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Spectrum Lowers the Gigabit Service Installation Fee… for Some

Phillip Dampier January 5, 2021 Broadband Speed, Charter Spectrum, Competition, Consumer News 3 Comments

Spectrum is offering certain new customers a discount on the usually high installation fee for its gigabit service tier.

Normally, Spectrum expects new gigabit customers to pay a compulsory installation fee of $199.99 and $109.99 a month for internet only service. But customers living in areas where significant competition exists are now finding far more generous promotions, including 24 months of gigabit service for $89.99 a month with an installation fee of $49.99.

Spectrum prices can vary wildly depending on how much competition is around. A new customer in an uncompetitive area can expect to pay around $310 for the first month of gigabit service and installation fees. In competitive areas, customers will pay half as much — around $140 — for the exact same service. In both cases, in-home Wi-Fi is included at no extra charge.

The best way to check where you stand is to visit the Spectrum website and enter a specific street address to verify exact pricing.

This is pricing representative of a competitive service area.

If Spectrum is your only option for high-speed internet, you are likely to encounter these prices.

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3 years ago

Still too much. Got lucky and was able to get FTTH where I live and pay 65 out the door for gig service and install was free.

3 years ago
Reply to  Justin

I think it matters where you live. Yours is a very good price, maybe less than 3% of the population can get gig at that price. For the other 97% no such luck. Here in WNY there is competition (Charter/Verizon) so I pay $40 for 300/300 which is more than I need but members of my family in CNY are paying $75 for 200/10 because there is no Verizon to keep them in check. Comparo: Verizon 300/300 for $40 (no discount games) Spectrum 400/20 $45 (24 months) Verizon Symmetric Gig : $80 (free install, router), Spectrum 1000ish/30 $109 plus install… Read more »

3 years ago

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