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New Yorkers: The PSC Wants Your Views on the Charter Spectrum Settlement

Phillip Dampier May 16, 2019 Charter Spectrum, Consumer News, Public Policy & Gov't 18 Comments

Back in April, Charter Communications and staffers from the New York Department of Public Service (Public Service Commission) reached a tentative settlement to resolve a dispute over whether Charter violated the terms of the 2016 Merger Order granting approval of the acquisition of Time Warner Cable.

Most of the contention came over Charter’s ability to meet the timeline for expanding cable service to an additional 145,000 unserved address in New York State and whether the company counted ineligible addresses towards their target.

Under the terms of the settlement, which still requires approval by the Commission, Charter agrees to:

  1. Continue to invest in network expansion to bring high speed broadband to 145,000 unserved addresses in New York outside of the New York City metropolitan area.
  2. Complete expansion no later than September 30, 2021, under a schedule that will be closely monitored by state regulators to ensure compliance.
  3. Agree, over and above the original merger conditions, to spend an additional $12 million for broadband expansion projects to be selected by the PSC and the New York State Broadband Program Office (including some addresses previously assigned HughesNet satellite broadband.)

The PSC now wants to receive comments from interested parties about the proposed settlement. If the agreement is approved, Charter Spectrum will remain in New York as the state’s largest cable operator.

How to Comment:

Make sure to reference: “Case 15-M-0388 – Settlement Agreement” in your written comments.


Comments may be entered directly into the case file by clicking here. Then click on the “Post Comments” button at the top of the page and input your comments using the form provided.


Send comments to: Hon. Kathleen H. Burgess, Secretary, at [email protected]


Hon. Kathleen H. Burgess
Public Service Commission
Three Empire State Plaza
Albany, NY 12223-1350

All comments must be received by July 8, 2019.

Currently there are 18 comments on this Article:

  1. Darin Fonseca says:

    This Terrible new,how can u let a company buy their way out knowing their faults and lie about it,lie to their customers and employees,espically the 1800 that’s been on strike for the past 2 years,

  2. William Jimenez says:

    Spectrum is the worse cable Company in USA

  3. Eric says:

    You sold us out

  4. Saul says:

    What about the 1800 workers on Strike for the 2 past years? You sold us out and left us out to dry.

  5. I think it is important for union workers who have been suffering over this endless strike to continue to make their voices heard, both on this docket AND keeping the pressure on with NYC politicians. Spectrum’s franchise renewal is coming soon in NYC and getting the strike settled should be one of the requirements Spectrum needs to meet before that franchise is even considered open for renewal. The replacement installers are an absolute nightmare, and we’ve seen reports from our readers about unsafe and substandard work.

    Letting the PSC know as well will not hurt. I personally believe the real pressure will have to come from NYC politicians and the city government by threatening their franchise. That is serious money.

    I know how tough it has been for Spectrum workers downstate and what the strike has done to families financially. The race to the bottom mentality among American corporations borders on criminal. Giving employees a comfortable, middle class lifestyle is not what causes a cable bill to get out of control. It’s the rapacious greed of executives and Wall Street that makes that happen.

    We haven’t forgotten about you folks, and we’re continuing to do what we can do. Customers do better with QUALIFIED professional techs, not underpaid replacements.

  6. Dawn Casey says:

    I agree with Phillip Dampier. A condition of letting them stay should be to settle with the striking workers. Otherwise, kick them out and take the scabs who crossed the picket line with them.

  7. Patrick says:

    1800 technicians on Strike in NYC losing they’re homes, families and jobs. How can America allow this to go on

  8. Juan Torres says:

    Spectrum Cable Strike for 1800 workers in New York City since March of 2017. Spectrum has bought all their lies with their endless pockets and political associates that pretend they are willing to help with this situation and have done nothing but make false promises, this includes Democrats and Republicans alike including Judges -carupttion at its finest- and the list goes on. This has been going on for more than 2 years with no news coverage or anything of the sort because the media was bought as well. This is very disappointing very hurtful and I’m ashamed of all of them. The outcome is very predictable: as long as they got the Judges, Republicans, Democrats & Media etc etc etc in their pockets the only ones that are being looked out for are them themselves. They don’t care about breaking laws or nothing else (including their political friends) and no one else and they will keep getting their extensions and everything else that they want as long as they pay for it… they pay with money and we pay with our lives!

  9. Christopher A says:

    Thank you for posting this, I have left my comments on PSC website.

  10. Melvin Arzu says:

    is a shame the way the city and the New York State have had handle the whole strike situation .it has been a win win for that company named spectrum/charter (Lowercase). They no longer should be operating in the whole state. They have no respect for anything or anyone . It’s Really upsetting you don’t care the pain they have caused to Many families including mine. And that is just a little fraction of damage compared with the one they will cause if they staying in.. then you will remember there was an opportunity to get rid of them .it will be too late.. We have to care what happens to our neighbors. We have to protect each other.. we need companies that help us grow!!!!!!
    Please . make yourself Counted as an New Yorker.. Get that company out of the New York State we will live better without them

  11. john says:

    they got bad service in our area Queens. internet service is always intermittent. service techs are unable to fix the issue. internet speed is unacceptably slow.

  12. Jason says:

    Spectrum is an awful company. They are abusing workers and trying to cut pension and salaries to people who have worked their adult lives for the cable company. There CEO has received enormous bonuses while he tries to cut workers’ livelihood. It is a commentary on a society that allows such things to happen. Please support all the workers in this plight.

    Everyone is one company merger or corporate sale away from being a worker whose salary is deemed a barrier to greater profits and bonuses for a CEO who cares about nothing but the bottom line. If we don’t stand together, we are all victims.

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