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FilmOn Yanks British Networks – Most BBC, ITV Networks Now Gone

Phillip Dampier November 18, 2010 Online Video No Comments

BBC and ITV are out the door on FilmOn

FilmOn, the controversial online video service has quietly pulled most major British networks from their streaming service, creating a significant, and unexplained, gap in their service.

The company’s constantly-changing lineup has been a major source of frustration for many would-be subscribers.  What you see today may not be what you can still see tomorrow, and the loss of nearly 10 networks from the company’s $10 monthly service will no doubt anger paying customers.

No explanation was given about the sudden departure of the channels.

FilmOn has also been devoting time and attention to promoting new viewing options for iPad users and other owners of portable viewing devices.

But potential subscribers still face a very confusing assortment of packages which are not easily found on the website, and are not well explained — in many cases no description of what comes included with different packages is provided.

FilmOn continues to face lawsuits from broadcasters upset about being included on the service without their permission.

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