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Frontier Faces Lawsuit in West Virginia Alleging False Advertising, Undisclosed DSL Speed Throttling

Phillip Dampier October 20, 2014 Broadband Speed, Consumer News, Frontier, Public Policy & Gov't, Rural Broadband 74 Comments
The slow lane

The slow lane

Frontier Communications customers in West Virginia are part of a filed class-action lawsuit alleging the phone company has violated the state’s Consumer Credit and Protection Act for failing to deliver the high-speed Internet service it promises.

The lawsuit, filed in Lincoln County Circuit Court, claims Frontier is advertising fast Internet speeds up to 12Mbps, but often delivers far less than that, especially in rural areas where the company is accused of throttling broadband speeds to less than 1Mbps. The suit also alleges Frontier’s broadband service is highly unreliable.

“The Internet service provided by Frontier does not come anywhere close to the speeds advertised,” wrote Benjamin Sheridan, the Hurricane lawyer filing the lawsuit on behalf of three Frontier customers. The attorney is seeking to have the case designated a class action lawsuit that would cover Frontier customers across the state.

“Although we cannot guarantee Internet speeds due to numerous factors, such as traffic on the Internet and the capabilities of a customer’s computer, Frontier tested each plaintiff’s line and found that in all cases the service met or exceeded the ‘up to’ broadband speeds to which they subscribed,” Frontier spokesperson Dan Page told the Charleston Gazette. “Nonetheless, the plaintiffs filed their case in Lincoln County, where none of them lives. If necessary, we are prepared to defend ourselves in court and bring the facts to light.”

Frontier’s general manager in West Virginia, Dana Waldo, may have helped the plaintiffs when he seemed to admit Frontier was purposely throttling the Internet speeds of its customers, a move Sheridan claims saves Frontier “a fortune” in connectivity costs with wholesale broadband providers like Sprint and AT&T.



“If as you suggest, we ‘opened up the throttle’ for every served customer, it could create congestion problems resulting in degradation of speed for all customers,” according to Waldo as part of an email exchange with one of the class members cited in the lawsuit.

The lawsuit also cites a state report issued over the summer that found just 12 percent of Frontier customers receive Internet speeds that actually qualify as “broadband” under federal and state standards. Frontier’s speed ranking is the slowest of any provider in the state. That is especially significant because Frontier is the largest ISP in West Virginia, and is often the only choice rural residents have for broadband service.

Frontier dismissed the state’s report claiming it was based on voluntary speed tests performed by disgruntled customers.

“As we’ve said before, the speed tests are the result of self-selected, self-reported samples,” Page said. “People who take speed tests tend to be those with speed problems or low speeds.”

“Even if that were true, it doesn’t account for Frontier’s poor performance,” said Frontier customer William Henley. “If every person that ran a speed test in West Virginia was annoyed with their provider, Frontier still came in last place.”

Frontier’s competitors scored better:

  • lincoln countyComcast: 88% of customers met or exceeded state and federal standards;
  • Suddenlink Communications: 80%
  • Time Warner Cable: 77%
  • Shentel: 71%
  • Armstrong Cable: 67%
  • LUMOS Networks: 44%

“…Frontier’s practice of overcharging and failing to provide the high-speed, broadband-level of service it advertises has created high profits for Frontier but left Internet users in the digital Dark Age,” Sheridan wrote. “As a result, students are prevented from being able to do their homework, and rural consumers are unable to utilize the Internet in a way that gives them equal footing with those in an urban environment.”

Sheridan also accused Frontier of delivering its fastest speeds only in areas where it faces competition. Where there is none, Frontier can afford to go slow.

But slow speed is not the only issue. One plaintiff — April Morgan in Marion County — says she has to reset her modem up to 10 times a day to stay connected to the Internet. Her modem has been replaced several times by Frontier, but that has done little to solve her problem.

Frontier customers who check the company’s terms of service agreement may question whether Sheridan can get very far suing the company. A clause in the contract states customers must settle disputes only through binding arbitration or small claims court. Individual lawsuits, jury trials, and class-action cases are prohibited.

Sheridan points out customers have to go online to read the agreement – it is not provided to customers signing up for Internet service. A contract that forces customers to agree to its terms without getting informed consent may turn out not very binding under West Virginia law.

Lincoln County Judge Jay Hoke, assigned to hear the case, will likely face that matter in pre-trial motions.

West Virginia residents interested in the class action case can register here for updates.

Currently there are 74 comments on this Article:

  1. Ralph says:

    I absolutely love this comment, “As we’ve said before, the speed tests are the result of self-selected, self-reported samples,” Page said. “People who take speed tests tend to be those with speed problems or low speeds.” What a genius it takes to figure that out because if a person has decent speeds, there’s no reason to ever run a test!

    My Frontier “broadband” is shown as 1344 Kbps down, 192 Kbps up and I have frequent low speeds – like yesterday evening @ 9:44pm when my download was 42 Kbps and my upload was 69 Kbps!!!! Now, I wonder if Frontier would class me as a disgruntled customer? It does little good to call and report speed problems because their stock, cure-all solution is a hard reset of the modem which does absolutely nothing. They also claim that I’m the only one who’s having problems when I know for a fact that others in the area have called. They’ll sometimes fill out a trouble ticket and say that a field tech will show up in a day or so. Meanwhile the speed improves a bit within a few hours and a field tech never shows up. The guys who do the work know there’s no problem with my line or modem because they’ve made many previous “band-aid” repairs to the crappy, outdated cable & DSL equipment.

    Another prime example of the lousy speeds was when I tried to update an iPod Touch to iOS 8.0.2 and the iPod showed that it’d take 33 hours to complete the 850+ Mb download. A few days later, I used my sister’s 15 Mb Suddenlink cable internet (speed test showed the download speed was 14.5 Mb) and completed the download in 9 minutes. I don’t expect that kind of speed our in my rural area but Frontier supposedly offers up to 26 Mb where they have competition in a town 17 miles from my home. I’d be somewhat satisfied if I could get consistent speed so I could access YouTube and watch streaming videos instead of having to download them and wait 10 to 15 minutes for them to complete.

    I hope that this lawsuit encourages others to start complaining to Frontier’s general manager in West Virginia, Dana Waldo, though my e-mail didn’t get a response from him. He forwarded it down the line to several others while neglecting to include the screenshots of my speed tests which showed the reason for the complaint. The Waldo quote “If…, we ‘opened up the throttle’ for every served customer, it could create congestion problems resulting in degradation of speed for all customers”, shows that Frontier is showing favoritism to areas where there is competition while those of us in rural areas pay for a service we don’t receive. It appears that our payments end up subsidizing the customers’ lower costs & higher speeds in competitive areas.

    If there was any competition in the area, I’d drop Frontier DSL like a hot potato.

    • Lee Kraus says:

      I completely agree and I am in the exact same situation. I hope that we can find a way to get competition in the state.

    • Chuck says:

      My speeds are so horrible, I get less then 56k modem speeds, when Verizon held my service they came and fixed my connection two times and a tech actually showed up at my house and tested my lines from the inside, went out to my pole cleaned there side of the connections and then went a few hounded yards down the road and did a repair, I had great service for about two years. Then when Frontier took over my service I have had nothing but problems for 4+ years. I have complained over 10 times they supposedly had techs come out and check stuff but never in my house. The last time I called the tech said there was nothing they could do, so they capped my service at 1mps which I get no where near that and gave me a discount rate! It’s total BS because they are the only broadband service available!

  2. William says:

    I seem to be in the same situation. These are a few of the points I demand a solution to.

    Many of my clients have been paying for DSL Max though there is only DSL lite available in this area. On top of this many of them seem to be paying for services they cannot use, have not used, and did not sign up for namely frontier secure. On top of this there are horrid congestion here on the dsl line. I am not speaking for everyone in Calhoun Co. but the people in my Chloe area are for sure having issues. Run a speed test at any time of the day or night and the results are less than 80% of the promised speeds, and most of the time during normal hours of 7am and 10pm the speeds are less than 20% of the 1.3Mbps we are promised.

    I am a computer repair technician and have been installing and maintaining systems for years in this area and have over 100 clients in this area. They are all having these problems. We call and complain and they say “turn off and on the modem” which might get you back online but at the still miserable slow speed that we always have. When we first signed up for dsl back in 07 the speeds were fast and I had 3Mbps…on top of the questionable and sometimes criminal billing practices they have been lying to us here for two years. My business depends on having a stable reliable internet service and frontier is anything but. They have also continued to add more customers to the already heavily burdened DSLAM here in Chloe. We are running nearly 340 customers on 4 T1 lines which means that is just over double what the lines were designed to handle.

    I hope the lawsuit brings about some positive change because Frontier has a monopoly here in this county and many other rural areas and they seem to be really sticking it to us. It is time for us to stick it to them.

    • Chris B says:

      I wish they would allow Verizon in… Still not sure what the deal is with that (both cell phone and tv/Internet market). If they would allow Verizon in, I would have FIOS in a heartbeat!!!

      • Aaron says:

        Perhaps it is not a matter of whether or not they would “allow” Verizon in, maybe it is a matter of whether or not Verizon wants to do business there…


        I know this post was from a couple years ago, but I think Verizon made it very clear that they have NO DESIRE to expand these services anytime soon, if at all, because they would rather invest in their wireless networks.

        Don’t hold your breath, you’d be better off trying to get your local government to create a municipal network. 😉

      • Tony Schaub says:

        We had Verizon internet in Michigan until 2008 when they sold out to Frontier. The problems started immediately when Frontier transferred everyone over to their servers. I am constantly plagued with degraded service. My last e-mail I received from Frontier states “As I have stated in the past your services are affected by an Area of High Demand. At this time there is not estimated date of relief.” The question I have is, how can we not have problems with Verizon, but as soon as Frontier takes over we instantly have poor service? And the costs keep going up as the service continues to get worse with “no estimated date of relief”.

        Something needs to be done and it does not appear that Frontier is concerned about their customers. I hope they stick it to Frontier and that other states will follow suit.

      • Justin says:

        Verizon was here and service was far superior, I was a customer through the transition, after, then 6 months agian semi-recently. Verizon sold all of their land based infrastructure for DSL (they maintain wireless presence) in WV. After the transition, service declined.

        ISPs in most regions of the US are basically monopolies and this is what happens (large metropolitan areas are the exception).

  3. Jack Knob says:

    This is bogus. Frontier does not throttle anyone.

    If this article had any ground to it, it wouldn’t be about an attempt at a class action suit with only 3 plaintiffs…

    I’m pretty sure Frontier outnumbers the plaintiffs in this, 100+ Lawyers to 1 Plaintiff…

    This article would be about how customers are winning or have won the class action suit, if there were any credence to this claim at all.

    I do not work for any ISP nor hold any political office, I just think the commentators here are paranoid old ladies who don’t understand networking.

    • Drema says:

      Jack I have had Frontier for years. Only provider available in my area. It doesn’t work right and has never worked right. I work from home and I need it to do my job. There will be alot more ppl coming on board if possible for this Class Action Lawsuit. Frontier is not providing High Speed Internet to it’s customers but never offers to lower our bills. Just today I had an issue and they are not even going to send out a Tech because they said I was in a congested area and they are not equipped to handle all the usage and that is why my internet is slower than it has been in the past which is slow. Frontier customers understand all to well that we are and have been paying for High Speen Internet that we don’t have.

    • Aaron says:

      Jack do you even have Frontier Internet Service? For someone who doesn’t work for the the company, your comment seemed a little defensive. I am fairly positive a 33 yr. old man doesn’t qualify as a little old lady. Yes, I do understand networking… I’ve been “working with Frontier” for many years about my connection issues. Like many of us, Frontier is the only game in town. So they can dick around with us all they want because they know in certain areas they have a monopoly. I would gladly sign-up for this class-action.

    • Galley_Queen says:

      Jack – Ever since Frontier took over for Verizon, the service has never been good or reliable, and especially not speedy. This class action suit is getting more and more people every day – we’ll see what happens going forward. But no, this is not “bogus”.

    • Roy Bittinger says:

      To Jack Knob

      I don’t think its bogus, I been with frontier since they bought out citizens. Internet worked fine for a while, but like as said the system is overloaded with customers and they do not want to upgrade. I’m so slow I tell you Dialup was faster and at least I could get on line!!!!!
      Seems where fios is it works, I’m one of the oldest customers here , when they started DSL, and they won’t upgrade the lines, So I get disconnected.

    • William says:

      Jack Knob. I am a Information Specialist. I have two degrees in the computer field and an accumulation of nearly 15 years experience in the computer and networking field. I think I know what I am talking about. The problem in rural America, let’s be frank this is not only a WV problem, is that the infrastructure is not up-to-date enough to support these technologies. In rural WV we see time and time again shoddy wiring practices along the roads, patches and the proverbial bandaid in an attempt to keep the network running. The network is capable of support only a fraction of the customers that Frontier has sold their dsl to. The numbers may differ for different areas but the fact remains that they have placed more burden on the already stressed lines by overselling the bandwidth. They call it “congestion”. That is point number one. Point number two is that they continue to sell it as “broadband” and high speed when it is anything but fast. WV needs to adopt the definition that the FCC has done and call only speeds over 24Mbps Broadband. Frontier has employees that are members of committees and legislators, does that sound fair? They have a ton of lobbying people working for their interest, to spite that they are failing in their service agreements to their customers. Does that sound like old ladies whining?

      Sorry Jack, your comment shows that you don’t know anything about the topic. Be constructive or be marginalized by the people who are.

      There are a few other points I would like to point out. Frontier bills different people in the same geographic area different charges for the same services even though they have the same packages. They sometimes sneak additions such as the Frontier Secure Bundle on the bill too and never tell the client about it, in effect lying. And they are still selling the DSL in these areas to new customers even though they are on record saying they would not sell anymore and they knew of the congestion caused by overselling.

      Here in my area they know exactly what to do to fix it. 2.5 miles of fiber and a new DSLAM. They say it would cost 2.5 million dollars which is an incredible amount of money but I suspect that price is the price they say it will cost and they insist they will have to wait for more stimulus monies from the fed/state in order to afford such an upgrade. We have now been waiting 5 years for that upgrade.

      Add to all of this the fact that their is a federal investigation of Frontier and their use of stimulus funds from the last “roll out”, I will be surprised if they follow through. As soon as another company offers something in my area I am gone from Frontier. I am tired of the lies, stealing and shoddiness.

  4. Mike Queen says:

    Where do I sign up? I’m in Lewis County.

    I complain, they offer to disconnect me. I need the Internet to work as well. I’ve paid for high speed for years just to keep a connection. I can’t even get anyone to come out anymore. Even when I have a connection, when the phone rings I get disconnected. I’ve figured out that if I keep dialing my own number time after time, it will usually bring the service back online for a short time. My neighbors also have the same problem.

    • Galley_Queen says:

      You can contact the law office here: http://www.ksgwv.com/frontier-contact-form.html

    • John Arnold says:

      Yes this is completely truthful. Frontier is Horrible and stealing money from west Virginians ! I am furious ! I have spent many phone calls trying to resolve the issue. that’s the only thing they offer is to disconnect me from service. I tried to get them to adjust my bill and they only want to disconnect me ! they are stealing our money from us ! I demand our politicians fine them more severely ! please everyone else do the same contact the politicians immediately. I do not even get 1.0 byts of service most of the time. they say we are suppose to get up to 6.8 byts of service but give no minimal service requirement.

      This must and has to change ASAP !!!!! I get cut in the middle of conducting business on line then it disappears ! this is the worst service in all of my years of dealing with the internet all over the world !

      They need to be held accountable even more than the settled law suit that was just past In Charleston, WV I have went around & around with them like a dog chasing its tail and getting no where with them. I have lost days of work waiting at home for a tech to show up to check my system that never showed up ! The people of Tucker county have been really ripped off.
      something more has to be done NOW !

      they need to be severely fined ! Not just a slap on the wrist !

  5. Vasto says:

    After receiving the letter from Dana last spring promising to improve speed to my rural location in Lew County WV, it has steadily become even slower. I knew that once Santa brings the new toys more people will be watching Netflix and playing candy crush and the speed would be even slower. During the day when kids are at school I could sometimes reach 0.9 Mbps and now it is as low as 0.14 Mbps. Frontier has taken millions of our tax dollars and padded the executives salaries while ignoring their customers.

    • West Virginia is still a broadband backwater, and it’s no surprise. The state’s broadband council quietly disbanded in 2014 recognizing there wasn’t much they could do. Taxpayers paid for much of Frontier’s shiny new fiber optic network in the state that they won’t share with other providers and where there is no cable competition, there is no incentive to improve connectivity and reduce the notorious level of evening congestion on Frontier’s DSL network. Frontier’s answer? They plan to target test usage caps sometime this year, not spend the required money to improve their network. The key to awarding broadband grant money should be an independent analysis of how the company serves its current customers. If they collected speed test averages in the state alone, I doubt Frontier would be given a cent.

  6. Angela Marcum says:

    I have speed problems also have reported it many times n yes they reset the modem n also I’m the only one that has reported it n I no that’s not true they need get things fixed

  7. stacy sala says:

    How do i need to contact for this i need help

  8. Roy Bittinger says:

    I agree with you guys. Need to come here to Hamphshire county & file law suite to. I been calling frontier for over six months total. If its not slow, and I’m talking our max, 1 mbps, I can’t even get that , or not even get on line at all. When you do, it kicks you off , or should I say disconnects. All I get out of frontier is a run around. Some are getting 5 mbps, and I pay the same price as everyone else. Keep me posted.

    • cathy says:

      Need to come to Morgan County and file law suit!! All they do is run a speed check and reset the modem.. Does nothing.. tried of paying for something they say is high speed internet when it is not!!!! Can’t watch Netflix..Phone internet sucks too.. Fix it Frontier!!!

    • Philip Vaden says:

      I’m glad I disconnected service with Frontier, the landline services provided was not reliable. Frontier assessed wiring maintenance (fees) the same day I terminated service and they continued billing me fees despite my never authorizing. With that said, I am very happy with my cell phone provider – I have unlimited calling / data. Goodbye landline & Frontier!

    • h.c. says:

      Hampshire county went through an upgrade just after christmas allowing up to 24 down 2 up with other options of 7/1, 12/1,12/2, 24/1, 24/2 depending on how far out you live. So far 24/2 is working as it should but I do wonder for how long. some of the speeds are bonded lines so at some point the will run out of lines to use.

      You may have to call to find this out as they DID NOT advertise this at all. they told no one. everyone should have gotten bumped to 7/1.

      Now, before this, they secretly dropped everyone to 1mb/192k. I started out 3.7mb/484k and one day it drpoped. they did it to everyone because of over selling and their upgrade project.

      Frontiers “speed test” is to go to their own webpage (speedtest.frontier.com) which is an ookla sponsored app. They have fast lanes with those speed tests so for sure you test will give you the fasted speed to the closest server (most of the time)

      while I applaud someone for trying to take them to court all this will do is put a bunch of money in the lawyers pocket and maybe get customers in that county a small refund. Won’t do anything to kick start upgrades.

  9. Tim Eye says:

    I have a vacation home in Slatyfork where I’m paying for 3.7 Mbps download speed. I’ve test my speed many times over the past few months and routinely get .22 Mbps. They acknowledged on the phone recently that there is a problem in my area but no time frame for a resolution. They offered to move me to more expensive satalite plan. I just want what I’m paying for to work. These are dialup speeds and I’m frustrated!

  10. Amy Camacho says:

    One thing is right where they have no competition they could careless about their customers complaints. If we have horrible internet they don’t care we have no other company to go to. So we have to suffer and pay ridiculously high prices for garbage that don’t work.

  11. Thomas Warner says:

    The Internet is on and off several times every day.

  12. Bill Taylor says:

    I have connectivity issues here in Hampshire County…have to reset the modem several times a day…line is slow and have quite a few lapses in service .

  13. Beverly D says:

    We have such horrible internet here. We have called and complained so many times and frontier ignored our complaints, so we eventually stopped calling. We have to reset our box over and over and if some turns on the computer ot phone another looses service in the same house. Many of our friends dropped frontier and went to cable but that isn’t an option where we live. So glad to see someone is standing up against frontier finally.

  14. Rhonda Jones says:

    I have frontier .and it sucks! I reset my modem all day long.just to get on the internet.I had got Netflix thinking I could watch movies but I had it turned off .the Internet we have here is not fast enough to even watch a video on u tube , can’t load a movie! So I hope that the lawsuit will make them get better.

  15. Patricia Rigglema says:

    I have always told my husband that Frontier Communications is not giving us the “High Speed Internet” in which we pay for ! When we try to play a video that someone had posted on facebook, it will start to play, but than, it stops! Then you must continue to tap the play and pause, all the way to the end of the video, which is so very annoying !!! We tried to watch a movie from our
    “Roku Stick” in “High Definition” which is inserted into our HDMI port on our tv , but befor we could watch it in HD it suggested that we do a speed test for our “High Speed Internet Service” which it then gives you the option, right there on your tv screen, to select yes, run the test or no, continue to play the movie, and of course I selected the option to run the test, because so often we will try to watch a Netflix movie, but it will sit there trying to get a signal from our supposedly “High Speed Internet” but be unsuccessful, and it will change screens, to say “Sorry, but Netflix is currently unavailable” and this is do to the inabilitty to connect to the “Frontier Communications High Speed Internet Service” please try again later . Meanwhile, I try another movie channel, the one that suggest you test your High Speed Internet Access, and I selected”yes” run the test, as I already knew that my internet was “Extremely Slow” , to be able to watch the movie in “HD” the speed test needed to be at least a 10 mbps, well, we failed the test, we didn’t even rank high enough to watch the movie in 720, they suggested that we watch the movie in the 420 something range, well if that don’t tell the story, then I don’t know what will !!!! From a “Very Unsatisfied Customer” !!!!
    Thank You, for the opportunity to speak out !!!
    Patricia Riggleman, from Hampshire County, WV.

  16. Ihatefrontier says:

    About f****ng time these c***suckers get it. I’m right beside the damn building and reset mine 5-10 times a damn day. I connect my iPhone to my wifi to prevent going over my data charges and I haven’t left my house much the last 2-3 months and because frontier fails so much and the wifi constantly drops I still go over somehow even while it says my wifi is still connected. And yes I’ve already talked to my cell phone provider and they said the same. You guys are getting what you deserve.

  17. Joanne Clodfelter says:

    Yes to what each and everyone has complained about . My modem is worn out from being reset many times each day. Many calls with long waits with no results. I hear from many people how disgusted they are with frontier!! Good luck as I certainly have had none .thank you whoever you are.

  18. Sarah E Peck says:

    I posted this to frontiers facebook page jan 14th…

    Hi I have been a Frontier customer since you took over for Verizon in Martinsburg WV. I have always had problems with my internet but was able to look past them as they were not serious or long term problems and i was compensated or the problem was fixed quickly.
    As of November 9th I have been unable to get on my computer 98% of the time. We call thinking something was wrong with our lines , we has 3 different service technicians come to our home and spend a great amount of time trying to find the problem, this doesnt count the times we spent on the phone with representatives ourselves trying different things to find out what was going on.
    We have been told by several techs and others from frontier that the fact we dont get the high speed internet we pay for is not a problem on our side… it’s all due to the fact that frontier is overloading their hubs instead of making more to support the amount of lines that come in to this one particular hub located at Tackets Pub (about 2 miles away)…. we feel as your local service techs are taking the short way out (at least here in martinsburg especially pineway rd, vanclevesvile rd and many others) my husband and my self have been told its as easy as providing a new hub for our area and splitting the load… now im sure its more work for them and that its not that easy but what do they get paid for???? I use my computer to pay my bills, get medications,to keep in contact with my insurance company about claims, among many other important things …. i cant even get the updates needed on my Dish, cant get anything on Netflix which i pay another 8$ a month for, we cannot access our on demand or block buster which we pay 10$ a month for…. it’s just freaking ridiculous and I’m really tired of it!!! It’s costing me so much money for nothing and we cannot get comcast, fios, or any of the other high speed internets that are advertised cause they dont carry them in our area…. when is enough enough??!!
    We have made complaints to you customer service people and they ask… what are we supposed to do??? Well how do we get our complaint to where it needs to go!!! My husband is furious over all this and if we could do without your services he would have canceled long ago.
    Please tell me who I contact to get this settled… there are many others who have the same complaints… we just need to know who can help us… we pay you… so you should be accommodating us… my next step will be to the Better Business Bureau because I dont know where else to turn!

    And received this email in return in 2 minutes to email my post to this address…
    Good Afternoon Ms. Peck,
    Thank you for contacting Frontier Communications’ Social Media Team. We have received your email and a member of the Social Media Team will work in order of receipt to assist with your inquiry. We thank you in advance for your patience and appreciate your business.
    Thank you,
    Frontier Communications’ Social Media Team
    1398 S. Woodland Blvd.
    Deland, FL 32720
    Office Hours: M-F 8-9 pm; Saturday 10-6:30 PM (EST)
    [email protected]

    From: Sarah Moreland-Peck [mailto:[email protected]]
    Sent: Wednesday, January 14, 2015 3:39 PM
    To: Ask Frontier
    Subject: Social Media Customer Care Team

    We got a phone call the next day from someone from frontier but it was worthless like all the other calls, they promised they would send someone out the next day, no one showed…. called asked what happened they swear someone was here cause tickets closed… it’s just bulls**t! Hubby was on the phone couple days ago for almost 2 hours was transferred 4 times, offered to upgrade to 9mbps… then another person said they dont even have a plan that goes that high, they put him on hold to speak to the 5th person and strangely the phone goes dead and starts to beep… he’s been cut off… this is just a nightmare…. just trying to post this has taken me over 2 hours… it’s that ridiculous!!

    • cuju says:

      OMG! I live 3 miles from Martimsburg (Falling Waters) I have free VOIP phone services (GVJACKAPP), and pay $39 to Comcast for 3/1Mbps (and have local TV and Netflix). What dumbass would get dumbass would get slow Frontier DSL, when you can get faster broadband internet for less cost fro Comcast?

  19. Pist off my Patriots says:

    Frontier your your service is absolutely s*** and your tech support is set up to steer the consumer away from what is really going on at frontier. People work hard to pay you for this awful service you should be ashamed of of the sh***y service you provide but it’s no different from any other utility company’s robbing the American people. And no different than the government stealing money from every American so much that people don’t even believe in the American Dream any more.Most of us are just trying to get by anymore. It’s really sad that this country has come to stealing from its own people all the way down to the corrupt utility’s.

  20. Vasto says:

    What’s to figure out. When the kids are in school or asleep, we rural folk can watch low resolution youtube videos since many home computers are turned off. But forget about viewing college courses or seminars of any kind during normal hours. As a retired person I continue to pay for “high speed Internet” from frontier because I have no other choice. I have no access to cell tower signals either and satellite reviews are terrible.

  21. Robert Cline says:

    I live in Millville Wv an the test they do showed 1 mbps at my house at 11:30 am when everyone who works is gone. Go figure that one. And it’s our only Internet because Comcast don’t deliver to the area. It takes us 1 1/2 hours to watch a 15 minute video on you tube.

  22. allen moats says:

    I have frontier and it sucks and it’s slow and I’m paying the higher rate it’s about time someone stands up to those people there ripping us all off !!

  23. Greg Napier says:

    I live in Lincoln County and have had problems for the last year (I’ve only had it a year). I put in so many tickets with their Internet Customer Support they started closing them without contacting me. I kept putting in tickets until a local tech called me and admitted what the problem was. They are oversubscribed. They are not throttling to homes individually. They are selling more Internet than they can provide to areas and it’s congesting their network. Duh! What did they think was going to happen?

    I’ve actually spoken with him twice about this. It happen again 2 weeks ago and I kept calling in trouble tickets until the tech called me again confirming they were over subscribed out of St. Albans. I’ve complained in the past to Customer Support and been promised cuts on my bill, but it never happened. Why do I have to keep paying for a product they cannot provide? I understand consumer Internet is “best effort.” I’m a network engineer by profession. However, selling until you oversubscribe and taking forever to correct the issue is stepping way over the line from “best effort.” and should be considered bad business tactics by a court I would hope. If they can’t provide it, they shouldn’t be selling it. It’s dirty business in my mind.

    • Josh Hensley says:

      Hi, Greg. 🙂

      Same deal here in Berkeley County. Sub-1 Mbps downstream due to overselling. Backhaul upgrades are planned with no estimated date of completion.

  24. Karen says:

    I’ve had my modem replaced a few times and had someone come out and check my modem and I’ve called time after time about my internet service and my internet is still slow I would really like something done to make it better maybe some upgrades

  25. jessica hager says:

    Where I live we pay $39.99 for the $19.99 internet that Frontier has. I called and asked them why and they said that it’s because of the area we live in ( which sound like a bunch of bull). So, I ask them why our internet is so slow and they said it’s because there’s too many customers in the area and they need to update the lines. So, three+ years later and the internet is still slow and the lines aren’t updated. Frontier is the only internet I can get where I live because Suddenlink won’t run their lines another 100 feet or so to my house. I have called and complained and posted stuff to their Facebook and all they done was give me $5 off a month and told me the $5 plus the $15 I get off for bundling makes my internet $19.99. Frontier is such a joke! I hope so many people sues them that they go bankrupt and a better more honest company takes them over!

    Jessica Hager Griffithsville,WV

    • Allen Acuff says:

      Throttle or not it`s all in your advertising. You contract an item you`re selling. You cant promise a corvette and deliver a chevette. I had Frontier for awhile here and the technician flat out told me during installation I was on the outer edge of the service area and would not get speeds in the upper range on DSL. That`s what this is all about. Promising one thing Delivering another.

  26. Welcome to everyone in West Virginia enduring the trials and tribulations of Frontier Communications. Know that you are not alone. Stop the Cap! is run from Rochester, N.Y., one of Frontier’s largest service territories and it is a mess here as well.

    At my suburban home less than one mile from the city line, the best Frontier can offer is 3.1Mbps DSL. But we’re “lucky” enough to have an alternative – Time Warner Cable, that offers 10Mbps for the same price Frontier charges for 3Mbps. When you only have one choice, it is much worse.

    Frontier also recently took over for AT&T in Connecticut, and bungled it. Connecticut’s regulators heard from plenty of customers that Frontier left without service, sometimes for a week.

    Long time readers here know we’ve been carefully covering West Virginia broadband since 2010 when Frontier first announced its acquisition of Verizon landlines. You can find all of the back stories by clicking Providers at the top of your screen and scroll down to Frontier.

    Unfortunately, as we warned back in 2010 when we loudly objected to the Frontier acquisition, there is very little that can be done to persuade Frontier to do better. The state broadband council disbanded last year and Frontier has managed to build itself a government-subsidized fiber network owned by Frontier that would-be competitors have little chance of accessing on fair terms.

    Within a few years, Verizon will be back (through Verizon Wireless), offering you a home wireless broadband alternative, but usage capped at 10GB a month (and priced at $60 or so). AT&T will follow suit.

    Until some oversight can be restored over the telecom industry, one other alternative is to lobby your town to consider building its own fiber broadband network and treat the service as an essential utility. That has worked especially well in rural communities, especially when local officials contract with a third party company to run the service as a publicly-owned broadband network.

    Until then, the best advice I can give Frontier customers is to make as much noise as possible when you have service problems. Those that scream the loudest get the best service.

    File complaints with the Better Business Bureau (gets Frontier’s executive level customer service team to start paying attention), the West Virginia Public Service Commission: http://www.psc.state.wv.us/Complaints/default.htm and the Office of the WV Attorney General (http://www.ago.wv.gov/Pages/consumercomplaint.aspx). They will all forward your complaints on to Frontier but each of these offices will pay attention to the resolution of your case, which means Frontier will be on its best behavior.

    I hope this helps those with problems.

    Phillip Dampier
    Your Editor in Chief
    Stop the Cap!

    • My modem has to be reset a couple of times a day and the internet shuts down frequently and i have called several times and reported it. They were supposed to send out a repairman but he never showed up. A woman from Frontier called and said the problem was resolved and to call and file a new complaint if i had any more problems. The tech NEVER SHOWED UP!!! HOW could the problem be resolved ? This is not the first time either.

  27. Joshua Nightingale says:

    I think a lawsuit is what it will take to get Frontier in line. I have been a customer of Frontiers for over 6 years now in Hampshire county, WV. We end up calling Frontier on a weekly bases having many support tickets in for lower internet speed then what we paid for and down service.

    We currently only get 1.3MB in our area and Frontier states that is the highest speed we can get due to our location, No more than 10 miles down the road Frontier offers 20MB+ speeds to residents on a Fiber optic line.

    For the past 6 years we have paid for 1.3MB but have only ever received around 0.6MB, When we call Frontier they always state that we are in a congested area and that is why our internet speed drops so low. I then state to them that I opened my front door and yelled to all the trees to stop using all my bandwidth. I explained to the person on the phone every single time that we have no more than around 150-200 house in our area if that. They stated that it may be because of old lines that have never been replaced. So they send out a tech to my house.

    I speak with the tech every time, They do internet speed test from outside my house at the box and state to me that its not my end and there is something wrong with the servers that the most they can do is reroute me to other servers.

    The funny thing is the past 6 years it has always been the same thing, I call support they say they will send a tech out, the tech comes out says there is nothing they can do and for me to keep calling frontier support until they do something about it, so i call support again they send the tech out again and then tech says to call support again, its a big circle they want you to do over and over again and nothing is ever done.

    For 6 years now I have NEVER got the internet speed that is said to be in my area and that I pay for. I keep complaining that I will be filing a lawsuit but if I do that I am pretty sure Frontier will cancel our internet service altogether and they are the only provider in our area and I work from home building websites for a living. No internet = no money coming in the house.

    I Joshua Nightingale would be more than glad to be a witness or testify against Frontier in this lawsuit as long as it will help the Hampshire county area within the year….

  28. Erin says:

    For anyone doubting the veracity of these claims…it’s a night like any other at home in the Morgantown area with typical speeds via our sh***y Frontier service, and here’s the results of a speed test performed a few minutes ago on our home network…http://www.speedtest.net/result/4081759620.png

    • No state has worse problems with Frontier than West Virginia. We opposed the merger deal back in 2010 warning Frontier was going to saddle West Virginia with backwater broadband service and that is exactly what happened. Whether you are in Morgantown, Beckley, Wheeling, or Parkersburg — the complaints are the same. The only community I see with fewer complaints is Charleston, for obvious reasons.

  29. Brian says:

    I am an avid gamer who feels this pain as my speed drops to half (or less) during peak hours. Imagine my pain as only 10 miles away my friends have suddenlink with a MINIMUM speed of 50Mbps down and 3Mbps up. Support can’t help because the company ties their hands; I have no issues with techs or line support. They continue to crawl around the issue saying they are in the process of purchasing more bandwidth. If people had options, I’m sure Frontier would come in last. I have to pay for two lines (bonding) just to get 12Mbps down and 2Mbps up. A snails pace in today’s world.

  30. Ronald says:

    We are supposed to get a rate 3 Mbps (which I have yet to see). Instead we were getting 1.5 Mbps. Not good, but usable for basics. Anyhow, over the weekend they throttled us down again and now we are under 700 kbps, and that is on a good day. Of course, this is not the first time they have done that to us. Every time they slow our internet speed, I call support about the situation. After having us turn the modem off and on again they say that nothing is wrong. The speeds continue to stay consistently slow so I call and complain until they send a tech out. Once the tech sees what is going on they make a quick call and our speed magically returns. One tech even admitted to me that, Frontier caps speeds in order to keep costs low, after they made their call.

    • They are probably messing around with your modem settings. They can and do remotely lock the maximum speed your DSL connection will operate at, ostensibly for quality reasons. But Frontier is also notorious for overselling their D-SLAMs, which means as customers pile on at peak usage times, speeds crawl.

      So either the tech is remotely resetting the max speed profile of your modem or they are messing with the remote D-SLAM which brings several customers’ connections together to a single point which is then connected back to the central switching office.

      The alternative is paying for a bigger pipe between those two points, which would mean customers could share a much better connection and not see such speed degradation. Obviously they’d rather spend the money acquiring Verizon castoffs vs. upgrading their service.

    • vasto says:

      I would kill for 1.5 MBPS. Last year, when kids are in school, it would approach 1.0 here but usually it’s 0.14 to 0.17. That’s about double of dialup speed. Now Frontier TV commercials are touting Frontier as the “only honest internet Company.”

  31. Sarah E Peck says:

    Since I last posted my husband contacted the Better Business Bureau and surprise surprise Frontier contacted us immediately to ask what needed to be done to fix our problems. We and the BBB were told that the issue was on Frontier’s end and the problem would be worked on the week of January 26th. Well that didn’t happen. Then because of crappy internet and my husbands work schedule he couldn’t contact the BBB in their 5 day “have the issues been solved period”. So they now feel the complaint has been satisfied.

    Today he was able to make the time to call the number that Frontier provided to us & the BBB, that number is no longer in service. So he called Frontier’s tech line and vented our frustration at being truly lied to about them fixing the problem. Their tech told him that “everything looks fine and checks out going into your house, how old is your modem” at which point he got louder…….LOL. The reason he got loud was while he was waiting for the tech to take him off hold he ran a speed test, truly a joke at this point, the test timed out but not before registering a robust 0.05 Mbps download speed. If we would average anywhere around 1 Mbps I’m not sure how excited we would be.

    So they suggested that maybe we just need to be on a different D-SLAM and then possibly our problems will then become less. We have had it. He told the tech that the first company that knocks on our door providing internet that actually works Frontier will be a thing of the past.

  32. Joel says:

    Can we bring that lawsuit to central Ohio to please! I certainly hope the plaintiff’s win and spark enough interest for the rest of us to follow suit.

  33. Bob Patten says:

    I live in Grand Ledge MI. I assure we are in the exact same boat. I rarely ever see speeds promised or even close to them. Today is a great day – I am at 1.00 Mbps. It’s like Christmas here – but then again its 9:30 AM and everyone is at work and I work out of my home. BRING THE LAWSUIT TO MI! Like most of you they are the only option I have here. We are around 2 miles outside our small city. One mile away from high-speed cable, but it might as well be a million miles. I feel your pain and so does EVERY SINGLE person I know that has Frontier out here. I have called and received a discount but they will only discount when you complain. SO that means calling them every couple weeks and we all know what a lovely experience that is w these nimrods.Shut your computer down. Unplug your modem. Restart. Oh that doesn’t work? Well…um can you try it again

    I get so angry when I think about this company I could scream. I have 4 kids. You can all imagine how happy they are. Buffering NETFLIX like it is dial-up.

    I am so sick of them not delivering what they promised. But, we continue like frogs in a slowly boiling pot. Ya just get used to it and put up with it – until one day you get so pissed off you call them and while talking to them and listening to their diatribe about bandwidth and blah blah blah you realize how useless your attempt at complaining is.

    MI is with you! Frontier Sucks Balls!

  34. John M. Gillespie says:

    Frontier is the worst IP provider I have EVER had period bar none.

    I had Frontier in Charles Town, WV in Jefferson County and it was not good.

    We moved nine (9) miles to the west to Kearneysville, WV in Berkeley County and it is simply horrible. Mind you Berkeley County is the second most populated county in West Virginia. We live four (4) miles to the east of Martinsburg which is a major city by WV standards. If we lived in Martinsburg we might have some choice as to IP providers but we are apparently rural West Virginia. Never mind that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has a huge facility a half mile away. Never mind the United States Coast Guard Operations Center is likewise a half mile away and just doubled in size/staff. Never mind the Veterans Affairs (VA) has a hospital less than two (2) miles away. I bet if anyone checked with those Federal installations that they have not just high speed internet but probably amazing pipes into those facilities and lightning fast broadband.

    Frontier Communications states that it provides service up to 6 Mbps with even its most basic $14.99/month plan. That is a lie. 6 Mbps translates to 0.75 MBps (the difference between bites and bytes) or 750 KBps. On a good day I might get close to 100 KBps yet I’m charged $35.99/month for sh*t service.

    Frontier Communications advertises “Stream, Play, Watch & Shop” – Again all lies! I have never been able to stream video. I get a “loading” for say 30 seconds, a few seconds of a movie, “loading” for another 30 seconds, a few more seconds of the movie, “loading” for another 30 seconds… You get the idea. The concept of being able to Play a high end graphics based game on-line with Frontier. Put the crack pipe down people! It just isn’t going to happen. Watch – like what Youtube – buffering – jerky speach/song – buffering – more jerkiness, etc. No can do. Shop – well you’ll have to wait awhile for those pictures on Amazon to load but they come up eventually.

    Frontiers motto should be changed to “Sleep, Pray, Wait & Stop” because unless its a simple e-Mail without an attachment you are doomed. I feel really sorry for all those people trying to work from home or obtain an on-line based higher education. You see work and universities use software designers who operate out of mega-cities and assume everyone else does too. Broadband at a minimum is 2 MBps and Frontier Communications promises you their customer that their best download speed is 0.75 MBps. Granted I’m sure that think most of use are too stupid to know 6 Mbps is not 6 MBps. But that’s just me stating the obvious.

    So here I sit with my 15 KBps internet connection marveling that the government has done nothing to protect me from an unscrupulous merchant and as a matter of record has aided and abated them instead. I am receiving 2% of my promised internet speed. Just I can’t pay Frontier 2% of their bill for the month now can I. They are a monopoly so as HORRIBLE as they are without them I have nothing. So I’d drop from a 2nd Class citizen in the information age to a 3rd Class one.

    I seriously would not have purchased our current house in WV had I thought to check the Internet conductivity prior to the purchase. I would have moved to Winchester, VA/Frederick County if they had better service.

    But don’t worry folks Frontier Communications lawyers were on the job and added to all our contracts weasel words “Actual speeds may vary and are not guaranteed.” So be happy they are providing any level of service because its all perfectly legal. 0.1 KBps – good to go! Sorry we told you speeds may vary…

    If you happen to be reading this and planning to move to WV – I say to you – RUN! DO NOT MOVE HERE!! I literally had stronger Internet service in the Republic of South Sudan – the world least developed and newest country on the face of the planet!!! Seriously not joking about that!


    John M. Gillespie

    • Sarah E Peck says:

      My husband and I feel your pain. We have filed not 1 but 2 complaints with the Better Business Bureau and they tell them enough to satisfy the complaint then do nothing. Frontier service and their management has admitted the problem is over crowding in the hubs, but yet do nothing about it. My husband just got off the phone with a representative who was in Arizona, not really much of a help, and he was told that his complaint would be recorded and someone higher up would be in contact with us. He told the guy that he had no more words to describe how bad the internet was, he lost his words.

      We run speed tests frequently and just tonight it wouldn’t even load the page. So very upset that Comcast will not come down our road. We are quite literally surrounded by Comcast coverage, but since the 15 homes on our road all have satellite dishes they refuse to run cable to any of our homes. If they did Frontier would be like the Pony Express in our house, put out to pasture.

      • John M. Gillespie says:

        Write the West Virginia Public Services Commission, Consumer Advocate Division, regarding complaints regarding utilities. If that doesn’t work write the WV Attorney Generals Office at [email protected] – JG

    • cuju says:


      I live not far away (falling waters)… A few miles. i have got Comcast 3/1Mbps for $39/month and free VOIP phone service (gvjackapp)…

      • John M. Gillespie says:

        Cuju you apparently aren’t understanding the problem. Great for you living not far away in Falling Waters and having Comcast. What does that have to do with Frontier Communications and its lack of service. I used to live in the Marlowe/Falling Waters area in the early to mid 1990’s. That too has nothing to do with anything. We live in Kearneysville, WV and our only option for ISP’s is Frontier Communications and their service is horrid on a good day. Frontier Communications is a monopoly who’s advertisements and service is fraudulent at best, criminal comes to mind. JG

    • John Gillespie says:

      Update from Kearneysville, WV – Frontier Tech admits that Frontier has oversold their system capacity but was installing new equipment by April which they did. So our 1 Mbps (note the small b) is now 3 Mbps (again small b) on a good day. We are “Capped’ at 3 Mbps as our max speed when Frontier advertises 6 MBps (large B). All the politicians seem to have been paid off by Frontier so my advise is not to move or invest in business in Frontier serviced areas. At least that is what I told a Major who was being transferred to Martinsburg from Washington, DC. I told him you just assume Internet is like any other utility; that it is simply there when you need it. Not so with ISP’s. He was looking at the nice higher end housing built just to the west of Martinsburg in preparation for the construction of the new FBI compound on the VA/WV state line. I told him whatever you do verify the ISP in that area and the true service speeds before purchasing a several hundred thousand dollar home! In Martinsburg itself there are multiple ISP’s so they have to actually provide a service akin to what they advertise. A few miles out of town and its like you are on the other side of the moon.

    • DMozi says:

      Hi all – there are several comments in this stream in which folks state that Frontier is their only option for internet. If you have a roof or ground space for a satellite dish you may wish to consider satellite-based service. I have been using “WildBlue Exede” satellite internet service since I moved to Jefferson County in 2013. It has proven to be fast and trouble free. The only times I have issues are during heavy weather which can interfere with the satellite signals. Those occasions have been infrequent and short-lived.

      • vasto says:

        If you search exede reviews, they are all negative. Here’s one:

        I had internet service with Excede Wild Blue through DirecTV, as a bundle. The internet went out all the time and was unreliable and overpriced. When it came time for me to cancel my account they expected me to climb up on my roof and return something from my dish. Well I no longer own the house that the dish is on and they were completely unreasonable about this. They will charge me 150$ if I don’t go up and get it and 125$ to have a technician come out and get it for me. I opted to have the tech come out but was then told that I still need to mail this item back in to them, or pay the 150$?! They are ridiculous to expect me to climb up on someone else’s roof and stating that I signed an agreement that I would do this rather than to try to work with me is also ridiculous. Take my 150$ fee and I’m done with you. I will never refer anyone to use this company and I will never use them again even if it means not having internet at all.

        And another:
        The day the installer came out, he was able to get a whopping 300 kbps. He told me that the modem may be doing a firmware update, and that the speed may increase after that. Well — it didn’t. I called their customer service number, and got the same story — capacity issues. They did something that made the modem work better that day. However, the slow speeds continued after that.

        I called and told them the speed was not acceptable. I told them I wanted to cancel the service because I was not getting the speeds they advertised. Then, they changed their tone, and told me that I would owe $15 * 23 months of the remaining “contract.” Well — they can go get bent — because I closed my credit card account. And if they want to sue me — I will show the screenshots of the 300 kbps – 2 mbps speeds I was getting during “peak” times (when I was supposed to be getting up to 12 mbps). Anyway, the sales manager and his boss both said they would take care of it. As of today, 2 months later, still nothing. Just stay away — it is not worth the poor service, lies, and tricks to get money from you.

  35. Southern Ohio Citizen says:

    Im from scioto county ohio about three hours from charleston and I’m having the same issue with frontier this article explains. frontier is the only isp in this area and its ridiculous to pay for 12mbps and only get anywhere from under 1mbps to at most 4mbps from 6pm to after 12am every night yet they claim there is no issue cause the only time they run a speed test is during non peak hours so its justifiable that i allegedly get what I’m paying for yet during the time its needed the most its impossible to get anything done. the truth is like the article mentioned we are robbed of the ability to keep up with even third world countries that get faster connection speeds than frontier offers, where i live a company called horizon from chillicothe ohio had bought the service area from verizon and took federal grant money that was earmarked for upgrading the service lines in the rural areas in this area but instead sold the service area to frontier and kept the money without doing the work of upgrading yet frontier won’t put in the money to upgrade the lines themselves to keep up with the vastly growing technology of internet service but still sell service to customers based on technology that only upgraded transmission lines would offer which boils down to theft by deception or merely false advertising so my question is WHERE DO I SIGN UP FOR THIS CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT??? We need to expand this to southern ohio since we too are being robbed of basic exposure to the world we live in by a large and profitable corporation as FRONTIER….

  36. Michelle says:

    I’m on the West Coast in California a rural area as well and have been experiencing all the same issues as many have reported. Router needing to be rebooted, losing connection. But the worse part is the extremely slooooowwww internet speeds that have steadily declined in the past few years to next to nothing. We are getting about .45 mbps download speed and .25 upload.

    We’ve had technicians out here many times and the last guy finally admitted that they have a “CAP” in place on everyone’s internet in our immediate area regardless of what they are paying for. He said, Frontier can’t meet the demands of their customers because they are overloaded and oversold. The solution was to CAP it and provide a tiny bit to everyone. But what they really need to do is add more servers to meet the demand. He actually felt bad that he was working for such a dishonest company but knew there was really nothing he could do for us. He suggested that we keep calling and complaining and get the neighbors to complain so we create enough noise that they start listening.

    I kept saying, we need to start a class action suit… but sounds like East Coast is ahead of the game. Where do we sign up! Sad thing is, we have no other options here, unless we switch to Satelite or use Cell provider, which I may need to do and then switch 12 years worth of accounts connected to my frontier email address. Not looking forward to that. I just want them to provide the service I am paying for. 🙁

    • john hennessy says:

      i think you people in Virginia are a bunch of wooses,

      you should try dealing with Frontier in Arizona, they are my only land line based internet choice

      here they don’t guarantee anything except a dial tone as that is all they are abliged to provide by law if you can get 1.0 Mpbs on a good day you are a very lucky person, the word streaming is not in their vocabulary.

  37. Mad woman says:

    I have frontier and I know how bad it is I live in Huntington wv i have no internet most of the time I have called they have came down to fix it once it lasted for a day then no internet again I have to reset my router many times a day frontier is crap I’m paying for 25mbps and half the time I only get 4 and the other half nothing at all I really hope they have somthing done about this I wish I could get my money back

  38. P says:

    I live near a small town in the NE part of PA. Like others have said in the comments. Frontier is the only ISP in this area and the service is just horrible. I have been keeping track of my speed tests every few days for the past 4 months and can definitely say there is a downward trend in speeds. I work from home and due to what is happening it now threatens the viability of me being able to do my job online. The problem used to be mostly in the evening hours and weekends but now it is all the time. Speed tests are around 0.1mbps – 0.5mbps. The best I have seen goes around 1mb.
    If I had any other ISP option in this area I would take it in a second and never look back.

    Where do I sign up for this class action lawsuit?

  39. BOB MAY says:

    Have same problem in Pa. They have said its cause i’m at the end of line. But frontier was charging me $40.00. Speed test times out.

    • Karl Rhodes says:

      Ditto, Same Frontier problem in rural White Mountains of Arizona. I was told by district manager it would not be economically feasible to improve service in this area.

  40. roger lang says:

    For a long time I have been angry about some of the charges on my frontier bill. their is a charge that says carrier cost recovery surcharge 1.99 cents and a charge that reads frontier road work recovery surcharge 75 cents thats $ 32.88 a year to me thats fraud. I am not getting anywhere with frontier , am going to continue fighting . roger.

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