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AT&T Increases Shareholder Dividend And Raises Rates In February For U-verse Service

Phillip Dampier December 22, 2009 AT&T 2 Comments

AT&T last week announced it has increased its quarterly dividend by 2.40% to 42 cents per share, the 26th year the company has increased dividends quarter after quarter.

On February 1st, something else will increase by up to 10 percent: their U-verse rates.

Depending on the package selected, rates will increase $3-5 dollars a month for most cable-TV packages, $5 for many slower speed broadband products, and $5 a month for its unlimited calling package.  New customers will find some savings to offset the increases if they opt for faster broadband products: Max (12 Mbps) and Max Plus (18 Mbps) both decrease $10 per month, to $45 and $55 respectively, and the new 24Mbps Max Turbo service drops from $75 to $65.  Existing customers will not see price increases on broadband service, but they won’t enjoy any price decreases either.

Standard retail pricing as of February 1, 2010 will be: U-Basic- $19/mo., U-family-$54/mo., U-100-$54/mo., U200-$67/mo., U200 Latino-$77/mo., U300-$82/mo., U450-$112/mo.

New U-verse TV customers will now face a one-time service activation fee of $29.

AT&T said that the “modest price adjustments that we’re making are far outweighed by the additional value we’ve added to U-verse TV in the last year alone.”

Customers have expressed mixed reactions to the price increases and decreases on AT&T’s U-verse forums.  A far bigger problem for many of them are the company’s “bait and switch” tactics, alleged by several angry customers.  From rate quotes $30 less than what actually shows up on customer bills to referral rewards that never materialize to rebate nightmares, AT&T customers in several parts of the country report ongoing problems getting what they were promised.

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12 years ago

Most customers would probably prefer that AT&T strip off that $2 of “additional value” which they’ve appraised at $20, and enjoy a cheaper, neutral bandwidth pipeline.

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