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Greenlight Networks Cuts Price of Gigabit Broadband to $100/Month

Phillip Dampier March 17, 2015 Broadband Speed, Competition, Consumer News, Greenlight Networks (NY) 2 Comments

greenlightGreenlight Networks, a fiber overbuilder serving select neighborhoods in the greater Rochester, N.Y. area, today announced it was cutting the price of its gigabit broadband offering by 60 percent.

The new $100/mo price takes effect immediately and will increase competition for local incumbents Time Warner Cable and Frontier Communications. Time Warner currently sells up to 50/5Mbps service and most Frontier Communications customers qualify for DSL at speeds of 10Mbps or less.

Greenlight also announced it is waiving its usual $100 installation fee for customers signing up for gigabit service.

Greenlight president Mark Murphy said he wants Rochester to be considered America’s next “Gig City,” and emphasized Greenlight does not charge hidden fees or surcharges and has no usage caps. The company also sells a less expensive 100/20Mbps tier for $50 a month and recently introduced a 500/50Mbps tier for $75 a month. The upload speed for the gigabit tier is 100Mbps.

Greenlight currently offers service in a few neighborhoods in Brighton, East Rochester, Henrietta, Irondequoit, Pittsford and Rochester where enough customer demand can be demonstrated. Potential customers sign up on the company’s website (temporarily disabled) and are notified when service becomes available.

Greenlight now only sells broadband service and has stayed out of the cable television and telephone business.

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Atif Khalid
Atif Khalid
8 years ago

Whats the use? They don’t offer service at most neighborhoods and its been years since I signed up. Fiber is there to the neighborhood on the main street just not to our homes. they are only doing apartment building and congested areas. I think they should stop marketing like they have a huge footprint. Most people cant get them.

Paul Reed
Paul Reed
8 years ago

Once again the east side wins… I distributed a bunch of fliers to my neighborhood (in Gates) a year ago, and heard nothing.

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