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Charter CEO Tom Rutledge Tells 11,000 New York Employees Not to Worry

Phillip Dampier July 31, 2018 Charter Spectrum, Consumer News, Public Policy & Gov't, Rural Broadband 6 Comments


Addressing New York State PSC Actions

Sent to all employees in New York State.

On Friday, the New York State Public Service Commission accused Charter of failing to live up to our commitment to deploy broadband across the state. They have threatened a number of actions against us, including revoking our right to operate in New York State. I want you to know we take the comments seriously, but believe the New York Public Service Commission is wrong in multiple respects. We intend to defend our rights to the fullest extent of the law and will pursue all avenues for overturning and preventing implementation of the New York Public Service Commission order. There may be years of litigation before we prove that we have done what we said we would. If we can’t settle this in the meantime, it is important that we continue to live up to our obligations and to perform well.

Charter continues to grow in New York State and across our footprint, providing our customers with world-class products and services. Our day-to-day focus on excellence and craftsmanship remains the same. We are going to continue serving New Yorkers, bringing them faster speeds and in some communities, high-speed broadband for the very first time. Because of your hard work and dedication, Spectrum has extended the reach of our network to more than an additional 86,000 New York homes and businesses since our merger agreement with the PSC. We’ve raised our starting broadband speeds to 100 Mbps across the state (and to 200 Mbps in some markets), and are poised to launch Spectrum Internet Gig across our entire New York State footprint by the end of 2018, which is well ahead of schedule.

We are 11,000 employees working in New York and serve millions of customers in the state every day. Thank you for everything you do, day in and day out, that makes Charter such a great company. You can continue that good work with confidence that there is a Charter team handling the New York PSC matter.

For more information about how Charter is building out New York, please visit https://www.spectrum.com/ny

Tom Rutledge
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

(Special thanks to Stop the Cap! reader Juanito who passed along a copy of this internal company memo.)

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5 years ago

Charter/Spectrum again chooses to float that very incorrect 86,000 buildout number that even they have to know is completely false.

I assume that number includes addresses they gave the NY PSC the first time, including, but not limited to – vacant lots, empty buildings, and addresses that were already passed over.

Why do they continue to be so completely arrogant, and flat out lie?

5 years ago

Amazing how he is telling 11,000 New York workers not to worry about their job but he has no issue starving the 1800 families that have been on strike for a year and a half after Charter refuses to bargain and has used every union busting tactic under the sun.

If I was an employee I couldn’t see how I could trust his words. They have a record of lying to the government, customers and employees.

5 years ago

Thank You, that was the other piece I forgot to add.

Charter/Spectrum won’t even negotiate with the union in good faith, and they are hoping at this point, that there likely won’t be any union left by the time they are done. I’m sure many of these former TWC workers have had to find other work. It must be close to impossible to hold out as long as this without work.

5 years ago

Spectrum behaviour going forward will be part of the record

New Yorker
New Yorker
5 years ago

In Boston I remember that Verizon broke a CWA strike at the same time they announced a big fiber buildout. I wonder how that is going?

Kartik Soni
4 years ago

Charter/Spectrum won’t even negotiate with the union in good faith, and they are hoping at this point, that there likely won’t be any union left by the time they are done.

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