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Complete Video of NY Public Service Commission Meeting in Buffalo


My apologies for the poor audio. You will need to stay close to the volume control on this one because the volume may suddenly change between speakers. We had less than ideal recording conditions and no access to the microphone output. Testimony from Comcast begins 5:40 into the video. Our testimony starts at 36:30, which closely follows the transcript already published. Q&A follows me and then the public input session begins.

Note if you wish to receive a copy of this in higher resolution for rebroadcast on a public access channel or for other purposes, please use the Contact Us button and we’ll be able to provide a copy. File size will exceed 1GB, however. (1 hour, 35 minutes)

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8 years ago

My god that was painful. The only engaging speaker was Phillip, probably because he was not shoveling BS. I don’t think I’d have had the same restraint Phillip showed while listening to the comcast rep drone on with his non answer about whether comcast would increase prices for former tw cable customers after a takeover.

Damian Kumor
Damian Kumor
8 years ago

I’m not pleased they had it in Buffalo. Rochester would of had hoards of people in attendance

8 years ago

i’m not happy about the possibility of higher prices, lower speeds and caps.

would it be a bad idea to have these different types of companies merge?
or any other combination of companies.

would this make it worse for us consumers? or slightly better.

nbc – universal – comcast – t-moble
cbs – paramount – directv – at&t
fox – 20th century fox – charter -sprint
abc – disney – dish – verizon
cw – warner bros – google/wow/rcn – us wireless

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