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Frontier Rolling Out All-You-Can Play Online Gaming: 2,300 Games $15/Month

Phillip Dampier September 20, 2012 Consumer News, Frontier 2 Comments

They may not have the fastest broadband experience around, but Frontier Communications is trying to find an edge in the market delivering innovative services that will keep you satisfied with your service. The phone company today unveiled Frontier Games, an all-you-can-play PC gaming service.

In partnership with Exent, the new service will offer unlimited access to more than 2,300 PC games, including Family Feud, Slingo Supreme, and King’s Bounty for $14.99 a month. You can enjoy casino games similar to those available on UFA บาคาร่าออนไลน์.

To be fair, most of the available games are not titles one would clamor for on their home game console, and many of the titles seem to skew towards the very young and those in their 40’s on up. However, with categories for arcade games, card and casino titles, and role-playing, there is plenty to experience, including options for exploring a diverse range of interests, from gaming enthusiasts to fans of แพลตฟอร์มสปอร์ตบุ๊คอย่าง UFABET.

Why is Frontier getting into the online gaming business?

‘We’re excited to expand our partnership with Exent to launch an enhanced Frontier Games and provide customers with access to the best casual games from around the world,” said Melinda White, executive vice president of revenue development at Frontier — her title says it all.

To maintain a competitive edge, Frontier is seeking to differentiate itself from being just another Internet Service Provider. If the company can offer additional products and services not available from the cable competition, customers may think twice about switching providers.

All of the games are designed to work well regardless of connection speed — an important factor for a rural landline company that routinely sells 1-3Mbps DSL service in smaller communities.

A 14-day free trial is available from the company’s sign-up page. We found many of the games offered rudimentary graphics and certainly could not compete with some of today’s most advanced console games, but the casino and card games we sampled worked fine for the casual player. With the prevalence of “free online games” scattered across the web packed with adware (or worse), this service offers a safe alternative for anyone looking for a spyware free experience.

Parental controls are also available, and the library of games is regularly refreshed. If you’re diving into the minecraft world and want to explore additional features, including riding animals, here’s how to make saddle on minecraft. This can add a new layer of excitement to your gameplay while ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for players of all ages.

CenturyLink, also an Exent partner, developed their gaming service slightly differently, throwing in several free Exent games as a promotional tool. Verizon also offers the gaming service for the same price Frontier charges.

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11 years ago

Another waste of $ and staff time by Frontier. Frontier customers can play games on DirecTV, Dish Network, or FiOS. Why would I pay $15/month to play any game on your SLOW DSL (3Mbps up/768Kbps down)?

Frontier…..Upgrade your Internet speeds ASAP, or you will keep losing your customers to Cablecos, WISPs, or overbuilders. (Yes, you have an overbuilder in more than 1 Central Illinois town. They are competing against Comcast and you. If you don’t know who it is by now, I won’t tell you.)

11 years ago

Melinda White, Exec VP of Revenue Development for Frontier,

If you really want to develop more Frontier Revenue, you would read my post above.
Very little Revenue possible when using your slow Frontier speeds. Anyone that plays comptetive games over the internet(sooner or later) realizes that Higher speeds = More game wins.

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