbps they’ll give me 1 Gig! And they’re only asking for $130/month! So do you want to keep me as a customer or not?”

    More runaround, at which point I stopped the supervisor, too: “Okay, now it’s time to escalate again to the next supervisor up.”

    At which point she informed me that there was no higher supervisor. I replied that there absolutely was, and when I finally found him I was going to explain in detail how massively unhelpful and unresponsive she was, and that it was just incredible to me how little TWC cared about hanging onto a good customer.

    So then she said she was going to forward my complaint to the “complaint escalation team” (can’t remember exactly what she called it) and that they would be in contact with me in 2-3 days, and could she have my preferred email address and phone number so they could reach me.

    And then I said, “So you lied to me just now when you said there was no further escalation possible.”

    This was pretty much the end of the conversation. She asked if there was anything else she could do for me, I said “No” and that was that.

    But a couple of hours later when I checked my account, my account balance was no longer $185, but $101!

    JMO, but however you achieve it, you’ve got to get in contact with someone high enough to understand the big picture (TWC is losing subscribers, serious competition is coming, keeping a customer who is paying a little less is better than losing him forever) and actually has the authority to do something for you.

    Also, keep cool when negotiating. Be prepared going in. Don’t give up too easily, the first representative you get is trying to stop you, screen you out, so be ready to take your argument to a higher-up.


  81. lobbybee says:

    50/5 Extreme Internet in LA. $35 intro price expiring in Feb. Price going to $50. Called two weeks before end of service period to get a better rate. Offered $45 and declined. Called a second time today, one week out from end of service period. Offered a discounted $38 rate for 12-months, no contract, for the same 50/5 service and accepted. Thanks.

  82. danwer says:

    I’m in NYC, long time Time Warner customer. My building got FiOS 2 weeks ago. I’ve been looking forward to FiOS, but was disappointed in the pricing for the services I wanted (less than what I’m paying TWC now, but higher than I expected). I scheduled an install anyway though, and when calling Time Warner to cancel, I followed the instructions in this article pretty much to the letter.

    Happy to report that after about 30 minutes of negotiating and reminding them that price is the main issue I was able to secure quite a savings.


    200 Mbps internet
    Full digital channel lineup plus HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, Starz, TMC
    2 HD DVR boxes
    Digital Voice (can’t remember the exact package)

    OLD PRICE after taxes: $245/month, month-to-month
    NEW PRICE after taxes: $161/month, 12-month guarantee, which includes an upgrade to an Enhanced DVR box AND a $300 Visa Prepaid Gift Card

    FiOS wanted $170 first year, $195 second year with a 24-month contract and no gift card.

    I should mentioned that I moved into my current building right around the time FiOS started their deployment into our building – I have wondered if perhaps TWC has been on their best behavior (no outages, d/l speed consistently around 175 Mbps, no customer service issues) as a result. If I’d experienced some of the nightmare service issues that so many people have, I might have just forgone the extra several hundred dollars in savings and gone to FiOS.

    Can’t believe I stayed but thanks to this site, they made me an offer I couldn’t refuse! Plus it’s month-to-month so if things go downhill I could still switch later.

    Thanks for your help everyone!

    • You’ll have to let us know if you actually get the gift card. It is usually only good when your prove you are transferring from one provider to another. Retention deals usually don’t qualify because the rebate form wants proof of your old provider and switch.

  83. DMO says:

    Time Warner has done it again! Coming off a one year Triple Play promotion for $118 (30/5 internet, home phone (which I don’t need, I have an Ooma), Starter and Variety TV package and no HBO or Movie Channel or the like, that my package would remain the same but now I would have to pay the DVR fee plus there was an increase in Broadcast Fee(total increase for both: $9), and now to get the basic TV in the bedroom, I now have to have a Digital Adapter which will set me back another $3.25/month starting in June of 2017. This is just like the stupid modem fee. Looked in to buying my own Digital Adapter but so far, nothing seems to be available. Only real competition here in Dayton is AT&T but their internet is about half the speed of Time Warner’s.
    Not really looking for a major price reduction here but I see no reason why all of the cable customers out there cannot purchase their own equipment (DVR’s and digital adapters, specifically).
    Would also be nice to be able to pick out my own package…..200 channels is great but watch very few and I would think TW would take notice of all the “cord cutters” and find out what their preferences are and cater to them.
    Thanks for letting me rant. I’ll get off my soapbox now.

    • Mike D. says:

      I feel your pain. I was livid when I discovered that there was a fee for their DVR that would let you record more than 2 shows at one time. Time Warner will nickel and dime you to death.
      We found a Roku 3 on sale for $60 and use it in the bedroom to stream almost everything from the TW app. That saves on renting a TW box.
      Another option to reduce your bill is buying a TIVO and just rent a TW cable card.

    • That digital adapter was supposed to cost just under $1 a month when they first started distributing them. Now the price for this sub-$50 device has shot up to over $3 a month and is, they say, required on all older analog televisions.

      It’s just another way to increase revenue without a general rate increase. The good news is that modern generation Roku boxes can be used instead of a digital adapter and will receive most of the Time Warner Cable lineup on those secondary televisions in the home. I believe it includes local channels in many areas, but you will probably not get the public access and government channels in your area. The Roku is a one-time purchase and streams your lineup over your Internet connection. The channel lineup is alphabetical, which actually makes finding things easier. The picture is fine as well.

  84. Mike D. says:

    Actually when I first checked on digital adapters a couple of years ago (when I heard various places around the country were REQUIRING them) I called Time Warner and was told that they would be free but there was a limit on how many they would provide.

    We love our Roku’s but find the guide a little cumbersome. We also suspect that the next push for caps will include how much more bandwidth customers are consuming.

    Oh, and I recall when we first decided on a DVR and was told that we had to subscribe to a “digital package” or they would not give us one. I guess the fee for the DVR and fee for the Guide were not enough. I suppose it enabled them to advertise a lower price than what you actually had to pay.

  85. DMO says:

    As a follow up to my March 11th post, I went to the TWC store today and turned in our DVR cable box, the TWC phone (which was never hooked up) and bought a Roku 3 for the back bedroom and will tune in the TWC app for TV watching there. According to the TWC clerk, my monthly bill will be reduced by about $19 and change.
    Follow up question: I was under the impression I didn’t NEED a cable box since I now have two Roku 3’s at the house. The TWC clerk said I HAD TO HAVE ONE to make the Roku 3’s work. Is there a technical reason why this is so? When I hooked up the new Roku 3 in the back bedroom, I went through the normal setup and when I clicked on the TWC app, I logged in with my TWC credentials and voila’, I had all the programming I am paying for and at this writing, the cable box is still wrapped up in plastic sitting on the floor. I have no intention of plugging it in unless I have to.
    Phillip: Read your column on the Charter buyout of TWC. I’m just afraid of price increases (for no reason) and quality of service issues. Hoping things get better with CATV services but I’m not holding my breath.

    • Mike D. says:

      No technical reason to have a cable box just a TW requirement that you have one (with no rental box they won’t “authenticate” your account for the TW app).

  86. Matt says:

    Any idea when the 2016 update of this article will be published? I’ve been itching to see if I can negotiate a better rate, but I’m curious about any new info that may help.

  87. FredH says:

    Can’t wait for the updated post. This year’s annual attempt to get my rate back to where it was after my “promotion” ended didn’t go so well. In the past, I used social media and it worked great for 3 years. Now that you have to call, my first call didn’t go so well. My bill for Triple Play with 20/2 internet, 1 DVR, and 2 HD boxes was going to go from $134 to $173. After much haggling with the CSR about not reducing services, I got it so the new bill will be $165 but I get an update to 30/5 internet, but I also traded in one of the HD boxes for a DTA….so I don’t think I really got much in the deal. Hopefully your updated article comes out soon, so I’m better prepared for my next call.

  88. Andy says:

    I was paying $59.99/month for standard 15 MBPS download speed Time Warner internet. I used the tips in the article to get upgraded to 30 MBPS download speed and 12 month price guarantee of $34.99/month — a savings of $300 per year. The negotiating tips in the article were invaluable in achieving this price. Thank you! First they offered to upgrade my speed for the same price — no way! Then they offered to lower my price to the current promotional 12 month price for my current speed — no way! Then they finally agreed to double my download speed to 30 MBPS for the 12 month promotional price for the 15 MBPS speed price. This was still $10 per month higher than WOW (the local competitor to Time Warner in my market), but still acceptable to me for now. I will have this same conversation with them a year from now when they try to take my promotional pricing away. I really appreciate the great article and helpful tips.

  89. ryan gomez says:

    Helpful piece . For what it’s worth , people a a form , my boss used a sample document here http://goo.gl/VJYqp6.

  90. Megan Simon says:

    Is there any way that they will make their service better when Charter takes over? They have been pretty careless when it comes to people, but their prices are pretty okay as you can see in: http://www.taranganews.com/time-warner-cable-nyc-promotions-offers-everything/

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