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Spectrum Creates New $5 Sports Tier, Some Customers Losing Channels

Phillip Dampier November 20, 2019 Charter Spectrum, Consumer News 7 Comments

Charter Spectrum is launching a new extra-cost sports tier that will feature a dozen sports networks for $5 a month.

Spectrum TV Sports Pack has been soft launched in many markets and will include:

  • NFL Network
  • Golf Channel
  • Tennis Channel
  • ESPN Goal Line/Bases Loaded
  • ESPNews
  • ESPN College Extra
  • MAV TV
  • MLB Strike Zone
  • NFL RedZone
  • NHL Network
  • Olympic Channel
  • Outdoor Channel

The new sports tier means some Spectrum customers that pay extra for Spectrum’s Gold package will lose NFL RedZone, MLB Strike Zone and the Outdoor Channel late next month unless they also subscribe to the Sports Pack.

“Combining these sports networks into a single tier means more choice and flexibility for customers, especially sports fans,” Spectrum said in a statement.

Spectrum is dropping several other sports channels from its lineup altogether, including ESPN Classic. Other channels being dropped are certain regional sports networks, notably FCS.

Any Spectrum TV customer is eligible to subscribe to the sports channel package, which may allow some customers to downgrade from Spectrum’s costly Gold package if they subscribed primarily for sports networks.

NFL Network, Golf Channel, and the Tennis Channel will also remain as part of existing packages, so if you currently get these networks you will continue to receive them.

Customers can subscribe by contacting Spectrum online or by phone.

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Good, I don’t like sports anyways. Now maybe they’ll lower the cost of the Gold tier to take into account the loss of some channels.


Whom am I kidding?


It was written, “Any Spectrum TV Customer is eligible to subscribe to the Sports Tier”. However, I am sure there are tier buy-throughs required. I cannot be a Broadcast Basic customer and add this Sports Tier for an extra $5. I am sure I must be a Spectrum SelectTV subscriber (or better) in order the add this tier.

Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt

If Spectrum adds this increase after screwing me all these years to get BeiN Sports in one tier, and the Outdoor Channel in another tier, I’m gone forever. These gouging bozos are screwed because their greed has forced people to Amazon, Apple, and the streaming services.
Bye bye –


And then, for that 5 bucks, you’ll be obligated to take all the junk channels owned by those networks. That’s the only way Spectrum can cut this deal for subscribers. Pay TV is a joke and becoming more outdated with each passing day.

Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt

Bye Bye you gouging crooks

Michael A Cira
Michael A Cira

really you take away the one channel i watch and keep all the sh*t channels. why dont they take way all the music channels that dont play music.

R Hill
R Hill

Idiots in charge. I wont pay extra for a sports tier, I’ll go without or switch to satelite tv. I called and asked if my bill would go down because you robbed some of my channels. You all know what the answer was. Dump all the religious channels, music channels ( who listens to music on TV?), HD channels as there isnt a difference anyway, CNN, Shopping channels and cartoon channels. Then I’d be interested at a much lower price. For $5 for 1 channel that I like is ridiculous. Again, IDIOTS in charge of that place.

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