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2016 Edition: Fighting for a Better Deal from Time Warner Cable; Save $600+ Annually

Phillip Dampier April 7, 2016 Competition, Consumer News, Editorial & Site News, TWC (see Charter), Video 53 Comments

badbillFor the fourth year, Stop the Cap! is pleased to bring you our advice on how to win yourself a better deal from Time Warner Cable. If you are paying regular price for Time Warner Cable service, you are throwing money away. There is no award for being a loyal cable customer these days. Only new customers and those willing to demand a better price get the best deals, while everyone else pays astoundingly high rates.

We are rarely surprised by anything, but even we confess astonishment as customers continue to show us their $180-250 cable bills. Most have been customers for decades and have never bothered to ask Time Warner if they could be getting a better deal. They should have asked us because the answer is absolutely yes. If you can devote about one hour a year and are willing to do some homework, even those coming off a promotion can save hundreds of dollars a year and get better service.

For those accustomed to badgering the cable company for a better deal year after year, we have some troubling news. Time Warner Cable is making things harder for you. In years past, customers only needed to use social media like Twitter or Facebook and ask for a better price and the cable company usually called back with a great promotional offer for the next year. Those days ended last fall, when the company began channeling current customer promotions almost exclusively through its national customer retention call centers. Even the oldest method of all — showing up at a local cable store with boxes in tow ready to turn in as you threaten to cancel service over its cost today often results in a shrug of the shoulders and an admission cable store employees are increasingly unable to offer customers promotions to entice them to stay. We saw this ourselves this week. As a result, Time Warner Cable lost that customer on the spot.

So why do cable companies play this game with their customers year after year? In a word, it’s all about the money. At least 80% of Time Warner Cable customers are still paying the company $10 a month to rent a cable modem customers can buy for themselves for as little as $50. Why do they keep paying? Because it’s a hassle or the customer believes they are incapable of installing their own. Even those who fought and won up to $1,100 in savings last year procrastinate after that promotion expires and put off trying to renew it. Why? Because few people relish debating for discounts. It’s a chore. But you say the same thing about doing your taxes, so it’s time to get some discipline and get this done. We’re even going to walk you through the process and share the tricks and traps you are likely to encounter along the way and how to get past them. How do we know? We have Time Warner Cable service too.

Heads Up: Time Warner Cable & Charter Communications — You may have read that Charter Communications is in the process of acquiring Time Warner Cable. Most state regulators with the exception of California (where approval isn’t a done deal at the time of writing) have approved the sale and federal regulators seem likely to follow, with a number of conditions Charter will have to meet going forward. For the rest of 2016, even if the deal is approved, we don’t expect many immediate changes. You are likely to see the Time Warner Cable name, packages, and pricing remain the same for most of this year. Next year, we expect Charter will want to retire Time Warner’s name and packages and move customers to their Spectrum product suite, at new customer pricing for all for the first year. We will update readers as needed to explain the transition, but it should not affect any promotions you win for at least the next year.

Getting Ready to Deal

courtesy: abcnews

Time to cut the cable TV bill down to size.

Based on reader input and our own experiences, you are going to find Time Warner Cable less willing to volunteer their lowest price promotions as they have in the past. Customer retention call center workers are trained to try to keep your business without giving away too much to customers threatening to leave. That is why doing your homework is essential before you call.

The most common reasons people call threatening to cancel service are:

  • a poor service experience
  • a rate increase or the end of a promotion that results in a higher rate
  • a better deal from the competition

When you call to cancel service, a representative will seek to understand your reasons and attempt to save you as a customer. If you respond you don’t like the picture quality or your Internet is constantly going out, you are unlikely to get a promotion. You’ll be offered a one-time service credit and a repair visit. If you are calling to cancel over a rate hike notice, they will probably offer a tepid promotion that effectively wipes out the rate increase, but still leaves you paying a lot more than you should. The best offers are designed in response to marketing from competitors trying to steal you away as a customer.

Doing Your Homework

This year your key word is: UPGRADED. Your local phone company just notified your neighborhood better service and a better deal is now available.

This year’s key word is: UPGRADED. Your local phone company just notified your neighborhood better service and a better deal is now available.

We believe the best deals will go to customers prepared to bring a competitor’s offer for them to match. If Time Warner’s local competitors are Google Fiber or Verizon FiOS, you are probably going to get a great deal without a lot of effort. In the northeast, Verizon FiOS and Time Warner Cable have had to face the fact if a customer of either doesn’t get an excellent deal to stay, they are going to switch to the other for one or two years and then switch back after the promotion expires. We’ve seen retention offers in these areas that even include high value gift card rebate offers normally reserved exclusively for customers able to prove (with their final bill) they are leaving one provider for the other. In areas where Time Warner Cable competes with AT&T U-verse, negotiations can get tougher. Time Warner Cable retention operators will listen to your claim you can get a better deal from AT&T or DirecTV and then try to trip you up by asking a lot of questions about 1-2 year contracts, HD fees, set-top equipment fees, broadband speeds, and other sneaky fees AT&T loves to slap on their bills but not always disclose in their advertising.

Things can get even tougher if their only significant competitor is Frontier Communications, HawTel, Windstream, CenturyLink, or other independent telephone companies. Most customers still can’t get TV service except through a companion offer with a satellite company and broadband typically comes in the form of underwhelming DSL. Time Warner Cable has a database of their competitors’ promotions and packages, and they respond to your price match request by trying to find the offer you want them to match in their system. When they find it (or something close to it), the call center operator will respond with a series of challenging statements to cut the apparent value of that promotion. For example, they will claim the competing offer does not include certain features Time Warner includes at no extra charge or doesn’t include various equipment, programming and other hidden fees that raise the price.

If you concede this, the price they will ultimately match is likely to be higher than what you originally thought. It may even sound reasonable to you, because you are used to “gotcha” and hidden fees that are already on your current Time Warner bill (fees the retention operator usually “forgets” to mention Time Warner also charges when they claim to be making an “apple to apple” comparison of the two offers.) That’s their game and it is designed to confuse and overwhelm you. We are going to teach you how to avoid getting on board their carnival carousel.

The key word for 2016 is: UPGRADED, as in their competitor ‘just notified you they have upgraded your neighborhood to a better level of service with a great limited time, local promotion just for customers like you.’

As AT&T and other phone companies continue to upgrade their networks to deliver video, phone and better broadband service, you can shut down the debate about DSL broadband speed and the many deficiencies of telephone company partnerships with satellite TV providers. Instead, you will explain the phone company can now match the speed Time Warner is selling (or at least the speed you need), and with services like Frontier FiOS TV/Vantage TV, CenturyLink’s Prism, Hawtel’s TV, and Windstream’s Kinetic TV, you don’t need a satellite dish to watch anymore.

A Time Warner Cable call center.

A Time Warner Cable call center.

But before we begin negotiations, a review of what you are already paying for is in order. Go and grab your latest Time Warner Cable bill.

If you are a broadband-only customer, you’ve probably received many offers to add television service. Those with cable television and broadband may be getting cards in the mail offering to add phone service for an additional $10 a month. Those customers identified as likely premium movie channel subscribers are getting offers to add multiple premiums at a special price. This practice is known as upselling, and it is how your $150 cable bill quickly rose to well over $200 once those limited-time promotions end and regular prices begin.

Here are some common cable TV add-ons that may be still lurking on your bill, are optional and may be removed on request:

  • Variety Pass (a/k/a Preferred TV): Just over 60 channels of lesser-known and slightly more expensive cable networks and their cousins. Includes MTV, Aspire, Cooking Channel, FOX Sports, Crime and Investigation Channel, GSN, LOGO, and National Geographic, among dozens of others. This package is very common and can often be downgraded to a 70+ Standard TV package.
  • HD Pass: Usually 4-6 channels of uniquely expensive basic cable networks. Most customers probably added this during the days of HDNet — a network Time Warner Cable dropped several years ago. Today, you are probably paying $3-5 a month extra for networks like beIN SPORTS, MGM HD, RFD HD, and Smithsonian. If these don’t interest you, drop this add-on.
  • TWC Sports Pass: More than two dozen additional sports channels that come at a hefty price. If you need to get your cable TV bill down, this is a good place to start.
  • TWC Movie Pass: Once affordable, this package of Disney Family Movies On Demand, TWC Movie Pass On Demand, and at least eight Encore movie channels has seen steady rate increases, especially over the last three years. It may no longer be worth it.
  • Various Premium Channels: HBO alone now costs $16.99 a month. Other premiums have also seen prices rise these last few years. But for $20-30 more, depending on the promotion, you can have every premium channel for a year, usually including HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, The Movie Channel, Epix, and Starz. Don’t leave your money on their table.
The TWC Digital Adapter was supposed to cost $0.99 a month. It's now $3.25.

The TWC Digital Adapter was supposed to cost $0.99 a month. It’s now $3.25.

With the latest round of rate hikes, renting equipment from Time Warner has gotten more expensive than ever. Do you still need a traditional set-top box in the guest bedroom or kids’ rooms if they are not even interested in cable TV? Each box and remote can add up to $7-9 a month depending on your package. DVR service is also increasingly costly because Time Warner charges customers for both the equipment and the service. An enhanced DVR capable of recording up to six shows at once is a nice addition, but it can easily add over $20 a month to your bill in equipment and service fees. If you find you aren’t using the DVR as often as you used to, it may be time to switch back to a traditional set-top box, which costs much less.

If you have TVs in spare bedrooms or the kitchen hooked up with Time Warner’s Digital Adapters, you will find the price for those has also increased dramatically. Initially promised for $0.99 a month, they now cost $3.25 each. This year, we recommend returning them and buying one or more Roku 2 2015 Edition ($70) units instead, which can deliver cable TV to your spare TV sets over your home Wi-Fi. (Also available on: Roku 3, All Roku 2 Models, Roku LT, Roku HD (2500X), the Roku Streaming Stick, Kindle Fire HD & HDX, Samsung Smart TV, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.) Time Warner provides their lineup on these devices with a free app. A one time equipment purchase will pay for itself in a few years, give instant access to Hulu, Netflix, and other services and offer a less frustrating experience.

Cable modems are another piece of equipment you should not be renting from Time Warner. These devices work with your Internet service and now cost $10 a month. The top recommended Arris (formerly Motorola) SB-6141 can be purchased on eBay for around $50 (for refurbished units) and from retail outlets for $70-80 (new). If you are still renting a modem from Time Warner, go and buy one today.

Am I Getting a Good Deal?

While tempting, these offers usually require upgrades that raise the price. For example, Whole House DVR mandatory service and equipment fees add $11.75 a month per cable box, with at least two boxes required.

While tempting, these typical Time Warner Cable offers usually require upgrades that raise the price. For example, Whole House DVR mandatory service and equipment fees add $11.75 a month per cable box, with a two-box minimum. That gift card offer is only good if you are able to prove you are switching from another provider and can produce a copy of your final bill.

This is the part people dread the most — having to haggle over their cable bill. How do you know if the offer Time Warner gives you is a good one? The answer is: by comparing it against the competition and what Time Warner would charge new customers for the same services. If it is within that range, you’ve done okay. If you keep pushing far beyond that, you are likely to find diminishing returns and increasing aggravation – sometimes an offer promised on the phone never even makes it to your bill, because it was offered in error. Then it becomes a dispute over crediting the difference between an offer promised and one actually received. We also don’t recommend people push for rebate cards, because even if you are offered one to keep your business, you usually will not qualify for it because you typically cannot meet the rebate’s terms and conditions, resulting in a rejection letter several months later from the third-party rebate processor.

To find out pricing of current promotions, start by visiting the phone company’s website to see what it has to offer. After that, it is off to Time Warner Cable’s website, pretending to be a new customer and creating a package similar or identical to what you receive today.

PrismTV + Internet, from CenturyLink

PrismTV + Internet, from CenturyLink. This service is being introduced in a number of CenturyLink-served communities.

Along the way, take note of fine print disclosures about contract terms, equipment fees, surcharges, etc. Some new customer offers increase in price during the second year, but ignore that. You are only negotiating for a better price for one year. In general terms, you are probably going to find new customer prices averaging in this range:

  • Broadband only: $34.95/mo for 12 months (Standard service)
  • Triple Play (broadband, TV + Enhanced DVR, phone): $99.99/mo for 12 months (30Mbps service)
  • Double Play (broadband + TV): Expect to pay around $80-90 for Standard/Turbo/Extreme broadband with traditional 200+ channel Preferred TV (periodic promotions offer enhanced speed broadband at the higher side of this price range)

Be aware most promotions start with lowball offers that do not include equipment like the very popular and expensive DVR (with the equipment and service fee), and the additional cost of a second set-top box many people have in their master bedroom. There are also Broadcast TV and Sports Programming surcharges increasingly charged by providers, and the usual taxes and fees.

No, dealing with Time Warner Cable won't reduce you to tears.

No, dealing with Time Warner Cable won’t reduce you to tears.

If you want to save time and are comfortable with a triple play package including 200+ channel Preferred TV with DVR and one additional standard HD set-top box, Ultimate Internet (50Mbps or 300Mbps in Maxx-upgraded areas), and Unlimited local/nationwide home phone service with voicemail, you should be able to easily negotiate a price hovering around $120-130 a month. We pay closer to the high side of that range after subscribing to “whole house” DVR service, which allows you to watch shows recorded on a DVR in another room. That price represents about a $50/month savings over the $175 price we would pay with the lesser promotion they offered us after the most recent one expired. If you are in a more competitive market with an even better deal than we found from our local providers, Time Warner should be able to match it too.

It’s Time to Make the Cancel Call

We’re getting close to making that phone call. Just one more reminder: the retention operator will probably try to question your competitor’s deal. That is where our magic word UPGRADED comes in. You are going to stay resolute the competitor’s offer you negotiated and are telling Time Warner about specifically targeted those gotcha fees and hidden charges, which have all been waived or do not apply. To win your business after the upgrade, the price quoted is the “out the door” price exactly as it will be billed to you, without hidden fees, no term contracts, and no gotchas. You can acknowledge those fees are common among many providers, but they do not apply to you in this case.

Get a glass of water, a pen and paper, and be prepared to spend about 30 minutes total on the phone (most of that will be on hold as they change your account to add the promotion you just won).

Call 1-800-892-4357 and say “cancel service” when the automated system asks what you are calling about. From there, your call will be forwarded to a customer retention call center. The first thing you should ask when connected is the representative’s name and extension (or other identifying information). If your deal isn’t applied (or applied correctly) to your account, the name of the person you spoke with will go a long way to getting any problems straightened out.

timewarner twcYou will be asked why you are canceling service. You want to emphasize “it costs too much” and you have “found a better deal” elsewhere. You should expect the representative to start negotiations by attempting to downgrade your current service to save money. Do not play this game at this point in the call. Politely tell the representative you are not interested in a reduction in your services because you can get the same or better from the competition… at a lower price. Keep reminding them your concern is over the cost of the service, nothing else. Don’t get sidetracked talking about service problems or poor customer service. Address those issues at the end of the call.

Despite assertions Time Warner Cable customers won't endure extended hold times, at least 2/3rds of our recent calls were spent listening to hold music.

Despite assertions Time Warner Cable customers won’t endure extended hold times, at least 2/3rds of our recent calls were spent listening to hold music.

You will be asked to describe the deal from the competitor. Let them know that with recent upgrades in your area it covers all the TV channels you want to watch, has the same broadband speed you are getting now, and offers unlimited local and long distance calling to all the places you care about. Let them know you have already talked to the other company but after a family discussion, you decided to give Time Warner a chance to match or beat their offer and will stay as a customer if they can.

The retention operator will likely try to challenge the competitor’s offer, but each time politely remind them your offer either includes those fees/charges or waives them with no contract obligation and no cancellation penalties. Tell them that competitor is going all out to sign up new customers in your neighborhood.

At all times, be polite, persistent, and persuasive. If you are pleasant, representatives will often go the extra mile for you. Try saying, “is there anything else you can try to get me a better price,” “I really appreciate all of your help today,” and “thank you for looking into this for me.” If things seem to be going against you, remind them, “I know there must be something we can do together to get to a better deal,” “I know you might not be able to do this for me, but perhaps a supervisor could?” and “maybe I am approaching this wrong and we need to start over and try to find the best promotion we can, even if it means adding or changing something that will get me a better deal.”

At this point, the operator will put you on hold and review the promotional offers they can apply to your account. When they return to the line, hear them out but you need them to come within $5-10 of the deal you took to them. If they can’t, you can usually ask if a supervisor will grant you a one time service credit for the difference between the two prices, or to give you a free upgrade to faster Internet speed, a premium movie channel, or something else to sweeten the offer. Try to stay flexible over a few dollars either way. The representative cannot make up a deal, they have to find one in the system that matches your current services and enter the proper code(s) to apply it to your account. Write everything down and repeat it back as you go to make sure you both understand the terms. Also make certain to ask if ANY other fees or charges apply, and if they do, write them down. In most cases, the price you get will be before taxes and some surcharges.

If you find you are dealing with a difficult or intransigent representative, thank them for their time, hang up and call back in a few hours and try again. You never have to commit to a deal immediately. If you want to think about it, ask for the representative to note your account with the offer he or she made and ask their name so you can refer back to that conversation when you call back.

Save your notes. It is unfortunately all too common that the deal you were promised over the phone can look very different on your first bill. But if you kept your notes and the name(s) of representatives you spoke with, any problems can be fixed later with a corrected deal or service credits.

Amy Schumer calls Time Warner Cable. It wasn’t this bad for us, we swear! (4:45)

Currently there are 53 comments on this Article:

  1. FredH says:

    All good advice – unfortunately in the Rome/Utica NY area there is no comparable competition that can offer the same services at a way lower price. TWC is the only high speed internet provider available….and the only other solution for TV is having a dish.

  2. Alstein says:

    Right now, in Triad area- they are playing hardball- tried calling two times. First time only a $10 discount, second time only $7.

    Also trying hard to spread misinformation about Earthlink- they’ve lost my business for a few months now due to this effective Monday. Antenna+Earthlink+sling will be more than enough for the summer months and for under $70.

  3. david says:


    Time Warner’s Basic Internet 10Mbps retail price is now $49.99 !!! And after 12 month promotion of $29.99, it’s a joke. I rather go back to mobile broadband, at least then my cell phone and internet cost will be marginally fewer. F**K TWC and F**K CHARTER!

  4. Martha says:

    What if you say you are going to cancel your cable service for a streaming service, such as Roku or SlingTV? Will they likely to come back with an offer to stay? We’re ready to call their bluff and actually cancel if necessary to see if they will try to get us to re-subscribe. Our TWC bill has become obscene.

    • ANgela Hill says:

      Did you get anywhere with this? I am about to do the same thing myself. My bill is $170 month, and I cannot do it any longer.

  5. Duncan says:

    Cut the cord today, and used this blog post as inspiration.

    TWC jacked my bill from $140 to $180, and that was the final straw. Goodbye, TWC, but I needed internet service.

    They quoted me $90 for 30/5 service, $70 for 20/5, which is roughly DOUBLE what they offer new customers.

    So I called Earthlink .. an hour later, they flipped my modem over to Earthlink, it rebooted, and presto, my bill was $30 for 15/1 service (for 6 months, then $42.)

    I realize Earthlink is a TWC reseller .. but .. suck it, Time Warner.

    • Jamus says:

      I did the same thing! Hell to switch from TWC to Earthlink you go THROUGH TWC!! It’s the same reps and same people!


    • Fred says:


      Earthlink may extend their offer beyond six months, if you threaten to go back to TWC.

      I achieved two such extensions of their $29.99 rate, for a total of two years, before TWC deployed their $14.99 “Everyday low price” service.

  6. Eric says:

    Chatted with support today. 20/2 mbps internet service is $60! OMFG! I hope the merger with Charter makes things better (though I highly doubt it) because that is pure insanity.

    • kevin says:

      Nope – just had my TWC bill increase over 170 without any premium channels. They say nothing they can do, all packages are more and if I switch now to Spectrum – I will pay more also. Within 12 months, all current rental boxes will be returned and new ones have to be rented. Can’t get away from it – terrible that our justice department has determined customers are NOT affected by this monopoly. I could retire on their rental fees alone.

  7. Eugene Powers says:

    OMG!!!!! The most stupid conversation in my life I just had with customer rep Natalia from Time Warner!!! I called to reduce the price that was just increased on my without any warning and she refused to understand me at all. I asked if I remove services will price go down and she said YES. So, cut the phone I don’t use I said. She puts me on hold and comes back with $20 more than the lowest price. So cut the internet speed in half I said. She comes back with $20 more again. So what exactly can you cut to reduce the price? Apparently nothing!!!!! So why did you say at the beginning that price can be reduced? I am trying to assist you with promotions we have, she said. What kind of the f***ing assistance is it? Natalia is a total idiot it seems.
    Time Warner does not want to keep me as a customer???!!!! Next call to ATT. They have much better pricing for two years with the price guaranty. I would have to reprogram DVR again but I have done it many times before.

    • Call them back and talk to someone else. I just negotiated this deal for someone else last Friday, and anyone should be able to get it by naming it:

      “Better Triple Play Plus” Includes: Recurring Value Discount (promotional offer) $109.99

      This includes the full lineup of 200+ cable TV channels (digital/analog), 50/5Mbps (300Mbps in Maxx areas), and unlimited nationwide digital phone with voicemail. Also includes one Enhanced DVR with DVR service (the new 6 tuner model). Customer gets phone modem for free, owns cable modem so no ripoff charges there.

      The total is $109.99, but you then get to add the BS charges, which will vary by state/locality. Here in NY, we tax air, so everything is extra:

      E911 Surcharge 0.35
      TWC Regulatory Recovery Fee 0.57
      State Telecommunications Excise Tax 0.61
      State and Local Sales Tax 1.41
      State Universal Service Fund 0.02
      Federal Universal Svc Recovery Fee 1.19
      Franchise Fee 5.42
      Broadcast TV and Sports Surcharges 8.75
      Total taxes, fees & surcharges 18.32

      So $110 magically becomes $128.32, but you may be able to get it down $10 by taking the regular DVR and maybe 30Mbps Extreme instead.

      Tell them your “friend” got this exact deal last week, so you should too.

  8. Barry Spotts says:

    As a long term Customer with Time Warner in Austin…They have been going up in price and quality and services.. I’m now payy $190 a month for 200 Mbps and Preferred Cable… This is up from $160 last month… I have 1 DVR and a Cablebox. The increase because we came off promotion… Time Warner changed their VOIP encryption and decryption algorithms so I had to get a new Alarm system for the house and pay additional $25… This change happened a couple years ago, so Time Warner is losing on locking Customers into continue to use their service.

    Save money by getting your own Cablebox is not really a money saver… They upgrade their network protocol and your screwed… You will be lucky to get 2 years out of the box before you need a new one, or it becomes obsolete. They tell you to buy one yourself, because it saves them money and not you..

    I called to try and negotiate, with no luck….Customer service says there are no new deals or promotions for existing Customers until after Spectrum takes reality in October. At this time all equipment will be swapped out….

    If I go Satellite instead I lose bundling prices so pricing will become a wash.. AT&T is a possibility, but after 12 months they will not likely negotiate unless I add services…. In many areas in Austin you need to wait for someone to move before you can get hooked up… Google Fiber will be a possibility but they have not yet built out the infrastructure… If I was an early signer I could get in next Summer, but if not it would be 3 years before it becomes widely available in my area

    Best bet on lower rates is to go through retention at Time Warner, but you must be willing to drop Time Warner and move to another service. Don’t just say you are going to move, but have the real intention and a plan to move and how before you go into negotiations.. If your negotiations fail, let them know that you would like to stay, but can’t afford it… Let them know you are moving and to whom, and start the process of moving… Give them no more than a week to call back with a low ball offer. If not, move your service…

    AT&T have a Terabyte max now on their 100 Mbps+ or higher, so it might be worth me switching.. I do have AT&T Wireless Service contract so it does give me some negotiation power with them….

  9. FredH says:

    My promo rate expired in Feb. this year. So our monthly bill was going to jump from $138 to $178. In March I got rid of one cable box and replaced it with a DTA which saved about $10 month (DTA is free for a year in our area). I also called Retention and they “generously” got me down another $6/month somehow by bumping my internet to the 50Mbps down tier – which was kinda good because in my area the TWCMaxx buildout was completed and I got bumped to 200Mbps down at no charge.

    After your post about the “Better Triple Play Plus” package I decided to call them again last week. I talked to a rep from the US – who really was from the US – a true “english as a first language” customer support rep. I’ll make a long story short – the rep worked his butt (fingers?) off for the next 20 minutes trying all kinds of bundles and options to get my costs down. Bottom line – he’s saving me another $21 per month from what I was paying. The good part? He saved me $250/year by bumping our Internet from 200Mbps to 300Mbps, added free STARZ and EPIX movie channels, and exchanged our old SA 8300HD DVR that records 2 programs at once for one that records 6 at once (and has 4 times the storage of the old one). I’ll have to go through this again in a year, but it really does matter who’s on the other end of the phone.

  10. Thanks for this guide.
    I was able to get my $129/month 300MB Ultra Internet plan down to $79.99 for 12 months. He recommended I call back in a year when the promotion is done.

    • FredH says:

      I have no ownership in this site – just an interested consumer of TWC products and I like to get them for the lowest price possible – and this site has helped me do that. Hopefully others that have saved money using this info (like Jonah above who is saving approx $600 over 12 months) will follow my lead and hit the “Donate” button on the top right of the page and return a small portion of those savings to Phillip to keep this helpful site running another year.

  11. Denver says:

    I live in Dallas, I attempted to do this, but the lady on the other end just low balled me, didn’t really try to keep me. And just said she’d process my cancellation. So I just re-signed up under my wife’s name in a new account, getting the new rate, almost half of what we were paying!

  12. CC says:

    I’m in the midst of doing this. I went the former tried and true method of twitter, tried online chats. Heck, we even had about 4-5 days of non-service due to a technical issue on their end. Earthlink (reseller or no) is offering a better deal in my area after 10 years of no competition. Of course, as this article has stated already, things have changed and I’ve been jerked around.

    I spent half an hour or more on the phone with a guy name Vince, that although the current promotion was 35/mo couldn’t give me that but if I was willing to run out and buy a modem right then could give me a $10 “discount”…Needless to say, I hung up on him. All the above and Vince added up to about two months. I was running chat windows/twitter at work because it was the only time I really had.

    Every time I call I get cycled to payment services. If TWC corporate is the Godfather, these are the street thug collectors. And they really are nothing else. If you ask for something, they will do their best to make you believe that it cannot be done and they are the only ones you can talk to. I had one agent, who in all honesty was highly intelligent, efficient and I got the vibe she was doing what she was trained to do, but when I was getting the runaround, I demanded a supervisor, who was haughty, idiotic and a few expletives I’ll try not to divulge in polite company. After giving me the “but if you make a payment right now, ‘they’ (whose they?) would probably (never a definite) be willing to put a credit on a future bill”

    I told her that 150 bucks for 2 months of basic internet was highway robbery, I had no problem paying in full for a fair price and with it taking two months of bs, the late fees need to be waived, that by my calculation 65 plus taxes was all I really owed with the prorated amount of the 5 days of no service, but the bottom line was that I already had massive student loan debt I would have until I died and dealing with Time Warner was like having your soul constantly rubbed down with a cheese grater so they could take their 150 bill and the threats and stick it.

    It wasn’t until I asked if retention could change the amount that she finally admitted yes, I told her that was who I needed to speak with then. You specifically have to ask! My question to her was simple “you make me this crazy for half an hour and couldn’t just tell me that? That’s your customer service? Do you even understand the meaning?”

    This was Sunday though, so retention was closed.

    She gave me a bad number for retention.

    So Monday I’m cycled to payment services yet again and start swearing in German so it will autospool me to an agent. An agent who asked me to verify my account information, asks me if I’m the account holder, than asks my name.

    “you mean the thing you just had me verify 30 seconds ago? Were you not even reading your screen?”

    I demanded retention when they tried their routine yet again.

    I was put on hold for 58 minutes. I left my phone on mute and went about my day, but I was out for blood by then. I was finally cycled to yet another agent and it pretty much went with “I’ve been on hold for 58 minutes so don’t even think this call will go well if you don’t put me to retention immediately.”

    Retention… finally

    I told them my bill was insane, about the hour long hold, the two months of harassment and nothing done, my issues with payment services, then fact they gave me bad information to keep me from retention, the 5 days of nonservice, the prorated and fair amount I’d calculated I should owe and that finally my area had competition for the first time in 10 years and I had ever intention of utilizing it unless my bill got much less insane very quickly. But I also told her that after over 10 years, I was at the point where even commuting to the library was a better option as long as I never had to deal with the company again.

    I was in the middle of this declaration when she said ” ok, you’re set for the 35 promo for 12 months, though you might want to look at buying a modem to get rid of the additional 10/month lease since I really cannot do anything about that. Is there anything else I can help you with?”

    I’ve managed to get retention a couple of time and this has been my experience both times. I get in crusade mode and they take out all my steam and just do what I wanted.

    I asked about the past stuff and was told that Billing, specifically the billing department would be who I needed to talk to, they could help me with bills that had already generated but she could only adjust future ones. They don’t, however, have a direct number, just call the general number and ask for billing.

    I’m pretty sure I will be cycled to payment services instead, as this seems to be the TWC method (thug first, sensibility only if you make it through the trials of thug monkeys).

    I’m hoping this helps someone avoid by own issues. Retention as soon as your bill switches, Billing for the old stuff… DO NOT deal with Payment Services and always ask the department you’ve reached. They have to tell you.

    Good luck, wish me luck and may my soul be somewhat less frayed when I can move.

  13. John says:

    My rates went up so I dropped my cable with the intention of signing up for a streaming service. However, dropping cable caused my 50mbs service to go from $70 to $110… I call them back and end up getting what I had before, plus phone, for about what I was paying before my original promo rate ended. It shouldn’t be this hard.

  14. Stephen says:

    Just got off the phone with twc. I was paying $55 a month for 50 down and 15 up. Just two months ago it went up from $35 for the same service, I have been paying this price for 2 years so it seemed odd that they went up so much. I talked with the representative who was rather delightful and she offered me 300 down and 50 up for $45 a month and I was able to lock it in for 18 months. She also throwing in a new modem for free and sending a service tech out to fulfill some year old requests.

  15. beth says:

    Called TWC today. They’re the only cable provider in my area. I pay for internet and phone unfortunately still hooked to Direct for the football season. For 300mbps I pay $75. I want to pay less! When I said At&T U had a better deal the operator challenged me—he knew their deal! The upshot is they did nothing to lower my bill. Although, I did say I am only getting 100 mbps and paying for 300.

    • FredH says:

      If your area is upgraded to be getting 300Mbps down and you aren’t, there could be any number of factors preventing it that are your responsibility, not TWC’s. Cable modem (if you own it – TWC’s issue if you pay monthly “rent”), router, bad or under-rated cables (need to be Cat 5e or Cat 6), computer network interface could all play a part in lower than expected speeds. I’m getting approx. 354Mbps download speed, so it IS possible.

    • Scott Vaumit says:

      not anymore you’re not Fred H or not for long at least, Charter just killed the maxx deal with TWC customers,so if you do still have it enjoy it but from here on out the best you can get is 100mb and with Charter/Spectrum owning the pipeline,haha well let’s just say ..good luck ,they are greedy assholes.

      • FredH says:

        Those areas in NY State that have been already migrated to Maxx should be ok for a while – at least until my promotional deal expires next June. After that, we’ll see. It figures after all the years of crappy TWC service, they had really started to make things better and “poof” they’re gone. One step forward, two steps back.

  16. Tyler H says:

    Switching from TWC to EarthLink was incredibly easy– after reading through these posts I contacted EarthLink online and had the following chat. Personal information redacted.


    Shirley k.: Hello. How may I help you today?

    Tyler H: Hi Shirley. I heard about a promotion recently for Earthlink where you offer 15Mbps internet for 29.95/mo for 6 months and then 41.95/mo thereafter. I am an existing TWC customer and was looking to make the switch. I’ve heard multiple people say I don’t have to cancel TWC to make the switch and just wanted clarification about the easiest way to do this.

    Shirley k.: I’ll be glad to assist you.
    Shirley k.: Let me see what is the best service available for you.
    Shirley k.: Please provide me with the information listed below :- 1)Your first and last name. 2)Your full service address. 3)Your home phone number. If you do not have a home phone you can provide your cell phone number instead. 4)Your operating system on the desktop or laptop. Is it Win Xp, Vista or Windows 7or 8. Or is it a Mac OS? To check for services available at your location.

    Tyler H: Sure thing. 1) xxx, 2) xxx, 3) xxx, 4) Windows 7

    Shirley k.: Thank you.
    Shirley k.: I will give you complete and accurate information.
    Shirley k.: How did you hear about EarthLink?

    Tyler H: Well, TWC increased my bill in the past month, and in looking for better offers online this 15Mbps plan was recommended pretty often.

    Shirley k.: Alright.

    Shirley k.: May I know do you have TWC RoadRunner for internet?

    Tyler H: I currently have Time Warner Cable for internet.

    Shirley k.: Alright.
    Shirley k.: I see that you are serviceable for our High Speed Cable Internet.
    Shirley k.: This is a best effort technology with speeds up to 15.0Mbps on the download and up to 1.0Mbps on the upload.
    Shirley k.: There is no charge for the standard professional installation, $29.95 per month for your first 6 months and then just $41.95 per month after that. $10 per month is the equipment (modem) fees. No upfront fees to get started.
    Shirley k.: No home phone required. No cable tv service required. Using a router you can have this connection wirelessly within your home on multiple devices. No Contract No Commitment. No upfront cost to the order. Unlimited usage with 24×7 free technical and customer support assistance.

    Tyler H: Right, the 29.95/mo for 6-month plan was what I was interested in. I do have my own modem, however.

    Shirley k.: Good. If you are using your own modem the modem rental fee is waived.
    Shirley k.: Since, you are not sure whether your current Internet service through Time Warner is powered by Roadrunner or not we can still proceed with the order. If the current Internet service through Time Warner is powered by Roadrunner then the Installer will Switch the services seamlessly from Time Warner to EarthLink without any downtime in the Internet connection. However, if the current Internet service through Time Warner is not powered by Roadrunner then the installer will cancel your current Internet services through Time Warner and setup a new order in the EarthLink’s system.
    Shirley k.: Would you like me to get this order started for you?

    Tyler H: Yep. That sounds good.

    Shirley k.: Excellent!
    Shirley k.: Please provide me with the list of information requested below to setup your account: 1. Name of your first pet (security word of your account). 2. Your contact email address. 3. The email address you would prefer with EarthLink. 4.Your alternate contact number. We will use these to keep you informed about the status of your order.

    Tyler H: 1. xxx, 2. xxx, 3. xxx, 4. cell phone is xxx, work phone is xxx

    Shirley k.: Thank you.
    Shirley k.: Just to let you know a credit check will be performed by the installation team. Do you or anyone in your household have an outstanding balance with them? and a deposit may be required at time of installation.

    Tyler H: I do not believe I have an outstanding balance with Time Warner Cable — I have $59.99 due on October 24, 2016 for service through October 28th, but this is set to be autopaid at that date.

    Shirley k.: That is fine.
    Shirley k.: We are almost done.

    Tyler H: To confirm, if I have TWC Roadrunner, then everything that needs to be done to switch the internet will be done on Earthlink’s end? And if I don’t, an installation team might have to come out?

    Shirley k.: Once I order the service I will give you the number to the installation team. They will confirm if your service plan is RoadRunner or not. If your internet plan is roadrunner than the service will be switched remotely with no interruption in your internet service no physical installation required.

    Tyler H: Got it. Just concerned about there being a period where I have no internet for a period of time in between the switch.

    Shirley k.: I understand your concern, the reinstallation period would be less, as you currently have services TWC internet, the installation team will give you the best available date and time for installation and you can request as per your convenience.

    Tyler H: Alright. Sounds good then.

    Shirley k.: Incase if you have any concern after speaking with the installation team, remember there is no contract with this service.
    Shirley k.: So lets proceed, alright?

    Tyler H: Yep. I appreciate the help so far.

    Shirley k.: Thank you.
    Shirley k.: We will use this number only to call or send you messages about your account and/or EarthLink products or services. You are not required to provide a phone number, but it will enable us to provide you with better customer service. You may opt-out of receiving such calls or messages at any time by adjusting your contact preferences through My Account or by texting STOP in response to any text message you receive from EarthLink. Do I have your express consent to receive automated calls, text messages and pre-recorded messages from EarthLink at this number in connection with your account and our products and services?

    Tyler H: Yes, that’s fine.

    Shirley k.: Thank you.
    Shirley k.: EarthLink will charge you the monthly fee until you cancel the Service. You may cancel the Service by telephone, fax or US mail. The Service Agreement located at http://www.earthlink.net contains important information about the Service including details about our cancellation policy. By placing your Order, you acknowledge and agree that the Service Agreement governs your use of the Service.
    Shirley k.: Is this fine?

    Tyler H: Yep, that’s good too.

    Shirley k.: We are almost done.
    Shirley k.: I am going to send you some information regarding the new service in this window.
    Shirley k.: You can change/add information such as billing, email addresses etc, from the following link:
    Shirley k.: https://myaccount.earthlink.net
    Shirley k.: You can access your email online by clicking on this link
    Shirley k.: https://webmail.earthlink.net/
    Shirley k.: Your order confirmation number is xxx-xxxxxx
    Shirley k.: Please quote your order confirmation number for the installation team to locate your order in their system.

    Tyler H: Got it, thanks. And the installation team will keep in contact with me via phone?

    Shirley k.: We are all set from my end.
    Shirley k.: Are there any other questions I can answer for you today?
    Shirley k.: Yes, however, I would recommend that you call them on the phone number given above now and request for a switch or installation as per the current service plan you may have with them.

    Tyler H: Sure. Do you have the installation team phone number on hand?

    Shirley k.: Yes.
    Shirley k.: Our installer will give you a call in next 72 hours to set up the installation. He will ask you the date and time for installation and you can set it up as per your convenience. Incase, if you do not hear from them within this timeframe, you can contact our Installation Department at 1-866-618-1259

    Tyler H: Great, thank you. I will contact them as soon as possible then.

    Shirley k.: You’re welcome.
    Shirley k.: Are there any other questions I can answer for you today?

    Tyler H: Nope, that should be it. Thank you for all your help.

    Shirley k.: It was a pleasure of being assistance to you. Welcome to the EarthLink family.

    I was a little confused whether or not an installation team would have to come out or not — the agent seemed to differentiate between “TWC” and “TWC Roadrunner,” so I was not sure if they would be able to seamlessly switch the service.

    I called the number the agent listed above to confirm and after about 10 minutes of making sure everything was set up fine, the second agent confirmed that everything got switched over. I ran an ipconfig report on my computer and confirmed that it is now through EarthLink.

    I also checked my bill through TWC and my service is prorated at $44.97 — 50% at $59.99 for the pre-existing TWC service, 50% at $29.99 for the EarthLink service. Assuming it will be $29.99 for the next five and a half months following this. Looks like everything is good, I’m glad I finally did this instead of procrastinating on it.

  17. Rusty says:

    Dealing with TWC is a real hair puller. I ditched cable TV years ago because I just don’t watch TV anymore, most of what I do watch I can stream off the the internet. Then my mother had a stroke in July 2014 and I didn’t want her to go into a nursing home, so she ended up living with me and I became her caregiver. Of course she just had to have cable TV and a phone, as she didn’t know how to operate any new devices and techniques which typically gets people away from cable and land line phones. I’ve tried to teach her, but just couldn’t learn these new fangled devices.

    The first year bill wasn’t so bad, they most likely had us under some special plan that everyone gets. Then the second year hit and we were jacked up about $50! I tried to fight it, but they wouldn’t budge and I was trapped because my mother absolutely needed these things. The third year it went up another $20. In the end our bill was around $170 dollars a month.

    She finally passed away in September and I kid you not, that TV box was returned and plan canceled the very next day. I would have returned it the SAME day, but she died on a holiday and their office probably were closed.

    Anyway, what ticks me off and why I’m writing this today is on October 25th I got in the mail one of those elusive offers that we all hope to get out of TWC over the phone. $89.99 for the exact same plan we just got rid of. It seems that the easiest route is just to return the box and then wait a month and a half to get the deal which we like.

    Of course I won’t be signing up, I have no need for all those services. The sad part is that I too live in the boonies of NY without any competition to switch to. I get about 17mbps for $60 which is a horrible price but there really isn’t other better option, only pay less for slower mbps with some unknown company…

    And get this, also today in the mail I got an ad from Verizon begging me to come back but their offers are among the worse of all the cell phone companies. They never cut anyone any sort of deal and they just keep upping and upping their already too high rates on data. You can do far better going to their competition. I was their loyal customer for 8 years and they wouldn’t do a single thing for me, so I eventually bought a $100 no contract smartphone (shopped around for a good one) and switched to Cricket for $35 a month, more than half of what I was paying Verizon.

  18. David says:

    Really appreciate this site! I bought a Roku SE last year at one of the Black Friday sales for $25. Really just wanted it for the Netflix and Amazon prime access but a couple of weeks ago I started messing around with it a bit more. I heard about Playstation Vue and signed up for a 7 day free trial of their Core package. I found it to have pretty much all the channels I watched with my TWC TV package. Like anything new it took some getting used to but I quickly realized that this was going to work out just fine, so I decided over the weekend to ditch the TV and phone and go with the internet plan which is advertised at up to 100 Mbps for $39.99 for 12 months. When I called to make the changes I was routed to the Customer Solutions department where I was questioned about my viewing choices and was told how I would miss out on seeing the new fall season of my shows and of course the sports if I dropped the TV. Besides, all these prices were special because they were bundled together. In the end this guy’s “solution” was an Internet package for $99 a month because I didn’t qualify for the $39 price. That’s for new customers…screw the ones that have been with them for years. The guy was kind of an jerk too. Minutes after hanging up on him, a google search turned me on to the 2015 edition of Stop the Cap! Long story short I tried to go with Earthlink but since they are powered by Spectrum/TWC I was told they the best they could do was $55 a month. It was a hot mess! I called TWC back to dump the whole deal because I was done, but this time the customer solutions person actually wanted to help. He put me on hold a couple different times for several minutes but in the end came back with the $39 new customer price for me. I guess if you’re not afraid to cut TWC loose and you get the right Customer Solutions person on the other end things can workout. The old TWC bill was $150 a month. Now it should be $40 for the Internet and $39 for the Playstation Vue…$65 – $70 savings a month! Thanks again

  19. Greg says:

    I just concluded my annual call to TWC and I thank this website for giving me the tools to have a meaningful conversation. I was receiving a promotion for my standard double play (Starter TV, Standard TV, Variety Pass, Standard Internet) at $94.99, a $5 promotion that included The Guide, one HD Set-Top box and remote) and an Extreme Internet Upgrade for $0. My bill including taxes and surcharges was $125.02. In September, I received a new bill for $140.22 (dropping the $5 equipment promo and paying full price). In October, I received another new bill for $158.72 (raised the Standard Double Play by $10 and the extreme Internet Upgrade from $0 to $5).

    I called the regular number to understand how I could get two increases, and the attendant was very helpful in explaining how I had two overlapping promotions. Best he could offer was a $7 reduction from the most recent bill if I signed up for phone service. I thanked him and told him I’d consider.
    Then I called the Stop the Cap special number and said cancel. I was forwarded to a very pleasant person who also explained what had happened and didn’t want me to go through the hassle of cancelling. After about 30 seconds on hold, she offered me what I had for $138. I suppose I could have held on for something better, but considered this a small victory and will use the phone chip for the next negotiation session.

  20. Barry Spotts says:

    Switching plans from Time Warner to Spectrum. Time Warner plan 200 MBits/S Internet / Phone / 200 channels to Spectrum Digi1 Digi 2 / 300 Mbits/S / Phone and pay the same.. I was told it would be $25 less by swtiching, and it wasn’t… I’m paying $212.

    I called Spectrum back and there was absolutely no negotiation lower with the new Spectrum… Google Fibre is looking better all the time, which will be about $160 and faster Internet…

  21. Lee says:

    Switched to Earthlink internet and PlayStation Vue and couldnt be happier. How did I not figure this out before?!?!?! Its worth a peek.

  22. Abraham Long says:

    I have standard internet here in Rochester, NY. The intro price is $34.99 and recently it went up to $44.99 for the second year. All I had to do was mention the similar deals at Frontier and EarthLink and the TWC rep immediately locked me in for another year of the original intro price and refunded me for the extra $10 spent on the last bill. It was surprisingly easy and painless.

  23. Kim says:

    I am currently paying TWC $180 a month for tv, internet, and home phone. I recently tried calling to have my home phone removed, since both my daughter and I have cell phones, but they told me that my bill would not be any lower by removing this service, which I think is crap!!

    • Jim Dudenhefer III says:

      I live with and assist my 88 year old mother and 92 year old father. Both don’t drive. Dad’s mind is going and Mom’s getting very tired as the main caregiver. I had to retire earlier then 67/68(???); got to stressfull asking to leave work for ‘parental issues’…even though the company always said “family comes first” ; just didn’t seem fair fair to the company.

      I also called Time Warner(now Spectrum) Kansas City,MO requesting a more basic package deal…didn’t need high speed internet or many TV channels…really only email and medium speed internet for bill pay and medical research. Money was getting tight…only 3 Social Security checks to handle household budget.

      Time Warner did the math and said SMALLER PACKAGE WOULD COST MUCH MORE $$$. I’m pretty sure we
      will be changing to Google Fiber within a month. As a new subscriber all we will need is internet & phone service. Cost of service will be half what we pay now. Installation fee is waived if we remain customers for 1 year. This will save about $70.00.

      I suggest you look into this option. Also AARP recommends Consumer Celluar. They get a strong thums-up and you can pick and choose your phone and data useage…even use your current phones…no phone contracts. By-the-way, inside CAT6 connections already installed by TWC. No new wiring needed. I hope this info was helpful.

      Jim Dudenhefer
      816-560-0537 cell #

  24. Fran says:

    TWC bill now over $175/month and I really don’t have much from them at all. I have now installed an HD antenna for local programming (especially news and weather), installed Amazon Fire HD, Hulu+ and Netflix. DVR and remote are boxed and in the car to be returned. Making the dreaded call shortly to cut the cable (TV) and up my internet speed. If I have to go with Earthlink how does my e-mail go? While I’m not married to it I think my spouse may have some other idea! Unfortunately in the Rochester area they are pretty much a monopoly though back in the day the politicians claimed it wouldn’t happen. Hoping I don’t have to just pull the plug and re-up under another name. 25 years of payments (remember Cablevision?) and now this.

  25. Matt says:

    I had Charter from 2003 to 2015. Started at 0.384mb, then 3, 5, 12, 15, 30 then 60. Prices stayed between $30-$35mo. Then they got rid of contracts, because no one likes contracts. Bill went up to $65/mo. I’m in my 30’s, use internet a lot, but after about 15mbps the speed increases weren’t really noticeable.

    At that point, they couldn’t do anything about my bill unless I got TV service or dropped service for 30 days. I don’t have time to watch TV and can’t do my job without internet. So I called retentions and told them I would be canceling in about a week when I got Centurylink hooked up. Pretty much just sent me on my way. Same thing with my brother. He got fiber hooked up as he is in a newer area of town, and got 10mbps for about $40/mo (he’s not a heavy user) and I got 7mbps DSL (large files take a little longer than I would like, but its not work an extra $25/mo) .

    After I bailed on Charter, the marketing calls stopped, the weekly mailings turned into about 6 a year and apparently they don’t see me as having any value to them.

    I can’t see why a company wouldn’t be interested in customer that never calls for service, doesn’t overload the system (doubt I hardly use over 50GB/mo) and never has payment issues wouldn’t be valued to them.

  26. Eugene says:

    So, after asking TWC to reduce the price and they telling me that nothing they can do ($154 for TV without premium channels and Internet, I used to pay $120) I walked in Costco yesterday and talked to guys there. I got TV plus 2 room DVR plus 3 months of premium channels plus 45mgb Internet total $100 plus small tax.
    The price guaranteed for two years in writing. Free installation and equipment.
    In addition I am getting $350 gift card which would make it $90 per month.
    I called TWC/Spectrum to cancel and they didn’t even try to keep me.
    Goodby TWC for two years!!!!!

    • Eric says:

      Eugene, what company are you now with? (sorry if I missed it in your post, someone blew a fiery jet of flaming Bacardi 151 into my eyes at a party this morning)/

      • Eugene says:

        Oops. DirectTV for cable and ATT for the internet. But through Costco is a different story then if you go to them directly. With Costco no installation fees and no equipment charge plus price is locked for two years if you bundle both. If separately price is good only for one year. Also, price is lower on the internet by $10.

  27. Nancy says:

    Has anyone tried cancelling the service for a month and then signing up as a new customer? I just got off the phone with a “specialist” who only offered about at $50 reduction by removing the phone and reducing internet speed. I see a price of $115 for what i have now as a new customer, with the stipulation of not being a customer for 30 days. Would that include Earthlink? Not sure that’s an “applicable service” but i guess i could get Verizon for a month. My bill is going up to $215 this month! Help!

  28. Eugene says:

    Sure. It will work if you can stay away from TWC for a month. These tactics eventually going to byte these companies in the ass.

  29. Nancy says:

    Does that mean no Earthlink? I will still need internet at home and i was thinking of moving to Earthlink.

    • Eugene says:

      Why does it have to an Earthlink? Att has its own internet. Do you have Costco in your area. Go there.
      You can also go to ATT site and select Internet just to see if it is available in your area and what speed is available.

  30. Nancy says:

    TW is the monopoly in Manhattan, unless you have Fios or RCN, both of which are unavailable in my building. I could go back to Verizon but since TW doesn’t offer Earthlink as part of any of their bundles, maybe i could get it. I’m so fed up that at this point i think i’m going to get DirectTV Now, pay for 3 months up front and get my free Apple TV. https://directvnow.com/appletv#slide1

  31. Aaron Burke says:

    I was gonna do the 79.99, tv/internet deal from twc, 2 folks told me it would be 152 dollars and some change for that package, after fees and equip rental, i told them 2 rooms standard cable. I called the crooks, and hung up, how could it be 2x’s the advertised price online

  32. Nancy says:

    Thanks for everyone here i was able to get the new customer price! It took 3 calls over the course of a month but what i think it came down to was actually be willing to pull the plug. I called on Saturday after i was convinced I was going to switch to Direct TV Now. Which is what i told the woman when i called to cancel my service. I also mentioned that I received a mailer for a new company called Spectrum which was offering $29.99 x 3 but low and behold, that is TW and it’s only for new customers. I said that I have been a TW customer for the past 20 years and it’s frustrating that as a loyal customer, I cannot get that deal So now I want to do business with a company which will value my business. She escalated the call and low and behold, they wanted to keep me as a customer and I was offered the new customer price.

    Here’s the breakdown of what I got: TV select $29.99 + TV silver (HBO/SHO/MAX) $20.00 + DVR Cable box $4.99 + Broadcast fee $6.05 + sport fee $2.70 + Spectrum Internet $29.999 + WiFi $5.00 + Spectrum voice $29.99.

    Good luck to everyone out there!

  33. cny says:

    Mine was too easy, so I fear I settled for too little. I was paying $230 monthy to time warner for the triple play. This pretty much gave me everything they offered on television plus 50mbs internet and phone. I have not used the phone in at least two years and the only premium channel I watch is HBO. I have tried several times over the last few years to drop the other premiums and the phone but have been told repeatedly that dropping those services would actually raise my bill because I lose the package pricing. It was my own gullibility that believed that. But, I called today armed with good info on Dish, DirecTV, playstation vue, slingTV and DirecTVNow. I didn’t have to negotiate much at all as I was switched from my TWC package to the Spectrum Silver package. I lost Starz (which I can’t remember the last time I watched) and the phone, but boosted internet from 50mbs to 100mbs. My bill went from $230 to $160 – nearly $1,000 a year – and it’s not a “tickler” deal. The only thing that concerns me is that come football season, I’ll need to upgrade to the Spectrum Gold package to get the regional sports channels and NFL redzone channel at a cost of another $20 a month. I can do that for 6 months out of the year though, so I shouldn’t complain. And it buys me some time to see if Sling, Vue, or Now services improve. I’m happy about it for now.

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  • A: I got notice for price hike from Nov 2017, this is 3rd time price hike since 2015...
  • Roger: Better get your tin foil hat tuned up, Dave. The idea behind the ACA was a noble one. The idea of mandatory health insurance was to build the pool o...
  • Limboaz: What!? No mention of anti-trust hawk Paul Weiss being nominated to head the FTC? He needs to break up the tech behemoths, like Comcrap, Slime Warner, ...
  • Dave: How long before democrats force households to buy cable so they can get “real news”? If they could force us to buy health insurance, then why would th...
  • JayS: Will these price hikes attract over-builders, like Google, to fire-up the trenching machine again? Insight the likes of AT&T, Verizon, T-mobile, S...
  • George: It's a good thing Charter was allowed to buy up Time Warner, or else we'd still have $15/mo cable internet service packages available... If you're no...
  • EJ: Trump and Pia are a blessing in disguise you will see. As long as someone somewhere can muster a decent Bernie type person we only have three more yea...
  • Dale: In our area suddenlink just downgraded the 200mbps from unlimited data to a 350gb data cap. I don't know if this is only for new customers or existing...
  • Larry Gall: This has become far, far too important a resource for the likes of these jerks to control (in it's entirety). The jerks I'm referring to are the Holl...
  • Matt: Until an operator has the guts to give true à la carte options to the customer the trend is just going to continue. Everyone I know who has cut the c...
  • EJ: They better do it while the getting is good. Raise your price and be put on the radar for unfair rate increases. Attempt to sell that you NEED to incr...
  • FredH: If no one saw this coming - they were idiots. Next come the data caps for everyone....

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