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As Clearwire Service Prepares to Shutdown, Customer Service Agents Suggest Comcast as Alternative

clear-logoClearwire users seeking alternatives after the wireless ISP shuts down its WiMAX network this fall are surprised to hear some Clear customer service representatives recommending Comcast as their best option.

Stop the Cap! reader Randall Page has been looking for a new ISP after receiving a notification from Clearwire its network is ceasing operations before the end of this year and he needs to find a different provider:

Dear Valued CLEAR/Clearwire Customer,

You are receiving this notice because our records show you are subscribed to services on the CLEAR 4G (WiMAX) Network or Clearwire Expedience network. Sprint is in the process of implementing major enhancements to the Sprint 4G LTE Network, including the deployment of Sprint Spark, an enhanced LTE network capability, by repurposing the CLEAR 4G (WiMAX) Network and Clearwire Expedience Network. As a valued customer, we are providing you formal notice that Sprint will cease operating the CLEAR 4G (WiMAX) Network and Clearwire Expedience Network on November 6, 2015 at 12:01AM EST.

What this means to you:

  • Sprint will no longer support CLEAR 4G WiMAX and Clearwire Expedience devices or services.
  • Your CLEAR 4G WiMAX and Clearwire Expedience devices and services will no longer work, including your ability to contact 9-1-1.
  • You should not return your device(s).

To discuss your options or learn more, please call 1-888-888-3113.

Thank you for your business.

CLEAR/Clearwire Wireless


The Page family has used Clearwire for years to get Internet service in their rural home near Lynden, Wash. The service was affordable and more than adequate for the occasional web browsing and e-mail Page’s parents rely on. After learning the service was being discontinued, Page called Clearwire customer service to learn what other options were available.

“They claim they will essentially match your current level of Clearwire service on the Sprint network,” Page told Stop the Cap! “Although Clearwire originally advertised unlimited service, the representative was not willing to match that through Sprint. Instead, they built a recommended usage plan based on reviewing actual use over the last several months.”

Clear/Clearwire's modems and routers were designed to work with their WiMAX network, which is being decommissioned. This equipment will be obsolete and cannot be reused on a new provider.

Clear/Clearwire’s modems and routers were designed to work with their WiMAX network, which is being decommissioned. This equipment will be obsolete and cannot be reused with a new provider.

Page was offered a 30GB plan adequate for his parents, but the quoted price of $110 a month was more than twice the price of Clearwire. The family also had to pay $200 for a replacement modem compatible with Sprint’s LTE network to replace the Clearwire WiMAX modem that isn’t.

“No consideration for Clearwire customers, no special promotions, no loyalty discounts, nothing for customers like us who have been with Clearwire for almost five years,” Page complained. “When Alltel was sold off and their network was changed, customers were given a free replacement phone as a courtesy, but Sprint seems to care less about us.”

Sprint acquired Clearwire in 2013 mostly for its massive spectrum holdings in the 2.5GHz band. After the deal closed, Sprint fired 75% of Clearwire’s workforce and began planning the end of Clearwire’s legacy WiMAX network, also familiar to first generation 4G Sprint customers who used it before the launch of LTE service.

Clearwire’s higher frequency spectrum never penetrated buildings well and did not reach as far as wireless signals on lower frequencies, which meant Clearwire was required to build a large cellular network to deliver reasonable service. Sprint inherited 17,000 Clearwire-enabled cell sites in the deal, many deemed redundant. A Sprint filing with the Securities & Exchange Commission indicated Sprint was shutting down no fewer than 6,000 of those sites by the end of this year, with the remaining transitioned to TD-LTE service as part of the Sprint Spark project.

The change will allow Sprint to better monetize its 2.5GHz spectrum by selling usage-based plans and more expensive home wireless broadband service. It’s the second major wireless technology shutdown organized by Sprint. In 2013, Sprint shut off the last 800MHz iDEN Nextel cell site inherited from its acquisition of Nextel. Sprint now provides LTE 4G service over the frequencies formerly used by Nextel.

Page was not happy with Clearwire’s alternative through Sprint, and remarkably the representative then suggested his family should sign up for Comcast service instead.

“I was floored to hear a representative working on behalf of Sprint recommend Comcast,” Page said.

It isn’t the first time Clearwire has done this:
clearwire sprintClearwire’s own Facebook page was abandoned in 2013, presumably right after its sale to Sprint was complete. Stranded customers are complaining about the impending loss of service and the lack of alternative options and information.

Wireless 'n WiFi's high usage data plan has gotten good reviews from Stop the Cap! readers,  although it is expensive.

Wireless ‘n WiFi’s high usage data plan has gotten good reviews from Stop the Cap! readers, although it is expensive and relies on Sprint’s less-than-great network.

Unfortunately, the Page home is not serviced by Comcast and DSL from CenturyLink is not an option either. Page and his immediate neighbors are instead joining a group “family plan” on a wireless carrier and will share a Wi-Fi hotspot that can reach three homes. It technically violates the terms and conditions of most family plans to share a connection in this way but it is the only affordable choice the families have for now.

Those rural Clearwire customers who cannot subscribe to cable or DSL broadband might also explore some options from Wireless ‘n WiFi, which sells high limit 3G/4G LTE plans that work on Sprint’s 3G and 4G networks.

Their current plan offers up to 60GB of usage per month, up to 30GB of which can come from using Sprint’s 3G network. The service costs a still steep $109.99 a month (including all taxes and fees) and comes with additional startup costs:

  • Rental of NetGear 341u USB modem and MBR1200B Cradlepoint Wi-Fi Router ($100 equipment deposit required, refunded when equipment returned)
  • $49.99 Activation Fee
  • $8.95 Priority Mail Shipping (for Equipment)
  • $268.93 total startup cost includes all charges referenced above (not including monthly service fee)

Service is month-to-month, no term contract. Overlimit fee is $5/GB.

freedompop plans

Some lighter users report reasonably priced service is available from FreedomPop, as long as you are careful to avoid over 10GB of usage per month ($59.99) and you turn off revenue generators like automatic top-off and other various extras they pitch (including data rollover if you find you use up most of your monthly allowance anyway).

Currently there are 114 comments on this Article:

  1. KM says:

    I wonder what Freedompop will be doing with their WIMAX customers. Their old hotspots are WIMAX, and their fixed wireless service is WIMAX only.

    Will they have some kind of upgrade deal to LTE for the mobil WIMAX hotspots?

    Will they just drop the fixed wireless service and substitute the mobil LTE service?

    • Ian L says:

      They’ll probably drop fixed wireless. They already have an upgrade path for LTE…I have their LTE MiFi (among other Sprint LTE devices).

      Also, Sprint’s “less than great” network is a superset of Clearwire’s at this point. Except that instead of topping out at 17 Mbps (yes, I’ve seen 18 Mbps on a Clear home modem) you can do 70 Mbps in ideal conditions. More with Carrier Aggregation.

      Also, Sprint does have a fixed wireless service that’s unlimited. It’s just only in Corpus Christi, TX. 10M for $40/mo, or $30 if you have Dish TV. If they rolled that out across their entire TD-LTE footprint, that’d be just about the best thing ever.

    • Ed york says:

      It seems like they never tried about that in the first place, so they heard that said. Ya right

  2. Amy says:

    If any of you live in a WOW service area, they have some decent deals on home internet. think I will give them a try. as for at work, the dentist office next door to us has guest wifi. I got the password. I went with sprint for my phone and the data signal is horrible. I’m hoping that after the clear signal gets shut off, they convert the towers and the signal gets better.

    • C.S. Lewis says:

      Click on the link below for $10 off at yourkarma.com
      Karma seems like the best option to transfer to so far. Its not Clear, but after a lot of searching Karma comes the closest to what I was used to with Clear. Use this link to get $10 off your purchase! https://yourkarma.com/invite/john862493

  3. Unclear says:

    I am really disappointed in the customer service around this deal. Clear customers are just being dropped like a rock with no real alternatives at a reasonable price. You would think Sprint’s competitors, seeing them mishandle this transition, would jump at the chance to scoop up their customer base with a comparable offering. Those of us with no home telephone line and who don’t have cable or Dish/DirectTV have slim pickings for internet. In 2015 internet is a necessity.

    • Richard says:

      Ok, has anyone found anything for Lakewood, WA? I would hate to go to Comcast and I need unlimited service, my wife likes to go online to play games with the PS3, and she does that quite a bit, which can eat up gigs in time. Sprint’s plan would be well over $200 for what we use Clears Unlimited Plan for which is Gaming, Netflix, Internet (Laptops and PC), Downloading either Video’s, Games or Music as well as playing Games (wife plays FFXIV, my son plays either COD or Halo). Another alternative would be helpful that allows unlimited data like ClearWire.

  4. ChrisR says:

    If you’re in Time Warner area, for me it was only a few bucks more per month for unlimited data, at 25Mbps down/2 Up ($45/mo). I used Clear for about a year, but each month they throttled my speed down to 3Mbps down, and I never got higher than 1 up with them. TWC does not throttle, and is truly unlimited data.

  5. tommy says:

    Where the he’ll is the class action lawsuit?? Your just a bunch of McDonald Trump sheep! These corporate things are now persons!! Monopolies owning everything, even you now!! If they want you to stamp a number on your head, you’d do it, sheep to slaughter….sad..
    Get a string and two cans…

  6. Mateo says:

    When I was growing up there used to be something called anti-trust acts.

    Now Republicans still complain of government regulations. Geez…

    Europe and Asia kick our butts when it comes to internet service.

    • wajfghf says:

      Hell in Europe you can get True LTE speeds Uncapped on Wireless for a Decent price. Here in the States were stuck at 3G Speeds as LTE speeds with Data Caps at a Gouge. In Japan You can get Uncapped Gigabit and 10 Gigabit in some cities. go over to the USA and now your overpaying on top of being gouged by Data Caps.

      The only real difference between the USA, Asia, and Europe is that there is Real Competition outside of the USA while inside The incumbent providers collude to keep there local Monopolies and prices High.

  7. Jamie says:

    Sprint will cease operating the CLEAR 4G (WiMAX) Network and Clearwire Expedience Network on November 6, 2015 at 12:01AM EST.

    Don’t get left without internet service! Message us on facebook ( https://www.facebook.com/wainternetproviders ) today to find an alternate provider soon!

    Also, Most providers and packages are cheaper than most CLEAR internet services.

  8. Joe says:

    Here’s a website that shows you how to complain to the FTC and FCC about the shutdown. It also shows what Sprint is going to do with the bandwidth it’s taking from Clear:


  9. Charles Turner says:

    How will I be able to connect my laptop computer to the internet with the closure of Clear??? Time is running out for us!!!!

  10. baffled says:

    wow, looks there are a lot of us WiMax users who want to keep it. why would a company shutdown something that kept customers And good competition to other providers?

  11. JOE says:

    Looks like no one has found a solution for us yet?

  12. baffled says:

    I tried Boost mobile and my data usage seemed much higher than the estimate Clear gave me. I wonder if the different technology clocks usage differently.

    I just think less competition, fewer technology options, and similar pricing seems may enable a price fixing opportunity.

  13. baffled says:

    I sure wish someone would buyout WiMax. LTE isn’t worth the price, is unreliable, and doesn’t really handle multiple users. Computers/technology are making life more miserable rather than easier.

  14. baffled says:

    Oops my edit didn’t complete…

    I wonder if the Karma and Freedompop wimax users are getting offers to switch.

    • Ken says:

      Freedompop is forcing the users to buy an LTE replacement at a “reduced” price, if
      they wish to continue.

    • baffled says:

      OK i ‘m a T-Mobile mifi user. But my browser keeps crashing (on s website that has jumpy ads) and the support team is now saying its because of WiFi. But I want to know why.

  15. baffled says:

    The prepaid LTE I’m trying isn’t near the speed (or connection reliability?) That clear had.
    I’m not looking forward to needing to switch to cable or dsl.

    I’m wondering if I found this petition from one of your links…

    I guess its too late to find a buyer for the WiMax. :/

  16. up yours Sprint says:

    I will never use any sprint services that they have to offer. First they raise the price knowing that they are going to close down clear and now they don’t even want to give you a free month or anything for our troubles which I just got done chatting with them. NOTHING

    No use in complaining they got you by the Bssss ans squeezing them as tight as they can. .

  17. baffled says:

    I called CLEAR todayto asK for other reliable options. She gave number for Exede and recommended I call Boost mobile abt service connection problems.

    Icalled Boost mobile and they said they are updating tower near me…. now my clear connection is also randomly dropping. Ugh!

    Exede reviews online look terrible.

    Gosh darnit. Why shut down reliable service??

  18. Buckeye Bob says:

    Because they’re not in the business of providing service to consumers, that’s just the vehicle. They’re in the business of making money for stockholders, they’ve simply determined a way to charge more for less.

  19. Shocked and appalled says:

    Over 2years of very happy service, I just don’t want to go back to “The Cord” or any of the business practices that come with those companies. I’ve searched and searched with no luck (for the hundreds of gigs my family racks up every month streaming). If Anyone finds Anything, please share. Best of luck to all of you in my boat.

    • C.S. Lewis says:

      Click on the link below for $10 off at yourkarma.com
      Karma seems like the best option to transfer to so far. Its not Clear, but after a lot of searching Karma comes the closest to what I was used to with Clear. Use this link to get $10 off your purchase! https://yourkarma.com/invite/john862493

  20. Araceli says:

    I can help you switch over to Comcast Business.

    [email protected]st.com

    • JimR says:

      Like many of you reading this, I’m a Clear customer (in Seattle area) who will be without internet service on 11/6. I’ve checked with all of the primary ISP’s in my area (Comcast, Century Link, Verizon, AT&T, etc.) that I can think of, but I’m outside all of their service areas for installing broadband service to my home. What I think we need is some company willing to help out all of us. There’s got to be a company out there that would be willing to help us out, and make a deal based on the number of households that would be serviced.

      Anyone know of such a company?

  21. Nicole says:

    I was a loyal clear customer for almost 8 years. I got the service at my old address and when I moved into a wooded area simply brought my clearspot and was able to still have great service for 3 years until this. Now I am unable to find any provider that services my area at all. I don’t understand this as the hotspot worked fine in my window here. My sons schoolwork is all online,no physical books at all and we are coming down to the wire now with no Internet. We used around 150 gigabytes a month with clear because We streamed netflix, music and video games as well. Even if I could find a company I am seeing prices of $350-600 a month for comparable data! I have spent the last two months calling everyone from comcast to egyptian wireless to no avail. It is shameful that you leave your loyal customers high and dry with no comparable options. I was able to sign up for comcast and waited two weeks for my install appt just to be finally told I can’t get it here. I am at wits end. My ear is about to fall off from logging literally hours a day on calls with customer service. I have written letters to the ceo of comcast and sprints ceo Marcelo Claure. They have not responded with anything helpful. I live in a major metropolitan area minutes from the most popular shopping district in Illinois. I don’t understand the issue with getting service here.

  22. Nicole says:

    Am I really going to have to move to get comparable service?? This is ridiculous. Thanks clear!! I guess it was too good of a deal so of course Sprint had to put the kabash on it. I implore everyone to write Sprints CEO Marcelo Claure.

    • C.S. Lewis says:

      Click on the link below for $10 off at yourkarma.com
      Karma seems like the best option to transfer to so far. Its not Clear, but after a lot of searching Karma comes the closest to what I was used to with Clear. Use this link to get $10 off your purchase! https://yourkarma.com/invite/john862493

  23. Sprint Sucks says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how so many americans think they are living in a developed country, while the rest of the world enjoys higher & higher standards. Americans have some of the slowest internet speeds around.

  24. JACK says:

    Anyone with media contacts who can twitter this out ?
    Anyone able to quantify how many customers CLEAR is cutting off here?
    I am in NYC and even here my cordless hotspot options are limited and more expensive.
    C’MON SPRINT, step up.

  25. dani says:

    this is really sad news for me, I started using clear back in Boston when my roommate suddenly decided to upgrade our internet cable contract that included 200 plus channels, and phone,and demanded i go half and half on it. which came to like 75 each! I was never home to watch tv, nor i needed a land line, after I refused to go 50/50 he chance the wifi user name and password, yep that’s boston for you.

    Long story short, someone recommended i try clear and ever since I have used it. I travel a lot for work and it worked in all big cities, eliminating my need to buy internet access at hotels, ask friends for their wifi access, never had to use the free wifi at coffee shops, the device is small enough that i could take it with me everywhere.

    It actually impress a lot of friend I could get such high speeds with that tiny thing and have it work in philly or chicago stl dc etc.

    I never had to worry about how much data I used, that idea never really cross my mind, but now Sprint, you buy chunks of data and they are not cheap.

    It’s really upsetting to see a company that provided such good service with no strings attach now in the hands of giant greedy company.

    if you have a friend or family member who has xfinity, ask them to share their hotspot id access it’s a complementary service that comes with their service, and urban areas xfinity has wifi access almost everywhere.
    this is a short solution i guess.

    • C.S. Lewis says:

      Click on the link below for $10 off at yourkarma.com
      Karma seems like the best option to transfer to so far. Its not Clear, but after a lot of searching Karma comes the closest to what I was used to with Clear. Use this link to get $10 off your purchase! https://yourkarma.com/invite/john862493

  26. Shane says:

    Sick and tired of big corporate companies buying out, and closing down the opposition. Capitalism is not supposed to be like this. Sprint are part of the problem why the middle class is shrinking. They are now excluding thousands of low income families from experiencing unlimited wifi. My homeschooled children’s education will suffer. I can’t afford what I need to educate them. I need unlimited wifi for their education… and now it’s out of my reach. SHAME ON SPRINT !!! I will never use their services … Ever.

  27. baffled says:

    I love this innovative idea… my town probably has laws against this type of small business startup….

  28. Stacey says:

    I am in the Cincinnati, Oh area and i’ve been a loyal customer for 4 years now. Tomorrow is the day and i haven’t found a reasonable solution yet. I refuse to go to Sprint for ANYTHING. We should start a boycott and don’t purchase nothing from they greedy asses!! I’m so mad right now…it seems like we’re living in the matrix and info/data is critcal to everyone…if you’re not connected then you’re not informed…i feel out of touch with everything without internet service….Why Sprint Why!!!!!

  29. MIKE says:

    Hey everyone stranded without internet tomorrow because of the clear shutdown. READ THIS:

    Karma mobile hotspot now has unlimited data for $50 (almost same price as clear)

    Karma use to run on Clear and now they are running on Sprint LTE.

    Its 5MB down unlimited data which is slightly slower than Clear was but will work for any of you that were using Clear. This should solve anyone here problem that do not have another solution for a like-for-like Clear product.

    So read this article and see if this will help you and let us all know in the comments if this helps!

    I have had Clear for ages and it was been awesome for me and this is the only like for like solution I have seen anyone post so will this work for yall?


    • Richard says:

      Karma.com is fine if you’re using just your Laptop but some of us also are using Clearwire for our PC’s and gaming consoles which means we need a fixed wireless modem that we can hook up our stuff, I even looked at Verizon and I have to pay $110 per month to get less for what Clearwire offered, I was on an Unlimited plan. Verizon’s offer was a bit over 80 gigs with $15 per gig for overages, which means unless my wife cuts back on her playing and streaming I will wind up paying over $200 for what I want to do. ComCast wants me to pay a $500 deposit but at least they’re unlimited. But thats not the point, I like Clearwire and didn’t have to worry about if I need to move, like we will be doing when the other apartment is ready to move into. Satellite is out because our apartment complex don’t allow Satellite dishes on the property (we can have it as long as the dish is on the inside, yeh right). This is a tad stupid if you ask me, why get rid of loyal customers like all of us on Clearwire?

      • MIKE says:

        You can hook 3 items up to the Karma now. That should be plenty for most. If not look a router up to it and you can get unlimited hookups.

        • Shane says:

          Is it possible to hook up a router to the Karma ??? It looks small …

          • MIKE says:


            Yes you can connect a wireless home router to it and connect all your wifi devices to that router…many people do that. That Karma unlimited plan is getting alot of the Clear customers already.

            • Richard says:

              I agree with Mike. I checked it out with Karma and it does look decent. My Data was dropped with Clearwire before they shut down, I was getting 4.7 mbps download, my wife was on her gaming console at the time and I saw that we were still able to play with no hitches, as well as streaming video. So Karma at 5 mbps is not to bad considering, now if you’re downloading anything it will be slower but hey it’s still better then nothing lol. I can either get a wireless router or for the XBox 360 I can get an adapter for online gaming. And I only have 2 laptops as well as two other gaming consoles that are wifi compatable, XBox One and my PS3, so its no problem. I think I will try Karma out and give it a go, the $50 a month deal looks better then pay as you go, way better. I told my wife and she said go for it, as soon as I get the money (my income is limited, highly limited) I will do it, I hope my paycheck this coming Thursday is enough, I figured it in total to get it, $199.00 total, $149 for the WIFI box, and $50 for the monthly service.

        • Anonymous says:

          I contacted karma and they told me you couldn’t connect routers or repeaters to the karma go device. The only port the karma go has is a mini USB port that is used for charging the device.
          How are you able to connect routers to it?
          Can you share step by step directions?

          • Dan says:

            If this is a USB connected dongle, it can be connected to a non-mobile PC as well (at the end of a cable if necessary to raise it to a better physical height for receiving a signal). Some operating systems provide ways that the connection can then be shared with other computers on a local network. You’d need to check the Karma terms to see if they forbid you to do it.

            • Dan says:

              OK, it’s not a dongle, it is a wireless hot spot. But computer supply stores will usually carry standard wireless dongles that you can use with stationary PCs, and they could in turn connect to the Karma device. Their terms should be read carefully because the plans as I write this are either capped monthly or continuous pay as you go. Might or might not be the best option for some people.

  30. they are doing the same to us. I. thought that if they drop lifetime guaranteed customers that is detachment of contract.

  31. Kallie says:

    Im so sad to lose clear! Ive been a customer for 5 yrs and even chose my current apartment solely because it is located 1000ft from a tower….Ive set up a 1yr contract with DSL Extreme’s truestream. 18mbd/1.5dnld for exactly what my clear bill was, $52/mo. No data caps. But I waited till the last minute to sign up so I will be without any internet for another 2 weeks but thats okay I have a few closets that need cleaning…Im in Houston and this company I signed with is out of california so At&T will do my install. All the reviews I read at first were positive, but then I realized punctuation and spelling were PERFECT in each and every one, so now I am just assuming some guy named Bob spends his days writing them. That worries me, but I need internet! I hope this works.

  32. BillA says:

    And this just in…

    Sprint won’t be allowed to shut down its old WiMax network on November 6 as it had originally planned. A judge has ruled for an injunction against that move, stating that Sprint has to keep the old network up and running until it settles a lawsuit filed by two nonprofit groups.

    “The nonprofits — two groups called Mobile Beacon and Mobile Citizen, specifically — cut a deal with the company Clearwire that let them provide affordable internet access on the network to customers like schools and libraries. But the nonprofits say that when Sprint fully took over Clearwire and the WiMax network in 2013, data speeds for the nonprofits’ customers were unfairly throttled. Sprint has countered that other customers on the network have switched over without issue.”


  33. Nina says:

    Well, it’s 12:07 eastern standard time, and my Clear connection is still in perfect working order, although I don’t know how long that will last.

  34. richard says:


  35. Ian L says:

    For those of y’all wondering why the service is still working, see the earlier nonprofit post.

    • richard says:

      Has the shutdown been delayed everywhere or just some places. It’s still working here

      • BillA says:

        Still working at 12:50am EST… well it looks like the judge’s injunction is holding up, perhaps for 90 days… so this is a good time to start shopping around for a replacement… for real folks!! cuz Sprint will screw ya without a condom… if you know what I mean… hehe

  36. baffled says:

    Yeahhhh, I’m still here on Clear in the midwest. Thank you judge!! From what Im experiencing, there isn’t any real competition in the mifi market! LTE hasn’t proved comparable reliable connection service for me.

    Wish I would have noticed this update before I reloaded my tmobile account. Ugh! I was in such a hurry to make sure I didn’t loose connection to the world! LOL

  37. C.S. Lewis says:

    Click on the link below for $10 off at yourkarma.com
    Karma seems like the best option to transfer to so far. Its not Clear, but after a lot of searching Karma comes the closest to what I was used to with Clear. Use this link to get $10 off your purchase! https://yourkarma.com/invite/john862493

  38. BillA says:

    I have tried just about every prepaid data service out there to replace my Clear.
    Here’s the scoop…
    Some are more reliable than others, but the biggest issue is the amount of data you’ll need/get.
    Using anything above 5-10gigs at high speeds will get you throttled (slowed down), and the only one I have tested for over a month now with over 40gigs of high speed usage is Simple Mobile’s new $60 Trully Unlimited LTE plan. They might be targeting ex-Clear customers since they just came out with this new plan and it’s valid indefinitely as long as you sign up till December and use auto-pay. Not a bad deal considering that you can use any spare GSM smart phone to create a hotspot anywhere (I used a spare iPhone 5 for hotspot), or use one of those hotspot/modem boxes with an ethernet output so you can patch it into an existing router setup just like a cable modem. With a properly configured hotspot on LTE signal I’m getting about 20Mbits down and 10Mbits up speed pretty consistently.

    I will never again sign up with a cable carrier, because all they do it nickel and dime you starting with leasing the modem (BS!!), and then raise the service price every year (more BS!!).

    Good luck, and if any of you have any other brilliant ideas please share them.

    Here’s the link if anyone interested:

    • Nicole says:

      I’m confused as to how that simple mobile works. Its a cell phone? So if I’m using it as a hotspot is that enough bandwith or whatever its called to use for streaming netflix, gaming ect..? Because when I have used a tethered phone before it barely worked.

      • BillA says:

        Yes Nicole the bandwidth is plenty fast, in fact it’s twice as fast download and 10 times upload as Clear. Best to use a spare unlocked iPhone 5/c/s since the hotspot activates automatically with a $60 unlimited data Simple Mobile SIM card.
        Writing this from my hotspot right now. 🙂

    • MIKE says:

      Thank for the link Bill! Looks like they use T-mobile for their carrier but as long as you have good T-mobile coverage thats a pretty sweet deal. Not quite as good as the Karma $50 deal but Karma is capped at 5MB right now and Simple looks like its not capped so as long as you get good coverage it could be faster.

      So there you have it folks…there is two sweet delas to replace for Clear service like-for-like.

      You have Karma on Sprint network $50 unlimited data
      You have Simple on T-Mobile $60 unlimited data.

    • Shane says:

      Bill, I just joined the Simple $60 unlimited, and it seems to be working fine so far.
      Need to configure wifi extended signal though, so I get it throughout the house, but shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Thanks for the tip !!! 👍👍

      • BillA says:

        You’re welcome Shane… I have patched mine into a Zoom 4501 router so I have DHCP, firewall, etc… just like with the Clear box. As a tip, try not to “bang” the gigs usage over 50 per month, just in case 😉

        • MIKE says:

          Hey Bill. I did a little more research on that Simple plan and they really are against people using it as a tether. We all know they do deep packet inspection on their network and can tell when the data is being used for Tethering rather than a phone data use.

          That said, I found several other people who have recently started doing that with the new unlimited plan but a couple people are reporting that they have got warning messages from Simple that they are in violation of their Terms of use and if they dont stop their account could be terminated…so its clear they are looking out for that
          kind of usage. For the way I use the internet and streaming lots of Netflix and stuff, I would hit the 50GB easily so its prob safer for someone like me to use the new Karma which is okay with all you can eat data. Let us know any updates any of you have or if anyone gets a warning notice as well.

          Thanks everyone!

          • BillA says:

            Your choice man…. it’s advertised as Truly Unlimited… so that’s the way it should be.

            • Elmo Glick says:

              I don’t think so. The unlimited is probably just for the phone, not for tethering or use of the phone as wi-fi hotspot. I recently upped my MetroPCS phone to unlimited 4G LTE but of that, only 8 GB is available for tethering or hotspot. Other carriers that offer generous 4G LTE usually set a much lower cap for use of the phone as a hotspot.

              In fact, according to the other commenter, it appears that SimpleMobile does not permit tethering at all, so I would suggest that people check into that before buying a phone and setting up an account with Simple Mobile.

    • Sylvia says:

      Please tell me how to do this? I also have a spare iPhone 5 and Dlink wifi modem from Costco too send the clear wire through the house to have bigger range- my clear stop working today!;( I’m rural very few options that are expensive and large family household) will this run Netflix and online gaming?

      • BillA says:

        Since every installation, equipment combo is different, I’d suggest to contact some local “geek” who can help you with your setup. If you use the spare iPhone as a hotspot that’s pretty simple, but once you’re patching it into routers then dial 1800Geeks-R-us.. lol (btw though the number’s a joke I wouldn’t be surprised if it actually works heehee).

  39. Morgan says:

    Does anyone remember the oliver stone movie Wall Street? Sprint basically pulled a Gordon Gekko, go watch it again. Too bad there is no Bud Fox. This movie came out in the 80’s but this is the wave of the future eventually I wouldn’t be surprised if the world ended up like mike drudge’s Idiocracy another interesting comment on corporations. Hollywood is very interesting. Good luck to all.

  40. Morgan says:

    Just read about the judge’s ruling maybe there is a Bud Fox after all even if just for a little while. At least somebody tried.

  41. Morgan says:

    This is my last post but I was thinking, you know I understand wimax is dead, but Clear has many paying customers, some loyal customers for years.How hard would it have been to offer transition over to Sprint or one of it’s companies it works with, giving you the option to keep your account, switch over to an LTE device even if it cost you a little because you’re going to have to get one anyway, and that way keeping the customer and their money. Sure it would cost Sprint a little money to do this but I’m sure some people would have stayed with Sprint just to avoid the hassle we’re seeing now. I think it’s a bad decision, they made some money initially but alot of people don’t like or can’t afford Sprint and are going to leave. Sprint knew this was going to happen that’s why they dropped their shares/commitment. They could have played this another way. But as Gordon says, “Greed is good”. And some people actually thought that ,that character was admirable. not so admirable in real life though. It will be interesting to see what develops from this.

  42. Nicole says:

    So my internet is still working…. What does that mean?

    • Nicole says:

      Well,mine just shut down and I got the payment message from clear. I was tempted to just pay it and see what happened but didn’t want to lose money if it didn’t work. I called and they said its still shut down. I told them the articles are saying the network is still up and they said its just for the people involved in the suit. How could that be? Either the towers are on or not? Anyone just pay and see what happened? I’m current parked at Mcds picking up their signal. Fun times.

  43. Amy says:

    I live in MDT, it’s 6:48am and my internet is still working. So here’s the kicker. Even if the judge did bar the shutdown of Clear, they are taking it seriously. They did, in fact, short my bill for the period and only charge me through November 6th. So…does that mean they now can bill me for the remaining balance and then keep billing me? Because I didn’t actually cancel Clear. I assumed it would just shut off. Not that I mind. I had to buy Centurylink because it’s literally the ONLY other service available unless I buy a hotspot from my cellular company–somehow someone forgot to run cable lines to my house when it was built in 2009 and Google Fiber isn’t here yet and HughesNet doesn’t service my house because of its location…Gah! I mean, frankly, I’d really like to know what they’re actually going to do because I only have like 14 days to cancel Centurylink or I’m stuck in a yearlong contract with them because they no longer offer no-contract for new customers in my area. It’s a major cluster.

    I thought you’d all also find it funny that their web site totally says none of us have working service.

    Oh well! I will continue working from my current location with my Clear until it stops. Centurylink doesn’t turn on until next week because of so many people having to switch lately so I don’t mind a few extra hours, even if that’s all it is!

  44. JimR says:

    I live just north of Seattle. I stayed up past midnight waiting for my modem lights to flicker and fade to black, but that never happened. When I left the house this morning my Clear internet was still up and running. That was about 8:30am PST.

    I had an arrangement with Frontier to install DSL service at my house, since the owner used to have a landline phone. However, Frontier said that they would run fiber to the house because they couldn’t get the DSL service installed. I’m not holding my breath, since before they said I was out of the service area. But if they do it, I’ll be a happy internet surfer once again and if they run the fiber to my house (I live in a wooded area), I’ll happily recommend them to anyone in their service area!

    For now, I think we’re all surfing on borrowed time…

  45. Trinidad says:

    That sprint messed up everything i was sooo good with clearwire…now i got no internet smh …

  46. Char_G says:

    I am here in South Central Washington. My internet connection is no longer working but the green lights are still on the mobile hotspot. My laptop and other connected devices say, “no connection.” I am hoping that this legal action will stop Sprint. I hate Sprint, I am not even going to deal with them on any level. I am a Virgin Mobile Customer but after this now I will be shopping for a different prepaid cell service. We the people need a revolution! I tried to ask Clear if we could keep our mobile spot if we switched to sprint and they said “no”, I was told the device would no longer work after November 6 and that my bill will be pro-rated. Sadness:(

  47. James Norcott says:

    GOD BLESS THE COMMONWEALTH – We still have Clearwire to kick around.

    An ex Clearwire tech started a small antennae shop and sold me better Clearwire equipment years ago.

    He expanded his shop and upgraded me to Sprint Spark Modem when it first came out and my family could use Netflix.

    Then two years later he sent me a Free Replacement Modem and switched me to a competitors network.

    The ex Clearwire tech is Robert and his crew runs the 4G Antennae Shop – Now also known as 4GHS (4G High Speed)

    He is running a 4G Clearwire switch special if you mention it. (ex-employees see the humor)

    Please message if this works for you I will check back later.

    I thought Google would have reached us by now.

    Jim from Vegas

  48. Brianna R says:

    I stopped using my WiFi around 11:45 pm on the 5th thinking it was going to shut off at midnight. I already bought century link, which will be here on the 17th, so I spent all yesterday using my phone for everything. Today I went to unplug my clear hot spot and put it away when I saw all green lights were on and that it’s still working. What the heck is going on? I’m happy it’s still on but why did they say they were all shutting off at 12 am on the 6th? (I live south of Seattle)

  49. Pepper says:

    They shut us down on the 7th at around 2:30pm Seattle time. I guess the email went to spam and i never saw it so I’m sitting here stunned. borrowed the neighbors wifi to shop for internet, I guess there’s only 2 choices now, cable or dsl. dsl won’t work, we are too far from the hub so that leaves only cable.

    I can’t believe they did this to us.

    It’s criminal.

  50. Conexa says:

    One of the people who lost Clear service because of this? See if Conexa covers your home! Unlimited Home Internet, free WiFi modem, no contract, no credit check! http://www.GetConexa.com

    • Mike says:

      There is zero information or reviews about the service online. How can a company with no internet presence online be real. This might be a scam folks.

      • Conexa says:

        Hi Mike! We’ve been providing high-speed Broadband service for 2 years now through an interconnect agreement with one of the largest wired service providers in the nation. We currently service several thousand customers and have service in 21 states. We also operate through Authorized Agent locations and have over 300 stores across the country that offer our service!

        Please feel free to call our Customer Service department at 888-807-0544 or email [email protected] if you have questions about our service.

  51. Jack says:

    This will read like junk mail but – I found a company, a Karma Go, same as clear, $50 per month unlimited: https://yourkarma.com/invite/jacob75692
    The link is my referral urn – use it if you like, we both get a discount.

  52. Richard says:

    Sheesh I should get a referral bonus with Karma Go. I’ve been referring them and I ain’t signed up with them yet lmao…

  53. baffled says:

    Please remind me what network Karma Go uses.

    I’m trying Boost mobile and the customer service is ZERO. Can’t get a human for nothing. the website keeps taking me to the following website (when I click “plans”) that shows monthly unlimited data 4g/2g but my wifi mobile device plan doesn’t have unlimited! What a stupid website.

    Other device im trying….My tmobile device keeps dropping and reconnecting. :/
    My Nook keeps saying “syncing” as it does this. How annoying!

    • Richard says:

      Baffled, Karma.go provides unlimited internet at 5mps for $50 per month, you will have to purchase the WIFI hotspot for $149 so essential it will cost you at the start $199 but hey its almost like Clearwire, the only exception unlike Clearwire you can not hook up your PC like you could with Clearwire but I am sure if you can get a router for it, you should have no problems. I was going to start Thursday but I have to wait, I was short on some hours where I work so I fell well under $199, so I am holding my check until next payday then get it started, making sure I pay the rent first lmao…

  54. daniel says:

    It vexesme that Sprint has bought Clear, and has joined it to the price gouging (my opinion) metric pricing that is consistent with all wireless hotspot carriers – $.01 per Megabyte, or $10.00 per Gigabyte. Boost Mobile is the only carrier that will give 2 GB hotspot every month for $10.00. Boost will also let you by additional 2 GB hotspot increments: But then you have to wade through the 1800 prompts with a lucky guess, to get a Customer Service Rep, and then hope that they are smart enough to “remove the empty 2gb hotspot, refresh the phone, and then add the next 2 GB hotspot (B30HS2GB). Their live CS is not 24 hour, so you have to do business in prime time only.

    Clear was awesome. Since cellular contracts have gone the way of the birds for low budget consumers, Carriers are putting the money vice to customers by price fixing mobile hotspot connectivity (in my opinion). I think that I read TruConnect has the same price point (my opinion) per GB, but they will at least give you unlimited 2G (not 2 GB) after you chew through the first 6 GB at 4G LTE speed. I am sick and tired of getting hosed by the fat cat (my opinion) service providers (copper and coax and satellite) services.

  55. Can you hear me now? says:

    I was with clear, it was my back up connection. having mobile internet is a must for me with work. I have also Sprint 3G, a grandfathered customer from the unlimited 3G days.

    I have tried Boost Mobile recently- speed is so so. Not terrible tho.

    One big issue is tho you get LTE speeds, for video streaming, it get cut down to 3G speeds.

    You can do online gaming however, I can play online ps4 and no issues and very little bandwidth is used.

    The device cost me only about 10 bucks and its oK,,, tho for whatever reason many devices have a hard time connecting to it at the onset and then things seem to work out.

    I am going to try Karma next for the fun of it, I tired the 100 dollar 30 Gig plan with Boost.

  56. BillA says:

    Found a great Clear box replacement called MoFi which is basically a high performance cellular/WiFi/wired router.
    Just insert any SIM card like Simple Mobile’s $60 Trully Unlimited plan, and you’re good to go (20Mbits Down/10Mbits Up)
    Yes it’s a bit pricey at $275 (including shipping) but at least it won’t become obsolete like the proprietary Clear box, since you’ll be able to use any carrier’s SIM card in the future.
    Check it out at

    BTW. I’m not affiliated with any of the mentioned products above.

    • wajfghf says:

      Is this legit and will it work with say MetroPCS?

    • BillA says:

      Link updated…


      I’ve been using it since December and it works great, so far…

      • Mike says:

        Bill how much data do u use a month on that plan. Most carriers can see when ur using a router to use the Internet on ur desktop or something.

        • BillA says:

          I’m getting 20Mbits down/10Mbits up consistently, practically 3 times as fast as Clear. Those who say they slow you down are bull of bs, I’ve used 30 gigs per month without any issues and there’s nothing written in the TOS that you can’t use a hotspot.


  57. Adri says:

    For anyone who’s interested in Karma, I’ve been using the $50 NeverStop plan for a week now, so thought I’d share some information.
    1) I’m getting equal or even better speeds than I was with Clear. Ever since Sprint bought out Clear, my internet connection would get prohibitively slow, and at times I effectively had no connection. I haven’t experienced those slowdowns yet with Karma, but it’s only been a week, as stated before.
    2) They do not have any telephone customer service. Any questions or concerns are addressed through email Monday-Friday between 9am-6pm Eastern. They also have a twitter account where they’ve been answering questions.
    3) Karma wifi doesn’t use WPA/WPA2 . It’s an open network. You connect to the wifi, then your browser opens up and prompts you to sign in to the Karma website.
    4) I’ve noticed people on twitter complaining that it doesn’t work with game consoles. They responded that it’s because it needs a browser to function properly.

    • Can you hear me now? says:

      Yea I dont like the idea of everyone and his brother coming on to your same device no matter how much they claim you are safe and get credits. Plus you name is on the device.

      Not being able to game from that connection pretty much kills Karma for me.

      Boost, which is really Sprint LTE, works fine, except for the signal dropping out of the blue sometimes but I have been to get signals up to 18, and for the MOST part I can surf and game at the same time with no issues.

      That is not to say a few times, again, for whatever reason, the signal drops for a few seconds to minutes and comes back.

      I have the 30 Gig boost plan for former clear people and also am using comcast internet.

  58. KP SMITH says:

    I’ve been unable to open my Slingbox remotely even though it’s connected to my Karma wifi.
    Anyone have thoughts on a solution with Karma or other provider?

    Sent question below to Slingbox and Karma —

    I had to replace my Clearwire home wifi with a Karma wifi hotspot (uses cellular network). Unlimited upload and download at 5 Mbps. I’m able to connect to the internet using my iPhone, laptop, AppleTV, a Netgear wireless extender. I can connect to Slingbox using my iPhone only if it is in wifi mode on the same Karma network. If I try to connect on the LTE network or use my laptop on a remote network, the Slingbox app “cannot connect.” Any thoughts on a solution? I purchased the Karma specifically for this purpose as it offered unlimited upload and download at adequate speeds, I live in a rural area without access to cable or high speed dsl, and I often use Slingbox when away from home.

    I received this response from Karma —

    For security reasons, we have blocked this functionality. Devices can’t talk to each other while connected to Karma. We shield off people on a Karma so that no one can abuse your files or private data.

    It’s a feature that has been suggested to us in the past. And while you might not be able to set this up right now, we’ll definitely consider it down the road as we improve. We’ll file this away for future Karma.

    More questions? Let me know!


    Erin Ambrose

  59. dani says:

    Using Karma.

    After clear ended services I went through a difficult time getting internet. The most common internet providers were not an option. I hate signing long term contracts, and the place were i would get most of my internet use it’s a commercial building so the prices are more expensive.

    The only other option was a hotspot, verizon, att, sprint and most of them charge you for the amount of data need, 10 and five gigs seems like the common and they go anywhere from 40 to 65 average. I probably use 10 gigs of data a week.

    Someone here recommended Karma. I heard mix reviews the lack of a direct way of contact with them seems like a main one.

    Some things to keep in mind; If you order the device you have to pay up front for it and the first month of service, the service won’t start until your hospot set up.
    The more months of service you paid the less the hotspot becomes.

    It took about 3 weeks to get the device. Once you get is very easy set up, but you can only add up to 3 devices. you can’t connect a smart tv, or apple tv, so that’s a bummer, there is a way around it but so far I don’t know an easy way to do it.

    The spends are very decent, if you watch netflix, amazon content, etc, some streaming services don’t work very well such as verizon streaming chanels, very poor quality. i live in a very populated area so each time I have the hotspot with me and someone logs as a guest I get a dollar credit so that’s a sweet deal.

    The device is very portable, a little bigger than the clear hotspot i had but it has better battery life, so don’t have any problems with connection.

    I had a problem connection my ipad, i signed up as a guest user by mistake and after that I couldn’t connect to internet anymore, but I got an answer right away all, they removed the name of the device so I could log in as a register user. I recommend getting their app as well.

    I only wish they allowed a way to connect your smart tv, or apple tv, for now i just use the hdmi cable to from my laptop to tv to watch streaming video, it’s kind of annoying.

    So far no regrets and the best part is not having to worry about how much data I’m using.

    • Can you hear me now? says:

      one thing i dont like about Karma is having to put your name on the hot spot so essentially everyone then knows it is

      its a bummer that you cant use it for online gaming.

      For the most part, I been using BoostMobile 30 gig plan which is a $100 bucks, which they offered for Clearwire customers.

      My biggest bitch is video streaming on some web sites is crappy.. but like say Amazon prime it really is pretty good, youtube is good. My speeds vary,,, depending on where i am at. It was recently used by family in Chicago, the Loop, and absolutely no complaints, super fast speed.

      I online game a lot on the PSN network and it works fine, and BARELY uses up my gigs but thats because of how online gaming works.

      maybe one day i will Karma just to compare for the fun of it

  60. Alex says:

    Sprint got a bit greedy taking out Clear. It’s hard to blame Sprint when greed has become acceptable and the average person is afraid to speak up. Becoming cowards didn’t happen overnight.

  61. baffled says:

    My T-Mobile MiFi is crashing my browser with site that has ads,,,, but I dont know why. Please help.

    • BillA says:

      To find out what’s causing the issue try using a different browser such as Chrome, Firefox etc.. If still crashing then try upgrading the firmware of your MiFi box, even try a different computer. I’m sure it can be fixed, as long as you can narrow it down to the underlying issue.

  62. Dan says:

    I have now spent 100s of dollars looking for an alrernative to replace my clearwire. Nothing is working.Clear was by far the best provider I have ever had. Now all I can find arw slow connections, rip off prices, low gigabyte limits, and/or long term contract only services.

    I cant do a long term contract, I am only home about two months out of the year. Deactivation and reactivation is an absolute must. All the cell phone companies are very slow in comparison and trying to charge an arm and a leg if ypu want to download stuff. I know, Ive now tried all 4 carriers. none are able to come close to my needs even If I could afford giving them hundreds of dollars a month. I cant get cable or DSL. Im screwed. I feel like taking all my electronic devices and throwing them all into a river. The FTC should never have allowed a cellular company to shut down the only real wireless internet provider customers had.

    i still havent found a solutioon. It is literally better for me to check into a hotel room a night or two per week just to use their network than trying to use one of the so called options to replace my clearwire service. This has been a nightmare.

    • BillA says:

      Try Simple Mobile’s $60/month truly unlimited data plan with a cheap Tmobile hotspot box (yes they are compatible). I’ve been rockin it since November when my Clear went down, getting 20Mbits down/10Mbits up consistently practically 3 times as fast as Clear. Those who say they slow you down are bull of bs, I’ve used 30 gigs per month without any issues and there’s nothing written in the TOS that you can’t use a hotspot.

      So there you have it, enjoy!!

      p.s. Unlike others on this forum, I’m not affiliated with anything mentioned above, just trying to help.

  63. just me says:

    forget about going with comcast. they might give you a cheap price at first but sooner or later they will rip you the hell off and lie to you as bad as centurylink. They both rip off senior citizens and low income people and they dont even care. they are greedy and need to be shut down.

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