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Spectrum Raising Rates Again

Phillip Dampier October 17, 2018 Charter Spectrum, Consumer News 67 Comments

Charter Communications is once again raising rates on Spectrum cable customers. Readers are notifying us that their October billing statements in certain regions show new, higher pricing for certain services. Charter typically adjusts prices at least once, but sometimes twice annually, gradually rolling the higher prices out across the country.

The most important include:

  • Another $5 rate hike for the Standard Internet plan (100 or 200 Mbps). Depending on your bundle, prices are increasing from $54.99 for broadband and television customers to $59.99. Standalone internet customers in some areas are seeing a $1 increase from $64.99 to $65.99 a month. If rates are increasing for your plan, share it with us in the comment section.
  • Spectrum’s basic set-top box, formerly $5.99 a month with a mandatory $1 Secure Connection surcharge is increasing to $7.50 a month, effectively a $0.51 increase per box.
  • The Broadcast TV Surcharge is also increasing once again by an average of around $1 a month. For many areas, this surcharge is now approaching $10 a month and applies to all cable television customers. Charter claims it is passing on the costs of retransmission consent agreements it has signed with local TV stations in your area. The amount varies, depending on what stations in your area charge Spectrum.

There are likely other rate adjustments not noted here. Many customers who bundle services may not see the full extent of the rate hikes because of bundling discounts, with the exception of the Broadcast TV Surcharge, which is not subject to being waived or discounted.

Subscribers can find the current rate card for their area on a special section of Spectrum’s website, although not all rate cards are provided.

Currently there are 67 comments on this Article:

  1. Charles Dennett says:

    Just looked at my bill dated October 14. I’m in the Rochester, NY market. I have Spectrum TV select ($64.99/month), DVR Service ($12.99/month) and 100/10 Mbps Internet ($54.99/month).

    Important Billing Update: Effective with your next billing
    statement, pricing will be adjusted for:
    • Broadcast TV Surcharge from $8.85 to $9.95. This reflects
    costs incurred from local Broadcast TV stations.
    • Spectrum Receiver from $6.99 to $7.50 (per receiver).

    Important Billing Update: Effective with your next billing
    statement, Internet pricing will be adjusted from $54.99 to

    So, price is going up $6.61 plus any taxes and fees based on this.

  2. Dylan says:

    I better be getting 200mbps instead of 100 soon then if I do get a increase from $55 to $60 for bundle internet services. I understand the investments that have been made to give us Docsis 3.1 and I have been surprised at how fast upgrades have been given, but I hope we 200 soon. I have been waiting too long.

  3. sfsfsdfsdf says:

    So instead of lowering prices like they should to more reasonable lvls they instead decide to hike up rates?

  4. Doug says:

    New York Hudson Valley:

    Broadcast TV surcharge from $8.85 to $9.95. (So it’s really $33.84 for Starter-TV).
    Digital Adapter from $4.99 to $5.99. I believe the fee for not returning them is $40 each. I have bought them three times over by now, I think. (Not sure if the Digital Adapter is the DTA for a Tivo or the little deck of cards adapters they’ve given out since the switch to all-digital; The fee for not returning a STB is $123).

    Still on ELP at $14.99 / month.

    $4 increase per month for me.

  5. Ian Littman says:

    Just got Spectrum installed last week (took ’em five months). My initial bill lists the MRC for gigabit at $104.99 after promos. Gritting my teeth as that’ll probably end up at $109.99. Fingers crossed that GFiber finally gets this area wired in the next year before the price bumps another $20, but I doubt that’ll actually happen. Grande (now part of RCN, though they don’t use RCN branding down here) won’t touch this condo complex because they’d have to compete with two other providers now (AT&T offers 100/20, which I was on ’til last week), so while it’s nice to have a gigabit option it comes at a price.

  6. Nick says:

    The $5 rake like apparently also applies to legacy TWC Internet plans. On my October statement my legacy TWC ELP Internet plan is going up from $19.99 to $24.99. I’m still surprised though that Spectrum hasn’t decided to totally boot everyone off of the legacy ELP plan.

    I wish actual competition existed in my area for low-cost Internet.

    • Tony says:

      I have been keeping same plan for several years as you do. $5 increased from $19.99 this time.
      A representative spoked me that Spectrum has no contrack no locked price which mean they can increase anytime when i called them to know the reason.

      Same as low speed but fee increased.

  7. RBE says:

    just received our Nov bill. It went from $180.25 to $203.45 per month. #278 a year more. No difference in service or benefits though.

  8. mrjlturner says:

    Akron, OH seeing $1 rate increase for internet only 100/10 plan.

  9. bill says:

    Rate Increases every 3 months since spectrum took over twc with no one in government addressing.
    Spectrum eliminated all forms of affordable bandwith. Then offerredonly 1 bandwidth at an
    Inflated price. Brilliant.

  10. Stephan says:

    Sherman Oaks,CA internet only 100/10 plan increased by $1 too. Nothing written on the november bill to notify the change and explain. Contacted an agent via chat and he said it was due to investment in higher speed infrastructure, etc. I have not asked for higher speed, so not sure why we have to pay more !

  11. jan leese says:

    Price hike by 5$ in Brunswick County North Carolina

  12. Jennifer says:

    I was paying $49.99 a month intro rate and now they want to charge $70.99 a month.

  13. Dennis says:

    Have Spectrum Standalone Internet @$64.99 non promotional pricing. November bill is now $65.99, a $1 sneaky MRC increase. I have my own modem too, get no breaks.

  14. Lino Silveira says:

    I just got my November/December bill and I went from paying 120.27 in October which includes the promotions to a new amount of $168.53 also including promotions but much less discount than than previously.
    They stopped the promotion they were giving and now not only they raised the price on the tv and internet they also decided to give me less discount than the previous years. So I’m paying over 40.00 a month starting this month.
    They also increased the broadcast tv surcharge from 8.85 to 9.95 and the digital receiver and interactive service from 6.99 to 7.50.

    I can’t afford to pay almost 170.00 a month for tv and internet and when I called them today, I was told by one of their representatives that if I’m not happy with my bill that I can always request to disconnect the service. Unbelievable how they treat their customers. So that’s what I’m going to do, request to disconnect the service with Spectrum.

  15. Vlad says:

    Rate Increases every quarter since spectrum took over twc with no one complaining in Rochester, NY. Spectrum eliminated all forms of affordable bandwdith. Killed all of the competition (except for satellite and cell internet).Then offer only 1 bandwidth at an ever growing price. And was complaining about Comcast. Sneaky $1 increase this month.

  16. Corporitism says:

    They monopolize geographic areas with service. If there was competition they would be lowering the price to gain market share so instead they burden the dwindling customer base with higher prices. Looks great for the major shareholders. Be rest assured they will go up again and when they do I will delete my service and go with Verizon and do everything on my cell phone. They are loosing customers to streaming services for Video however I do not want to watch the lying main stream media that brought you 911. The economy is a train wreck ready to derail and meanwhile the CEO gives themselves a bonus thanks to you and me. Aren’t you tired of mandated contributions to CEO’s who do nothing for anyone but themselves and their wallets ? Call them up and tell them if it goes up one penny anytime in the future you will terminate all services. They are all corporate whores. Corporatism = Communism

  17. Hebrew says:

    This is what happens we let hebrews control all of our institutions. They’re never going to lower rates again for you goyim.

  18. Fran says:

    Well! I had no idea of this price hike! Shock at the amount of hike! One year ago I was paying 53.99 a month for Charter/Spectrum internet. Then this year 54.99 a month for same service. Today December 3rd it’s now at 59.99! A whole 5 bucks more! 6 bucks more then a year ago. They sure don’t ease into it do they!

  19. John says:

    TWC ELP went up this month to $24.99. That’s $5 more than it was at $19.99. It used to be $14.99 originally when I first got it. This does make me want to go internet free at home and just get internet at coffee shops. You can buy quite a few coffees with $25. Ya, I’m cheap. But that’s why I got Everyday Low Price internet to begin with. If I wanted to stream 4K off my router I’d have to be willing to pay the big bucks.

  20. David says:

    I’m in Temple City, CA (91780) & my rate went up $1 with my October statement. I only have their internet service (100 mbps). They never sent notification & I only found out when I read an article about it in early October.

  21. Bob says:

    I also got $1 increase for my 100/10 internet from Spectrum. A rep said it’s for the speed increase that’s coming in 2019. I complained that I was promised a fixed price when I renewed my contract. The rep told me they will give me a $5 credit on my bill for the “hassle”. I have 5 more months until my contract is over and it’s to negotiating the price down again. Fun!

  22. Carl Moore says:

    The idiots that run the cable companies must be also using drugs…a lot of people are cutting their cable services because of the higher rate and increases. So instead of lowering the rates to attract customers they raise them. But what really annoys me…is trying to get a straight answer from them on what my rate would be after a promotional period, try it, they will do anything to avoid giving you a direct answer.

  23. Frank D says:

    Second Spectrum $20 price hike within a year.
    Signed up as $99/mo with time warner cable triple bundle.
    That became $130/mo after promo ended.
    Earlier this year that jumped to $153/mo.
    Now it just jumped to $171/mo
    The promised 100/10 has only been 25/5 … they can’t deliver more.
    The bill states my promotion ended, but the savings continue!
    Like how?!
    We have one TV (thanks to no more FREE QAM of broadcast channels over the wire and mandatory boxes (grrr)), one cable box, I have my own modem and they deliver average internet. No DVR, no premium, no sports, …
    No competition to switch to.
    The $30 basic internet we used to have is now $65 standalone.
    The basic tv and internet that was $30 each plus tax is now in promotion at $99 for a year.
    W T F ? !
    Now we’re supposed to pay an extra $200+ / year for the same average quality over compressed tv, cable box that crashes and needs 20 min to reboot, …
    If we did not need internet they could stuff it all.

  24. Andy says:

    They hiked the legacy ELP internet from 19.99 to 24.99 in november 2018. It used to be 14.99. The only reason these Charter spectrum effin ass holes are doing it is monopoly. They need to be sued for anti trust and forced to pay back money that they are stealing for the same service.

  25. Steve says:

    As more people opt out of cable TV for Sling TV and the like (which requires internet), Spectrum will continue to raise their rates on the internet portion of their bundle.

    They already told me that if I drop the phone portion of the bundle, that there would be no savings since the bundle had discounts.

    Only other option is OTA antenna for TV. You could use cell for internet but cell internet can be spotty.

  26. EvilCorp says:

    Early Xmas 200 Mbps $1 increase from $69.99 to $70.99 use my own modem

  27. Pat says:

    My Internet bill was $14.99 in 2017 (33% increase) then $19.99 in 2018 (25% increase) and in November of 2018 (20% increase), it was raised to $24.99. Unbelievable! Is this allowed?

  28. Karl says:

    Same with me……… and despite the increases, it’s a shame that I’m feeling really lucky to still have service at that price after looking at what others not grandfathered into an ELP account pay.

  29. Joe Schmoe says:

    Spectrum rep told me I should have paid attention to my statement because we were given the chance to keep our rates the same. Just checked my recent statements. The rep lied. All ISPs need to be made a utility. I’m done with the internet scam. No one needs 100Mbps at $40-60/month. It’s the overbandwithing of America.

  30. Moon says:

    Our Spectrum bill was $21.99 for the internet TV with 10 chosen channels, and $49.99 for Spectrum Internet. The internet TV has stayed the same price, but they’ve this month raised the spectrum Internet to $70.99.

  31. zxl says:

    Columbus OH. Just got notice from auto pay and realized that they have raised the price from $19.99 to $24.99 for ELP, after they raised from $14.99 not long ago. This is really unpleasant experience..

    • Deb Bxer says:

      Same here. I didn’t even bother arguing with the phone rep and just asked for paperwork showing the notification of increase. They really have one over a barrel. I guess they need more profits from the poorest among us.

  32. Deb Bxer says:

    In Maine, my roadrunner light that I signed up for 6 years ago with Time Warner has gone from $14.99 per month to $24.99 per month in the last 6 months of the Spectrum buyout. The first increase was to $19.95 six months ago and now to $24.99. I can only assume they will continue to raise this most basic service on every whim.

  33. Sue says:

    Spoken to Spectrum twice and they said they don’t see anything wrong with raising everyone by $5. That is 5% for $100 service but 25% for $25 basic internet service! Although they printed on bill that to complaint within 60 days, but they don’t show you their complaint procedure. One supervisor Dave said one can file complaint on their website. Insisting he walked me through it and he couldn’t find it too. So he said they must have removed it. Spectrum obviously tries to make it so hard for customers to complaint in hope that they just give up. File complaint to FCC to stop Spectrum from using their monopolizing power to hurt consumers, especially for the most BASIC Internet service….

  34. Alan Freeman says:

    Since the government shutdown the FCC closed all operation today Thursday January 3 until further notice.. So you can not file a complaint against the spectrum monopoly..

    • DeAnna says:

      I have yet to speak with the FCC, but they returned my call yesterday. I also received a call from Charter supervisor, but have to return that call as well. We will see…I am skeptical of a satisfactory resolution. I was assured my 34.99 internet service would not increase much when Spectrum took over. My current bill is 64.99 per month with my own modem.

  35. Mickey says:

    Just received my bill for January and total costs went up $40. $30 for TV service and an additional $10 for Internet. Time to do some shopping around.

  36. T. Lea says:

    I see by reading comments, I’m paying a higher monthly rate of $70.99. Also, as I’ve said in other reviews, I believe the tether service when you pay late, I can’t swear to it, but I’m almost positive they do.
    I’m going to find another provider in our area, I am done with this nonsense.

  37. Suzanne says:

    Just saw my bill for next due, did the math on the increases since Jan 2017: 25% price increase overall over two years. And this is not including the leap from the initial promo price package. And where I live I have NO other internet service option. And like other folks here cite, to cut the tv portion only, does near NOTHING to the price drop because of supposed bundle discounts. and this month one of those discounts gets diminished about another $5. And like with other callers, if I call to discuss the service, see if there’s any other options, it’s basically just showing me the hand. So beyond irritated! Had Cox when I lived in another community, and was likewise only had them as option due to geography, but they ALWAYS did something for me when I called to discuss the service and billing. !#%$#[email protected]%!#%

  38. Gabriel says:

    My bill is at $70.99 right now it definitely went up from last year

  39. Trevor says:

    Just called Charter (Spectrum) and the very rude and curt operator told me that there is nothing they can do about the increase. I told them that I agreed to a price, not a discount off the promo so their increases shouldn’t change my bill. I was assured that no one can amend the bill, so i asked to speak to the supervisor. After a 10 min hold they issued a credit for the increase through the rest of the 12-month agreement. WINNING.

  40. Brelyn Giffin says:

    Old bill with TWC was $90 for high speed. Now it’s $105.99. So expensive….if I didn’t live with roommates I would never be able to afford this.

  41. Tom says:

    I just reviewed my charter bill. I have the main channels and 10 extra channels for $37.49 and the internet $59.99 and my speed on the internet is about 50. IF I just get the internet will be about $70.00 for a low speed. That is just crazy. They claim that is the lowest. They raise all of this back in October. Now comes February and I see this on my bill again

    • Broadcast TV Surcharge from $9.95 to $11.99. Are you kidding me another rate hike of $2.04. With all the taxes and fees comes out to 112.00. This is absurd. Charter is just trying to recover from the company they bought.

    After the superbowl I am done with the TV. Will probably go to Hulu with LIve Tv. When I mentioned this to the Rep the person got defense stating we have nothing to do with Hulu and that is something different.

    Something has to give.

  42. Blake says:

    Spectrum are such bastards – price just doesn’t seem to stop creeping up. They are the only provider I’m aware of that do not give you the option to lower your internet bill by supplying your own cable modem..that’s because Spectrum doesn’t have a line-item on the bill for the cable modem charge. Instead, they pretend (and even advertise) that they’ve eliminated that fee and give it to you free instead, when what they’ve actually done is simply combined the monthly modem fee with their internet service rate so that you will ALWAYS be paying them that extra $10 or so per month, no matter what. They also refuse to provide any discounts / promotional rates once you’re out of your promo period and even long after you’ve been on standard pricing. From my experience, they basically are okay with allowing you to walk away from them and start shopping other providers (if you’re lucky enough to even have another provider to choose from). Elon Musk better hurry up w/ his worldwide satellite internet service!

  43. Elbert Davis says:

    Blake, Armstrong Cable, primarily in the PA/OH/WV area, does the exact same bs with the modem rental fee. Most people haven’t heard of Armstrong Cable. Their customers also have no option to lower the bill by using our own. Not that it matters since they only allow five modems, most which are not available for consumers to purchase. https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2017/02/one-mans-losing-fight-to-use-his-own-cable-modem/

    We also are not permitted to use security cameras that use wi-fi. Armstrong happens to offer a monthly security camera service. No better way to beat the competition than ban them outright.

  44. fordoughnow says:

    My Internet started at $40 less than 2 years ago with Spectrum. $68 now with all the taxes and service BS. I haven’t had a raise in that time so I’m not giving them self imposed raises, so I’m going to fire them and do data from my unlimited data plan on my mobile phone. This is what I would advise us to do, if the masses did this they would stop this crap.

  45. snake says:

    I had the original $20 a month service for years. Then last week they shutdown my internet, before my bill was due. I paid the amount. Service was still off. Called again they tell me they cant cut it back on unless I sign up for the “new” plan thats $65 and that I can no longer go back to my $20month that was with time warner. That ended years ago, but I never got any notice about it, I mention that he said “yeah, our sales dept are not doing their job”.

  46. Tube says:

    Was watching CMax and Epix yesterday and today it says I no longer sub to them! For an additional 15 bucks a month I can get them back. For what? So I can see 10 yo movies or repeats from other movie channels. For those of us that do paperless billing I didn’t get any notification of the change in plans and increase, none that stuck out that is. Time to find a new company!

  47. jopey says:

    i negotiated in january 2018 for 181, said it wouldnt go up, now up to 217, ridiculous

  48. Stephen Glazener says:

    I am retired, living on a fixed income – my Spectrum bill jumped from $149 to $203 / mo. for basic cable I don’t watch, a phone line I don’t use, and pretty shaky 100Mbps internet. They say I have to buy the entire package, I can’t just get the Internet option by itself.

    This is the last straw. I need a fair amt of Internet bandwidth to watch streaming video and do the occasional web site maintenance from my home, unfortunately they’re the only thing in the area that comes close to ‘reliable’ and ‘fast’. But I will not fork over 1/6 of my income just for that.

    • If you have another family member willing to put service in their name for a year, you can take everything back a Spectrum store and cancel service. Then, from another computer or smartphone, visit spectrum.com and sign up as a new customer under their name and choose the option of self-install and that you will pick up equipment at the store.

      I recommend you consider broadband-only service. Promos start at $45 a month for 100 Mbps and keep an eye out for any free upgrades to Ultra service at no additional cost. Then, watch for a new streaming TV offer for $21.99 found on the order page. It offers you all local channels plus (usually) the 10 cable networks of your choice. You watch it over the internet, a Roku box, or smartphone or tablet.

      That should keep your bill around $75-80 a month for at least a year (some promo deals run 24 months).

  49. Marcus says:

    I only have internet and my rate went from 49.99 to 70.99 in March/2019.

  50. Missi says:

    I was paying $49.99 a month and then BAM! $70.99 per month and the problems I had when I paid the $49.99 are still there even though the price went up!! WTH

  51. Joan McBride says:

    Switched to Spectrum in June of 2017 because my phone, internet and cable was running me about $177.00 a month. Salesman actually came to the house with sales pitch, told him what channels we had and wanted and bundled all three services for $144.00. At that time, rental fee for receivers were 6.95 each, then 7.50, then 8.99, last bill was 11.99!! Internet has gone up $20.00 in the last year and my cable has jumped from 64.99 to 121.44!!

    • That is insane. I’d pack up all their equipment, take it to the cable store, cancel service, and then if another family member lives with you, use your mobile phone to sign up as a new customer under their name on the Spectrum website. Choose self-install/pick up equipment in store, and within a few hours you can drive to any cable store and pick up new equipment and at least one year of new customer pricing. You should get close to your original $144 price, depending on number of boxes and services, of course.

  52. Gina Panetta says:

    My book went up 20 bucks

  53. william carter says:

    got my spectrum bill yesterday. It went up $16 per month. I called CS and they said my 1 yr promotion is gone on my internet and i have to pay full price. After asking if they had anymore promotions, she said they don’t offer any promotions to existing customers. She also said “Spectrum expects everyone to pay full price”, which in KY is

    Internet – 65.99
    basic tv – 69.99
    phone – 19.99
    broadcast fee – 11.99
    and of course a ton of taxes, like your cell phone bill.

    I asked to talk to the retention dept and apparently there isn’t one. she said if i want to cancel, i need to take my box into their local store and tell them i want to cancel. They don’t care if a customer cancels.

    think i am going to try what Philip suggested and cancel and then sign up under my name.

  54. Jane says:

    I’m now retired with Social Security as my income. I worked from home full-time and needed hi speed internet and phone service. I don’t have cable tv and don’t want it and I no longer need Spectrum’s phone service for work. My Spectrum internet/phone service is now too expensive as my internet usage is now drastically reduced. Spectrum and ATT are monopolies in my area of Dayton, OH. I’m canceling Spectrum before my next bill is due (the 28th) and switching to an unlimited data plan using my phone for tethering when I need the internet, for $15 per month. I receive local tv with an antenna and the reception is excellent. I’m also on the TWC legacy plan, but that hasn’t stopped Spectrum from doubling my price to what it was three years ago.

  55. Suzanne says:

    Jane, I did that same thing, so very fed up with Spectrum and their rates, and their (lack of any) customer service to keep a customer. It’s going fine for me having cut Spectrum in May, whereby I also enlarged my ATT cell phone package to unlimited, and delegated tv over to basic Direct TV package. It’s video and streaming that will eat data with the cell phone option, so though it’s unlimited service, you may reach threshold for priority internet connect sooner, and thus get throttled down in speed at whatever your data point is for that. Just something to think about when going the cell tether route. But again, it’s all working out fine for me, and SO happy to not see a Spectrum bill any more!!

  56. Michael BROWN says:

    I am so dissatisfied with Spectrum. I initially had a bill for about $143 a month. Now it’s $174 and they plan on increasing it to around $250. I had more services when I was paying $143. This has become ridiculously out if hand. This is what happens when You don’t have competition or oversight. So Unsatisfied. Forced to drop quantity and quality. Weary Customer.😠

    • Take it all back to the Spectrum store, cancel service. Find a family member or sig other, restart service as a new customer under their name the same day by ordering new service on their website and choosing the self-install option, pick up equipment in store. It’s a hassle, but well worth it considering the price.

  57. Anthony says:

    Phillip Dampier: What if I cancel the service, and then a week later request the service again?, that will give me the initial benefits? or should I use a different person?

  58. Deborah Kohler says:

    My spectrum bill just went up over $30 for the month. Spectrum states it was due to being on a promotional offer for the first year. My daughter and I specifically asked about that wanting to make sure our bill would not increase after a year and were assured it would not. I feel lied to

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