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CenturyLink Has “Given Up” and Abandoned Its Customers, Leaving Some Without Service for Months

Phillip Dampier September 20, 2021 CenturyLink, Competition, Consumer News, Firefly Fiber, Rural Broadband 5 Comments

Two months after a late July thunderstorm interrupted phone and internet service for some CenturyLink customers in parts of Albemarle County, Va, some are still waiting for the phone company to restore service.

Multiple CenturyLink customers around the area told The Daily Progress about the extended outage, and the company’s lack of responsiveness in restoring service. Many report their service appointments are unilaterally canceled or a repair technician just never shows up. Others are receiving messages the repairs are complete, but they still have no service.

Mobile phone service is spotty in this part of central Virginia, so many customers keep their landlines to reach emergency services. With service out for nearly two months, making emergency calls or accessing the internet has been difficult.

In August, CenturyLink employee Derek Kelly told attendees at a Albemarle Broadband Authority meeting that at storm brought down almost a mile of CenturyLink’s legacy copper wire network, which has been in place for decades. Kelly noted CenturyLink intended to replace the damaged copper wiring with more copper wiring, instead of upgrading to fiber optics, and because of supply chain issues, customers have been left waiting.

“We ran into logistical issues of being able to find that length of copper,” Kelly said. “I think between COVID and everything else, supplies are limited, so it took us longer than we typically hope for to get the copper in place and get it in town and get it hung back up and spliced in.”

So far, customers are still being billed for service they do not have, and the company has refused to issue automatic credits for customers left without service. Some customers want CenturyLink to compensate them extra for interrupted service as well as for the company wasting their time on unfulfilled service calls and being left on hold, sometimes for an hour, trying to resolve the problem.

Firefly is a service of municipal/co-op power companies in central Virginia.

Albemarle County Supervisor Donna Price has been hearing complaints from local residents for weeks and she is also well aware CenturyLink is in the process of selling a large part of its legacy local phone operations in 20 states to Apollo Global Management, a private equity firm. The phone company will keep its most profitable customers in 16 states — many already served by fiber optics, under its Lumen brand. As that sale waits to close, Price believes CenturyLink has already walked away from their soon-to-be ex-customers.

“I believe that corporate CenturyLink has basically given up and has abandoned their responsibility, which leaves it all upon the individual consumers to either seek some sort of collective relief or basically just suffer until a new provider comes in,” Price told the newspaper. “I think CenturyLink has failed in customer service, in the delivery of service and, I’ll be a little more generous, in the recovery from the storm, because those are really difficult situations.”

Some customers in nearby Fluvanna County who have also experienced multi-month service interruptions from CenturyLink were lucky enough to have a choice of broadband providers, and many have switched to Firefly Fiber Broadband, which also supplies landline phone service. Firefly is owned and operated by a partnership subsidiary that includes the Central Virginia Electric Cooperative. That fiber to the home network has survived serious storms in the past without lengthy service interruptions. The member-owned cooperative has also invested heavily in fiber broadband and communications services its members demand, and if something goes wrong, local repairmen answerable to local supervisors are on hand to manage any issues.

Firefly Fiber is currently looking to expand its operations within its central Virginia service area, which includes the counties of Albemarle, Appomattox, Buckingham, Cumberland, Fluvanna, Goochland, Greene, Louisa, and Powhatan.

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2 years ago

I have lived in my current home for 25 years and it is in a CenturyLink service area. In all those years I have not seen one ounce of effort put forth by CenturyLink to improve available services. Fortunately, we have had Charter (Spectrum) internet available for many years, but I’ve been hoping someone would take over our area from CenturyLink and bring some actual competition to our area. Acentek has services available near our house that make Spectrum look like a raw deal, but I haven’t been able to convince them to expand all the way to where I… Read more »

Alex Brown
2 years ago

My current residence, which is in a CenturyLink service region, has been my home for the past 5 years. In all those years, I’ve never seen CenturyLink make a single effort to improve available services. Now I am looking for the Best internet providers in my area.

Eric McAuley
2 years ago


Thanks for the information. It’s a very good and informative post. Hope I will visit your site again for your new update. Thanks to my friend who recommended to see this site.

-Eric McAuley

James Douglas
James Douglas
2 years ago

Just got my DSL line and landline service back. Windy conditions here in Albemarle County caused a Dominion power outage for 15 minutes or so. Once upon a time, the telephone and internet (on generator) would still work, unless the outage went on for many days. I was told that there are batteries in the substation down the road which recharge on the Dominion power and keep the phone/DSL working for a while during an outage. That’s no longer the case. Lately, every time Dominion power goes out, so do the internet and telephone. CenturyLink is just not maintaining their… Read more »

Vampire Survivors
1 year ago

Service restoration may need to be scrutinized.

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