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Frontier & Suddenlink Are America’s Worst Phone and Cable Company

Phillip Dampier June 11, 2020 Altice USA, Consumer News, Frontier 3 Comments

Frontier Communications and Suddenlink are America’s most disliked phone and cable company, ranking dead last in respective categories in the 2020 American Customer Satisfaction Index, cited for bad customer service, confusing billing, and unreliability.

Frontier achieved a satisfaction score of 55 out of 100, achieving last place in categories including in-home Wi-Fi, internet service and, where available, video-on-demand offerings. Frontier notably declared bankruptcy earlier this year and is in the process of reorganizing. The company has also been investigated in several states for poor quality phone and internet service, lengthy repair times, excessive outages for county 911 services, and broadband speeds that fall far short of what the company advertises.

On the cable side, Suddenlink, owned by Altice USA, saw marked declines in its scores in 2020, giving a reprieve to the usual perennial favorite for worst place — Mediacom (which now scores third worst).

“Suddenlink remains in last place and customers find its bills harder to understand than any other pay TV provider,” the ACSI annual report states. The company’s internet service saw a 5% drop in the ACSI ratings, the steepest decline of all providers. Customers point to increasing dissatisfaction with service outages, which have increased in frequency and length. Customers now have more reasons to contact customer service, a category where Suddenlink’s rating drops even further.

“Across all providers, Suddenlink rates worst in class for staff courtesy and helpfulness,” the report indicates.

Overall, the ACSI reports most phone and cable companies are improving their customer service operations and network reliability during the COVID-19 pandemic. Work from home initiatives usually mandate high quality internet access, and providers are responding, according to ACSI. At a time when the economy is under significant stress, telecommunications companies are trying to protect revenue by keeping customers satisfied so they remain loyal subscribers.

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Joe Blanton
Joe Blanton
1 year ago

You have to be some kind of SORRY to be worse than Suddenlink.

Gerald Edward Warner
Gerald Edward Warner
1 year ago

I certainly agree Suddenlink has bad, very bad customer service, nobody knows anything, it’s like talking to a brick wall. I called to get quotes on cutting back my services, they couldn’t do that, they would have to cut it off then on my service at the time of the call, which makes no sense at all. And to top it off, they are the only service in our area, but I bet if there were another service to compete with, they would get off there butts. Go to the local store, to get some help, they give you a… Read more »

jim bob
jim bob
1 year ago

I think Suddenlink is actually managed by Satan!

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