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Time Warner Cable Maxx Customers in LA Are Being Offered Free Cable Modems

Phillip Dampier November 4, 2014 Broadband Speed, Consumer News 1 Comment

twcmaxTime Warner Cable broadband customers in Los Angeles still using older cable modems are being offered replacement modems from the cable company for free, avoiding Time Warner Cable’s $6 monthly modem rental fee.

The Los Angeles Times notes some customers are receiving letters offering a free modem upgrade, but the company won’t say exactly how many subscribers have been offered a way out of the company’s modem rental fee.

A survey of Los Angeles residents suggests Time Warner is primarily targeting customers still using older DOCSIS 2 or basic DOCSIS 3 modems that are not capable of getting the full benefit of Time Warner Cable’s Maxx speed upgrades, which provides up to 300Mbps service for the same price the rest of the country pays for 50Mbps.

Customers taking advantage of the offer are expected to swap out their existing modem themselves, using an “Easy Install Kit” mailed by Time Warner. They will need to contact the cable company to activate their replacement modem.

The replacement is a basic, yet fully capable DOCSIS 3 modem without built-in Wi-Fi. Customers who don’t use a router with built-in Wi-Fi can upgrade to Time Warner’s Wi-Fi capable modem, but it will cost around $11 a month for the service. Stop the Cap! recommends customers buy their own router with built-in Wi-Fi, which is almost always a better deal than renting equipment from Time Warner.

There is no word if a similar offer will be made to customers in other Maxx cities, New York and Austin.

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Ian L
6 years ago

No free modems here, though I was offered (and took) an upgrade and price drop to internet + phone for $75/mo + modem rental + tax when I was on the phone with TWC yesterday. So, around $89/mo for 300/20 plus phone, though I have no use for the latter. Only still renting the modem because hopefully GFiber will arrive before a year and a half from now…which would be around the break-even point if I had ordered the SB6183 (at $129.99) when it had come out. Speaking of modems, Woot is selling refurbished SB6141s for $50 + tax/shipping ($55-$60… Read more »

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