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The State Time Warner Cable Forgot: South Carolina’s Yesterday Broadband

Phillip Dampier January 24, 2011 Broadband Speed, Consumer News 6 Comments

While Time Warner Cable trumpets upgraded broadband services in many of the states it provides service, South Carolina and some other southeastern areas are the exception.

Stop the Cap! reader Brett writes Time Warner’s broadband experience in South Carolina is so four years ago.

“Check out the paltry speeds that Time Warner Cable offers in Columbia. As far as I can tell we are the slowest region around.  The very best package they offer, with PowerBoost, is 10Mbps for downloads, 512kbps for uploads,” Brett writes.  “How sad.”

Most Columbia customers get less than that.  The standard Road Runner package has been stuck at 7Mbps down and 384kbps for some time.

While broadband speeds have not changed, the rates have.  Time Warner Cable announced rate increases throughout the Carolinas in December, boosting prices for many services.

Time Warner Cable spokeswoman Rose Dangerfield said needed upgrades were part of the reason for the rate increase.

“The company spent $380 million in the past year to upgrade equipment in South Carolina and North Carolina,” she said.

A review of Time Warner Cable’s speeds in the Carolinas and the states of Virginia and Alabama makes one wonder where the money went, because Brett shares company with other customers across most of the region.

Currently there are 6 comments on this Article:

  1. John M says:

    Well this is for the most part true. In some parts of Columbia since Signature Home has gone live the Wideband internet tiers area available. At my previous address where I was renting this was true. However, now that I have purchased a home and moved to the Lexington area the most I can get is Turbo with 10Mbps / 512 Kbps. Although signature home is available here they only bundle it with RR turbo at this point making it a really expensive service for no real apparent reason other than the fact that you get personal service and a new cisco high capacity DVR vs that old beat up Scientific Atlanta 8300 HDC that they give out to the masses.

    What makes the least sense in all of this is the fact that AT&T U-Verse covers a good portion of the Columbia area with faster broadband services. AT&T is even branching out into lexington County with the exception of the town of lexington which is covered by Windstream. Even then Windstream has 12MBps / 1Mbps internet service available to most of the town of lexington yet Time Warner still doesn’t do anything to boost speeds.

  2. Ian M. says:

    Hmmm, Wow some of those are really slow…. 5mbps.. I thought we had it slow in Nebraska, they advertise 7/512 for RoadRunner Standard and 10/1 for RoadRunner Turbo. No upgrades in sight for us either, monopoly at its greatest?! Still I wonder what the average advertised speeds are for RR all over the country.

  3. Jesus says:

    This is why I have DISH they have actually have a quality service. Plus they have really good deal, like the HD free for life promotion. Also they are giving new customers up to three receivers for free! I love DISH and that is why I recommend them to everyone!

  4. Loons In June! says:

    “I love DISH and that is why I recommend them to everyone!”

    If I recommended Dish to anyone in Buffalo and Rochester I think I’d be killed.Can you say Sabres?

    and actually what does Dish have to do with Broadband.

  5. Scott says:

    Absolutely nothing, but that’s not stopping all the DISH employees from spamming the STC comments with how you can get dish with DVR’s for FREE!!!!!!

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