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Rural California Communities Suffer With Extended Frontier Service Outages

KRCR-TV in Redding, Calif., covers the increasing number of phone and internet failures afflicting area Frontier customers, leaving many in cell signal-challenged areas with no way to reach friends, family, or 911. (2:14)

Passing the Buck in Ohio: Taxpayers Pay to Maintain Safety Around Frontier’s Overgrown Utility Poles

In Steubenville, Ohio some residents fear Frontier’s alleged neglect of their utility poles is putting people’s safety in jeopardy. WTOV reports that Frontier is attempting to “pass the buck” to Ohio taxpayers to keep trees and brush clear from their poles. (2:45)

Waiting More Than Nine Weeks for Frontier to Repair Broken Landlines in Wisconsin

In Wausau, Wis., one local woman is speaking out about Frontier’s dismal performance as she passes nine weeks without a working landline. Frontier is in no hurry to fix the problem. WAOW-TV reports. (2:24)

Results of Special Audit of Frontier in West Virginia Due Next Month As Thousands of Complaints Pour In

In West Virginia, thousands of complaints are rolling into the Public Service Commission regarding Frontier’s deteriorating phone and internet service. As the problems get worse, an ongoing state audit is documenting problems at Frontier as the state decides what it can do next. WCHS in Charleston reports that many West Virginians have only one choice for phone and internet service. (5:59)

Spectrum Salesperson Lies to Customers About the Competition: “We Bought Them”

Phillip Dampier January 21, 2020 Charter Spectrum, Competition, Consumer News, Video No Comments

This Spectrum door-to-door salesperson tells a Bath, N.Y. customer the cable company bought the competition.

A Spectrum door-to-door sales representative has a new trick up his sleeve to win back customers who switched to a competitor: lie and tell them Spectrum bought out the competition and sooner or later customers will once again be dealing with the cable company.

Spectrum Rep: “To get you guys back on board with our service, we’re going to lock your price in for two years.”

A Bath, N.Y., customer of Empire Access, a competing fiber to the home provider offering service in the Southern Tier of New York: “I’m not interested.”

Spectrum Rep: “We just bought Empire, you know, so sooner or later you’re going to be with us.”

Customer: “So you’re going to raise up your rates?”

Spectrum Rep: “No, we’re just going to get everybody switched over, so whenever you’re ready. The official switchover is in March, so sooner or later you’ll be on board with us or you’ll be on satellite for internet. Right now we’re offering you a deal to get on board early.”

The “deal” was $50 a month for 100 Mbps internet, which is hardly a deal at all considering new Spectrum customers in competitive service areas can often sign up for 400 Mbps service for $29.99 a month for two years. More importantly, the salesperson openly lied to make a sale.

Empire Access marketing director Bob VanDelinder says Empire Access did not sell to Spectrum and has no plans to sell itself to anyone.

“Our company is locally owned and operated, and deeply rooted in the communities we serve,” VanDelinder said. “We can keep our customers based on our service, our price. We’re very competitive and play fair. We think that’s extremely important to play fair and keep it a level playing field and be honest to our customers.”

The customer captured most of the conversation on his Ring video doorbell and shared it with Empire Access. At least one other Empire Access customer said he experienced a similar encounter with the deceptive salesperson.

“The content of the video is not accurate and we’re investigating these apparent comments by the sales representative,” responds a Spectrum spokesperson.

Spectrum typically contracts out its door-to-door marketing to third party companies, with employees typically earning a commission or bonus based on each successful sign-up.

Empire Access is requesting customers who have experienced similar misleading claims to contact the company at: 1-800-338-3300.

Spectrum representative lies about the competition.

WENY-TV in Elmira, N.Y. reports on a Spectrum door-to-door salesperson using dirty tricks to try and fool customers to switch back to the cable operator. (2:32)

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