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When Your Cable Company Has An “Unbelievably Fair Deal” For You… Cox Wireless Arrives in March

Phillip Dampier January 14, 2010 Competition, Cox, Data Caps, Video, Wireless Broadband 1 Comment
Click to visit Cox's Facebook page

Cox has a Facebook page devoted to asking customers what they think would be fair in wireless products and pricing.

The cable industry’s definition of “fair” doesn’t always seem to connect with average consumers, who too often discover what sounds like a good deal to the local cable company isn’t a good deal for them.  Despite the skepticism, Cox Communications thinks it has a deal for you… an “unbelievably fair deal” for consumers looking for wireless service.

Cox already has a website up and running, unbelievablyfair.com where Cox Cable customers can register with their e-mail address and get updates on service availability.  They also get a free OnDemand movie coupon.

If you’re wondering what Cox is up to, here’s the scoop.

Back in 2006, Cox and several other cable companies bid for and won several frequency blocks suitable to support wireless services.  Those frequencies, along with a partnership with Sprint Nextel, are expected to serve Cox’s entry into the wireless business.  Initially launching in Hampton Roads, Virginia, Omaha, Nebraska, and Orange County, California, Cox will use Sprint’s CDMA 3G network to support its wireless service at the outset.

The company hasn’t revealed exactly how “unbelievably fair” their pricing actually is, but based on the company’s advertising campaign, it’s a safe bet it will be free from the tricks, traps, and gotchas bigger players in the market stick to their customers.  Minute plans would likely provide “rollover” of unused minutes, if not kicking the minutes bucket right out of the equation with flat rate service.  Hidden extra fees and surcharges are also unlikely to be a part of Cox Wireless’ service plans.  That could ultimately mean a plan priced competitively with Boost Mobile or Tracfone Wireless’ Straight Talk.

Cox will eventually enhance Cox Wireless and provide it in other Cox Cable service areas, as well as building out its own wireless network.

“Our research found that value and transparency are very important to consumers when choosing a wireless service plan, but they are not finding these qualities in the wireless plans offered today,” said Stephen Bye, vice president of wireless. “Total loss of unused minutes as well as unforeseen overage charges on bills are just two examples of what our customers have told us is just unfair.”

Customers have been following Cox’s invitation to join in a discussion about wireless pricing fairness on the company’s Facebook page (click the logo above to access).  From a quick review of comments, customers want lower pricing, more bundled discounts, a better handset selection, better speed, and our personal favorite – no Internet Overcharging schemes like usage caps and limits on their data network.

Cox is rolling out a major marketing campaign to promote Cox Wireless, including advertising and discussions on company-produced programs airing on Cox Cable systems in the communities where service will arrive this spring.

[flv width=”640″ height=”500″]http://www.phillipdampier.com/video/Cox Wireless Advertising Campaign.flv[/flv]

Cox Wireless’ marketing campaign includes three ad spots and a website intro. (2 minutes)

[flv width=”480″ height=”380″]http://www.phillipdampier.com/video/Cox Connections 1-2010.flv[/flv]

Cox Cable in Hampton Roads, Virginia briefly mentions Cox Wireless in ‘Cox Connections,’ a company-produced program airing on Cox Cable.  (6 minutes)

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14 years ago

“Unbelievably fair”? I’ll believe it when I see it (and the three pages of fine print).

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