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Spectrum Boosting Speeds in Parts of Western N.Y., Finger Lakes Region and Central Florida

Phillip Dampier December 15, 2020 Broadband Speed, Charter Spectrum, Consumer News 5 Comments

Spectrum customers still stuck with 100/10 Mbps Standard Internet speed may want to reboot their modems and check if they have gotten a free speed increase this week.

Stop the Cap! has heard from customers in the following areas, all reporting their Standard Internet speed has doubled to 200/10 Mbps:

  • Rochester, N.Y. and surrounding Finger Lakes region
  • Buffalo, N.Y., and parts of Western New York
  • Central Florida, including Winter Springs

Charter Communications has already upgraded just over half of their Standard Internet customers nationwide to 200/10 Mbps. Upgrading the remaining 40% of customers has taken over a year and is still a work in progress. Charter may have delivered these recent speed hikes in part to placate customers notified this month their broadband service was increasing an additional $5 a month.

Spectrum’s other speed tiers remain unchanged.

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Charles R. Dennett
Charles R. Dennett
3 months ago

I can confirm. I’m in a Rochester suburb with 100/10. Rebooted my modem and ran tests. I’m now at 200/10. Thing is, my modem is an SB6141 with 8 down and 4 up. I thought they would not provision that at anything above 100/10.

3 months ago

that is 8 download channels and 4 upload channels, think of them as the number of pipes in each direction. That is NOT 8Mbps down and 4Mbps up. Your modem is capable of 343 Mbps download and 131Mbps upload

3 months ago

It is not everywhere in these areas yet. I am also a Rochester suburbanite and although others in my area are now 200/10, I have rebooted and tested and remain 100/10. I’ll keep checking every few days in case it is a phased roll-out.

3 months ago
Reply to  TimS

I actually discovered I still had some cat 5 (not cat 5e) cables in my setup after the modem. After switching out, I confirm the 200 Mbps at my location.

2 months ago

Just noticed it here in central Florida but it sucks they didn’t up the upload speed with it. Would help out my Plex server tremendously.

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