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North Carolina Call to Action! The Municipal Broadband Moratorium Heads to the House

North Carolina: the fight against S.1209, the municipal broadband moratorium bill that stops communities from building their own broadband alternatives now moves to the House Ways and Means/Broadband Connectivity Committee.

All 15 members are listed below.  You need to call and e-mail them and let them know you vehemently oppose this anti-consumer legislation as it stands.  Let them know you want that one year moratorium out of this bill at all costs.  Better yet, considering the study group mandated by the bill doesn’t include any consumers, just throw the whole thing out.  The only study that needs to be done is why North Carolina is near the bottom of the 50 states in broadband rankings.  Municipal providers can change that and revitalize local economies, create new high-tech jobs and help advance health care and education.  You can accomplish none of these things with a one-year roadblock on broadband progress.

Some of our allies on this legislation have been forced to mute their opposition, trying to avoid an even worse bill that could make a municipal broadband moratorium permanent.  That means North Carolina residents have to be on the front lines of opposition more than ever.

Let legislators know you understand some groups representing towns and cities in the state may have stopped fighting against the bill, but that doesn’t mean they endorse it.  More importantly, as a voter, you oppose the bill.  If you are personally served by one of these 15 representatives, let them know their vote is being carefully watched.  Will they stand with the people of North Carolina who want better broadband and believe local government should be able to provide it, or do they stand with Time Warner Cable, AT&T and other telecom companies seeking a one year moratorium that guarantees another year of high prices, inadequate broadband, and no alternatives for towns and cities that want better options.

As always, be polite, persuasive, and persistent!  Phone calls work wonders, but at least send an e-mail.  Doing both is even better.  You can click the e-mail addresses in bold to launch your e-mail software.  Please do not carbon copy legislators.  Send an individually personalized e-mail to the representative(s) of your choice.

House Ways and Means/Broadband Connectivity Committee

County Name Telephone # E-Mail Party
Mecklenburg Kelly Alexander 919-733-5778 [email protected] Democrat
Nash, Hallifax Angela R. Bryant 919-733-5878 [email protected] Democrat
Rowan Lorene Coates 919-733-5784 [email protected] Democrat
Orange, Caswell Bill Faison 919-715-3019 [email protected] Democrat
Burke, McDowell Mitch Gillespie 919-733-5862 [email protected] Republican
Mecklenburg Jim Gulley 919-733-5800 [email protected] Republican
Haywood, Jackson, Macon, Swain R. Phillip Haire 919-715-3005 [email protected] Democrat
Brunswick, Columbus Dewey L. Hill 919-733-5830 [email protected] Democrat
Catawba Mark K. Hilton 919-733-5988 [email protected] Republican
Franklin, Hallifax, Nash John May 919-733-5860 [email protected] Democrat
Allegheny, Surry Sarah Stevens 919-715-1883 [email protected] Republican
Mecklenburg Thom Tillis 919-733-5828 [email protected] Republican
Edgecomb, Wilson Joe P. Tolson 919-715-3024 [email protected] Democrat
Durham, Person W. A. (Winkie) Wilkins 919-715-0850 [email protected] Democrat

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