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Cox Wireless’ “Unbelievably Fair” Alternative Now Just Unbelievable; Will Stick With Sprint Instead

Phillip Dampier May 25, 2011 Competition, Consumer News, Cox, Sprint, Video, Wireless Broadband 1 Comment

Nevermind. We'll resell Sprint instead.

Back in January 2010, Cox Cable announced it was getting into the cell phone business with an ambitious plan to construct its own competing wireless network.  Cox used their little spacemen to market their forthcoming alternative as delivering “unbelievably fair” pricing and terms for cell phone service.  The bigger players were selling bait and switch plans with high extra charges and bill shock at the end of the month, or so Cox’s ads suggested.

Now, the cable company has announced it is pulling the plug on its partially constructed 3G network, and will rely exclusively on reselling Sprint service.

“We believe this approach is good for our customers, allowing us to take the necessary steps to fulfill our promise to deliver a Cox experience that customers expect from us,” read a statement from Cox.

What happens to Cox’s existing infrastructure, and the frequencies it won at auction in 2008, is unknown.

Although the reasons for the change of heart are not officially known, there is speculation in the investment community Cox’s expensive launch of 3G technology would be outdated just as larger providers were unveiling newer 4G networks.  Additionally, the dynamics of the market are increasingly trending towards a duopoly, especially after AT&T announced its intentions to acquire T-Mobile.

Two major carriers will provide service to the vast majority of Americans if the merger is approved.  That would leave Cox in a difficult position attracting investment to build its own network and interest from consumers looking for the latest and greatest smartphones Cox couldn’t sell.

Sprint’s wholesale division has allowed several providers to resell Sprint’s network, no capital investments required.  Cox had already been relying on Sprint for providing cell phone service in several markets.

[flv width=”640″ height=”500″]http://www.phillipdampier.com/video/Cox Wireless Advertising Campaign.flv[/flv]

Cox Wireless’ marketing campaign promised “unbelievably fair” pricing on its own wireless network.  Now it will resell Sprint’s network instead. (2 minutes)

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Alex Perrier
Alex Perrier
12 years ago

Nice marketing! Reminds me of, um, *coughs* Shaw Wireless.

Shaw is unavailable where i live. However, once they do become available, it makes me want to avoid them.

i wish there was more news footage about this, on any of the American or Canadian news network.

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