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Charter/Spectrum Will No Longer Pro-Rate Your Bill When You Cancel Services

Phillip Dampier May 6, 2019 Charter Spectrum, Consumer News 11 Comments

Charter Spectrum will soon charge you for a full month of service, even if you downgrade or cancel in the middle of a billing cycle, ending a decades-old practice of issuing a partial month credit for dropped services you no longer want or need.

Tucked into customers’ May billing statements, Charter Spectrum announced it intends to stop giving partial refunds for service effective June 23, 2019:

The financial benefit to Charter Spectrum is substantial, because customers will be forced to pay for a full month of service even if they cancel during the first week of a new billing cycle. The cable industry has been gradually shifting away from issuing partial month credits after other telecom companies, notably Windstream and wireless operators, moved to “full month billing – no refunds for partial month” billing.

Cablevision/Optimum was among the first cable companies to stop issuing credits for disconnects that occur before the billing cycle ends. It led to a 2017 class action case against Cablevision, now owned by Altice USA, filed by an ex-customer. A 2018 ruling dismissed the class action case, compelling the plaintiff to use mandatory arbitration, required of all new subscribers. The final disposition of the case is unknown. Charter Spectrum maintains a similar clause in its own terms and conditions.

Currently there are 11 comments on this Article:

  1. D Barrett says:

    I just got snookered by DTVs similar policy! Will never go back to them, ever. A day after cancelling and signing up with Sputum, a Directv guy called and left message and asked if it would make a difference if they lowered my $135 bill for a low end crappy “select”package (not even Espn!) by $60. He called back and I said heck yeah it would have made a difference. I asked and asked Asian cystomer svc if they had any alternatives. No! But here’s another trick Sputum tries to do. I got a buyout deal for $160 from Sputum. After jumping thru their hoops, your told to wait 2-3 weeks for a check. DURING those 2-3 weeks, i got up to 3 calls daily from Sputum guys that said they had a question about my buyout request. Sounded very serious and mumbled thru their voice messages and left different call back #s as well as 7-digit extention #s and i must have my new account # and ticket # from the email he just sent. NO EMAILS EVER ARRIVED ON THIS SUBJECT. I woukd call back and that guy was always busy and I’d leave a message. My thought of course was that some glitch or error on my part caused a question and is holding up my check. One day i finally answered live (they used different #s all the time), and their frickin question to me after giving them all my id info to prove i was THEIR customer, I was asked whether i ever considered their damn cellular service! No lie! I said when i signed up by phone and everytime i was transfered to another perdsn STARTED OUT by telling me about their mobile services! I said no then and I’m saying no now, i told him. Then after a couple weeks, i got my check and the phone calls mysteriously stopped! One final thing about DTVs final bill, not only do they charge you for unused days, they charged, in my case the $160 ETF, PLUS about $12 in local, state and federal taxes. I said i understand the fee when it’s on actual services (so poor people can get virually free phones and internet; I hope and pray TV never becomes a constitutional right, or those taxes will triple!). I said, BUT an ETF is not a service, it’s a fee or penalty. After talking to a supervisor or 2, I learned that some states require them to charge for that, while others don’t. Where i live, FL, i do have to pay the tax for essentially nothing! I wonder if all those “poor people” are being helped, or if that tax money goes to legislators pet projects?! Special place in hell reserved for these “top execs” who devise this stuff.

  2. D Barrett says:

    Sorry, tried to review and edit typos or unclear language, but youll get the gist of it.

  3. J. Thomas says:

    Spectrum not prorating for services not used……….sounds illegal. Come to my restaurant and if I charge you for a full plate but give you a half portion……you’ll accept that? Do I smell a class action lawsuit in the making?

  4. Patricia Choban says:

    Returned equipment and cancelled service july 3 because house being renovated and not livable for a year, still being billed for full month. Will not be using spectrum when I return to my home

    • Barb says:

      I similarly called to cancel my internet on June 6th. The guy at Spectrum tried to convince me not to cancel. I said, “Do I have to have a reason in order for you to cancel my services?” He kept on with his pitch…had me hold. Came back on the line offering to drop the cost of my internet to $50 a month. I said to cancel it. Well, Charter Spectrum didn’t do what I asked. Then, I get a bill in the mail with past due charges!! I made another call to Greg on July 10th asking him why Eric didn’t cancel my services like I asked on June 6th. He apologized and said that he “took care of the bill.” I said, “so I owe Charter nothing?” He confirmed that he could validate that I called to cancel on June 6th so he removed the amount due. He told me to simply return the equipment which I did the following day. I have started receiving “courtesy calls from Spectrum” since regarding my past due account in the past few days. Today, I received text messages from a Charter Spectrum collection agency!!! I placed another call to Spectrum and spoke with Amy on July 23, 2019. She simply stated over and over that “Charter can’t cancel services if there is a past due amount.” Oh my God…this company is corrupt!! I believe a class action lawsuit may prevent these deceptive and shady businesses practices!!

      • N says:

        I too have recently been through the similar outcome, July 2019, with Spectrum and its shady and unethical business practices. I am in my mid 40’s and due to a recent sickness, I was unable to pay my bill by the due date; but I was in hopes of receiving monies to cover the monthly payment in time before they’d suspend my service, it didn’t come through soon enough. So on July 5th/6th, Spectrum suspended my internet service (I dropped their cable a couple months earlier for being overpriced). I have been a Spectrum customer for years now, with prejudice, because I hate their quality of internet. Pay for 100mbps p/mo and only receive 15/20 and sometimes just 8, with every ISP speed check I’d try. Anyway, it took about 2 weeks after the initial internet suspension (mind you, no internet service whatsoever) before I was able to get the funds to pay for my over due bill, which was legit. So I planned on calling them up, paying my over due amount, restoring my services, easy as that. Pfft. Come to find out, they were charging me full price for the time I had no service those couple weeks, would continue to charge full price even though my service was suspended and charge me another month because of the way the billing cycle falls. Yet the month they are charging, I would also still be partially suspended. They continue to charge at full price until they “hard disconnect” your services, or until you call in to “hard disconnect” your services. Oh, but there’s a catch…Yes, I was quite confused by the charges and their dates with no service and in shock what I was hearing what I had to pay for. So upon being utterly appalled, I told the rep to hard disconnect my account then, because after hearing that I’m paying for services I was unable to receive, that’s not a business I’m giving my money to. The rep then proceeded to tell me that since I owe a past due amount, my services can’t be cancelled/disconnected by me, so therefore Spectrum is still charging me until “they” want to “hard disconnect” my account. I’m flabbergasted to put it politely! I flat out told the rep I had every intention of paying my bill and restoring my service when I called, but after hearing their absurd charges and ridiculous analogies for thereof, I went straight to trying to cancel service (only they wouldn’t let me). So now I refuse to pay what I legitimately owe because of everything they’re tacking on and I also told the rep, go ahead and put it on my credit report, Spectrum is no longer getting a dime from me, I don’t care. Yes, the rep in our conversation did say whenever they decide to disconnect, it would go on my credit report. That’s fine, I’ll dispute those illegitimate charges. The next day, I had internet through a local service provider. And I’ll tell you what, I’m paying for 20mbps, and for the first time in YEARS (since being with Spectrum), I’m actually getting what I pay for throughout my home! I may be paying a little more going locally than what I would pay with Spectrum, but guess what, it may look that way on paper, but my devices and ISP speed tests prove otherwise. 100mbps for $70+ through Spectrum and asforementioned, lucky to get 8mbps on my TV. Pay $47 for 20mbps through local provider, I’m actually getting 20mbps+ and no constant buffering. I should’ve dropped their internet the first week I had problems with them, lesson learned now, of their unethical business practices. Recap: services have been off for almost a month, and Spectrum is still charging me full price and won’t let me disconnect my services. Thieves.

  5. Willie says:

    I plan on cancelling my Spectrum service as soon as my local telco begins to offer fiber in my area.
    My suggestion for anyone planning to do this is to go to a local Spectrum store and cancel in person. Drop off any Spectrum equipment and get a receipt! I realize it’s a hassle, but you’re inviting trouble by cancelling over the phone.

  6. Robin says:

    Yep, I cancelled internet service July 1st. They still billed me 65.99 from June 27th to July 27th.
    This is absolutely unethical, robbery, and complete horse sh*t. How are these companies able to do this?
    Looking forward to the massive lawsuit on this one.

  7. Tom says:

    Yeah — my dumb luck – cancelled spectrum during the week of June 20th and apparently fell into this new trap. (Got hit with full month bill although my cancellation occurred on 3rd day of new billing cycle.) Just not gonna pay it…let them chase me. Or just send me the pro-rated bill like any ethical company would do… Adios Spectrum!!!

  8. Susan says:

    Got hit with the full month bill even though canx on 14 July. I called and was told this is there policy. So they are collecting money for no services. I sent a complaint to the FTC, and I will follow up two a email to my congress rep. Spectrum is a corrupt, and this is criminal. Send a email to your congress rep and to the FTC.

  9. Bill says:

    Received new rate increased bill on July 4, called them right away to cancel service. I was told I still need to pay the full price for July 4 to August 3, even I didn’t use for a day. I waited until August 3rd and called them again to cancel, got a lot of BS as usual and finally got the service canceled. I sent the equipment through UPS on the same day, still get a bill a few days later. I’ll not pay that damn bill.

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