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Southern Illinois and North and Central Indiana Say Bye to Comcast, Hello NewWave

Phillip Dampier January 19, 2012 Broadband Speed, Consumer News, Data Caps, NewWave Communications, Rural Broadband 1 Comment

Former Comcast customers throughout southern Illinois and north/central Indiana are saying goodbye to Comcast’s 250GB monthly usage cap now that a new service provider has arrived.  NewWave Communications acquired Comcast properties in the lesser-populated parts of the two states and is upgrading service to areas Comcast ignored for years.

For customers in Olney, DuQuoin, Pickneyville, Mt. Carmel and Benton, Ill., cable system upgrades will soon allow NewWave to provide cap-free 50/5Mbps speeds to homes and businesses.  The upgrades are long overdue.  NewWave often copes with customer criticism regarding the deteriorating cable systems it inherited from other providers.  Customers have previously accused the company of overselling their broadband service and for service outages.  Upgrades generally quiet the complaints.

NewWave Communications, headquartered in Sikeston, Mo. serves over 80,000 customers in the midwest and southeast United States, specializing in smaller communities larger providers typically ignore.  Comcast has spent most of its money and attention in larger cities in Indiana and northern Illinois, and although the company sometimes provide a range of services in more rural communities, upgrades typically came much later.

NewWave’s plan for success involves bringing advanced services to its mid-sized city service areas with the hope it will attract more service bundling and a bigger revenue stream.  NewWave will offer triple play packages of phone, cable, and broadband service and is introducing digital video recorders to a larger share of its customers.

The company has shown no signs of fearing the word “unlimited,” touting it in their literature for phone and broadband service.

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Brandon Ing
Brandon Ing
8 years ago

I hope the change from comcast to new wave is an improvement. I as well as others in southern Illinois were promised high speed while paying EXTRA money for a service not recieved. I was always getting the run-a-round when trying to talk to them to resolve the issue but nothing. I refuse to pay my last comcast bill for many reasons and mostly the lies even with proof in hand. Now I can’t access my account to start my email forwarding to prepare for new wave services to take over. Any ideas on what to do would be great… Read more »

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