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Spectrum Charging $9.99 Self-Install Fee for a Cable Modem You Pick Up Yourself

Phillip Dampier April 16, 2019 Charter Spectrum, Consumer News 8 Comments

Modem fees are back for some customers.

Spectrum appears to be sneaking modem fees back into the equation three years after telling regulators one of the benefits of Charter Communications’ acquisition of Bright House Networks and Time Warner Cable was that Spectrum customers don’t pay modem fees.

Effective April 1st, new Spectrum customers are being charged a one-time fee of $9.99 to either pick up or have shipped a cable modem for self-installation. If a technician installs it for you, the fee is $49.99.

“The one where you’re essentially paying them to go to the store, wait in line, get the modem, and then go home to install it all by yourself is especially nifty,” writes ‘rseiler,’ a forum participant on DSL Reports.

“Just wait for the ‘Bring your own modem’ $9.99 one-time activation fee, since that will be next,” predicted user ‘Techguru30.’

For now, however, the only way to avoid this fee is to activate your own customer-owned modem.

Currently there are 8 comments on this Article:

  1. Dylan says:

    Well, they never said no modem activation fee was a benefit 😏. Just that modems are included in the service which BHN and TWC did not. Hopefully they never charge for modems. It’s a great benefit that few ISPs do.

  2. Dylan says:

    I just wanted to mention Dampier to clear up confusion that even bringing your own modem to activate as a first time customer also results in a $10 one time fee. Just a heads up for correction. I saw this on DSLReports and confirmed myself with rep. So no way to avoid this fee as a new customer unfortunately.

  3. Dave says:

    They are charging me to install my own modem… 9.99 service fee for self installation (Customer Owned Modem)

  4. Dave says:

    Got this ridiculous fee on my bill after Spectrum basically told me I should switch to the newer modem because mine was old. There was never any mention of the fee. I never saw the install options someone posted above. I chatted with two reps. The first was zero help and booted me out of the conversation for “inactivity” after not responding for about 20 seconds. The whole time the little “I’m typing” icon was working so I was simply waiting for her reply. Immediately started another session and that rep gave me a credit for the $10 stating that I shouldn’t have been charged the fee because they told me I should upgrade. Staying on top if my Spectrum bill is a job in itself. They should be paying me as an employee. I noticed another stupid fee…Under Billing information: Receivers. They charge $6.50 for the receiver and $1 for a “secure connection fee”… Isn’t that one of the things they already charge us for, a secure connection??

  5. Charles Nemitz says:

    I ordered spectrum internet online and was given a price. My first bill had a 9.99 one time charge for self install. I pay you to self install? Somebody needs drug tested 😘. If a fee is going to be charged. Fine. Just let the consumer know instead of blind siding them. Shame. Shame.

  6. ken says:

    my bill went up $45 to $65 after one year. they said it was a promotional rate but i swear that was never mentioned and I assumed it was the actual cost.
    spectrum is awful to deal with.

    I am currently without internet at home but do I have to pay the activation fee?

    sadly theres no other choices.

  7. Jaine says:

    They waived the self installation fee for me, but only 1 outlet worked and it had bad signal, I needed a tech to come and was told I wouldnt get charged and got charged more than the install.

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