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TekSavvy DSL Customers Getting Free Speed Upgrades, Lower Prices

Phillip Dampier August 22, 2012 Broadband Speed, Canada, Competition, Consumer News, Data Caps, TekSavvy Comments Off on TekSavvy DSL Customers Getting Free Speed Upgrades, Lower Prices

TekSavvy, an independent Canadian Internet Service Provider, just announced some speed upgrades, changes, and some price adjustments for DSL customers in Quebec and Ontario:


  • The 12Mbps tier is being downgraded to 10Mbps with no price change;
  • Current customers on the 12Mbps tier are being upgraded to 15Mbps free of charge;


  • Quebec customers who were on the 10Mbps/300 GB package will receive a price decrease to $41.99;

General Changes

  • Customers subscribed to 25Mbps service will now have 10Mbps upload speed free of charge (up from 7Mbps);
  • Packages at 640kbps & 2Mbps speeds have been discontinued;
  • The 16Mbps package is being converted to 15Mbps with existing customers grandfathered at the higher speed.

The speed changes will take effect by Monday, Aug. 27.

TekSavvy uses phone lines from Bell and Telus for DSL service and also uses cable broadband networks owned by Rogers, Shaw, and Vidéotron. Unlike most Canadian providers, TekSavvy sells packages with generous usage allowances or, for a few dollars more, unlimited service.

TekSavvy Solutions, Inc., is one of the leading independent providers of telecommunications services in Canada. Founded in 1998, TSI provides residential, business and wholesale Internet and phone services in Canada.

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