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Montréal métro to Get Underground Cell Service by 2013; Wi-Fi Later

Phillip Dampier October 13, 2011 Bell (Canada), Canada, Rogers, Telus, Vidéotron, Wireless Broadband 3 Comments

A joint venture between Rogers, Videotron, Bell and Telus will bring major improvements in cell phone service in Montréal’s métro by the end of 2013.

Isabelle Tremblay, a spokesperson for the Société de transport de Montréal, which manages the métro system, told the Montréal Gazette there has been a plan in place for several years to have a cellular network in the subway tunnels, which are often cell-phone-free zones because of reception problems.

Montreal métro provides coverage in these areas of Montreal.

None of the carriers involved would confirm the report, originally published in La Presse, but subway cell phone networks are not unprecedented.  Both New York and Washington, D.C. have cell service provided by underground antennas.  Many trains now also provide Wi-Fi service, and Montréal is expected to be no different.

Tremblay said Wi-Fi would come after cell phone service is established.  In most cases, carriers use third party contractors to construct and manage the networks on their behalf.  Only existing customers get to access the respective networks.

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12 years ago

Bell, Telus and Rogers have already worked together successfully on the Canada Line Airport-to-downtown rapid transit system opened in 2009 in Vancouver. That system has 16KM of underground (and under water) transit tunnels and 8 of 16 stations are underground. There is seamless coverage of the entire system, with full end-to-end 3G cellular service – upgrading to 4G/LTE in November 2011. Commuters absolutely love that they have full cellular service underground – the first in Canada. The system is (designed & built by SNC Lavalin, and operated by SNC Lavalin subsidiary). Bell Canada certainly has the expertise to lead this… Read more »

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