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Suddenlink: Subscribers Walloped With Big Rate Increases and “Free” Speed Upgrades (With Usage Caps)

suddenlink meter

Suddenlink customers are unhappy with the cable company’s usage caps that go with “free speed upgrades.”

Suddenlink subscribers promised “free” speed upgrades are calling them Suddenlink’s Trojan Horse because they are accompanied by dramatically higher cable programming surcharges and usage caps.

St. Augustine, Tex. subscribers got a smaller bite in the mail than some other communities:

Effective with the March 2015 billing cycle, Suddenlink customers will experience no change to the price of telephone service and no change to the price of Basic TV service. There will also be no change to the price of Expanded Basic TV service; however, a $3.00 sports programming surcharge will be added to the bills of customers subscribing to this service to cover a portion of the skyrocketing cost of dedicated sports channels and general entertainment networks with sports programming. The broadcast station surcharge will increase $2.88 per month to cover the escalating fees charged by broadcast TV station owners. Optional tiers of digital TV channels will increase $1.25 per month per tier. High-speed Internet services will increase $3.00 per month.

Over in Chandler, Tex., fees went even higher, with one customer reporting his broadcast station surcharge now exceeded $8 a month. Another customer counting up all the extra fees added to his bill found them coming close to an extra $25 a month.

But the state that gets the worst from broadband providers remains West Virginia, where Suddenlink faces only token DSL competition from Frontier Communications. Suddenlink retention representatives dealing with customers threatening to cancel service in West Virginia are well aware customers have nowhere else to go and don’t break a sweat trying to rescue business.

“We are a business and our goal is to make a profit,” one retention representative told a Suddenlink customer dropping service in favor of DirecTV.

Customers tell Stop the Cap! they were first excited Suddenlink was dramatically boosting Internet speeds — good news for the small and medium-sized cities Suddenlink favors over larger cable operators. The bad news is Suddenlink is bringing back strict enforcement of usage caps, temporarily suspended when its usage measurement tool was proven inaccurate.

Suddenlink has been upgrading its cable systems since 2014 and has gradually rolled out new speeds. Most customers can now choose speed tiers of 50, 75, 100, or 150Mbps, but some larger systems are getting more robust upgrades:

  • Current speed 15Mbps increases to 50Mbps (250GB usage cap)
  • Current speed 30Mbps increases to 50Mbps (250GB usage cap)
  • Current speed 50Mbps increases to 75Mbps (350GB usage cap)
  • Current speed 100Mbps increases to 300Mbps (500GB usage cap)
Suddenlink's sales website makes no reference to the company's broadband usage caps.

Suddenlink’s sales website makes no reference to the company’s broadband usage caps.

Suddenlink is also enforcing usage caps again, which most customers only learn about after signing up for service. Suddenlink makes no references to usage allowances on their sales or general support pages and information is difficult to find unless a customer uses a search engine to find specific information.

Suddenlink’s explanation for its usage caps is among the most cryptic we have ever seen from an ISP:

Consistent with our Acceptable Use Policy and Residential Services Agreement, Suddenlink has applied monthly usage allowances to residential Internet accounts in most of its service areas. To determine if there is a monthly allowance associated with your account – and what that allowance is – please set up or log in to an existing online account. See the related instructions under question #8.

While existing residential customers will quickly learn their usage allowance and find a usage measurement tool on Suddenlink’s website, that is not much help to a new or prospective customer. The overlimit fee, also difficult to find, is $10 for each allotment of 50GB.

Some customers have found a way around the usage cap by signing up for Suddenlink’s business broadband service, typically 50/8Mbps for around $75 a month. Business accounts are exempt from Suddenlink’s caps.

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  1. AC says:

    15 times faster and 10 times more data in the most basic format than I can get and I’m in that same region. No wireline access with a nationwide level 1 fiber line about 2 miles away and a mile from the service interface box. Thanks Telecommunications Act of 1996 and FCC/FTC for not enforcing the promises. 18 years of nothing but bait and switch to everyone who wasn’t lucky enough to get actual ftth just fttpr and fraudband.

  2. Dennys says:

    Hagerstown Maryland Cable company Antietam Cable Television Inc following same practices and notifications starting on April.
    We just the notification on March 11.
    Guess all ISP’s figured out since they cannot tell us what and how much to consume, might as well place caps and charge for additional data.

  3. RHWV says:

    Everyone needs to sign up for their business plan, which is 50/8 for $75 per month.
    It’s the only way around their horrible data caps.

    Also consider filling a FCC complaint, read about how to do so here:

  4. Stacy says:

    I am cancelling my service with Suddenlink due to the data cap. I am willing to accept the sacrifice of lower internet speeds to ensure none of my hard earned money gets given to a company who cares nothing of customer happiness.

  5. Tracy says:

    I’m not sure where you got your pricing for the business package, but I’m seeing a lot higher business rates than you are quoting:



  6. Funnybunnyofdoom says:

    I am appalled at their business practices. I received a “free offer” today from them that seems too good to be true. After doing a little research I found out about the extra charges. If you have to pay more, it is NOT free. Suddenlink are liars and thieves, and I have witnessed firsthand the fact that was mentioned in this article. They know I have no options other than them if I don’t want DSL (But I rely on internet for all my entertainment needs, and DSL sucks) When I mentioned that I would switch services after receiving overage charges suddenly starting this year for 4 months in a row, forcing me to upgrade twice I was told “But sir, you know you have no options other than us.” I responded “I will go to time warner’ and they said “Time warner is not available in your area. So they are well aware that they have a monopoly. Upon sumitting this to the FCC, they had Suddenlink contact me to discuss these issues. I am not happy about that because not only do they now know my name, and that I complained about them, but they have the ability to discriminate against me. And although I don’t know if this is related, I have been having internet trouble lately.

    Suddenlink is a group of monopolizing thugs, and needs to be forced to act with some form of good business practice.

  7. retiredpuke1 says:

    Welcome to the future.
    Soon everyone will have FTTH. (fiber, some have 3 lines of fiber to home)

    and when that happens (as it does) there will be caps.
    if the public, complains too much?, then they drop the cap and raise the basic rates. (no free lunches i’m told)
    just like water/elect an gas , we will pay for all that data downloaded. (we will )

    Like me, and vast other, i cut the cable line and the VOIP land line (like) phone,
    so all i do is use streaming services and antenna in attic.
    then use:
    Netfix+vudu+huluplus + sling.
    and the bills are way less that the sudden link cable + phone. so I save a BUNDLE (yes, pun)
    and best yet I can swap , steaming services every month if I want. (choice)
    I can also put my streams , to Vacation mode, when on long vacations.

    I now have zero “Suddenstink” hard ware in my home, i own my own modem.

    the only down side is trusting there data meter….. (I don’t)
    Most have….
    dialup (omg slow)
    DLS (slow and overloads every 6pm)
    satellite. (hopeless)
    2/3/4G cell phone , wireless internet, (huge caps and costs and slow)
    all of which fail when streaming..
    No FIOS here.
    No U-verse FTTH. hear, yet…

    YMMV and cheers.

  8. ichabod says:

    i cut cable. phone and have only the wlan modem
    bill is now 1/2 as much. (even lower with lower bit rates)
    added an attic antenna. for $25, ends local charges

    100% streaming,
    my guess, when every one does this.
    they will double the bill again.
    because they can.

  9. Tumbleweed says:

    I also stream everything. My bill doubled this month due to overages. And now 4 days into the current months billing cycle I have used over 25% of my allowance.

  10. retiredpuke says:

    I have no phone, no Cable TV
    only broadband, internet. using my own ARRIS SB6183 modem.
    the speed, pegs the online meter…..ookla.

    if you use that bandwidth 24/7 you will hit the cap.
    call them yet, ask them, they wont lie to you, there is a cap..
    you are signatory on the contract for this limit.

    its now just like water,. gas and electric bills.
    you pay for volume used. (over a base line)
    in my house if I had 2 floors, the A/c would kick me into Tier 2 electrics charges
    so what is different here? nothing…. not a thing. different.

    my bill is $74/mo
    to double that is $148

    if you are streaming constantly , maybe stop?
    watching (sic) TV while asleep?
    got 4 TV;s and 4 PCs streaming, ?
    log in to the sudden-stink web site, it shows you the usage, now.
    are you streaming in ulta HD? consider dropping down>?

    they will charge by volume…
    IMO, you will never stop that, its a new world now.

    you cant do this with dial up.
    or DSL.
    but with 16 modem channels BB, we CAN.
    it is a new world…..

    • Tumbleweed says:

      Retiredpuke, I am signatory on a contract, one that came out before the limits were ever dreamed up. I did ask the cable office in person and was told that they had to impose limits and overages due to volume of people cancelling cable and streaming, had to make up the revenue somewhere. This is not my problem and is not on the agreement I signed. Yes we use a lot of data, that’s the new world we live in, not some half cocked don’t use it if you don’t want to pay for it. The CEO for Suddenlink said the reason for the caps and overage charges was to increase revenues, just like newspapers are going out of business, cable tv is not far away.

    • Robert says:

      Don’t compare data to water or natural gas, those are resources that get used up. Data is infinite, the internet companies use that analogy in order to make their insane business practices seem legitimate.

      • ichabod says:

        Don’t tell me don’t , ! dick.
        your ignorance is profound, only exceeded by your blind bravado.

        no pipe on earth, water, gas or internet are infinite (sure all servers serving data seem infinite.
        when gazed in parallel , by the slack jaws, (or mouth breathers) but is not, it must be routed and switched.
        take a class or something.

        welcome to the future.
        there is no free lunch
        and you can’t take it all ,just for you, you need to Share!

        the extra fees, limit the greedy.
        just like all things in life.
        no shortage of those…

  11. retiredpuke says:

    but you need to read the deep fine print.
    says they can change the rules. at anytime….. they want….
    and did.

    this is the future..
    we will pay for what is used.
    what happens when everyone does this,, they get overloaded (ever manage systems like this?)

    cable TV is doomed, sure
    but not CABLE MODEMS. Not yet, not until the last 1/2 mile is done in fiber.
    16 channels. huge bandwidth. with this modem.
    the alternate is fiber, and they cap it too.

    no person born, has a birth right to use all they want.
    be that fuel
    or data.
    unless you pay.

    Hey , i too like a free lunch but when served, 1 time, never complain for the lack of a 2nd free lunch.
    Sorry infinite data, for every home, will never happen. (its only a dream for free, or over the limit)

    How does, it happen that it’s “HALF COCKED”, to pay for using too much.!
    there is no free lunches. sorry.

    Don’t get me wrong I hate SL guts. ! (for other reasons…)
    but really , not matter who sells this service, you will not get to suck the pipe full HOG. and not pay extra if you take too much.

    good luck with that dream,,, every needs dreams.


    • Tumbleweed says:

      No hard feelings about what you are saying. I pay my way in everything I do, always have and always will. I take no hand outs or assistance but do give a lot to others. I am just voicing my opinion not based on being anti capitalist or pro democratic suck the tit cradle to grave. I just find it fascinating that there were no overages for data until I cancelled the pay TV part of my contract.

      As far as managing systems, yes I understand that the infrastructure cost management of the systems can be quite challenging, I face daunting task daily as an engineer for a company that is in all but 2 countries in the world.

      You spoke of the speeds of your system and that 24/7 use would put you over the limits. I can download a 5 gig HD movie in 5 minutes. At that speed I would be over my allowance in less than 8 hours, and that is if I were the only one using the service. We have 3 TVs, 3 computers, 3 smart phones, 3 apple TVs, 1 iPad, 2 play stations and a wii. I would say we could go over in way less than that.

      We need a reasonable debate over what is a reasonable limit, that will never happen but just as not all users are the same not all plans should be either. Let me buy more than why is offered and I will do so.


  12. nofreelunch ! says:

    6 TVs, ok… that is a lot TV.
    the online statement on mine is clear.. as a bell, (RTM?)

    “Data Plans: Frequently Asked Questions quote:”
    550GB total download and a CAP (with punishing charges over)
    that is
    SD streamed, at 24/7 , for 29 days, to hit cap.
    if using
    HD, that ends on the 7th day.. it cap, 7 days of continuous streaming, (sure kids do that)

    I’m averaging about 280GB a month.
    and only stream one movie a day, have 5 paid streaming sources, the top 5.

    if you run HD, you will run over easy. (per the page warning you above)
    the caps are not some secret,
    it’s there in your account.

    answer 7 in the their faq

    “The residential data we offer should be more than sufficient for the vast majority of our customers. The relatively few customers who desire more may wish to consider upgrading to a faster speed with a larger data plan, where available, or purchasing one or more supplemental data packages. Our agents are available to discuss which option may be best for you.”

    and hark
    are your neighbors using your WIFI band width? , via weak WEP encryption or passwords like 123456.?
    log in to your router and check who is accessing it.?

    seen on faq #10
    and more…. lots more.

    reasonable is what they offer, if you don’t agree, file a petition to the PUC.
    there is no other way to get free DATA, file PUC complaints.

    also the cable companies already lost the battle of THROTTLING. google that.?
    so if they can’t throttle you , that leaves them only one choice, tier charges.
    if they don’t limit, us, then they GO DOWN….. there is no such thing as Infinite bandwidth.

    All things have limits, and this one is obvious (captain obvious to be sure)
    good luck….. !!!

    I’m sure they are planing to extend this 550 limit, as more folks use HD streaming.
    but that take time and vast capital.
    Maybe in the future, the connection is free (or small fee ?$20)) and only bandwidth tiers are sold.
    then it’s pick one and if not happy go higher. (with 10 or more tiers…. for sure)
    The future,,, I BET !

    there is always netflix rent a real DVD, avg cost 50 each. but i bet that is too hard for many mail box and back…..????

    • Robert says:

      You should really look up how data and bandwidth works. They aren’t hurting like they want people to believe, and data is unlimited by nature. Bandwidth can get used up but they have much more than they let on. I used to live in Austin TX and they claimed all this crap up until Google fiber came to town. All of the sudden every internet company has unlimited data and at least 500mbs down! And they did this overnight, they didn’t have to install a new network, they just flip a switch.

      On top of all of this they have huge profit margins(data is dirt cheap to produce), and the American public paid for a lot of this infrastructure through taxes. They thrive of ignorance, if everyone would realize how much BS they’re spewing they might actually have to do their jobs.

  13. ichabod says:

    the data is or can be infinite,, a pointless argument, that… IT’S THE PIPE !
    like a water pump to the ocean, same, unlimited water, sure… but ..
    but not the pipe ,nor pump are infinite.. (some time build your own networks, and learn! dah?)
    you are ignorant.( profound)

    sure if you had 2 choices, things get better (price wise)
    but you don’t. most customers do not have , 2 high end choices, (fast) just 1.
    so cry to the PUC.

    you have no birth right to this.
    and the above stated in kind is your bs.

    “flipped a switch”
    takes the cheese, total bs
    get job, and move out of moms basement.

    • Neal says:

      Ichabod, fits perfectly no glory

      Don’t you have better things to do at the cable company where you work than to post your bull**it here?

  14. Neal says:

    please tell me that someone knows what to do about this besides complain. I was told when I signed up that there were no caps and now they are starting them here. If enough people in an area send complaints to FCC or local AG? would that help?

    • Tumbleweed says:

      Well I can tell you one thing about the post on here, they all believe data is like gas, electricity or water. The one big difference is that data is not traded on the stock market and in most markets thus it is not considered a commodity. It is however being monopolized by the few who provide service. Since there is generally only one option in the smaller areas you either pay their rate or do without. Stop the cap will happen but not on this site.

  15. ichabod says:

    THPE “the” in your google box
    get 25billion hits.
    see data is near infinite, (to a human in our terms yes,) increases every second.
    now the pipe. ( be aware i can make a web site that barfs infinite white noise data)
    so,,,,, kinda like the forum…..LOL
    the service company (whomever) has 10 or more pipes each or faster.
    dial up, DSL, cable 1 to 16 channels or all (and more)
    on mine it’s max, with 16 channels at onces.
    i have the max wide pipe, super fast.(REMEMBER DIAL UP)

    But, all pipes in the SYSTEM. can not handle all users on my block (or bigger) to use
    all that bandwidth at the same time. (REALITY OFF HARDWARE)
    there are limits. ( learn this, all things have limits in the REAL WORLD)
    the managers must regulate this.or speeds drop.
    they don’t want your streaming TV , to drop dead. (1000x more service complaints)
    at one point they Throttled, but got in trouble doing that. and really don’t bod well with
    new streaming and vast more each day, so throttling is dead. illegal or dumb .
    Leaving but one choice, COST

    I’m no advocate of any quasi – monopoly,
    is only a monopoly on max speed, …. fact.

    like race cars, speed costs, how Fa$t do you want to go, or afford.

    I’M a retried tech, built many networks, 1995 up and even before, real ether-nets.
    My only question is will the demand in streaming video, not out strip network upgrades as both build out. who will win? my bet is streaming will overload the system.

    once folks ignore caps they will stream XHD, in 10 rooms 24/7
    there is no limit on greed. ever.

    they to share , and win.

    did you call them and ask for a larger cap, amazing that, call them…….
    or pay for business unlimited account,
    call them ask, and stop crying, please.

    what’s next? (more cut the cable options, RED HOT and is FUTURE)
    virtual TV cable box, steaming sites. 100x better than any you see now (like sling)
    and lots of players.

    have your fiber read….

  16. ichabod says:

    stop the cap happens at the PUC.
    are you there..?

    you think PUC reads this drivel.????

    since when is data a lifeline.?

    gonna, miss Gillian’s island?

  17. ichabod says:

    im a retired tech,
    i won’t work for any one ever again.
    and am in S.America , on tour for 30 days
    sorry , you guessed wrong 2 times.
    I don’t like crybabies. and 10x worse whining.

    man up.
    and take network class or something.

    Read it again, the pipe is not infinite.
    Cisco fiber switching gear and all. It’s shared resources!
    If you take more than your share, others suffer and they will manage you.
    for now, it’s costs. welcome to 2016!

    We have no berth right, to near infinite bandwidth 24/7.
    Maybe in Cuba or N.Korea? nah…. (dial up? or 2 tin cans + string)

  18. educated says:

    I think this is funny arguing about what is or isn’t limitless i have to say I just moved from the phoenix area and Cox communication does not cap data usage. I was paying $89.00 per month for 300. I have tons of gaming consoles 8 or 9 smart TV’s 6 smart phones a few tablets etc etc. I never have heard of a cap in all my life the fact is putting a cap on users is wrong. if suddenliks infrastructure is sub par they should upgrade. It will only be a matter of time before Cox absorbs this mom and pop operation and all of us are getting what we pay for. speed not caps. the fact is data is in fact limitless. data isn’t capped individually the provider caps us. kinda like when you buy a smart phone and use a crappy provider they tell you 4glte then throttle you down after you reach their predetermined cap. you can go to McDonald’s for free wifi your neighbors that don’t use passwords ect ect the data is their the provider limits us. So stop using gargantuan idioms to fabricate intelligence.

    signed, educated

    works in the industry has 3 degrees and thinks its funny everyone knows everything about everything.

    • Dee says:

      I guess you don’t realize Cox has caps also and has for awhile. They have already started implementing charging overages if you go over.
      There really aren’t any choices for just speed and uncapped service ( at least where I am)

      Ultimate 2000GB
      Premier 700GB
      Preferred 350GB
      Essential 250GB
      Starter 150GB

      Might want to step down from the horse there…

  19. Disappointed Customer says:

    @ichabod, i agree with your argument that we are paying for a pipe and the support infrastructure required to provide that pipe. However, I agreed to pay for that pipe when I signed up for 15 Mbit download and 1.5 Mbit upload. I pay for those bandwidths, and the pipe that carries it, with the understanding during the signing of my contract that the amount of material transported by the pipe (the data) was not measured/limited by the same service. SuddenLink is introducing a new metric to measure the service they provide (new metric being the amount of material going through the pipe and not the pipe). Because that was not a metric by which to measure service in the past, there should have to be a new agreement made between the service provider and the customers. I’m upset that SuddenLink didn’t find a better way to maintain revenue while maintaining a good relationship with their customers. I see this as a failure to practice good business on the part of a service provider. They will surely make a short term profit, and they will surely anger many of their customers. Hopefully, SuddenLink will soon be bought out by a business with better business sense.

  20. ichabod says:

    agreed, cept buy out dream,,, it could get worse….. but the fine print, ?
    read that yet, says they can change the rules at anytime.
    the caps are NOT A SECRET read the service page 1 more time…. see them”?
    in clear English.?
    the are setting the system up so everyone can stream XHD….(not the greedy)
    but what happens if every home has 10 rooms.
    with 10 kids that never stop streaming, (greed has no limits ,)
    that is not going to work
    the PUCs in many districts forbid throttling (read the news?)
    so that leaves them all with one option? (devil advocate here and pure logic)
    name it, its what?
    or tired, data rates
    I have modem here
    16 channels
    i can pay for 1 to 16, its my choice.
    if i use 1 channel it cant stream anything
    so i turn them all one(did)
    and now i can hit caps.(if i try real hard on purpose)
    with out caps there will be outages, or the buffer stalls.(screen freeze)

    really its a race, to see who’s system overloads first. with XHD streaming

    now pretend all suppliers end all caps.(logic)
    POOR service results.
    for sure.
    they can’t build out the system faster than greed expands.
    is not one movie a day enough?,or 10.? or 24/.7?
    Keep in mind the builders have no idea what greed levels are to come
    Demand, not a clue.( CAN YOU PREDICT GREED?.)
    The hardware is not free, not even close in this domain, (no pun)
    SYSTEM. omg, can this happen. ? sure.
    so let them open the caps. and then let then cry FREEZE.

    Btw my data this month is 0 and $50 charge.
    im on vacation, and not one time did i cry,

    cute story
    at one huge company, (nameless)
    everyone was streaming base ball game,
    then the accounting department could not send out the pay checks, (wired deposits)
    to cure that, they sent out emails to all, “stop watching game,”
    and you get paid. (worked) see, greed has no limits…
    funny and true story.
    next week,the memo, hey time to work and not watch game…. or get fired.

    your medium may vary.

  21. Howard Wu says:

    Last week I had a telemarketer call be about increasing my data plan on Suddenlink. I hung up on him after a few rude words. This morning I got a notice that I reached 80% of my plan appearing on my ipad webbrouser. I am using much much less data at home than I have in months since I not streaming Youtube on my TV at nights like I did most of last year and only surfing the web and twittering on my ipad so somehow this celling is crashing down. Or is this bogus fear notice they are spaming

    • ichabod says:

      Howard Wu says:

      why not say what tier broadband you have, 1 to 16.?
      the caps are all different you just read their, page, on (pretend up upgrade service see it?>)

      is your router secure, and using WPA2 with complex pass phrase? or 1,,2,3,4
      or running wide open wifi node? or cracked,WEP

      some one stealing your service?????? (check router logs lately)???????
      we cant read your spam sorry,

      why not login in to your account
      and click, data used to date, icon
      see, all is there to read,
      no secret that.

      never read spam, unless 100% sure its not some joker physhing, no lack there from china/russia,/and iran.
      (endless, examples)

      do like me, i ignore all spam. for sure showing bank hacks, or even ISP.s
      you do know they have fake sites right? (with oddly formatted URLS, right?)

      first get facts
      then get angry based only on facts.

      do you need instructions on how to read suddenstinks web site. its easy.

      i hate them too, but not for caps. Im happy to pay for data rates.
      back in dial up days would have pad $100/mo for what i have now
      no kidding…
      but ,cheap gasoline pays my data bill 10x over.
      win some and lose some,
      in this case, I win big.
      im happy not to pay by the BIT.
      (oops, keep that quiet)

      • ichabod says:

        1 GB rate
        450gb cap

        log in
        click plan
        click plan summary
        click daily usage graph.


        pick any month.
        see them all
        is this hard? 4 clicks

    • Neal says:

      I know DSL is slower but if it in your area, you should switch and tell them why you are cancelling, that’s what I did. If enough people cancel their accounts they will have to rethink this bulls**t

  22. ichabod says:

    you do know they sell your personal data
    unless you opt out day one
    right. (its in that nasty fine print)
    so does CELL phones , same deal same fine print
    and join the national no call list every 5 years(us.gov )run.

  23. tommy says:

    Just add me to the suddenlink hate list for all the BS data cap craps . This company soon will be a sudden death company . I’ve recently cancel the internet cable service and my 2 neighbors did the same.

  24. tommy says:

    check this out from Time Warner everyone, it’s way much better than sudden death no customer service company

    Fast, reliable,
    unlimited Internet
    Ultra-fast speeds up to 300Mbps. WiFi at home and away, including nearly 500,000 hotspots.
    Starting as low as
    PER MO.
    FOR 1 YR.

  25. Jacqueline says:

    My wifi goes off when I’m up town or church. What I mean is my signal goes off. Why is that.Why am I paying Suddenlink money like this. I can only use wifi if I’m at home. Why can I use it up town or church. It doesn’t make sense. So Suddenlink what are you going to do about it.

  26. Jacqueline says:

    Stop what cap

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  • Dylan: Proves if the corporation is suffering from losses, then it will change its habits very quickly. This is why I welcome the cord cutting trend. It work...
  • Racerbob: Thanks for the article. We are in the first year a 2 year contract. But, my wife accepted a job recently that will make our DirecTV bill go away compl...
  • John: TWC ELP went up this month to $24.99. That's $5 more than it was at $19.99. It used to be $14.99 originally when I first got it. This does make me wan...
  • dean: no one can actually qualify to get it. Damn straight. My dad is a WWII vet but not on medicaid (yet). We are not sure ...
  • Fran: Well! I had no idea of this price hike! Shock at the amount of hike! One year ago I was paying 53.99 a month for Charter/Spectrum internet. Then this ...
  • Hebrew: This is what happens we let hebrews control all of our institutions. They're never going to lower rates again for you goyim....

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