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800,000 Time Warner Cable Phone Customers Endure Second Day of Outage

Phillip Dampier April 8, 2013 Consumer News 1 Comment

twcGreenAt least 11 percent of Time Warner Cable phone customers nationwide are into their second day without phone service due to an unspecified outage.

The problem began at around 3pm EDT on Sunday and temporarily knocked out Internet service in some areas for several minutes. The Internet service came back, but for many the phone service did not.

Time Warner Cable says calls may not be completed successfully and incoming calls may be blocked. Caller ID information has also proven spotty even for customers who still have service, and voicemail access is sporadic. Anecdotal reports from upstate New York residents received by Stop the Cap! report fast busy signals, no dial tone, or blinking lights on the company-supplied MTA.

Some customers regained service late Sunday night while others are slowly getting service restored today.

No automatic credits for interrupted phone service will be issued by Time Warner, but customers can use the company website’s contact form or call their local Time Warner Cable office for service credits.

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Mac D
Mac D
7 years ago

THESE ARE BLOGS OFF THE “INVESTOR PLACE.COM” WEBSITE. DESCRIBING THE CURRENT TIME WARNER PHONE OUTAGE MESS We haven’t had dial tone for over 24 hours down here in Raleigh. so the term intermittent puzzles me. Also, how do you route 911 calls when users have no dial tone? I agree, how would 911 service work with no dial tone? We had no dial tone as of Sunday afternoon (1st time noticed anyway) – it was back up Monday a.m. in Syracuse, NY area. I am another Raleigh, NC user without phone service. No info is coming from TWC via public… Read more »

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