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Verizon Announces Expansion of Rural Unlimited 4G LTE Wireless Home Internet to 189 Markets

Verizon has announced a significant expansion of its 4G LTE Home Internet service, now reaching 189 markets in 48 states.

“This summer, we introduced LTE Home Internet in select pilot markets, and the response from customers was incredible,” said Frank Boulben, senior vice president of consumer marketing and products at Verizon. “It’s clear the need for connectivity has never been greater during these challenging times, that’s why today, we’re expanding LTE Home Internet to even more customers in rural areas of America who may not have access to broadband internet.”

Indeed, most of the zip codes covered by Verizon’s wireless home broadband service are in rural communities where demand on Verizon’s 4G mobile network is likely much lower, with capacity to spare. The service is designed primarily for those living where DSL or cable broadband is not available.

For $40 a month for existing Verizon mobile customers ($60 for non-customers), customers receive unlimited data with no data caps or throttles at download speeds between 25-50 Mbps. A $240 LTE Home router is also provided, after a $10 a month device payment plan promotional credit that lasts for 24 months. In other words, you technically owe $240 for the router, with a balance reduction of $10 for each month you stay a customer. If you remain a customer for two years, that $240 is reduced to $0.00. If you cancel before that, you owe whatever balance remains. Verizon promises the service is easy to self-install.

The list of available zip codes is extensive, so you can download the current list here. Or verify precise availability by visiting: www.verizon.com/home/lte-home-internet.

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Ian L
3 years ago

One thing to note here is that this service is only available on sectors of sites where VZW has plenty of capacity available. Which makes sense, but don’t think it’s available across the entirety of ZIP Codes listed.

With that said, if you’re eligible, the service is unlimited, and if you’re in an area rural enough that Verizon has significant extra capacity on their cell sites for LTE, chances are good you can’t get decent service from an alternate provider, so this is likely a solid option.

3 years ago

Are they expanding? I am in rural where the only thing I can use is my phones internet. But when checking on site it says not available. Is there a way to contact them about this?

3 years ago

You are not able to get the service in locations where they offer a more expensive form of service. your only option is the more expensive option even if it isn’t within your budget.

Emily George
2 years ago
Reply to  Just_IDD

More informative blog for reader: More detail Unlimited wireless internet

Alex Brown
2 years ago

Verizon LTE Home Internet employs 4G LTE technology to provide rural areas with inexpensive home internet connections. LTE internet is less expensive than satellite internet and offers more excellent bandwidth options, but it is not as fast as most cable internet providers. Click here for Fast internet providers in my area.

Comlink Internet
2 years ago

Other than Verizon Comlink internet is another rural high-speed internet provider which provides unlimited high speed internet for rural areas. Comlink doesn’t require any contract from you and offers 4G LTE internet at very reasonable prices.

Nick Jones
2 years ago

Comlink 5g Home Internet uses wireless technology to deliver affordable home internet connections in rural locations. Although 5g internet is less costly than satellite internet and provides more decent bandwidth choices, it is Faster than cable internet Connection.

Last edited 2 years ago by Nick Jones
Comlink Internet
1 year ago
Reply to  Nick Jones

Comlink Internet is the best unlimited wireless internet provider in the rural USA.

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