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Charter Spectrum Launches Mobile Phone Service Today

Phillip Dampier July 3, 2018 Charter Spectrum, Competition, Consumer News, Wireless Broadband 18 Comments

Charter Communications today launched Spectrum Mobile, a new no-contract mobile phone service for existing Spectrum internet customers offering two simplified plans, including a “pay per gigabyte” plan that will allow customers to get unlimited calling, texting and 1 GB of data for $14 a month.

Spectrum Mobile relies on Verizon Wireless’ 4G LTE network to assure strong network coverage, and phones sold are also designed to simplify connections to home Wi-Fi and Spectrum’s nationwide network of Wi-Fi hotspots. But Spectrum Mobile appears to limit speeds of certain Verizon Wireless network traffic, notably videos, which “typically stream at 480p.”

The plans and website are remarkably similar to Comcast’s XFINITY Mobile, except Spectrum’s “pay per gig” plan costs $2 more ($14) than the one on offer from Comcast ($12).

Spectrum Mobile also does not currently permit customers to bring their own devices — customers must buy new devices from Spectrum’s store, which as of today only offers five Android phones from Samsung (Galaxy S8, S8+, S9, S9+)  and LG (K30). Phones can be purchased up front or financed for 24 months at 0% interest at prices ranging from $7.50 a month for the LG phone to $35.42/month for the Galaxy S9+. A separate trade-in program is available to reduce the cost of investing in a new phone. Spectrum accepts most phones from Apple, Samsung, HTC, Google and LG as long as they meet trade-in standards.

Customers are given the option of two plans, based on anticipated data consumption. Customers who typically use 3 GB or more per month should sign up for the unlimited plan:

Unlimited $45

  • Unlimited talk
  • Unlimited texting (does not count against 20 GB threshold)
  • “Unlimited” data: After 20 GB of usage per month, speeds may be throttled for the rest of the billing cycle.
  • Customers can switch a line from Unlimited to By the Gig at the end of your billing cycle, charged $14/GB.

By The Gig $14

  • Unlimited talk
  • Unlimited texting (does not count towards data usage)
  • $14/GB for data
  • Customers can switch a line from By the Gig to Unlimited at any time during the billing cycle, assuring you won’t pay more than $45 a month for a plan.

Spectrum’s initial assortment of smartphones is extremely limited.

There are various fine print terms and conditions to be aware of if considering switching to Spectrum Mobile:

  • New Spectrum internet customers with fewer than 30 days of service are limited to up to two lines. Devices associated with these lines are shipped to the internet service address on file. After 30 days of Spectrum internet service, customers may be eligible for more lines, up to a total of five, based on credit rating.
  • Equipment, taxes and fees (including regulatory recovery fees, surcharges and other applicable charges) extra and subject to change.
  • There are no additional fees for using your phone as a mobile hotspot. After 5 GB of mobile hotspot data use in the bill cycle, mobile hotspot speeds are reduced to a maximum of 600 kbps for the rest of the bill cycle. Mobile hotspot data counts toward your 20 GB high-speed data allowance.
  • DVD-quality video streaming is supported. Video typically streams at 480p.
  • If a residential Spectrum internet subscription isn’t maintained, an additional $20 per-line monthly charge will be applied and Spectrum Wi-Fi speeds will be limited to 5 Mbps. You can change your rate plan, but you won’t be able to add additional lines.
  • Spectrum Mobile is not currently considered part of your Spectrum service bundle, so no bundling discounts are available.
  • Spectrum will not pay any early termination fees you might encounter if you cancel service with your old carrier and have a service contract.
  • Auto-pay with a credit or debit card is required.

Currently there are 18 comments on this Article:

  1. Ian Littman says:

    While the plans aren’t bad (provided you keep cable internet), they aren’t great either, and they’re pretty obviously a customer stickiness tool. Internet service is easy enough to swap out, but if your wireless service is going to jump $20 per month per line if you switch ISPs, you’re a lot less likely to do so, even if something better comes along.

    • Justin Trella says:

      I guess as long as the service is stable you’ll most likely not deflect. I quick call every year or so usually gets your rates back down. If you are like me I hate changing providers. They all want to drill holes and use their line etc..
      As for the stickiness part, it most definitely is that exact tactic!

  2. Tommy Todd says:

    This sounds good. But getting help to get the process started is next to impossible. The mobile website is a dead end, can’t even check the service map. No where on the site gives an opportunity to sign up & be contacted. No contact Email, and support dead ends with “site unavailable”. . .I’m a Spectrum iNet customer for 15+years.

  3. Christina Kirkman says:

    Can u bring ur own phone number

  4. Ron Fink says:

    I pay my Spectrum Bundle bill at my local Spectrum store monthly. I have Spectrum as my Tv, Internet, and Phone provider because they do not require a credit card, as do Direct Tv, And Dish, and most all other providers. I pay with cash each month, and that’s why I don’t do business with Direct Tv and Dish. But now Spectrum introduces their new Mobile Service with a mandatory Auto Pay clause requiring the only method of payment is with a credit card. This makes no sense, Spectrum. Why could I not pay my Mobile Service bill over the counter with cash as I do my bundle payment.

    • Justin Trella says:

      I imagine the reason being is it’s a technically no credit check. It’s based solely on the fact you were approved for regular services which are no credit check so long as you don’t owe spectrum money. I assume the reason for autopay is if you skip out on the bill they’ll automatically charge for the full amount left on the device. Which makes total sense. They are giving you a device at 500+ with no checks to credit.

      • R McCullough says:

        WRONG they do check credit and proof of residency (electric or water bill, your spectrum bill will not suffice as proof of residency) is required along with a copy of your drivers license

  5. Gale Blue says:

    It’s sounds good until u paid ur money and then u get an email saying they need additional info smh I am a mother who lives wit my daughter and the cable is the only thing in my name ….. spectrum Mobile requires u to have a Id which is fine by me but they also need an utility bill or credit card statement that shows the address that u have the service at … makes no since to me cause I’m sure if I’m paying my current cable bill I’m goin to pay the he mobile as well and on top of it all u have to set up auto pay it’s required smh Spectrum Mobile already coming wit the bull**it!!!

    • ALISON LIBBETT says:

      Do they take any other form of mail besides utility bill or credit card bills? Just wondering because I got the same thing.

  6. Tam says:

    Anyone know if the unlimited (until 20 gb’s then they slow you down)
    Is per line or is it all together. Together we would go over but each by ourselves use less

  7. Donald Bartholomew says:

    When i tried to cancel my service they hung the phone up on me once lied to me about the phone switched me to different departments and told me my credit card was already charged for the month which it wasnt i called them. It seems they are trying to get an extra month of money out of me through deception. I am afraid i will have to change my card number. I deal with companies in China refunds stop orders no problem not with spectrum mobile. Be careful dealing with this company.

  8. Sandy J Clark says:

    Absolute junk. Nothing will load. Im at home on my soectrum internet. Nothing will load ..i have to shut it off and the mobike data part just as bad. Have internet at work..nothing will liad none of my work apos either. I called they keep sayingvits my wifi..it was reset and still cannot even check my bank at home . Nothing on fb will load. I have the lg stylo 4 same fone my kids have they use straight talk and never have this lroblem. They connect to my spectrum when they come over and dont have a problem. At 24 a month i will finish paying off the fone. It will sit in my house as a back up.i bought me a new lg stylo 4 for straight talk and wull go bavk to them. Soectrum mobile sucks…beware

  9. Colleen Reid says:

    Horrible customer service if you can get through. I waited over 20 minutes 3 times then hung up. When I was able to reach someone to order new phone service I was lied to by a representative named Hannah. She said the price of the IPhone 8 was included with the price of unlimited plan of 45.00 a month. I told her I couldn’t believe the phone was included & she replied “we are trying to boost our services” I had to clearly ask because it sounded to good to be true so it’s on a recorded line her lying about the price. She also lied about delivery date telling me I had to be there to sign. I waited all day on the day she said it would come and NOTHING! On the next business day I called and found out everything was a lie so I canceled my order and service and now I’m fighting just to get my full refund of 208.00. The worst customer service I’ve ever dealt with. Beware.

  10. Mike says:

    Their customer service is brutally bad. The verification system is intrusive and cumbersome. The sales department uses bait and switch tactics. Once you are in, they charge ridiculous fees if you want to leave. I tried them with 5 lines. It will end of costing me $225 to leave, now that I have discovered the plan they sold does not exist. I have spent so much time on the phone with them, and not a single person in the organization has been able to help me. They literally apologize and describe the plans. I have heard it 20 times now. I made the last guy repeat the plans just because it had become so comically bad. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH SPECTRUM MOBILE! save yourself some grief. The cost is roughly the same as Verizon with terrible service and no options.

  11. j lundberg says:

    after forcing the purchase of their phone- i paid taxes and 1st months service in January ,then find out the phone will not be here before Dec. 29 as told ( my last day before shutoff) so ” Scott ‘ said said i would get credit to keep it on to be able to port. It.still has not happened. next, get a bill January 31 for $38.12 that’s the $ 14 base ( 1 gig ) I had prepaid, plus $ 14 for under a gig over, plus the $ 10 per month phone purchase charge. never could get the reason the 1st month prepaid did not apply. 5 months later the Spectrum LG Stylo 4 was dead and BYOP would not allow that phone that cost me $ 250.00 through them ( now $ 79.00 on E-bay with the Samsung parameters met ) I HAVE to buy an i phone or Samsung Galaxy 8 or above. Customer service i got has not mastered English. Looking into Consumer cellular due to my experiences.

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