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Altice USA’s Optimum Selling Gigabit Service for $45 a Month… With a $200 Prepaid Visa Card

Phillip Dampier May 5, 2021 Altice USA, Broadband Speed, Competition, Consumer News 1 Comment

Altice USA is pushing hard to grab market share away from Verizon FiOS — its biggest competitor in the northeastern U.S., with a new customer promotion that offers a year of gigabit broadband speed for $45/month, as well as a $200 prepaid Visa gift card just for signing up.

To qualify for this rate, you must be a new Altice customer (or a customer that disconnected Altice service for at least 30 days). To get the gift card, you must be a new customer and have not received an earlier gift card from Altice in the last 12 months. This offer is good for residents of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

The Bill Breakdown:

  • $50/mo for 1 gigabit service (up to 940 Mbps download/up to 50 Mbps upload) + $5/mo discount for signing up for paperless billing and autopay (total equals $45/mo)
  • $10/mo optional gateway modem/router rental fee
  • $3.50/mo mandatory “Network Enhancement Fee”
  • Your out the door price is $58.50/mo if you use their gateway, $48.50/mo if you bring your own.

Customers can also choose a 500 Mbps tier for $35 a month with similar fees.

If you sign up, you will also be offered the option of multiple TV packages, including a Basic TV package of 50 channels for $15/mo or a Core TV package of 210 channels for $25/mo. Home phone service is also available in this promotion for $10/mo. A bundle including gigabit internet, Core TV and home phone service is priced at $80/mo. There is no installation fee for customers that can manage their own inside wiring if needed.

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Ian Littman
Ian Littman
3 years ago

Looks like Optimum’s FTTH is priced a bit higher, at $55/mo for intro rates. Still a decent deal, winding up around $70 all-in. Seems like off-promo rate hikes are brutal though. Either way, goes to show how cheaply you can do gigabit over D3.1 these days when you have to price competitively (which, to be fair, I knew beforehand as Grande Communications does gigabit for $65/mo here, with the option to bring your own modem or rent theirs for $3.50 I believe, with 300/20 at a mere $31/mo).

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