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Updated: Netflix Cracks Down on Sharing: One Stream Per Customer Unless You Pay More

Phillip Dampier September 5, 2011 Consumer News, Online Video 97 Comments

Netflix streaming customers who happen to share their account with other family members are having a frustrated Labor Day weekend as Netflix completes implementation of strict new limits on the number of concurrent video streams available for viewing.

Netflix has always unofficially had streaming limitations:

Some membership plans allow you to watch simultaneously on more than one personal computer or Netflix ready device at the same time. If you are on the 1 disc out at-a-time plan [or stream-only plan], you may watch only one device at a time. If you are on the 2 discs out at-a-time plan, you may watch on up to two devices at the same time. Members on the 3 disc plan can watch on up to three devices. The maximum is four devices simultaneously, and that is available for members on the 4 or greater discs out at-a-time plans.

But many of our readers have told us they have never had problems running two or even three concurrent streams at the same time on a “stream-only” plan… until recently.  What Netflix’s “official policy” was and what customers could actually do were two different things.

“Netflix never liked two streams at the same time on the same browser, but if you have several family members, two or three people could watch different shows on their own devices at the same time, but no more,” says Stop the Cap! reader Jared Ustel.  “As of this weekend, streaming customers can only watch one show at a time.”

Stop the Cap! was able to verify this ourselves this weekend.  Sure enough, while in the recent past we were able to support up to three video streams running at the same time, now it is just one.

This new restriction seems timed to coincide with Netflix’s recent price increases, which took effect Sept. 1.  Now, large families sharing a Netflix account will either have to reserve time to watch their respective favorites or:

  1. Pay considerably more for a combo disc-rental/streaming plan which unlocks a corresponding number of concurrent streams.  If you want two concurrent video streams, you will need to pay $19.98 a month, which also allows you two mailed DVD’s out at a time.  Three streams (and DVD’s) runs $23.98, four: $29.98;
  2. Sign up for a second Unlimited Streaming account at an additional $7.99 a month;
  3. Forget about Netflix.

While Netflix may have been hoping to cut down on the number of “shared accounts” with friends and distant family members, their policy change will hit families hard.

With the controversial Sept. 1 price increase effectively near-doubling the cost to watch video streams and rent one DVD at a time by mail, now may not be the best time to further antagonize loyal customers.

[Updated 9/7/11 — 12:22pm ET — “No Netflix member is limited to less than two concurrent streams,” Netflix spokesman Steve Swasey reports. “A few Netflix members have heard differently from us, which is an error that we are correcting.”

They have not corrected it as of yet.  Jared updates us to say he is still unable to stream more than one program at a time, and as of 11:45am ET this morning, launching more than one stream at Stop the Cap! HQ brings the error message shown below.  Technical glitch or last-minute policy shift?  Two concurrent streams still don’t work for us or for several of our reporting readers (at the moment anyway) and their long-standing FAQ still states Unlimited Streaming customers are limited to a single stream.  Mr. Swasey can help his own customers by ensuring concurrent streaming is restored and the FAQ updated to reflect the information he shared.]

[Updated 9/7/11 — 3:00pm ET — Two concurrent streams are back.  More details here.

As of late this morning, Netflix was still delivering this error message.

Currently there are 97 comments on this Article:

  1. Smith6612 says:

    Why are they shooting themselves in the foot? Are the media companies literally forcing them to? I don’t understand what the deal was with shared accounts. You could after all, only have so many devices activated at once if I’m not mistaken.

    • Alex says:

      Netflix also has pulled movies from the streaming inventory. Movies that I watched previously are now DVD only. Example: Wall Street which I streamed October 10, 2010 is only available as DVD now !!!

  2. exnetflixer says:

    One word : greed! Netflix stock TRIPLED in one year. How did they thank their loyal customers? Two price hikes in 6 months and now this. Guess they think people are desperate for their services. I for one cancelled as soon as they announced the increase. Amazon prime has better quality video and they ate just getting started. Netflix had virtually buried blockbuster, but I think this may give them a boost as well as redbox. I hope consumers teach netflix a lesson that will reverberate throughout the industry.

    • Sam says:

      Well, they certainly rewarded CEO Reed Hastings with $5,516,633 in compensation last year! Those Bentleys aren’t going to pay for themselves.

    • nicmart says:

      Let me make sure I understand. If Netflix tries to maximize profits, this is “greed.” But if a consumer tries to minimize what he pays, this is due to something other than greed. Furthermore, if you accuse others of greed, it means that you are never motived by that emotion. Envy, then?

      • Bill says:

        It’s the ceo him self

        2 streaming movies wow you should get 2 you can be in your room whiching G8y pride i can which Buried in the living room

        point .

        bill in the living room


  3. Ben says:

    Nuck Fetflix!

  4. kevin says:

    There is something wrong with the picture used, the error code does not link to anything on the Netflix page (when you try to look up the code). Are you sure this may not have been on one of the super limited streaming plans?

  5. Scott says:

    Add in the loss of their Starz contract and there’s absolutely no reason for anyone to subscribe to Netflix streaming. Validates my cancelling service after their price increase due to a total lack of value.

    • nicmart says:

      I like what Netflix offers, and I don’t give a crap what anyone in this forum thinks. If you don’t like it, quit. Or keep subscribing and whining.

      • Bill says:

        nicmart you got mail

        your Netflix is now $35.55 month and no dvd

        thank you for not giving a crap

        if I was an unemployed loser like yourself living in your moms basement

        i would not give a crap

        bill in his living room


        • Turman says:

          Uh, he’s not complaining about the price hike but he lives in his mother’s basement, what?
          Maybe he makes more money than you because he’s not a high school dropout and can afford a $7.99 a month luxury.
          Hell, I’m sure you spend more on toilet paper every week.
          Unless you can’t afford that either. Probably buy the cheap tissue paper brand, then complain about it not being two-ply.

  6. KellyT says:

    Everyone streaming separately? More like a group of people living together, rather than a family.

    • Dale says:

      Kelly T,
      Why is multiple streaming considered a group of people living together and not a family?
      I like different movies than my wife does. My daughter likes different movies than either of us does. So we have 4 connections to satellite. Why not 4 connections to NetFlix with 4 different movies downloading? We are a family, not a group, but we all like to watch different types of TV shows and movies. That is not strange at all. My other daughter, her husband and son each have their own TV and PC reception. Is that odd? I really doubt it. It is typical, not odd.
      If NetFlix wants to restrict its product it can do so. They will lose customers in the process. Right now they have either lost or failed to acquire new subscribers to the tune of over ONE MILLION subscriptions. This restriction to a single or even two streams at a time will cause them to lose even more.
      With DVD’s I could order 3 at a time, one for me, one for my wife and one for the kids. I could do this every couple of days since the turn around on snail mail is only two days so we could each watch a different movie at the same time yet NetFlix says we can’t do this with streaming videos even though we have 4 computers, an Xbox and a RUKU. So we could watch 4 or 5 movies at one time if we wanted to (though that would not be a common occurrence). Yet NetFlix says one at a time. I don’t personally care since I have AMAZON Prime so I can watch all of the same movies that NetFlix provides anyway but others don’t have that ability.
      What is the most dumb about NetFlix is that their streaming videos are distributed over Amazon’s Cloud network along with Amazon Prime so the hardware exists for multiple streaming. It is NetFlix who chooses to restrict it.

  7. Levi says:

    Anyone know of anyway to complain about this, short of calling Netflix support? I watch stuff on my PC while my 4 year old watches cartoons or my wife watches something sappy – I can’t think of any good reason for this change, other than lining the shareholders’ pockets.

    • KellyT says:

      Maybe you can’t think of a good reason for this, because you think it costs them nothing to send you three streams instead of the one that you’re paying for.

      • Darwin says:

        It does not cost Netflix more to stream to multiple devices. Their content comes from local CDN’s. The only additional cost is to your local internet connection. It doesn’t even hit the internet backbone which is the other scam the ISP’s would like you to believe. It’s a little early for Netflix to be gouging their customer in so many ways while actually providing less. Netflix and the content companies are giving a huge boost to torrents because of their own greed. I had been a huge proponent of Netflix for a long time but no more.

      • Sam says:

        Of course the streams cost more, but Netflix justified the separation of the DVD/streaming plans because the cost of sending DVDs continues to increase. So if I add a second DVD to my plan, Netflix said that money goes toward those increasing costs. So, how does that money in any way support the higher cost of streaming two streams?

        Netflix says that you can add a second streaming plan for $7.99 or add a second DVD to your package to get another stream. That implies that they are both worth 1 stream. If that’s the case, why does Unlimited Streaming = 1 stream and Unlimited Streaming+1DVD = 1 stream? Shouldn’t the latter equal 2 streams?

  8. Jessica says:

    I went and got Netflix about 4 – 5 months ago, and because of the multiple streaming I kept it. Now I will seriously think of canceling this and going elsewhere. There is no reason to do this except greed.

  9. Just Call Me Vee (@Flashynista) says:

    Good think I can stream my @blockbuster acct instead

  10. Paul says:

    I say screw netflix!!! They want to screw us, so we screw them and cancel our accounts. They rarely have any new movie’s if any streaming, so my point is this, whats the point at all, if you got netflix to see knew movies streaming you are outta luck! I am canceling my account!!! I can go back to blockbuster and get better service.



    • dfdfd says:

      I am canceling too. This is just taking it too far. Any suggestions for netflix replacement

      • DISH Network is set to launch their own unlimited movie streaming subscription service in about a month. We’ll be covering this story sometime today, so watch our homepage.

        BTW, this is really only the beginning of a series of usage crackdowns. Netflix content partners are demanding major rate increases and restrictions if Netflix wants to continue to show “their content.” We’ll be covering this as well.

      • Zandrello says:

        Amazon Prime offers their own streaming service with a Prime membership. I think it is awesome, and use it constantly. Some would say that it’s expensive because you have to pay the $79 up front (which I did). However, that is for an entire YEAR. Which, if you do the math (my current Netflix sub is $7.99 a month) Amazon is actually CHEAPER annually, AND you get massive shipping benefits! Mine has already paid for itself in shipping alone.

        Not only that, but I have found that Amazon actually has MORE newer stuff than Netflix almost all the time. Anyways, if you have Prime, any Movie, show, series, etc. that has a “PRIME” ribbon on the title, means you can stream it for FREE with a Prime membership. WITHOUT a Prime membership, you would have to rent or buy said title.

        Anyways, thought I would help out. We have enjoyed Prime Instant Video so much, that we actually cancelled our Dish service b/c they kept raising their prices too. I save a good amount of money, and if there’s any show that I just “can’t live without”, I can BUY a season pass on Amazon. BAM, problem solved. OH and BTW, Amazon does NOT have caps or limit you to a certain number of screens. I’ve personally had 6 devices going simultaneously before, just for the sake of testing!

        Netflix will regret this, I can tell you that much. AMAZON PRIME FTW!!

  11. starwarsfans says:

    Cancelled my account for Netflix on Aug 31. Saw this coming. Never going back. Never.

  12. Barry says:

    Yet another reason to dump netfilx.

  13. steve swasey says:

    Folks, we’ve sent a message in error to a few people about this so here’s the clarification: No Netflix member is limited to less than two concurrent streams. A few Netflix members have heard differently from us, which is an error that we’re fixing.

    Steve Swasey
    Netflix VP, Corporate Communications

    • Steve, please send an e-mail direct to us (phil at stopthecap.com) from your netflix.com address. We’ll be happy to update the piece, but require verification direct from you.

    • Joe says:


      We use your service primarily to entertain our Grandchildren. Once you have been a customer for a period of time, it is soon discovered the movies available for streaming is very limited. If you continue to raise rates and limit access, I would suggest you improve your product. At this point I am a very marginal customer. Give me one more reason, and I am GONE!

    • heyshippy says:

      I love, love, love, my NETFLIX account! I don’t have any problem with the pricing change, and I plan to remain a loyal NETFLIX customer for as long as your product remains a great value. I can’t believe the number of people who are complaining over a minor pricing structure change.

      I am outraged at the number of people who are so upset over this. Your product is awesome and your prices are incredible! I can watch AS MUCH TV AS I WANT, WHEN I WANT IT, and WHATEVER I WANT for 8$ a month!!! No other streaming content provider offers what your company does.

      I believe the people who are screaming for the head of NETFLIX are just not looking at what they’re getting for the amount of money they’re paying.

      Anyway, I just thought I’d try to encrouage you. You’re probably used to getting all the hate mail.

      Keep it up, NETFLIX! I’m still with you.

      • Sam says:

        Are you a Netflix shill? You can’t be serious. Netflix streaming does NOT offer “whatever you want” for $8. Do you want me to start listing the thousands upon thousands of titles of movies and TV shows that are not available on streaming?

        About 1 in 10 of my searches turns up something available on streaming.

        ” There’s such a huge library of TV and Movies that I could watch for YEARS and not see the same thing twice.”

        Sure, if you want to watch episodes of obscure TV shows or independent films. How many times are you going to watch documentaries about marijuana or sharks before saying to yourself, “Man, I wish they had some of the blockbusters from the past 5 years on here.”?

        • heyshippy says:

          No, I am not a shill. I simply disagree with the simple minded people who are shouting at the top of their lungs about canceling Netflix because they’re getting ripped off.

          You can’t look at Netflix like your own personal DVD collection. You have to look at it like a library. There’s HOURS of entertainment for one to ingest with the simple click of a mouse.

          I don’t care what anyone says. It’s a much better value than cable.

          • Sam says:

            If you look at it like a library instead of a personal DVD collection, then you obviously can’t get, as you put it: “WHATEVER I WANT for 8$ a month”

            You can get what Netflix puts in their library for $8, but certainly not whatever you want. For example, you can’t get any Starz content after February. That’s over ONE THOUSAND titles that will be removed. You can’t get anything from Criterion anymore, which amounts to over EIGHT HUNDRED titles. You can’t get any of the tens of thousands of Warner Bros. titles. You can’t get any original programming from CBS, HBO, etc.

            But you can get Mugabe and the White African or Sukiyaki Western Django!

          • James says:

            My local library is FREE and it has “HOURS” of entertainment too. Not to mention YouTube, Crackle…

          • Bill says:

            heyshippy says It’s a much better value than my neighbors 2 wire cable.

            they got this there on demand thing its light year’s a head of time

            bill in the living room


        • MTL says:

          I have to agree. People who say that multiple people in one home can watch different cable/satellite channels at once are not considering that it is limited by a hard/proprietary connection.
          If multiple simultaneous streams via Netflix were unlimited in number, you could pass out your login/password to anyone and you could all share unlimited streams for one single $8 monthly charge.

      • Bill says:

        heyshippy are you steve swasey

        stop the crap can you pull ip’s

        bill in his living room


    • me says:

      Hey Steve,

      Why don’t you read the comments here and elsewhere on the web about how unhappy your customers are about being gouged left and right?

    • Michael says:

      Pretty damn sad steve since I just called your idiot cust serv reps on NINE/TEN !!!! (Long after your lame post) just to have them tell me it’s true, see ya sucka!

      • Michael says:

        OH, and the funny part is the rep said I’d need to buy another 7.99 unlimited streaming acct for however many streams I wanted, so to ensure that 4 family members can watch diff things without error it’s 4 times 7.99, go give your bs stories to someone else, I could of cared less about the price hike but this now,,, and it sounds like you are talking outta 2 mouths like a politician or CEO, don’t buy your bs, cancelling!

    • Max says:

      This is such bull. I along with my sister in NYC were able to stream on numerous device using my account at the same time. I was unaware of all this bull crap until after purchasing a new device which i hooked up for my mom in her room. I showed her how to access and use the damn thing, now while shes enjoying her movie, i went to watch one and got that damn error. Made me quite furious if u might ask, especially after calling support and they assumed i was crazy and said it to be some sort of glitch. If netflix dont fix this pretty soon, i am going to cancel my account which i am sure alot of you guys will do as well. Whats the point in having an “unlimited” plan that allows 6 devices and you cant use them all at the same time.!!

  14. Kevin Kleinsmith says:

    What is stupid is that they priced two streams more than simply two single accounts of stream only. This is where people don’t do simple math in companies where customers will realize that there are more cost effective ways to do this.

  15. Tomsan says:

    I kind of understand, I know people who use others accounts who don’t even live with them. But they are doing it wrong, they need to cap streams to IPs. If they limited one IP at a time this would allow a household to have multiply streams on one account, This way when mom and dad are watching an R rated in there room, big sis is watching dramas on her lapton and the young ens are watching cartoons in the living room, but prevents uncle Ted there account over at his house, But when the family goes on vacation they can take there account with them to the hotel or grandma’s. The only way I see this being abused is wireless sharing among households, which would be a very limit loss on Netflix account.

  16. me says:

    I used to work at Netflix in 2006 and remember thinking ‘Wow, what a great business model and a great place to work! More companies should be like this.’ Now? Instead of being innovators, they are just copycats of every other corporate entity in America – out to gouge us for every cent they can get. I would say I hope they go down soon, but unfortunately, they are a major employer in my town, so I at least hope they receive lots of letters of complaint and DO SOMETHING to make their customers happy, and for me, that means giving me my physical dvd’s plan back at my old rate without all this streaming crapola.

  17. Ken says:

    My wife and I share a Netflix account. It’s not really a matter of money, it was just easier. Now, if I have to have two accounts, I’ll simply buy from a competitor, perhaps Amazon or Blockbuster or Hulu. We can’t both use Netflix at the same time, but one can use the other account while one uses Netflix.

    I don’t see how this is a win for Netflix. It’s going to drive many of us to try other services and, if we like them better, give up Netflix. I’ve been with Netflix since the beginning, but I don’t feel any more loyalty to them than they do to me.

  18. Tuta says:

    This would have bothered me had I not already canceled due to the rate hike.

  19. JKxZ says:

    Actually, the reason for this is Comcast.

    Not too long ago Comcast made a deal with Level Three Communications. Basically a Comcast user can request from any website/domain/service on the web. However if the responding traffic came from a subset of servers, Comcast wanted to bill the metered data back to Level 3.

    Keep in mind Comcast needs Level 3. That is their backbone. Network traffic goes from your house, through the Comcast servers, and is then routed over the backbone to its destination. Ideally the response should come back through that same route and show up on your screen.

    Comcast pays Level 3, they are essentially a subscriber to their backbone service. They buy bandwidth from Level 3.

    What Comcast decided is that if Level 3 provided a connection to services that they saw were competing with their business they wanted to charge Level 3 for providing access to that connection.

    So you go to Netflix and start streaming, the request goes out and Netflix responds by sending video back to your screen.

    In the old contract, the request went out and came back through the same network connections.

    NOW, Level 3 has to route the response from their backbone to a CDN, and then to your home network. They can’t route the response back through the Comcast network, or they will get charged.

    So who do you think is paying for the CDN’s? Netflix.

    Why? Because Comcast, Time Warner, Clearwire, and even AT&T see the risk of allowing Netflix to continue to operate without some network burden.

    As much as I want to blame Netflix, the price increases are really the result of collusion by the cable providers.

  20. heyshippy says:

    I don’t care what any of you crazies say. NETFLIX is STILL AWESOME!!! I haven’t experienced any of the streaming issues at all. I can still stream two feeds to two separate devices with one account!

    Come on! 8$ a month for UNLMITED viewing? I haven’t had cable in two years because NETFLIX gives me everything I need. My wife also has a HULU account, but we only use it to watch current episodes of Bones.

    How dumb can you people be? “DUMP NETFLIX!!” Whatever! It’s still a better value than anything else out there! If I had cable, my bill would be over 100$ a month! I pay 50$ for internet AND my Netflix account together. There’s such a huge library of TV and Movies that I could watch for YEARS and not see the same thing twice.

    Get a clue you crazy trolls! Seriously.

    • Scott says:

      If you’re a current Netflix streaming customer I’d challenge you to list any QUALITY new movies or TV episodes that are available via Streaming right now that you haven’t already seen elsewhere or watched some time ago.

      The catalog of content for Netflix streaming is abysmal of old movies and shows with a smattering of new stuff that you’ll easily watch in a few weeks only to see nothing good or new for several months.

      The value of Netflix streaming simply is NOT there.

      Their plan and price increases were never justified. Their loss of Starz content only diminishes what little they had in the first place.

      If they keep going like they have been you’ll likely see either DirecTV with it’s Blockbuster Streaming or Amazon taking a nice chunk of their business away which is fine by me. Netflix doesn’t seem to care much anymore about providing value to their customers.

  21. Zaqzyp says:

    Are americans really that poor? All the whining about the price changes and now about streaming you’d think you guys had the same salary as in China.

  22. Jenn says:

    More money…less service. Just like everything else in this economy. If I could afford more than one computer (tablet, whatever), I’d be super-pissed.

  23. Nate says:

    Apparently, everyone has forgotten the days when BB charged us ridiculous amounts of money for overdue movies, cable companies offered us introductory rates that increased by hundreds of percent in a few months, and once missed, tv shows were never to be seen again. Netflix rescued us all from that for a meager 9-20 dollars a month and you’re all bitching? It’s well reported that Netflix’s license fees are going to increase drastically in the coming years because licensers didn’t foresee the growth of online media. So yeah, they’re raising their prices, not allowing you to stream 10 movies at a time (could you watch that BB video you rented on multiple appliances at the same time?), and generally trying to be competitive. Why don’t you all stop whining and appreciate what a truly great service NF is providing?

    • Sam says:

      Yes, Netflix licensing fees will probably go up. But as I said above.. they certainly found total compensation worth 5.5 MILLION DOLLARS to give CEO Hastings last year.

      • Nate says:

        So NF “found total compensation worth 5.5 MILLION DOLLARS”!!!!!! to give to the CEO who has driven them from a relative obscurity to one of the largest corporations in the world that employs thousands, is worth BILLIONS, has revolutionized an industry, and is rapidly expanding into other countries. I’d say that’s a small price to pay.

        In fact, I have a great idea, right now, that I’m doing nothing with and will pay someone (anyone) 5.5 MILLION DOLLARS 10yrs from now if they can grow my idea from nothing into a multi-BILLION dollar dollar corporation.

        And, you do understand how much 5.5 MILLION DOLLARS is in relation to the BILLIONS of dollars that NF is worth, right?

  24. Rhollmer says:

    I just cancelled. Done. For the money they charge, I’d rather give it to Vudu.com.

    • jj says:

      Vudu? Yes, go and support that small start up Wal-Mart instead of Netflix. Wow, Netflix meets one bump in its business model because of forces outside of its control (getting gauged by cable providers and studios and cable providers that own studios especially) and everyone wants to jump ship? Discs are dead, so forget the DVDs by mail and support streaming. The future and the efficiency of content delivery is in streaming. Right now, the cable/internet providers and studios are flexing their muscles and they’re winning when everyone blames Netflix…support Netflix streaming and you pump up their muscles.

      Amazing how the public can be so easily manipulated by the powerful. Netflix is getting squeezed and we blame Netflix.

      • Joe says:

        Guess who ran the wire all of the way to your house? The cable company, right! Who made the movies to start with? Not Netflix. We have been watching cheap movies simply because Netflix and others found holes in the system. Well, the holes were plugged and now we pay more. Don’t get me wrong, I hate Comcast but I understand why they did what they did. If they weren’t screwing over thier customers there would be no Netflix. I don’t mind paying more, (this time) but my beef is there is little to watch via streaming. It keeps my grandchildren happy with easy access to “Dora” 24 hours a day and thats about it. My post to this article simply stated that this was all I would tolerate. One more change and one more price increase and I’m gone. Nothing on all of these posts has changed my mind.

        • I think it’s pretty clear Hollywood and the pay television industry has it in for Netflix, either to charge extortionist pricing for content, or find ways to restrict its use to make it easier to compete with. If I was HBO and charging $15 a month for my channel, I’d sure want Netflix to charge $15 a month too. I sure wouldn’t want to lower my price to $7.99. 🙂

          This is the fatal flaw in Netflix’s business model. They will live or die on their contract agreements with content producers. It’s the same story right now with Google TV — a nice concept, except for the fact few content companies are willing to license their content to Google to show. So they end up with a product that sounds good, but doesn’t deliver much in practice.

          I think Netflix’s biggest mistake was doubling down on DVD/streaming prices. The pressure release valve that Netflix used to provide allowing 1-out DVD by mail rentals with streaming for $9.99 allowed people to deal easier with the fact Netflix doesn’t have a lot of current movie content. If streaming wasn’t available, at least you could get the disc mailed to you. Now that costs double the price of streaming alone.

          Technically, JJ is right when he says DVD’s by mail are dead and streaming is the natural evolutionary track for this kind of content. But old business models in Hollywood and at Kabletown die hard, and I suspect will assure a much longer life for DVD’s by mail than Netflix would like. If consumers can’t get the content they want for a fair price, they’ll just resume stealing it.

  25. Eric says:

    Netflix SUCKS.

    Their stock is down over $30 today. I hope it continues downward (way downward, as it is so overvalued now it’s funny) and they are forced to become the company they once were, instead of the greedy bastards they have become.

    • Scott says:

      Netflix just reported that they lost 1 million subscribers (800,000 from the DVD plan, and 200,000 from streaming), which is partly why they took such a hit on their stock price.

      Perhaps now those of us customers sent a message with hard numbers their CEO might be a bit more humbled.

  26. Ben says:

    Again, as I stated – a small increase is acceptable. A bundle discount would have been nice. I dropped my discs portion simply because I don’t want enough to justify the plan. I did when the package was at the old rate. I only got about 1 disc a moth.

  27. R Partin says:

    Netflix started doing this prior to the price hike. I think it’s ridiculous. If you are permitted to stream on up to six devices then what is the point of limiting how many devices can be used at one time? It really shouldn’t matter how many devices or different movies are being viewed at one time. If you pay for “unlimited streaming” then the streaming should truly be UNLIMITED.

  28. Todd says:

    Booooo fhooooo you bunch of babies. You can’t stream 3 different shows on 3 different devides for $8 dollars a month? How much did blockbuster used to charge for one movie? Now we don’t even have to go to the store and you are treating this like they are abusing your personal freedoms. Get a grip, idiots

  29. Macsmoove says:

    It seems that ppl should stop being so cheap. How is it that you will pay a cable bill for like 60 or so a month but not want to pay netflix. They have only risen the damn service by a rate of like 3 dollars max and ppl want to have a cow. I still have unlimited streaming and still have no problems paying netflix for their service. Hulu charges 8 bux a month which to me is too high considering that the networks show these shows for free. I just tested this theory in the article and this person who wrote this obviously doesn’t have unlimited streaming. I have just this second, tested this by watching the same show “Bones” on my phone cpu and tv device (ps3) all at the same time. Dont believe everything you read on the net. Test it for yourself.

    • Tyler says:

      I’m glad you have disposition to be carefree with your money, but as for all of us lesser plebeians, cash goes by quick. If the service I’m using is going to charge me an extra $36 a year, they should be adding features, not stripping them away.

      Also, the limitation is for 2 movies at a time. Movies, not shows. Perhaps you should research the topic better before making an uneducated statement.

      • A lot has changed since the original story, which we’ve updated on the piece itself. Netflix claimed the restrictions were actually a technical fault, which they corrected. It now appears customers can obtain two concurrent streams before getting an error message.

        This was tested, and verified by us when the limitation was in place, and after the subsequent “fix” which brought back two concurrent streams.

    • Ron Dafoe says:

      Of course it does. Your weeks late on your “test”. Look at the date of the article, look at what people were receiving on that day or around that day. I think Netflix made this change, and then backed it out. netflix is on shakey ground right now. it seems like ever 2 weeks there are announcing something else that is bad for their customers.

      I just read on bloomberg that Google and Apple may have started talks to purchase Netflix. If this turns out to be true, then the real reason that they have done these changes have come to light.

      Also, this is no where near everywhere I am sure, but at my place of employment, everyday there were netflix disks going out in the mail pickup. Since the price hike, there have been none and everyone I have asked said they had cancelled their account. They will go to Redbox. Streaming content was not worth it to them, and they realized that it was actually cheaper to rent at Redbox than they were paying on a monthly fee to Netflix. They all drive by a place that has Redbox on their way to and from work so no big deal.

      The fact is, and I think Netflix will realise this as well when the 2 companies are separate, that people were using DVDs by mail and supplimenting that with streaming content. They are no where near the other way at this point until they actually get content that matters. Sure, the small percentage of people that have cancelled cable or sat they may get, but that is no where near their subscriber base right now.

  30. Tyler says:

    Netflix was just the dominate internet-streaming media in the market, there was nothing like it. Add to that a mailing DVD rental integrated in the same account and you had yourself the best movie service the industry had to offer.

    And now? Everything is so confusing, with this split-company hoopla, a larger bill, and now they’re even limiting the basic features that made the original Netflix great for no other reason other than potential profit.

    I think it’s fair to say this is the worst decision a once-successful company has made in history.

  31. Tab says:

    F*** Netflix!
    Seriously make my life miserable!
    Me and my bro used to be able to share an account but not anymore.
    Go die you greedy netflix f******.

  32. Ramu says:

    I have just been hit with this limit to simultaneous streaming from Netflix. And I am in Canada already limited by the crappy selection compared to the states. I almost tolerated it because it was a good deal being able to watch one thing on the computer while my sisters watched something else on the tv (ps3). I’ve already had to pay extra per onth in bandwidth usage penalty to rogers. Now paying extra to netflix for same service with additional liminations???? I think Netflix is now gong to lose a lot of Canadian subscribers if they are really implementing this limit. We pay 7.99 for a selection that is not worth it for me unless we can watch what we want simultaneously. I’ll wait a month for netflix to get their house in order, before I decide to ditch them.

    • Dennis B says:

      I am also in Canada, I suddenly find myself limited in my simultaneous viewing. I called Netflix support, and they basically told me that “Well, you won’t be happy — we are now enforcing our streaming limits which are in the Terms of Use” He pointed them out in the “How Our Streaming Service Works” section, 6th paragraph down, in ALL CAPS:


      Although I don’t recall that clause being there when I signed up, a clause further up says they “reserve the right to terminate or restrict your use of our service, without notice, for any or no reason whatsoever. ”

      So while the US branch has relented and allowing at least 2 streams, in Canada, they reserve the right to squeeze us until they can’t get any more, and won’t budge an inch (centimetre?). Can’t wait for some real competition (local cable not included)

  33. mike says:

    I am in the States and I have been hitting this wall off and on for the last couple weeks. It seems like they’re enforcing it in the evening, possibly because there is more traffic. I’m going to cancel though, it’s not worth it to me without two concurrent streams.

  34. Jon says:

    Getting this issue today… What a way to ruin thanks giving day!

    • jenn says:

      Yep. I pulled up Blues Clues at my Moms house for my son and now that I’m home, I can’t pull up anything. I called my mom and left her a message to turn off the Netflix so I can stream through my wii

  35. Angered says:

    OK, it looks like they quietly tried to slip this through again.
    Everyone has been traveling and spending time with family and friends, then come home to the 1 movie already streaming message from Netflix.
    2 others report this on Thursday, so this evidently has been going on for at least 2 days and, I suppose that they figured that noone would notice until now,
    This could be my final straw with Netflix. How do they keep standing when they keep shooting themselves in the foot?

    • I got the message today, what a crock!! I’m so mad, can’t watch a movie while the kids watch tom and jerry. I just started my 1 month free trial of Amazon Prime, and its got more movies than netflix! Only $79.99 per YEAR!!!! Sorry Netflix, I used to love you and was a faithful dedicated user while everyone else said you suck, I still gave you all the praise and recommendation….. Now you have lost that. Watching “Cheaper By The Dozen” now, the remake from 2003. Netflix doesn’t have that, thank you Amazon!

  36. tacitus says:

    I’m not a Netflix subscriber but I did recently try Amazon Prime for a month, and I strongly doubt that they include anywhere near the same number of movies as Netflix does for their $79 annual membership fee. The vast majority of streaming movies Amazon provides are only available for a per-viewing stream, and that goes for just about all the more popular and up-to-date movies. I was able to stream a few good older movies for free, but they are few and far between. I certainly saw a lot of dross in the listings.

    Amazon Prime is excellent value for streaming if you like older US sitcoms like Cheers, or enjoy PBS/BBC programming, of which there is a great deal, but otherwise, you will have to pay $1.99 per episode or more per movie to watch them, even if you do have Prime Membership.

  37. Brian says:

    Just got blocked. My son and I were watching TV shows (not movies) simultaneously off Netflix with no problem. I finished an episode and tried to start another series and got the message illustrated above. I called Netflix and was told that the terms of service allowed 6 devices, but only one stream at a time on an Unlimited Streaming account. If I wanted more than one stream I would have to go to the Unlimited Streaming plus 2 DVD plan – I do not want DVDs! I had never heard this before and was directed to the terms of service page. The Netflix customer service agent said that there had been a glitch that allowed multiple streams, but their engineers were in the process of correcting this – which they are obviously doing at this moment. I have teenagers at home who like to stream from Netflix on our account, so I wouldn’t mind paying a little extra for multiple streams. Currently the only way to do this is with a multiple DVD plan. I do not need DVDs coming to the house – they will get lost and each of my kids will deny responsibility! One more way that Netflix is alienating its customers. Any suggestions on better streaming sights would be welcome.

  38. Tasha says:

    This truly irks my nerves. It’s bad enough you hike the price twice in less than a year, now you really limit the number of active devices that are running concurrently. I currently have one device going and wanted to access a video on another device and it told me to stop playing the movie on the first device! But I thought you allowed at least TWO devices?!?!? OK…so….why would I not just create a separate email address every 30 days and rape you by receiving your service for free since as a PAID customer, I’m being screwed royally. I never had this problem in the past. Now you have gotten the big head because you have so many customers and with stock numbers looking right, you sh*t on the little people who got you to where you are today. I cannot wait until my subscription is up this month.

  39. wasnetflixcustomer says:

    Sorry Netflix. I just cancelled my account today. I hope you spent my 12 months of payment well. Looser!

  40. netflix_not_for_long says:

    I;ve had enough – how many time will we allow companies change their policies without notifying us. our payment and membership should mean something – it’s a contract — any changes need to be clearly communicated.

    we were watching on two TVs successfully — but no more — now we get an error that to many devices are connected to our account.

  41. Sara Harper says:

    I just received this error tonight from Netfix for the first time when trying to stream from two different rooms in the house. The wording is changed a bit to say “The Netflix account is in use on too many devices” but same error code.

  42. Thomas Johnson says:

    The same…I just received the error too. I dealt with a lot of things with them, having the dvd plan REMOVED from my original contract after a little bit of time and then a few months later having them raise the price and now they are going to crack the whip. I might have to leave to one of their competitors….

  43. Julia says:

    Netflix caps streaming again! It started at midnight last night.

  44. Kiersten says:

    wtf… yeah and sooo many movies I could watch previously are no longer available through streaming… I also can’t complain unless I call them GAH! Amazon Prime is better?

  45. kelsey says:

    No amazon prime is not btr worse instatnt selection then netflix!
    Also wth? This is the first time I’ve ever had this problem. I know I’m not techinally in the right here for having 2 other people use my account but seriously? There’s a limit to one streaming on 1 account? U guys used to let us have 2! Also it is stupid ridoucus incredilous. My bf uses my account and so does my best friend but simply becuz I setup it on their systems so we could watch movies while I was over there I just decided to let them keep using it. Am so glad my parents do not use this becuz then I would get no time at all! This is not unlimited! U should not have “fixed” this. I get the whole several people sharing it thing but I was the main person using this account I was the one paying for it. If its limited to 6 devices then that’s how many devides it should be able to be watched on at the same time. I came back after the price hike to have some entertainment when I got home. U guys hahked and hicked and hicked and no ur limiting in addition to more hiking.fix this or u lose another loyal customer.

    • The Final Say says:

      Kelsey = clueless dolt. Seriously? you have 2 other people outside of your home using your account and have the nads to whine. Geez! Losers like you are the reason they had to clamp down.

  46. pissed says:

    Cancelled account today glads thats over

  47. I have used Netflix for years and I have never had this problem. I guess I have been one of the lucky ones that never encountered this problem. While my husband and I do not stream movies at the same time very often, it does happen. We have never received this error message before. We have never tried to stream more than 2 movies at once though so I guess that is good.

  48. bslintx says:

    Sure, Netflix carries titles that I could care less about. However, it would be hard-pressed for one to not find a handful of dvd titles a month to watch. Even at bargain bin prices (minus the gas cost , time, and inconvenience), Netflix streaming is cheaper – a great bang for the buck.

    I cannot expect Netflix to stock blockbuster titles and have its customers pay less than 10 dollars a month. Therfore, the arguments on the lack of ‘just came out on dvd’ titles do not persade me to cut the cord with Netflix streaming. What I do expect is the ability to stream across multiple devices for a single household (as cable allows). This and the price are what allured me to sign up.

    Ok. The streaming price went up – 1 dollar. This was shortly, after I drooped my cable subscription so it was little frustrating seeing the price hike as this was the very reason I left cable. The trend concerned me…not the price increase.

    I have not experienced the ‘account signed on too many devices’ error in my home directly. If this is enforced by Netflix then this will certainly force me to drop them. The price and UNLIMITED streaming is what made Netflix unique. If having to pay per stream connection is applied then this only makes Netflix a ‘virtual’ cable company in disguise.

  49. I almost never comment, but i did some searching and wound up here Updated:
    Netflix Cracks Down on Sharing: One Stream Per Customer
    Unless You Pay More | Stop the Cap!. And I do have a couple of questions for you if you don’t mind.
    Is it just me or does it seem like a few of the responses look like left by brain dead visitors?
    😛 And, if you are posting at other online sites, I would like to keep up with everything new you
    have to post. Would you make a list of the complete urls of all your community pages like your twitter feed, Facebook page or linkedin profile?

    • jay says:

      Im canceling my netflix thats bull**** 2 streams? I pay for the damn thing and i cant watch it cause my brother and mom watch netflix all the time whats the sence two streams bah what a bowl of crap and talk about shi**y movies no new movies hardly ever. Youve done very bad netflix disappointed this two stream update just pissed me off ha add 4 dollars to view two more you can take that four dollars and shove it deep in your asses greedy fu**s.

  50. Even though they say you can watch on two devices at the same time, I can still only watch on one! And my streaming plan allows for two devices simultaneously. WTF?

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