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Frontier Upgrades 155 of 194 Central Offices in N.Y. to Support Up to 25Mbps

Phillip Dampier March 26, 2013 Broadband Speed, Competition, Consumer News, Frontier, Rural Broadband 5 Comments
Frontier's headquarters in Rochester, N.Y.

Frontier’s headquarters in Rochester, N.Y.

Frontier Communications is boasting it spent $123.6 million in New York to upgrade broadband speeds, now available up to 25Mbps through bonded ADSL2+ or VDSL technologies.

Frontier’s New York customers are now offered traditional 1-6Mbps DSL, Broadband Ultra (up to 12Mbps) and Broadband Ultimate (up to 25Mbps).

Kevin Smith, senior vice president and general manager of Frontier’s New York division said 155 of Frontier’s 194 switching offices now have faster speeds available, as do 214 remote DSLAM switches. In all, Frontier now reaches 403,000 New York households with faster Internet service.

The company also spent a considerable sum in the Rochester and Chenango areas to upgrade its backbone network with interoffice 10G Ethernet Ring Protection Switching topology. Rochester remains an important center for Frontier, as its largest metropolitan market. IT software upgrades in Rochester will also help improve the national help desk and network operations.

Frontier also plans a major broadband expansion in Hamilton County with broadband grant funds that will improve the company’s backbone between Eagle Bay and Gloversville. That will introduce 25Mbps service to more than half of the households in the immediate area.

Frontier claims it intends to further expand broadband to 85 percent of its service areas nationwide, including those it acquired from Verizon Communications.


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7 years ago

Does anyone know what their upload bandwidth will be for these services? Will it be more than Time Warner’s 5Mb/s?

Ian L
7 years ago
Reply to  Shane

Probably 2 Mbps. VDSL can do more, but ADSL2+ bonded generally can’t, unless you turn on Annex M. In which case you might see 3 Mbps.

Paul Houle
7 years ago

I just called them up and found that no upgrades were available at my location.

I just can’t get it. They’re obsessed with selling you a second DSL line but they don’t offer any channel bonding. I remember using channel bonding with SLIP connections back in 1994, so this is just bogus.

What’s so astonishing about the “high speed” internet market in the U.S. is that phone companies don’t seem to want your business at ANY price.

Who knows, maybe they’re afraid I’ll actually be able to watch youtube and then start using more bandwidth…

Judy G
Judy G
7 years ago

When will Rochester get FIOS? Oh, that’s right. Have to make Frontier go out of business first, right?

Jim Livermore
Jim Livermore
7 years ago

Just called about our business class. It is available, I was quoted up to 20Mbps at my location. I won’t brag about the price, but it is in line with Time Warner here.

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