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Frontier Wrestles Worst ISP in America Award Away from Mediacom

“Frontier offers a level of suckage that cannot be proportionally compared with any other company in America. Stabbing yourself with knitting needles is less painful than their snail slow internet service and dealing with customer service agents that formerly served as prison guards at a Syrian detention camp.” — A deeply dissatisfied Frontier DSL customer in Ohio

Frontier Communications has achieved a new low in customer satisfaction, wrestling away the award for America’s worst ISP from perennial favorite Mediacom, in a newly released American Customer Satisfaction Index.

No internet service provider did particularly well in customer satisfaction, but Frontier managed to alienate more of their customers than any other this year, ranking poorly in speed, reliability, and customer service. Customers also complained about being given inaccurate information, inaccurate billing, and surprise charges on their bill.

Frontier’s worst performance is delivered in legacy DSL service areas, where its aging copper wire network is often incapable of delivering 21st century broadband speeds. In many areas, speeds drop well below 10 Mbps during peak usage. Even worse, company officials signaled that the company had few plans to improve its wireline network or service experience in 2019. As a result, many customers switched providers, if one was available. If Frontier is the only option, customers often have no options.

“For several years we have had no internet options except for Frontier. We receive 10 to 20% of the service we pay for time and time again,” wrote one customer in a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. “The service has even diminished over time, [and] whenever my work demands me to log online, I often have to leave my home at different times of the day or night to a location where I can get free Wi-Fi or drive 24 miles to my job. This is totally unacceptable. Every single weekend and every night my internet shuts off. I mean every night. Nothing has been done from a customer’s view to improve service.”

What seems to have driven Mediacom out of last place was not so much an improvement in their network or service.

“Mediacom has the second-lowest score among subscription TV services at 56, but has one of the highest-rated mobile apps, both in terms of quality and reliability,” the ACSI found.

Frontier has an improved website, but still offers many potential subscribers a severe disappointment when shopping for internet plans, and finding only one:

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Kenneth Richner
Kenneth Richner
1 year ago

I have a choice of two ISP where I live Frontier is one Vito is the other neither are reliable but Zito at least has 100 and 200 Meg speeds available! I get a average of 25 from Zito even though I’m paying for 100 it’s definitely better than Frontier the DSL hub is about 1/2 a block away from me I guess the copper is in such bad condition even that short distance is a problem.

3 months ago

I hate Frontier I have the choice between them or using my mobile data and we tend to stream A LOT in this house. They disconnect at random intervals, their tech support thinks they know what they are talking about when it comes to advanced setting and they have their head way up the butt they can’t even see the light of day. It is rediculous how bad they are. I used to hate WOW! so much, but they had stable internet and their customer service was on point. I never had any problems with my billing at WOW! with… Read more »

kelly orourke
kelly orourke
11 months ago

frontier sucks

D K Carson
D K Carson
1 month ago

Frontier could care less about you! I waited 5 days for my appointment to get my internet hooked up and then find out after waiting all morning for them to show that he didn’t have an apartment number so I have to wait another 8 more days for them to show up. I guess they couldn’t figure out how to work a phone either. They had all my information so it’s not my fault!!! So, I do not have internet or tv since I stream my shows. I can’t even call someone else because they are the only ones allowed… Read more »

1 month ago

I have to wait about 6x as long for my stuff to load with Frontier, one of the worst providers I have ever been with. AOL back in 2000 was better then this slow crap. When the connections are so bad, and the latency is even worst. But when you have someone show up to take a look, it somehow magically works for a few days. Im about ready to ripe the thing out of the wall and throw it at the next person that says its working fine.

25 days ago

Can’t wait for starlink. It can’t come fast enough. My family is stuck with Frontier, and we’re lucky to get 1 mbps

Jay A Howard
2 days ago
Reply to  Brayden

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