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Telus Phone Rates Going Up in July But You Can Snag a $5 Credit Before Aug. 1

Phillip Dampier June 25, 2013 Canada, Consumer News, Telus 1 Comment

logoTelusTelus, western Canada’s largest phone company, is increasing phone rates again and introducing a new $2 paper bill fee in August.

Starting July 6, Telus is raising the monthly rate for some Home Phone customers:

  • Local Line, Smart Home Bundle – 3 Pack, Smart Home Bundle – 4 Pack, and Smart Home Bundle – 13 Pack customers will see an increase between $0.05 and $4.43;
  • TELUS home phone – lite customers will see an increase of $2;
  • TELUS home phone – basic customers will see an increase of either $2 or $3.

Exact details on how the increases will impact your monthly rate will appear on the last page of your Telus bill issued between June 6 and July 5, or you can get access to an electronic copy of your latest bill from Telus’ e.Bill system.

Telus is also raising rates on the following calling features by $3 a month when they are purchased individually:

  • Anonymous Caller ID
  • Call Screen
  • Caller Reveal
  • Voice Mail Simple CO
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Gate
  • Smart Ring

Telus wants to encourage customers to subscribe to bundled, multiple calling feature packages.

Beginning Aug. 1, Telus will also start charging a $2 monthly fee for High Speed Internet customers who choose to receive a paper copy of their bill. Customers can sign up for e.Bill to avoid this charge. Telus customers who do not subscribe to broadband will not be charged the fee.

With paper bill fees forthcoming for Telus’ Internet customers, most will want to convert to electronic billing to avoid the extra charge. Until Aug. 1, customers who volunteer to switch will get a $5 credit applied to their account.

To switch to e.Bill, register your account online, and choose e.Bill when asked about your Billing Method. Already registered? Log into your account, click your account number, and click “Update” on the billing method line.

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Terrance Jays
Terrance Jays
8 years ago

Try this on for size re: Cell phone calling rates for prepaid pay as you go customers:

August 1st: Telus is increasing both local calling rates to $0.50 / minute &
long distance rates to $0.50 / minute.

If you purchase a 30-day add-on feature, the local calling rate goes down to $0.15 / minute.
These 30 day add-ons start at $5.00 / 30 days.

Essentially, they’re not getting much money from the prepaid customers, so they’re going to penalize them if they don’t get a 30 day add on feature.

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