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Comcast Replacing Cinemax With Its New ‘Hitz’ On-Demand Channel in July

Phillip Dampier May 28, 2019 Comcast/Xfinity, Competition, Consumer News 13 Comments

Cinemax is under siege, after the nation’s two largest cable operators announced they have turned their backs on HBO’s sister premium movie channel.

Several months after Charter Spectrum stripped Cinemax out of its TV bundle packages, Comcast has announced it will do the same starting this July, replacing Cinemax with its own commercial-free, on-demand movie network Hitz:

We are excited to introduce Hitz, a new commercial-free on-demand movie service available as part of Xfinity Premier, Super and certain other TV packages. Hitz will feature more than 200 movies and will be included with these packages at no additional cost. It will replace Cinemax and its associated channels.

Movie lovers of all kinds will enjoy Hitz. This exciting new offering will provide even better value and variety for you. Here’s how:

  • Hitz will offer a rotating list of more than 200 movie titles from a variety of top studios.
  • Hitz will include an assortment of movie titles that complements the films already available to Xfinity Premier and Super TV customers on other channels and adds to the thousands of On Demand movies already available.

What is Hitz?
Hitz is a new on-demand movie service that includes more than 200 titles from a variety of top studios. This selection will rotate over time.

Where can I find Hitz?
The easiest way to find Hitz is by saying “Hitz” into your X1 voice remote. Hitz can also be found in the Networks section of the On Demand menu. You can also see current Hitz movies in the on-screen grid guide – frequently near other movie services.

Why are you doing this?
Most of the movies on Cinemax have also aired on HBO. By offering Hitz instead, we’ll be delivering customers a better variety of content.

How can I watch Cinemax original content?
While Cinemax will no longer be included in the packages being adjusted, Cinemax will still be available to purchase on its own for $12 per month.

Should I pay a different price now that I am no longer receiving Cinemax?
While Cinemax is being removed from these packages, we believe the new lineup offers a better value. Most of the movies on Cinemax have also aired on HBO. By offering Hitz instead, we’ll be delivering a better variety of content.

The dissing of Cinemax seems to have started after AT&T acquired Time Warner (Entertainment), which also owns HBO and Cinemax. Like Comcast, Charter Spectrum customers can still subscribe to Cinemax, but only as an a-la-carte option, typically $15 a month. Verizon FiOS dropped Cinemax from its bundles starting in 2018. When cable operators drop legendary networks like Cinemax, it is almost always a matter of money. Cable operators may have been asked to accept a reduced share of the subscription fee split (usually 60% sent to the network, the remaining 40% kept by the cable company) or required to carry new services as part of a contract renewal they ultimately rejected.

Currently there are 13 comments on this Article:

  1. John says:

    This new channel by Comcast is a joke. I want a reduction in my billing fees.

  2. Greg Bond says:

    Just looked at the movies they offered,nothing but really old titles and movies I would never watch,bring back Cinemax!

  3. Michael says:

    Hitz isn’t even close let alone a better value. Another example of Comcast chiselers taking advantage of long term customers that should be grandfathered. Reduce my bill for taking away Cinemax, or better yet just give it back and make Hitz optional. If it’s such a good value.

  4. Dale Bohannon says:

    Seriously I 100% agree all these are OLD movies I’m not interested in watching!!
    I wouldn’t pay to see them and don’t consider it a better value than Cinemax I understand it’s business for you but shouldn’t you consider your customer before you just take channels away and continue charging the same amount for less and it is less value!!!!! Not satisfied

  5. Matt says:

    Haha! Seriously Comcast? No way is the hitz channels a better value than cinemax. This is ridiculous. Its all about the money!

  6. Camille Giometti-May says:

    Its also a huge customer service issue, the disrespect Comcast shows their customers is appalling. I have letters going to their corporate heads, and Board members, fighting windmills maybe, but thought the higher ups needed to get a personal message about their LIES.

  7. shipdog7 says:

    I have never heard of HITZ before. I already have an OnDemand movie service with Xfinity.. I bet if I check those wonderful 200 movies on HITZ…. they are all available OnDemand. At least be honest with your customers. Tell them they can’t watch episode 6 of JETT because of a disagreement of cost with AT&T. I am more then ready to cut the cord. Soon as contract is up.

  8. Kevin says:

    Absolutely crazy. It’s all about the $$$. Well I spend $400 on cable and another$150 on mobile. They told me this was in the May bill which I don’t see when I pull it up online

  9. Rickon Stark says:

    Hitz is a glorified Encore. We are getting screwed because Comcast it’s in a pissing contest with ATT

  10. Renee Myers says:

    Grandfathereing people out of Cinemax is not right at all. Reduce my bill, dont give me a garbage channel that has anything worth watching!

  11. I would definitely suggest people who do not like this change call, complain, and threaten to cancel Comcast unless they offer you a better deal. This could score you some lower rates. Cinemax is still available a-la-carte or you can find an online streaming subscription you can buy separately and watch on-demand.

    This is all happening because of a pissing match between Comcast and AT&T. Charter Spectrum did the same thing earlier this year, except those customers got no replacement channel at all.. just paying the same bill for fewer channels. That’s the Spectrum way!

  12. Dona Pruitt says:

    I am appalled at Comcast for doing this to it’s customers, especially all of the older customers. I have been with Comcast since 2005. All of you are so right and tomorrow I’m going to call them and give them a piece of my mind! I just noticed when I tried to watch a movie on Cinemax that I had to subscribe. Wow was I pissed! My bill also went up when I had to renew my contract after a year! It’s all about the dollar, so cheap and petty. They have now respect for their customers. I don’t want to pay for a bunch of different subscriptions for cable channels like Lifetime, HBO, Cinemax, and all the channels that are splitting off from cable to streaming their channels. Anyway, thank you all for the comments!

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