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Customers Buried in Unwanted Spectrum Junk Mail: Here’s How to Opt Out

Phillip Dampier February 18, 2019 Charter Spectrum, Consumer News, Editorial & Site News 12 Comments

Spectrum Junk Mail (image courtesy of: Cube Computer Channel)

Spectrum customers who thought Time Warner Cable sent out too much junk mail now regret criticizing their old cable company.

“I have really come accept the truth,” writes Stop the Cap! reader Dustin Hedges. “There are worst cable companies than Time Warner Cable and Charter Spectrum is one of them.”

Hedges is tired of the relentless junk mail he receives every week from the cable company, primarily to advertise cable television.

“I cut the cord with them for a reason: they cost too damn much and considering all of the mailers they are sending me, I can now see where some of my cable dollar used to go,” Hedges tells us. “Some of them look like urgent notices about a late bill or claims to contain ‘important information’ about my account, which could mean another damn rate increase, but no — it is just another advertisement for their TV service I quit last year.”

Hedged ditched cable television after Spectrum converted to an all-digital format, requiring customers to start leasing cable boxes on their extra televisions.

“I tried the Roku route and didn’t like it because it took too long to change channels and it often buffered or ran 2-3 minutes late, meaning other things I might want to watch I would miss the start of because the Roku app made me late,” Hedges complains. “What really ticked me off is that they keep raising the cost of the box rental and the boxes they are giving out now are cheap garbage. They don’t even have a clock on the front anymore. My bill would have gone up $35 a month. I cancelled.”

Today, Hedges is a Spectrum internet-only customer, and thinks Spectrum does not appreciate the business he still gives to them.

“I pay these crooks $65 a month for internet service, when I used to pay Time Warner Cable less than $50, and they are still not happy about it,” Hedges complained. “They constantly send me TV offers for 10 channels, 25 channels, or to go right back to regular cable TV where I can fall for the same trap of low prices to start and boom stick to it you with regular pricing later on. I don’t watch it, I tell them I don’t want it, and that they can save everyone’s money by not sending me this junk mail. They tell me they won’t stop the mailers.”

Indeed, Charter Spectrum’s customer mailing policy indicates they do reserve the right to market existing customers additional products and services at any time. If a customer has a triple play package, they rarely receive anything from the cable company, at least until recently when Spectrum Mobile started a big marketing campaign. If one drops TV and/or phone service, the junk mail will soon grace your mailbox. By far, most mailers concern TV service. Spectrum markets cable cord-cutters and cord-nevers slimmed down packages delivered over their Spectrum internet connection. Occasionally, the company will also remind customer landline phone service is also still available, typically for around $10 a month. When Time Warner Cable pushed its Intelligent Home security service, those mailers were a common sight to many customers. Charter Communications has no interest in the security monitoring business, so although it maintains service for existing customers, it no longer markets Intelligent Home to attract new ones.

But we have good news for Mr. Hodges and other customers looking for a possible opt out path for junk mail, sales calls, and worst of all – door knocking sales teams. Charter Spectrum maintains an online privacy preferences form that should eventually stop marketing mailers for other products and services, including cable TV. Just click on the pertinent image(s) to be taken to their respective web pages, complete and submit the forms, and your mail volume should drop.

Legacy Time Warner Cable CPNI Opt-Out Form (only for use by customers still holding on to their old Time Warner Cable packages.)
Legacy TWC customers should also fill out the Privacy Preferences form:

Charter/Spectrum and Legacy Time Warner Cable/Bright House Customers
Privacy Preferences:

A YouTuber produced this rant about endless junk mail from Spectrum. (11:46)

Currently there are 12 comments on this Article:

  1. donald boston says:

    Please take me off your mailing list . I don’t have cable and I don’t want cable . Take me off of your mailing please .
    Donald Boston
    1001 Lake Tate Rd, Sylacauga Alabama 35151

    please take me off of your mailing forever , forever . Thanks Mr. Boston Retired Navy.

  2. Janelle Humphreys says:

    Please take me off your relentless mailing list, I don’t want cable, tried it and it was terrible.

  3. The Real Donald Boston says:

    Awesome! Opted out. Older folks, this isn’t the place to stop the mail. You need to click on one of the two pictures under the red lettering in the article.

  4. John Michel says:

    How can one stop SPECTRUM from sending filthy, immoral emails to my email address. I went to settings to set up a block on these filthy emails. Doesn’t work. I set it up to block these unwanted emails and you keep putting them through. Please stop them.

  5. Amau says:

    Thank you. I hope it will work !

  6. Belinda Ackerman says:

    Take me off your mailing list. I do not want to receive any mail from SPECTRUM, ever! I do not want cable tv or anything.

  7. Edward Adams says:

    Please take off your mailing list I dont want your mail or your service thank you.

  8. Michelle Lee says:

    Here’s a link to the Privacy Policy which let’s customers and NON-Customers opt out of calls, mail, email and in person solicitation: https://www.spectrum.com/policies/your-privacy-rights-opt-out.html

  9. Ridjunkmail says:

    Reduce, Remove and Rethink Junk Mail

  10. Jennifer says:


    to manage your privacy preferences, including:
    to be added to our “Do Not Call,” “Do Not Email,” “Do Not Mail” or “Do Not Knock” list, which will limit the marketing and advertising messages you receive about Spectrum products and services; and to limit our use of Video Usage Information, Combined Information, or our business and marketing reports to direct addressable advertisements or interest-based advertisements to you as further described in the preference center.

  11. Danley B Wolfe says:

    My story is probably the worst and much worse than any on this website.

    I was a Time Warner cable TWC) customer for a few years but switched to DirecTV because of the Korean Channel lineup (over 30 channels – my wife is Korean and we lived in Seoul for many years. I’ve had DTV since 2016 or so.
    Shortly after Spectrum took over TWC I started receiving mailings … talking about weekly and sometimes several per week. Over the ensuing period I have placed several hundred calls to the number in the mailing asking, pleading and demanding to be removed. I was able to escalate this to a level in 2018 that it actually did stop … until a few months ago. When it started up again I said to myself … “here we go again”…
    After making 20 or so calls I talked to a man who said ok “here’s what we’re going to do to make sure we stop the mailings coming to you.” He guaranteed this would stop the mailings to me. Deception no. 1. He removed my name from the mailings. But the mailings continued coming to my home address addressed to “Current Resident.” So it was the old “Current Resident” trick.
    After the next flood of mailings and calls to Spectrum number each of the mailings I talked to someone and they guaranteed that they could stop the mailings come to “Current Resident.” He said to do this he would have the mailings addressed to “John Smith or Current Resident” and this would stop the mail coming to me. He lied. So now 4-5-6- times a week I am receiving Spectrum junk mail addressed to “John Smith or Current Resident” honest to god … I am not making this up. I did talk to one lady who referenced the type of form above on this page but I did not get the link from her. This page is from early 2019 so I hope it is still valid. Here we go again.
    Company Charter Spectrum is not a great cable company and there offering is not good and of no interest and would never make me switch providers. The only thing I can conclude from my experience is Spectrum is the worst loser company I have every seen, how are they able to survive.

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