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Epix, Dropped from Some Cable Company Bundles, Launches Direct-to-Consumer Package

Phillip Dampier February 13, 2019 Competition, Consumer News, Online Video 6 Comments

Epix, the newest premium movie channel on the block, is giving up on exclusive pay television distribution and has launched a new $5.99/mo direct-to-consumer subscription service, beating anticipated services from AT&T WarnerMedia and Disney.

Epix Now streaming subscribers will have access to “thousands of movies” and original series, with full download availability and a growing catalog of titles available for 4K/Ultra HD streaming.

Epix, now wholly owned by MGM, has struggled to attract subscribers from its traditional cable and satellite TV partners, as consumers ditch premium channels to reduce their bill or drop cable TV service altogether. Charter Communications recently dropped Epix from Spectrum’s bundled pay television tier, now requiring customers to buy the network a-la-carte, likely resulting in a dramatic loss of subscribers.

Epix Now is currently available with a 7-day free trial on Apple TV, as well as iOS and Android phones and tablets, and is expected to arrive soon for Roku and Amazon Fire TV owners. The service is also sold through The Roku Channel, but will shortly be transitioned to a standalone app on that platform.

Launched in October 2009, Epix began as a partnership between MGM, Lionsgate, and Viacom. It was known for airing movies more quickly after leaving theaters than its competitors. But the network has been limited by a lack of exclusivity to first-run content from larger studios. Lionsgate largely lost interest in Epix after acquiring competing premium movie service Starz in mid-2016. A year later, Viacom made it known it wanted to exit the venture to concentrate on Showtime, its primary pay television network, and use the sale proceeds to pay down Viacom’s high debt load.

Currently there are 6 comments on this Article:

  1. Andrea Donovan says:

    I hope you lower my bill. Otherwise I’m done w TWC Will ck out Direct tv. U can’t be serious. For what I’m paying and the junk and repeats
    That are on

  2. Melissa C says:

    Talk to a Steve at Spectrum and they will not be lowering the monthly cable rate even for those in bundles that included Epix. He stated they look at packages to have the best offer and Epix came out of the package due to the increase cost of Epix due to the change. What is means is they look at ways to save money for Spectrum not the consumer. I asked if they would be reducing the bundle rate or putting in another channel as a replacement the answer was no.

    Line the pockets of Spectrum is all they care about. They can keep increasing the rates but they will never pass on the savings when something is loss. In my area we loss all fox channels for almost three months. We never received compensation. I wish New York state would go ahead and just get rid of Spectrum.

  3. Marty carman says:

    Could have received formal notice! If it doesn’t lower my bill,looking Epix,then I’m done with Spectrum!

  4. spectrum sucks says:

    So glad to finally cancel my Spectrum. Them dropping Max and Epix with no decrease in price/compensation was the last straw. See ya later TWC

  5. Willem G Gentry says:

    What did you exchange it for? I want to drop Spectrum, too. We generally used movie channels–HBO, MAX, EPIX not big sports people

  6. vspoke says:

    Spectrum: Pay the same for less. Yay.

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