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The Average Comcast Customer Now Uses Over 200 GB of Data Per Month

Phillip Dampier April 25, 2019 Broadband "Shortage", Comcast/Xfinity, Consumer News, Data Caps, Online Video 3 Comments

The average Comcast broadband customer now consumes over 200 GB of online data per month, an increase of 34% over just one year ago, according to Dave Watson, president and CEO of Comcast Cable Communications.

The increased usage accelerated during the last quarter of 2018, Watson told investors on a quarterly conference call.

What remains unchanged is Comcast’s data cap, which remains fixed at 1 TB per month for many customers. To avoid overlimit penalty fees of $10 for each additional 50 GB block of data consumed (up to $200 per month), Comcast is still pitching its unlimited data option — insurance against Comcast’s own overlimit penalties, which costs a growing number of customers an extra $50 a month.

Watson knows data usage over Comcast’s network is about to grow exponentially, mostly thanks to streaming video.

“I think that we start with the central view that streaming is going to happen, video over the internet is more friend than foe. and we wish every bit was our bit,” Watson told investors this morning. “If people consume more bits and video clearly does that, and 4K video does even more than that, that is the sweet spot of where this company is going to grow.”

Translation: We intend to make a killing on usage growth. Comcast can market you a faster internet package at a higher price, or as your usage approaches the data cap, scare you into buying overlimit insurance.

Remember that Comcast drops usage caps for some customers willing to rent their latest network gateway (available only in some areas at this time).

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5 years ago

So far I’m okay with 1TB, usually…but then I was okay with 250GB 11 years ago. Who knows if 5-10 years from now it’ll be good enough…

$50 is outrageous for their base service but there’s nothing cheaper I can get.

5 years ago

Just pushing themselves closer to the utility cliff. It needs to happen, these guys are too greedy to survive.

4 years ago

I’ve hit the 1TB limit twice already, and I would say we use internet more than the average household, but not even close to what I would think others are using!

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