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Comcast Brings Back “Free” Unlimited Data, If You Rent Their $15 Hardware

Phillip Dampier March 4, 2019 Comcast/Xfinity, Consumer News, Data Caps 5 Comments

Comcast is giving some of its customers a way to get back unlimited data for their home broadband connection without having to spend an extra $50 for an unlimited data add-on.

The cable operator is offering customers in parts of its Central Division its xFi Advanced Gateway — a combination cable modem and router — that comes bundled with unlimited data, xFi Advanced Security, and a Home Wi-Fi Assessment for an extra $15 a month. That amounts to $4 a month more than the cost of renting Comcast’s traditional xFi Gateway buys and also buys you a return ticket to unlimited internet service.


Comcast has also offered some new customers unlimited service in time-limited promotions, but this seems to be permanent, assuming Comcast offers it in your area.

The xFi Advanced Gateway with unlimited data appears to have quietly launched last fall, but so far it has not expanded to Comcast service areas outside of its Central U.S. division, which includes (Heartland) Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky and Arkansas, (Big South) Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia, plus the state of Florida and the greater Chicago area. Comcast says it has 17 states in its Central Division, but we could not find a definitive list that includes the three other states not listed here.

Interested customers will have to contact Comcast to determine if their area qualifies for this offer.

If you are a Comcast customer already paying an extra $50 a month for unlimited data, this could save you a considerable amount of money, assuming you live in a qualified area and don’t mind using their gateway.

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I’m glad I don’t have to stomach Comcast’s raft. Hopefully Charter never does anything like this.

LaNea Pavel
LaNea Pavel

End the data cap. Spectrum in Florida has none.


I guess the Xfinity stores are not informed of this yet or don’t understand how it works. I went to my local Xfinity store in Kennesaw, Ga and they told me that the $50 unlimited option is no longer available and that only way to get unlimited data is by using their equipment. I don’t want to use their gateway. I rather pay $50 and use my own equipment.


back in march I called in to cancel the unlimited data for the $50.00 month and was told have a deal for you I signed up Xfinity advantage and got unlimited data until July first .2019 I live in Texas not on the list I called back in to see what happened got three different answers . the reps kept telling me I dint have it . finally the one persons said it was taken away . said I was part of the promotion and I never should have had it. I still can’t find out why I had for… Read more »


Great article, I just saw article re this supposed “free” streaming box and thought, my God, Comcast has seen the light and is giving away something for free, then I got a message that I would have to get their mifi box and pay the $15 a month. I wrote to the Verge on this since they touted the free box. Roku stocked tank after this misleading Comcast free offer. Perhaps we should contact the FTC since forcing someone to pay $15 isnt free. Thanks for your excellent expose. keep up the good work.

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