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British Supermarket Chain Tesco Offers Free Year of Home Broadband

Phillip Dampier November 27, 2013 Competition, Consumer News, Tesco (UK) No Comments

tescoCan you drop by your local supermarket and walk out with a year of free home broadband service? In the United Kingdom, Tesco shoppers can.

For several weeks, Tesco shoppers have been offered a “Broadband and Phone Deal” that will return $117 in savings during the first year by waiving the cost of the broadband part of the package.

Tesco Broadband normally runs around $9.75 a month on a one year contract for up to 14Mbps unlimited-use service including free installation and a free wireless modem/router combo. Customers are asked to pay a $24 monthly BT line rental charge, but part of these fees are returned to Tesco shoppers as part of the supermarket chain’s rewards program which supplies vouchers based on the amount spent on Tesco products and services.

There are many ways to spend with Tesco. The chain is the second largest retailer in the world behind Wal-Mart and sells books, clothing, computers, software and electronics, furniture, music downloads and DVD rentals, and operates a financial services division that sells auto, home, and pet insurance to UK residents. It entered the telecom business years ago selling rebranded services from other providers, notably BT, formerly British Telecom.

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