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Congressman-Elect Brindisi Calls on Regulators To Put Their Foot Down on Spectrum

Phillip Dampier December 19, 2018 Charter Spectrum, Competition, Consumer News, Public Policy & Gov't, Video 2 Comments


Congressman-elect Anthony Brindisi has a message for the New York State Public Service Commission: stop giving Charter Spectrum extensions.

“Today, I am asking the Public Service Commission to make Feb. 11 the absolute final deadline for Charter Spectrum to present its plan to give customers the service they deserve or it is time to show them the exit door here in New York State,” Brindisi said at a press event. ““No one’s losing their cable. They’re not just going to turn the switch off and leave. The would have to bring in another provider. I would actually like to see a few providers so people can have some choices in their internet and cable providers. Competition, I believe, is a good thing.”

Brindisi is reacting to repeated extensions of the PSC’s order requiring Charter Spectrum to file an orderly exit plan with state regulators so that an alternate cable provider can be found. Private negotiations between the PSC staff and Charter officials have resulted in several deadline extensions, the latest granted until after the new year. Observers expect Charter and the PSC will settle the case, with the cable company agreeing to pay a fine and fulfilling its commitments in return for the Commission rescinding its July order canceling Charter’s merger with Time Warner Cable.

Brindisi, a Democrat from the Utica area, made Charter Spectrum a prominent campaign issue, and even ran ads against the cable company that Spectrum initially refused to air.

Brindisi says he would be okay with Spectrum remaining in the state as long as it meets its agreements, but he is not very optimistic that will happen.

“Number one — they committed that they were going to expand their service into underserved areas,” Brindisi said. “Number two — they weren’t going to raise rates and they have not complied or lived up to their agreement so I think action has to be taken.”

WUTR in Utica reports Congressman-elect Anthony Brindisi’s patience is wearing thin on Charter Spectrum. (0:48)

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2 years ago

As I’ve said many times before. Who will replace Charter Communications? This is the biggest, most important question if they do happen to kick Charter out. I like how they (NY) think they can bring in a provider from another part of country, but fail to realize the choices are indeed limited. If Comcast came in. People will be crying even more. If Cox came in. Well. There not bad, but pretty overpriced. So prices will be much high than Charter. Many things to consider here. But only one thing is known so far. Not many choices exist to replace… Read more »

2 years ago

Really easy Dylan. Fine them again and kick them out and have the state government temporarily take it over until another provider can be sent in or taken over on the local level. If your scared of municipal broadband create a COOP and/or have the union take the utility over. Simple fact is backing down is not an option the government needs to grow some balls and hold this corporation accountable. I am sure the state has the means to enough fiber to feed these areas and/or front ends (depending on how the cable is set up). If not there… Read more »

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