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Confirmed: Spectrum Plans to Raise Rates; Broadcast TV Fee: $16.45/mo

Phillip Dampier July 2, 2020 Charter Spectrum, Consumer News 6 Comments

Several Spectrum employees have contacted Stop the Cap! to let us know a rate increase is planned for Spectrum services that will raise rates for cable television customers beginning as early as next month.

The rate increase is expected to gradually be introduced starting in August, but we are not aware of any specific schedule, nor have we been able to confirm the increase directly with Charter Communications. If our information is accurate, this specific rate increase will not apply to internet-only customers.

The Broadcast TV Fee surcharge will increase $2.95/month to an unprecedented $16.45/month. Spectrum claims this fee covers the retransmission costs local broadcasters charge the cable company to carry their channels on the cable system. Spectrum breaks this fee out of the monthly cost of cable TV and places it as a separate line item on your bill. This also conveniently allows the company to pass through rate increases even if you are on a price-locked promotional pricing package typically offered to new customers. If you do not subscribe to traditional cable television but have signed up for one of Spectrum’s streaming TV packages like TV Choice, the Broadcast TV Fee will also increase $2.95/month, raising that surcharge to $8.95/month.

Spectrum also plans to increase the cost of its cable TV packages. Spectrum’s most popular TV Select package is expected to increase $1.50/month to $73.99/month. Customers on a promotional pricing plan will not see this rate increase until their promotional pricing expires. Customers bundling multiple products should expect discounts to reduce that cost a bit.

In comparison, streaming TV providers like YouTube TV have also been increasing rates this summer, but should still be cheaper than cable television because of the various surcharges and equipment fees cable operators charge.

Updated 7/9: Rate increase confirmed.

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7 months ago

it should be law that customers can remove local stations from cable or satellite packages, and cannot be charged retransmission fees, which are legalized extortion by owners of local stations.o

5 months ago
Reply to  jrs

There shouldn’t be a charge for local stations period. That’s why they are local.
My mother just seen the increase on her cable bill from the other day. She has been having her cable box constantly freeze and had prepaid ppl out here 2 if not 3 times. She should be given a credit due to the inconvenience, frustration of paying this amount yet still have disruptions throughout the day, evening, and night. Personally it’s not worth it to me. I have been trying to talk her into getting away from Spectrum.

Kathy Ganci
Kathy Ganci
7 months ago

Spectrum is the worst People have no money,jobs and you increase again

6 months ago

This it what happens when a monopoly is formed – New customers get the deals and old time customers get bent over – A satellite needs to be launched allowing puke companies like Rectrum to be put out of business

NC Rich
NC Rich
6 months ago

The article states that “Customers bundling multiple products should expect discounts to reduce that cost a bit”.
I have the Gold Triple play and Charter Spectrum charged me every penny of this increase.

John J Trocchi
John J Trocchi
2 months ago

“No hidden fees or charges” (Except for the “Broadcast TV Surcharge”, the “FCC administrative fee”, the “Sales Tax”, the “Franchise Fee”, and the “PEG Access Fees”. I plan to cut the cable before Jan 1st, 2121. I hope the wealthy shareholders see this action from many more Americans suffering from Coronavirus unemployment or underemployment. Typical Corporate greed!

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