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Spectrum Upgrades Standard Speed Plan to 200/10 Mbps in Central Florida and South Texas

Phillip Dampier May 19, 2020 Broadband Speed, Charter Spectrum, Competition, Consumer News 3 Comments

Spectrum internet customers in parts of Central Florida and South Texas are getting twice the download speed they used to receive thanks to a series of quiet service upgrades still in progress.

Customers in parts of suburban Orlando, including Seminole County, first noticed the speed upgrade in April in towns like Lake Mary. Parts of Kissimmee saw a service upgrade earlier this month. Some neighborhoods in Orlando also began reporting speed upgrades as of mid-May. Some parts of Pasco County, north of Tampa, also received a 200 Mbps upgrade, particularly in planned communities.

Charter Communications is gradually upgrading capacity in the area, formerly served by Bright House Networks. Spectrum traditionally does not announce speed upgrades until an entire service area is complete, which will likely happen in parts of Florida and Texas by early this summer.

In South Texas, San Benito is one of the communities between Brownsville and McAllen seeing Spectrum’s usual download speed doubled from 100 to 200 Mbps.

The speed upgrades come without any additional charges and usually appear automatically. Spectrum has been slowly upgrading its national service footprint to offer the new, higher-speed 200 Mbps Standard service tier. For more than two years, customers in many AT&T landline areas in the midwest and south have had 200/10 Mbps service, designed to help keep the cable company competitive with AT&T’s fiber offering. But service remains stubbornly fixed at 100/10 Mbps in just under half of Spectrum’s service area, particularly in the Northeast, mid-Atlantic, and West regions.

Stop the Cap! expects Spectrum to upgrade all of its service areas to provide 200/10 Mbps service. It remains uncertain exactly when that will happen, however.

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3 years ago

Any thoughts on when we might get the upgrade in Rochester NY? It seems we’re always the last to get anything from Spectrum….

3 years ago

I hate spectrum. But if you actually live where they are a choice I think this is the only way to get all the local channels and some cable channels you want. https://www.thestreamingadvisor.com/spectrum-tv-choice/

3 years ago

Around the weekend of June 20th, Spectrum downgraded the speeds in the RGV area of deep Sooth Texas, which goes from Brownsville to McAllen, from 200mbps speeds back to 100mbps. They told me that the upgrade back on May 7th was really just a glitch. They told other customers on the Broadband Reports Charter forum, that too many people were downgrading from gig & 400mbps plans to the base 200mbps plans to save money due to covid job losses so to mitigate that spectrum backtracked in order to make the base speeds more unappealing.

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