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Cox Returning to Usage Caps, But With a Bigger Data Allowance

Phillip Dampier June 29, 2020 Consumer News, Cox, Data Caps 5 Comments

Cox will return to data capping its broadband customers on Wednesday, July 1 but with a bigger usage allowance from now on.

Most Cox customers now face a data cap of 1 TB (1,000 GB) per month. Starting this week, Cox will raise the allowance 25% to 1.25 TB.

“Since the start of the pandemic we provided unlimited data to all customers because we did not know the impact that learn and work from home might have on our customers,” Cox said in an email to Light Reading. “After reviewing data consumption since the coronavirus crisis, we know that nearly 90 percent of customers would not have been charged for going over their 1 TB data plan.”

The other 10% of customers would find at least a $10 additional charge on their bill for an additional allotment of 50 GB of data usage, and another $10 for each additional block of 50 GB. Data caps and overlimit fees are arbitrary and do not reflect the actual cost an internet provider incurs for usage. But it can be a shock when customers open their bill.


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1 year ago

This is rediculous! We are still in the middle of the pandemic here. More and more people are still online working from home and it’s not over yet. Data Caps needs to be removed permanently and it is just not right.

11 months ago

Just pure greed from Cox while people are out of jobs and kids attend online schooling.
Garbage Cox.

Filbert B
Filbert B
11 months ago

Just got my overlimit notice. I’m 75% used up and 4 days left in the billing cycle, so I think I’ll be OK. But still, deciding to do now when people are starting remote school is a low blow. We may go over now that it’s starting, so we may have to add the extra data plan.

Cox is just out to money gouge you. I had to call 3 times to correct the first bill to get the upgrade “deal” they had advertised. “But that’s not the price you sold me” I said so many times.

Kevin Hartman
Kevin Hartman
10 months ago

I’ve had cox for 5 years and have never even known of a limit, much less hit it. Fast forward to this month and I got a notice that I’ve used 75% of my allotment with 16 days left on my billing cycle….this is Insane! I have a roommate that now has to work from home, a child that does school from home, along with me who likes to stream some youtube. Now I’ve got to pay for an unlimited add-on I guess. They’re getting the $$$ they’re after I guess 🙁

Last edited 10 months ago by Kevin Hartman
6 months ago

the new video game systems (PS5) and online classes have finally caused our home to go over. Cox is a pile of crap these days. We study our limit EVERY SINGLE DAY and scold the kids over app updates on phones or computers. We even have to download windows or mac updates from a motel Wifi to help balance it out. When video game system updates total over 300gb in 2 days, what is a family to do? Sure blame it on the system and developers but it’s really Cox who’s limiting what everything can do and profiting off of… Read more »

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